Was this man just a sociopath who jacked off to mushroom clouds and nuclear holocaust all day, or did he have any actually good ideas?

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he's pretty much ayn rand except left accelerationist, ie a self absorbed loony who carried some toxic meme to its extreme consequences and is ridiculed for it.

He never claimed this, his followers did.


I don't know where the nukes meme comes from.

Since this is a shitposting thread by design, we can at least talk about something interesting

Do you guys believe ayy lmaos are out there and how high are the chances we will ever meet them? What you think of the Fermi Paradoxon and the Drake Equation?

Probably, but I doubt we'll meet them for a while.

of course

less than 0, unless they're immortal and don't care wasting thousands of years to visit a planet filled with retards.

Are you basing this on the assumption that it's impossible to travel much faster than light?

I'm just waiting for The Culture to make contact with Earth. Please save us.

what ever happened to that faster than light particle that the USSR found

honestly i don't see how it would

Wrong, support for a nuclear war was one of the few constants in his thought.

That assumption, my friend, underestimates the power of my ego.

there's only one person in the world who has a chance at creating something that breaks the speed of light.

Well I know that faster-than-light travel violates causation, a fundemental rule of the universe.

But if we can't travel faster than light, maybe we can bend space? Like a wormhole?

let's assume that somehow we do, we're still basically roaming the universe aimlessly.

With the vastness of space, I find it unlikely that life hasn't appeared on at least one other planet or moon. Hell, maybe in our own galaxy. However, that life could be anything from complex, highly advanced creatures, to simple minded creatures, to plant life, to single celled organisms. As for whether or not we'll find them or be visited by them anytime soon, I find it unlikely. The vastness of space makes it seem pretty unlikely that an intelligent species would just happen to stumble upon a completely separate intelligent species on another planet. Anything's possible of course, but I think the most likely scenario for intelligent life is another species light years away, looking up in the sky wondering if life exists beyond their planet, just like us.

You make it sound so depressing.

I just don't think what basically wandering with a ship into the hugest desert conceivable could be a wacky Star Trek adventure.

Not saying that if we get the chance we shouldn't do it, but have you ever had a chat with people who worked on ships? You tend to become crazy, day after day of seeing nothing but the vast expanse of sea and sky.

He just learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

Also, Aliens.



Also, let's start communicating with dolphins.


whats the thing about dolphins?

has anybody else heard about Posadas being tortured? rumours are from some (older) worker militants I've talked to online that he didn't dream up any of this crazy shit until after basically losing his mind from being tortured. I can't find a whole lot on Google besides RevLeft threads but apparently it's common knowledge among some parts of the left.

Late Posadas was all about communication with dolphins, since they are "inteligent".

who's the fag?

They only interfere in the affairs of primitive civilizations when these civilizations are about to destroy themselves. You know what to do, comrade…


google it