Holla Forums is going full nazbol

They're not openly supporting tankies, NK, Stalin, etc… etc… The dialectic is in motion. The contradictions in capital are too much for even Holla Forums to ignore.

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meant to say:

Okay good but at the end nazbol is just economic communist with far-right social view so we are not winning…

Remove those.

Why? Corporatism is a lefty economic system.


I didn't make the thread. I just stumbled across it while browsing Holla Forums.

they lost on social issues a long time ago, there is no realm of possibility where they gain real traction on social issues so undermining them on economics is everything


Why are people so triggered by "muh d.egeneracy?"

Nice meme

I think this could ~somewhat~ be a good thing. If we can unspook them on 'le human nature' and private property we are going in the right direction.
I used to be a right winger until I got unspooked on nationalism.

Also damn I used to shill for #NAZBOLGANG on 4pol looks like it worked

social democracy is also lefty, it doesn't change the fact it's just another shitty attempt to tame capitalism

If we don't unspook them on racialism is going to be useless. But it's a start.

Baby steps, user. You can't just go hard left after being a classcucked capitalist all your life.

Im a lefty and so triggered lel xD xD

But your precious entrepreneurs, theyre the saviours of everyone, how can you even insinuate that!.

a little bit of stirner-posting will go a long way.


oy vey the goyim caught on SHUT IT DOWN!!

Understanding Capitalism and class dynamics is the best way to de-spook yourselves. You realize things like globalization and mass immigration are natural by-products of capitalism rather than a Jewish conspiracy. You also recognize that cultural pathologies in non-white communities are the result of material factors not "muh Autism Level"

But we can't. Appeal to nature is the bread and butter of the Far-Right. It's the only way they differentiate themselves from us, attaching themselves to anachronistic elements of the social order, strenghtening and legitimatising antiquated and obsolete hierarchies at odds with natural historical progress, and thus necessarily allying with the ruling class to preserve them, even if under the guise of popular empowerment.

This is a good read bunkermag.org/a-defense-why-we-are-pro-israel/ .

Here's a better one

Can we get our Stirnerfags to go shitpost over there? If we can get just some of them to despook it is worth it.

No, that's a sperg ignoring the arguments made and doing the typical anti-israel rant you could see on Jason Unruhe or any mainstream anti-imperialist talkpiece anywhere.
You don't even have to agree with the conclusions the author made, the concepts he brought up are that are useful.

I could read that but how about you go fuck yourself instead

kill yourself zionist pig

Everyone get in there and

but be subtle and non-antagonistic. Speak to them in their language and explain how capitalism undermines tradition, culture, and encourages mass immigration.

Here's an even better article

It would be easier to use their spooks to turn them against capitalism tbh.

there are no stirnerfags anymore.

dialectical materialism defeats idealism, believe in the dialectics

Nice try spooked faggot

This nigger gets it. Racial silliness is not a concern. Once folks start to see how class and economics plays out in capitalism, everything else just falls into place.

Goddamn. Nazbol Gang memes are so dank that they are winning converts.

Just checked and they aren't. At all.

Did we make that thread?

no, just noticed it in the catalog

>"we must support Israel in its struggle against German ideology!"
actually a pretty good read if you ignore the sympathizing with Israel - the critique of the Palestinian side is dead on, and Jews do need defense against anti-Semitism, but Israel is a brutal ethnostate itself. There is no winning side because everything's idpol

pretty meh raid, Holla Forums. try harder next time


sides entered orbit by trotsky

Alright, but when do we get them to stop being brainlet reactionaries? Fucks sakes they're still on the "orcs vs. humans" level of ideology.

It will take a while but, will happen naturally with time.

Imagine being this deluded

Dialectical materialism is a sham.



you can post multiple images per post, newfag




Once they turn economically left and start being critical of the system, it's only a matter of time before their race realist bullshit loses all of its "statistics" basis on reality, so I guess they're off to a good start


Holla Forums is just starting to actually read fascist material by fascist authors of which fucking none were staunch capitalist lolbergs.

