How profitable was that holocaust ?

how profitable was that holocaust ?

or was it done just because the NSDAP was run by a bunch of retards ?

or both

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I think you answered your own question.

ideology is one hell of a drug fam

The profitable thing to do would have been forcing them into slavery. Horrible, but unethical.


didn't they use some as slaves though ?

Let's see… Free Labor… Getting the wealth off jews… Getting rid of commies and other people that don't fit with the world you wanna build… … Free Labor…

I guess it was a sound investment.

they did. there was quite a lot of forced labor in all those camps.

You mean, everyone and worked them to death.

And they also slaved all the countries they invaded.

Daily reminder some leftcoms think the holocaust didn't happen because it wasn't motivated by profit

Generals were begging for improvements to their supply lines while a sizeable portion of Germany's transportation infrastructure was devoted to transporting victims to the camps. They were fucking retards.

How does Holla Forums respond to holocaust denial?

report them to their employers, or to the thought crime police if we are in europe

meant for

I've been wondering this myself. What was the real point of extermination camps? Why not just work them to death?

Poe's Law has never been so perfectly straddled.

The ones who could not work and were not needed for Mengele's experiments were killed.



I lost at the pizza one.

so were they bumbling in their incompetency or were they so brilliant that they created a system of mass genocide and the logistics behind that system, that was so efficient as to make the killing of 1 out of every 100 people living in Europe profitable, expedient and non detrimental to the war effort

Except for the part where there's correspondence of German generals bitching about supplies being held up by trainloads of people headed to the death camps.

Everyone forgets the part that for the Nazi party leadership the war against the Jews and other undesirables and the War effort was the same thing. Communism and international capitalism alike were Jewish plots therefore to defeat their capitalist and communist allies it made sense according to the ideology to exterminate the Jews. Even if they failed to kill every Jew or to even harm American Jews, since they considered Jews to be the vector that spread both liberal finance internationalist capital and world communism this would strike a significant blow in the racial struggle and alter Europe's demographic and political makeup in favor of the Aryan race and the Right.

It should go without saying that the Nazis were radical racists even for their time. They weren't grumpy old men who told too many racially charged jokes in polite company or conservatives/right-liberals in favor of continued racial segregation/colonial control where it already existed.

These were people who believed in a social Darwinist world view that held that the inferior races had to be exterminated either through systematic sterilization or physical removal. Anyone who denies the fact that the Nazis weren't just racist but radically racist isn't anything more then a post-modernist contrarian on very shaky ground. Revisionist historians are always at pains to cover up or glance over this fact since the genocial policies of the Nazis is actually a rational conclusion of its radically social Darwinist outlook.

they wasted huge amounts of resources and infrastructure on killing people whilst their empire began collapsing around them. they were insane

This is what happens when you buy into the philosopher king meme

I think that's a big misstep a lot of people, especially theory-driven Leftists make, is assuming individuals and systems are always rational. Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, et al weren't ingenious masterminds, just incredibly spooked people who managed to gain power.

Idealism has more power in the world than Marxists would like to believe.

Killing all potential zionists has been a part of their anti-marxist and reactionary third worldist agenda.


Allowing for a reduction of the official death toll seems to indicate good faith.
Meanwhile people are probably stubborn because some like you want to capitalize on it.

Daily reminder that you are literally retarded. Leftcoms think it happened precisely because of capitalist reasons: liquidating a portion of society in order to resolve a crisis and restore profitability, rather than the subjectivist bullshit espoused by liberals and trots alike. And the nazis certainly tried to profit from it, both through slave labour as has been mentioned, and through attempts to commoditise human remains.

Maybe you should actually read the article in question rather than relying on bullshit hearsay. Here, let me help:

how much did the holla cost?

Trotsky maintained that all forms of fascism are capital's means of crushing working class uprisings in the midst of crises.

What the fuck are you talking about?

You arent thinking big enough.

This wasn't profitable "for germany"

Henry Ford and the Bush family financed the war machine from both sides while hedging huge investments from the owners of the US Railroad Manufacturers Brown, Harriman, etc. The US was on the side of the fascists until late 1942 and independent parties continued to finance them even after the US official joined the war. There are still fasces in the US congress building and eagle imagery all around.

They made enough billions to solidify state control as the CIA and FBI.

In 1931, he became a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., which was created through the 1931 amalgamation of A. Harriman & Co with Brown Bros. & Co., (a merchant bank founded in Philadelphia in 1818) and with Harriman Brothers & Co.

Highly Recommend
timestamp is a ~15 min segment that addresses OP question directly

British + Dutch + American elites profited heavily off of German concentration camps = slave labor.

I would have thought that would have ended on December 7, 1941.

What Holocaust?

It was probably the greatest economic boost for the Zyklon B industry in its entire history if you think about it.

Who else has ever bought that much at once?
Where else do you even here about it?

Zero, because it didn't happen. But lets play devils advocate and say it did.

It would have been extremely unprofitable and an extreme waste of time.

The fasces got picked up as a symbol for democracy from the very start idiot, those predate the existence of fascism

They got to steal shit loads of Jew gold which the Swiss refused to give back to the Jews after

Its so weird how nobody ever talks about Prescott Bush and his blatant Nazi connections/ the business plot


Why does nobody ever make sad movies about all the slave and gypsies that died?
Also why do IdPol libs from Europe have no problem insulting Gypsies for their ethnicity