Why do americans support the Kurds?

Why do americans support the Kurds?

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oh look, another kurdish thread

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It's because we're dumb and because the ypg was on Chapo Trap House. I didn't know they were doing ethnic cleansing, had no historical claim to the land, etc. I thought they were a separate people, but now I know they're Iranian nomads. So I sort of hope they go back to Iran/stay in Turkey where they participated in the Armenian genocide.

Look, I just wanna make sure that Phil Greaves is wrong.

Phil Greaves is a blithering retard who has written for InfoWars.

About as retarded as

I'm sold. Phil Greaves is on the ground, reporting. We're just watching from afar. What do you know about the Kurds?

Dude that's how the cycle goes.

We funded NAZIs to beat the Communists
Then we funded Communists to beat the NAZIs
Then we funded Islamists to beat the Communists
Now we are funding Communists to beat the Islamists

I'm so glad you're just fucking with us right now.

what happened to Ashton Kutcher's face?

Yes yes, these are very common Turkish talking points. But do you have any evidence for them?


This… literally makes no sense.

Also, real interesting how they mention the SDF precisely zero times in there. Just YPG this and Kurds that. Neither does Democratic confederalism make an opening. Interesting, that.

Also interesting is how among their few threadbare sources are pages from rudaw (not exactly unbiased).

Kurds are the primary culprits of honour killings, inbreeding, clan feuds and other primitive shit in the region. Why leftists have a boner for them is beyond me.

It only gets worse
Ignoring that the actual (but real!) involvement of Kurdish groups and people in the Armenian Genocide was nowhere near universal (see, tunceli,where local kurds maintained a peaceful relationship with armenians (many modern crypto-armenians live in tunceli today!) throughout the period, what does that even fucking mean? This example only sems to be used as a bone to beat Kurds over the head with (ie, they're ethnic cleansers because x). Not that it even holds up well, mind. Kurds aren't genetica,lly predisposed towards fucking minorities over any more than any ethnic group.

Also, can we talk about how in section four especially they roll out all sorts of pre-war statistics? When you get to points as low as 'kurds are only x% of the nation, ergo should not get more than x% of the land). Syria is well, well below its pre-war population numbers, and within the country massive shifts of people have occured. Afrin Canton has more than double its pre-war population! SDF controlled areas are chok-full of refugees recent and old!

And can we just repeat it again louder for the people who dismiss it with a glib sentence or two? The SDF = / = the YPG! Even though that's a nonsensical qualm to have! And good christ, the democratic federal system of northern syria (god can i just say it again? they're most certainly not uber-kurdish nationalists atm. thats just so bleeding obvious. not even called rojava anymore) isn't exactly a hairs breadth and western weapons shipment away from smashing the boot against the faces of armenians, arabs, assyrians, etc. Jesus.

Americans support the kurds because they will support literally anyone, doesn't matter if it's mentally ill militiamen, ancom armies or mobsters.

they've been using this tactic since WW2. When they occupied italy they cut a deal with the mafia.


Too much moral relativism makes the brain rot, but I'm not sure you've even considered that horrifying aspects in cultures dont make their peoples unsalvagable. If you disagree, I've got some awful bad news for you about your own…

And also, food for thought, idk if you've paid any mind to all the self-crit, pkk pouring-over-books or general ideological bend to the pkk/ypg/j/etc, but have you considered that maybe part of why they're so fervent about rebuilding their world and society is because of things like that? Maybe that's why jineology struck such a chord? Maybe that's why Öcalan and thus the movement have moved so strongly on womens rights, why they work so hard on community-wide liberation and breaking down barriers between tribes? Think about it! Read about it, watch videos about it, really! There's so much more to learn, and if you really cant or won't, then, well, please try not to stuff your anger down peoples throats.

not that it wouldn't be understandable if you did. but jesus. christ

Cause it run out of "moderate rebels" and had to do something, even if it upset Turkey.

Not that they will keep supporting them after the end of the war.

Only the mountains.

Also no citations for the claim that Kurds are joining ISIS.

Haha. Yes, the Russians. The Russians who haven't been building bases in SDF areas. Right.

Good lord.

Also, I get that whoever wrote this wasn't exactly drinking the revolutionary koolaid as much as I am, but did they even consider that people might have a reason to flip the table of 'global security' over? Any possibility that they may have taken a look at the status quo, and decided that it sure as fuck doesn't deserve to be secure? For someone who keeps rapping on about the unjustness of a phantom kurdish menace of ethnic cleansing, oppression and genocide, maybe they should think about why someone opposed to those things shouldn't dream of the KRG, Turkey and friends all joining hands and continuing their past behavior in peace. If you hate injustice, follow your desire to see it removed wherever it leads you, not just one step of the way.

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