That's a shit meme by TRS who are just racist lolbergs.

Just because the far right is drifting away from global capitalism doesn't mean that they're going to drop the racism, homophobia, etc. You're not getting your free dragon dildos, nigger dicks and boipucci paradise just because you're starting to see some newfags get into Asser because they're fresh off the university plantation and still have commie leanings. They're just finally, actually doing some reading and finding that that eventually capitalism tears down your borders and exports your economy in the name of cheap labor and this is incompatible with nationalism. Fascists have been saying this from the beginning.


Holla Forums ate half the webm. Whatever here's the full vid.


Damn. And I was getting comfy here

did we meme nazbol into being the dominant 4chan meme?

A healthy mixture of memes and right wing failure

Nah bro I agree with sly nazbol, I've been on Holla Forums dissing capitalism from a Nazi perspective, thing is once we can break muh free market conditioning the rest willl come slowly

dude you shift the blame from muh jews to muh bankers in general and that is a yuuge win

What is the rest of this quote? What DOES he explain about the good side of slavery?


i feel sick for having contributed to this meme by pretending to be a better nazi than the tryhards on Holla Forums actually have been in an attempt to bring them into contradiction with it

this was a mistake, these people are more severely retarded than i had thought was possible without getting locked up and fed meds

this shit will spin out of control

Dont pretend to be an idot in the company of idiots, lest they spout your ideas as thruth

i like how it looks a bit as if alunya is wearing a tiny hat, it's pretty cute

psst. If you were to pile all the bankers into ditches, there wouldn't be enough Jews left to sustain their existence. I'm more than fine with a few white traitors dying with them.

I wouldn't get to excited the thread still got filled with Ancaps and libertarians shilling their retardation.

The smallest progress is enough to keep me going.

Yea we do. We can fight over petty views of how evil gays are later on, and material conditions which impoverish and make the lower classes criminal will get fixed and the worldview will adjust to reflect the new material reality.

Some fascists were pretty cool

Ya hear that statists. Y'all have a new home now.

How many of them had IPs based in Langley, VA?

I laff'd

makes you think……….

pls stop spamming this dumbass

Nazbol shit is really fucking with the alt-right


This alt-right fag is so butthurt about it. Interesting days are ahead.

you can't get any edgier then Nazbol tbh

Why do these faggots think that people want to watch them play video games while they talk about politics?

His explaination for the origins of Holla Forums's naziism is hilariously off-base. Doesn't "neo-sincerity" sound like some shit that Baudrillard came up with?

damn Nazbol really is slick entryism. Fucking rock on based Nazbol Gang

These alt-right fags really are redditors.

Truly nauseating.

this has nothing to do with Holla Forums

Do you guys think that once they realize that capitalism is shit and turn nazbol/asserist, they will eventually learn that race doesn't matter and that there needs to be an international socialist revolution?

We can only hope they grow new neuronal circuits in these fucked up brains.

this this this, the way to talk to the "race realists" is not to point out how hilariously wrong they are but that all this shit is WAY bigger and any percieved racial problems are like 99.9% of the time symptoms that can be easily explained when you have the right framework

immigration is 100% a matter of labor theres no fucking denying this and even the most innoculated can be made to see it, as opposed to convinving them that they arent magically better than niggers. an almost superior angle is if you make them understand the fradulent financial system, and how that dwarfs basically everything atm

Nationàl Socialists have always been our greatest comrades in the struggle against capitalism, until they call me a race mįxing dęgenerate, and begin to rant about insect people.

lel a tankie pushing antideutscher bullshit, you are a humongous fag and wear diapers

Analysis of the palestinians that doesnt acknowledge the fact they are completely infiltrated by mossad and IDF cointel is worthless, this article is a gigantic steaming pile of garbage, it barely waits two paragraphs to start crowing antisemitism, youre a fucking mook and should be airlifted into the sandbox

the palestinian "resistance" in particular Hamas is the way it is because that is the way it has been molded by its handlers

How do I do NAZBOL subversion without immediately getting outed as undercover Holla Forums?

pretty much this, they are like an unstable brother that needs psych meds and is prone to being influenced by outsiders with bad intentions


when will all zionists kill themselves

Those guys are just power hungry opportunists, not trustworthy.
They will stab you in the back with a long knife as soon as you stop being useful to them.

