Male Feminist Arrested in connection with Murder

yeah yeah e drama but pretty interesting anyway no?

he did it to abolish patriarchy


Who would of guessed the foot soldiers of idpol would be mentally ill.

"Now you are free, dear"

what the fuck does this have to do with communism


I hope he fries

Using individuals who do bad things as an example of why that individual's entire ideology is flawed is what liberals do.

And I'm not even a feminist. I just think you're stupid.

I'm non ironically :3ing

Peterson was right again

Cat is wondering where it all went wrong

It's amazing how the most fucked up people become idpol crusaders time and time again.

I hear he was a diehard Holla Forums user.

oh shit he was /ourguy/ all along!

When does an individual cease to be an individual and become a trend?

Because male feminists have a whole history of this kind of shit. It's almost as if not being able to control your impulses predisposed you to subscribe to an ideology that claims it's normal and promises to save your from yourself.

I mean you realize that he was a veteran and the whole thing happened because of his PTSD, right? Not that the Military is good, on the contrary, it's garbage but you're also pretty garbage tbh

Unless he had PTSD from being cucked, no.

Wow, your sense of humor is as shallow as your sense of empathy.

A murder out of long suppressed rage isn't PTSD.

Good that it wasn't a murder out of "long suppressed rage" then.

He killed her because their open relationship made him jealous.

boo hoo, it's not like her fucking family are reading this, normie piece of shit.

And where did you get that peace of information?

But I'm reading it and I've seen enough 13 year olds trying to go for shock value in their humorous endeavors. It's just a really boring joke once you're done with puberty, you know.

I'm sorry but a male feminist henpecked husband that allowed himself to be cucked snapping and murdering his shebeast is just funny. Call it immature if you want. 'Male feminist' is basically a bigger red flag than a bowl cut that someone is going to turn out to be psychotic


People who pretend to feel sorry for others in order to gain political capital are the scum of the earth. Knowing damn well they will forget all about this in a couple of hours.

I don't know what's more laughable. The fact that you think this is funny or the fact that you make assumptions regarding the causes without any evidence. The only thing we know so far is that the murderer had a history of PTSD, didn't receive any sort of treatment from the government and the people who could "pull him out" weren't present at the time of the murder.

Oh look at all this political capital I have on this anonymous Taiwanese pottery forum.

everyone knows PTSD was made up by big pharma to push pills though

He also had a history of feminism for which he didn't receive any treatment.

Hey buddy, I'm not judging in a court of law here, I don't really give a fuck if I'm wrong, I'm gonna laugh at the idea of him getting cucked into murder either way.

Pretending to care when someone bad happens to someone from a group you hate is such normie bullshit, this is anonymous so I don't have to


I was talking in general. But even here, you are using it as an argument as why he is wrong and you are right, because he doesn't feel empathy for some random people he never met.

You're free to do as you wish. I'm just calling you out on the fact that you don't know what you're talking about in regards to the background of the murder. For all I care you can fantasize all day about feminists murdering feminists because of feminism. Also, calling every sentiment that somehow frightens you "normie" (i.e. a platitude) is pretty underage but I forgive you since I have also been 13 . Believe me, it gets better eventually :^)

Learn to read, please. The only claim I argued against in terms of right and wrong was the background of the murder. I never said that he's wrong because he pretends to not feel empathy (see at which kind of redundancy I'm pointing here implicitly?). The rest was just me mocking him for being a really boring and edgy person that no one who has read more than 2 books would spend time with.

yeah i'm totally the 13 year old here

oops I meant to post the unedited version but that'll do too

I don't know why but every time you write something now I have to imagine you, sitting alone in a dark room and making up stories about feminist murders while giggling like a child. I'm sorry but I can't really treat you with the level of seriousness that you didn't even deserve in the first place anymore. I'm done here.

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You sound like a pretentious faggot who belongs on Tumblr
Feminism is garbage and you are garbage too. Adios cunt.

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commodity hyperfetishism, the disks might as well be blanks, what matters is the sacramental act of consumption, the moment of feeling one with the commodity

He's friends with MRAs, what do you expect. How many Elliot Rodgers are we going to let happen?

No, he really fucking hated communism. I used to watch a stream he did with an egalitarian woman and an MRA man. He's ethnically Russian, he's like the people who leave Cuba and rail against communism.

When a feminist kill a woman it's the proof that feminists hates women.
When a feminist kill a man it's the proof that feminists hate men.

I mean you realize that this only further confirms what I said, right?