Can any anarcho-communists explain how it is possible to advocate for both anarchy and a state-dominated system like Socialism? Too me, the state and socialism are a closely linked system; some system has to exist to make sure the means of production are fairly distributed and the idea that one can exist without the other is ludicrous.

What do you think socialism is?

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better have a state service than die without medical care, without education and filled with STD's at age 12

I'm Keynesian Accelerationist. I happen to think either Friedman or Keynes will crash your economy, I'd rather do so in a way that made things more comfortable for the workers in the immediate.



Read the sticky.

Good news. your wrong. Lurk more/read Kropotkin

But he's right you fucking faggot. The worst thing that happened to marxist-leninism was this idea you don't need a state. Every revolution has resulted in a centralized state.

just don't call it a state and be as ineffective and incompetent about it as possible, then you have anarchism

also call Marx a jew all the while pretending that you aren't essentially a Nazi, but that's for advanced anarchists

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I was under the impression that AnComs (in the Kropotkin vein) wanted to go straight to communism and skip socialism, while AnSyns reconcile anarchism and socialism by using syndicates instead of the state.

Not all socialism is state centred.



no, anarchist syndicalism is anarchist communist. However, unlike anarchist communism, it offers a a practical working theory of how to organize a large scale worker's revolution as well as building a base of radical workers self control along anarchist communist lines.

Basically, same idea, different method.

You can't even be consistent with your fallacies. No wonder you think the NEP was a good idea.

Read Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin.

Communism is the default system all humans resort to, throughout history, in place of heirarchy.

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Your crappy semantics will make most people disregard your post outright, but I'm going to try to steelman your question based on the first picture you posted.

So, how can an anarchist support social-democratic positions? Well, he can't, not outright. If someone says bullshit like "state should provide X", he's not an anarchist. But in the real world, anarchists do not support them unconditionally, but rather as the less bad of two currently politically viable alternatives, the other being a liberal ideal of state only providing law enforcement.

As long as military and police enforcing private property "rights" exist, the state providing housing is better to a state not providing housing and leaving people to the non-existent mercy of private landlords whose interests it defends by its very design.

You've just identified the problem with revolutions, comrade.

You may not have intended it to be bait but you masterfully rustled some anarkiddies.

This is why nobody takes M-Ls seriously, your idea of socialism is authoritarian social democracy. Anarkiddies probably understand Marx better than you do.

Socialism and communism are the same, don't listen to ML revisionism of Marx. Anarcho-communism is closer to Marx than Stalin's Taylorism-Blanquism.

This is why Holla Forums will never be involved in the revolution. The three forms of socialism that were actually successfully achieved are mocked as "not real socialism" while they jerk off intellectual professors who never managed to actually advance the ideals of socialism.

Socialism and statism are not the same thing. Anarchism is stateless socialism.

You DON'T need a state to distribute things or build infrastructure. Kropotkin goes on in length about how railroad workers built railroads connecting cities without incentivized by monetary gain, by working together instead of having a state or corporation directing them. Read the fucking bread book.
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Anarchists aren't racist, you retard. That's hierarchical.

Anarchists want stateless socialism, they do not "skip socialism", they skip the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, which distinct sthem from marxists and marxist-leninists.

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collapsed states are succesful now?

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I wasn't aware China and Cuba had collapsed.

But those aren't socialist. China is a mixed economy and goods are still produced to fulfill the profit motive.

How is Cuba not socialist?