Now I'm curious, if there's a possibility of drawing in fascist Holla Forumsyps with asserism, why not try converting ancaps with Stirner?

Threads like this make the best anti-capitalist memes.


That didn’t happen. What really happened was national capitalists stabed Asserists (the real Not Socialists) in the back.

you need to embrace your inner 4pt, part of you is already nazbol it lurks in all of us

check out some Joaquin Flores he is woke and kinda nazbol with foundations in sociology

again, you are looking at "facism" in a vacuum which is fucking stupid, we cant really know what it would have been because it was hijacked quite early and is by its very nature prone to being hijacked. if you are using hitlers thulean anglo bankster created madness as some kind of gauge that is even more laughable, even franco and mussolini were a product of geopolitics first and foremost, ideology barely plays into it

when the guy you were responding to said "national socialists" I for one took that at as the people that are drawn towards said, they very much are just like us albeit more often sufffering from some degree of mental illness be that inherent or from alienation other sociological factors

ive said this a hundred times here and will continue to say it, you can not truly understand modern facism without reading this book


pretty much this

just use the Holla Forums terminology; kikes, shitskins, cuck etc. If anyone tries to challenge you just call them /r/the_donald, a kike shill etc. You basically just have to be as abrasive and retarded as possible.

Also don't use the word capitalism or ruling class just talk about the rigged economy and parasite elite.

From it's inception fascism has been anti-worker. Mussolini didn't hijack fascism when he had his merry band of useful idiots attack striking workers.

Fuck off with this fascist apologia shit.

Can't you see that this tankie has just moved on to the next level of anti-imperialism?

No that won’t happen. Socialism WITH borders is the way to go.

The porkies know!

so of all the horrors comitted in the name of facism you single out mussolini busting up strikes? thats ludicrous and it shows how anal retentive and singleminded you are, thats like a misdemeanor compared to all the other shit committed against the working class, my pick would probably have been the straight up collusion beetween all facist leaders and international finance on just about every level

from its inception facism has been reactionary and from its inception it has been a very incomplete way of trying to understand the world like every other political theory. the most important single thing one can say about facism is that it is first and foremost an economic beast

You are a partisan and your mentality is what keeps the spectre alive in part, we need serious analysis of the phenomenon that understands geopolitics, not shrill western liberal antifa retards living in relative comfort that say things like "the only good so-and-so is a dead so-and-so"

Sounds interesting, would not be surprised if some of the stirner fags here used to be ancaps. It really is worth a try I guess.

Are there unironically people on this board that claim to be "left" in politics, that support the genocide of Europeans through open borders and mass immigration?

That unironically think that we can achieve a society without contradictions when large groups of people with different roots live together?

That support the EU in any way? That is in favour of free movement of labour?

If so, neck yourself. You are not left. You are brown as fuck.

are you retarded m8?

nigga dat's racist

Noone on leftypol supports any of that shit. at most some would think the second line is being overdramatic about something not as big an issue as you're making it out to be, but still not liberal 'muh diversity' tier.

Brown as in fascist?

You have to go back

There are unironically people who claim they want natural selection, and yet also complain about genocide

Genocide as the result of having to compete with brown people that have a higher reproductive fitness than whites

Looks like a response was made to this video.

leftists hand wring and start protesting against free speech

what could go wrong?


I think the point of the thread is that they are becoming less like nazis, more like racist tankies


no frogtwitter did and they did it unironically

lmao at Holla Forums playing entryist not realizing these people won't drop the nationalism and thereby creating another branch of the left to compete with

Well I can't see any downside of a scenario in which SJWs disassociate themselves from socialism.


Are you for real. Hamas always struck me as a pretty natural outcome of IDF occupation


you retards aren't converting anyone. economic beliefs are largely irrelevant. and at the end of the day, egalitarians are still getting the rope