Guardian: Why the 'alt-left' will succeed where centrists fail

Bhaskar Sunkara putting the liberals in their place today in The Guardian. It misses a few spots but only so much can be said in a single mainstream news article.


…Wait, now I'm confused. The article isn't chastising the label, but is asking that more people embrace it openly?

I've read his stuff before, definitely /one of us/

What I got:

It's saying the label is made up and should just be called "the left". But what it represents isn't even a bad thing. Whatever the "alt left" is it's better than liberalism/centrism.

It does get confusing only because Bhaskar works so hard to include a case for socialism/left social democracy in whatever MSM article he gets to write.

he's like an indian richard d. wolff but with fewer worker coops

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DSA is a bunch of edgy white LIBERALS who wIll betray real socialists given the chance. We need to promote splintering in order to actually grow a real leftist alternative.

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Ah the alt-left… SocDems with a friendly face, that's the alt-left.


SocDems are SocDems with a human face. The whole point of saying "X with a human face" is that X has some huge negative connotation to the public


Bernie Sanders, Bhaskar Sunkara, and Hermann Müller are all fundamentally anti-socialists. None of them support revolutionary politics. Bernie is a supporter of fascism in Israel.

I fucking hate centrists. The are stealthy right-wingers. They'll pretend they are above ideology, but when the time comes they'll always side with property.


this is more utopian than anything on the left

1. It is extremely dishonest to lump those three people in that way just so you can associate all of them with Bernie's shitty zionism
2. My point isn't about the truth of how good/bad they are. It's that "X with a human face" is used to mean "they are relabelling themselves to seem kinder, and this is not applicable here since "alt-left" is a more derisive label than "SocDem" to the general public.

Good article but those liberals in the comments, ugh.

This is now a vintage lewds thread

Especially vintage leftist lewds - onward to victory comrade


I can't handle all this ideology

What the fuck is this even supposed to be?


At least they're not calling us workerists

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I'm pretty sure Sunkara supports revolutionary politics. He doesn't outright advocate for violence because he's hiding his power level, but in everything I've read by him he seems committed to building a mass movement and going all the way.

This. He and some others who run Jacobin give me hope for DSA and makes me never doubt Jacobin/always reccomend them to friends. Sunkara is truly for the abolition of class society through any means necessary, even if the means right now is Left reformism.

Retard when it comes to Trudeau/Canada in general, but if Sanders is a SocDem. What is Trudeau? Neolib? Again I know nothing beyond National Healthcare, Weed, Feminism and Pipeline.

Trudeau has the majority with him so he can do whatever he wants, he just need to be nice during the last years before the election and that's it.
The main reason he has being elected is because people was fucking tired of the bullshits from Harper and the Conservative Party.

Daily reminder MILF/GILF is the only leftypol approved fetish

I'm sure the same thing was said about the SPD in 1919.

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no thanks, uncle Bernie.

there's quite a number of luxemburgists in the DSA

If there are, they are a silent minority. DSA is ruled by pro-Democratic Party stooges. Wasting energy for DSA is wasting energy for a Cory Booker or Zuckerberg presidency.

pol infiltrators are getting better by the day

Everyone who says this is using lazy stereotypes or actively lying to keep people away from the org
Why the fuck would an org that refused to endorse Hillary this cycle endorse fucking Cuckerberg or Booker?

DSA is being fllooded by Liberal Berniecrats. Even if DSA was a real socialist organization, it would be logistically impossible to properly politically educate thousands of new members in the next couple of years. By then, they would have decided to support a progressive liberal, like Booker. DSA is mostly made up of liberals, not socialists.

literally nobody thinks running with social democracy is revolutionary

literally nobody on the planet

you can stop your crusade now

Even the most liberal of Bernie supporting normies hates booker.
Fascinating coincidence

If only there was a way for each chapter to set up reading groups on marxist literature and form internal education committees. There's no way they're doing that though

To be a socialist, you must understand the basics of socialism. I am sure that the average DSA member has never read Lenin, Gramsci, Luxemburg, Stalin, Mao or even the Communist Manifesto. They are as "socialist" as Zionist Sanders.

Americans are fucking retarded.

It would be the blind leading the blind. Especially in smaller cities and towns, these chapters are made up of new members. 90% of DSA joined since Mango Mussolini was elected.

What? The reading groups are already a thing. When you read "State and Revolution" as a group and then discuss it together, there's not alternate "liberal" copies lying around to confuse you.

Other than the last three (seriously, stop telling people to read the fucking manifesto), those are all authors that have been covered

Don't forget Soviet moe girlos

Jung Freud isn't really a moe Character though
That's also a good thing. Good post

True comrade - though she does fall under the pre-moe old school "cute girl" umbrella. Gotta love that name too tho heh. A peak communist waifu if there ever was one.

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I read Luxemburg because she was hot tbh

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Trudeau is a neoliberal. He is literally Harper with less regressive social policies and a better image.

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He's saying "call us whatever you want; it won't save you from the guillotine."

Not gonna lie: as somebody who has to work with lots of Canadians, they are by far the most spooked nationality of all time. At least most Americans know things are bad. Canucks are convinced that as long as they are doing whatever the US isn't, they're perfect.

I agree, remember when Russian proles and peasants read the works of Marx and decided to overthrow the Tsardom?


Europeans too. It's how Porky's in other 1st world countries frame the narrative. But of course they'll shitpost about Americans all day because they're pretty Spooked about Nationality.

I work with a fair deal of Europeans too and they're not as bad imhotep. Brits especially share the cynical outlook on things. Canadians are the only people I know who earnestly believe in liberalism as the way forward.


Please tell me you're being ironic.

can confirm, am canuckold. everyone i meet is a fucking spooked centrist, from my mom to all my friends. every american i've met online though can actually be really receptive to shit like leftism and many of them are willing to listen or openly discuss it surprisingly, but every fellow leaf i've met in real life is a spooked centrist who spergs out at me anytime i mention anything that isnt pro-capitalism and it's the same for ones online.

this is truly what people here believe and it makes me want to kill myself

Worse than the UK?

Probably because the media will co-opt it, as they are already doing by labeling it 'alt-left', and prop it up after moving it straight into reactionary liberalism.

It's an idea so blatantly concocted by a brainstorming meeting it would never work. Anyone that would be interested in whatever the alt-left is would see it's just the liberals once again trying to pass themselves off as the left and trying to drag the """centre-left""" in, and seeing it as more of the same it would be nothing but media hype and rent-a-mobs. It would also continue to discredit the liberals branding themselves as the left.

Different leaf here. I'm ashamed of my country, and I wish I could flee to Kobane. Being Canadian is fucking humiliating. I wish we had a leftist anything in this country.

lol please fuck off. we have to get the normies on our side somehow and DSA is far and away the best route.