I'm a traditional white nationalist now!

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It's funny because it's true.

Isn't it funny how Holla Forums keeps promoting this while they are themselves mastrubating to anime lolis in their NEET cave sorrounded by empty chips packages? Do they seriously think that under fascism they wouldn't be the first being sent to death camps?

Hmm really making me think here capitalist "traditionalists." Also that just reeks virginity.



Takes one to know one. Perfectly happy and traditional normies are too busy living life and raising families to check out fun online.

The most traditional family is having a wife and a sissy boyfriend at the same time.

The Greeks did it thousands of years ago and Holla Forums loves those guys.

And yet they don't understand capitalism and commodification created the conditions for fun.
Compare let's say, social life in the Soviet Union to the west. Once they started moving towards economic "liberalization" they too slid into fun.
Socialism is the only way to save community, family, tradition, culture and even race. Because in capitalism those things have no value and must be swept away in the name of "efficiency".

It's funny how this artist brings up I.Q when stormfags like her realise that Jews and Chinese have higher I.Qs than they do, thus by their logic if anyone is holding back the advancement of civilisation it is the whites.

It's also hilarious once you find out that right wingers and conservatives and people who hold racist views have low I.Qs.

Holla Forums only likes the Spartans (as depicted in the movie "300" and the video game series God of War.)

You're an American aren't you? You make me fucking sick if you think your consumerist suburban life is "traditional"

This. Capitalism kills actual culture.

Holla Forums unironically believes the reports of pederasty and homosexuality in ancient Greece is Jewish propaganda.

Weren't the Spartans IRL the biggest flaming faggots in the entire region?

this is where they bring up anti-scientific nonsense about whites having a different standard deviation to produce more geniuses.

Fun = Degener*acy

true, but the problem is that many socialists are obsessed in destroying traditions and culture in the name of stopping "reactionary values".


in every panel except the last one being a degenerate looks more fun.
in the last one there's a dog.

tough choice.

Spartans were so gay they believed that being gay made you a better warrior. Soldiers were encouraged to bang each other so they could form a tighter bond and fight better on the battlefield.

New cultures, equally as valid as the old ones, will easily form when alienation is eliminated. Read "Society Of The Spectacle" (doesn't argue this specific point, but instead shows how there can be no real life so long as value production exists as something separate from actually-lived life).

That's a lame joke used for reflection. The funny thing is that queer-marxists lives really look like the right-panel.

I'm not but I do love it how leftists always get so triggered by suburbs, it's that implicit hatred, uttered through snide remarks, that reveals the subjective experience of the leftist. Like a rat prefers the sewer over the tended garden.

traditions and culture change if material conditions change


why doesn't Holla Forums realize that both women and men in the USSR were traditionally raised?

I honestly feel almost insulted when they portray communists with these strawmen.

Why do you faggots talk like you're in some sort of D and D game?

Holy fuck that "being part of a community" panel

Suburbs are shit though. They're no less artificial than cities. They're not a tended garden - nature given a little helping hand - they're nature bulldozed over and replaced with gaudy garbage.

t. currently living in a small town that has grown relatively naturally and retained a consistently small population and indigenous industry and laughing at the efforts of city-commuters trying to emulate my comfort.

No, I'm saying the dog alone is enough to make it a tough choice. The panel with the dog is the traditional one. So you've got a choice between like 5 preferable panels OR the dog.

It's also extremely Islamic yet for some reason they think Islam is the devil despite agreeing with it on basically everything.

No communist china liberated people from feudalism.

It's cold war propaganda.

The cultural revolution was an attempt to prevent liberals from taking power. Obviously it didn't work.

You're not that faggot who asked "why do leftists hate beauty" are you?

I haven't heard that name in quite a while. Did she actually make that comic?

they honestly see themselves as this don't they?

Do people actually believe this shit? Its so cartoonish, idealistic, un-nuanced, and self congratulatory. It reminds my of when I was a 13 year old liberal and thought it all came down to inclusive democrats vs racists republicans. This has to be a parody.

they were also complete fucking savages, sadistic as fuck, and destroyed classical Greece. When one makes a comparison with them and Fascists, it really causes one too think.

Does anyone have a picture of this beautiful white lady so that I might gaze upon her genetically superior visage?


their idea of total militarization was pretty good tho


Since they care about Autism Level so much, shouldn't she worship a hook-nosed Jew or some gook?

I don't think this is actually true. If I recall, the Spartans really were less gay than other regions. I think another poster also confused them with the Army of Lovers or something. There was bias against pederasty/sodomy in some parts of Greek society.

Of course you'd think that.

leave white people alone


The Spartans were definitely one of the gayer regions where pederasty was part of education. I'm not sure if they where the gayest though.

Mind you the Greeks for the most part were culturally inclined to not consider what they were doing the slightest bit gay.

Just admit that leftist glorify degenerac,y, squalor, misery, STD's, sluttiness and single parentage while having a visceral distaste for familial contentment.

Yeah, urban sprawl is ugly and alienated. That's besides the point though, I didn't mention it, I mentioned perfectly happy and traditional normies, which somehow made the connection in you to a part of america that you despise, because you despise those people.

Peace breeds complacency. Struggle strengthens unity. Any socialist society will need to embrace rabid militarism or slide back into complacency.


We don't though. Capitalism does. Stop defending a system that spreads degen-eracy.

It'd be easier to find the parts of America that I don't despise, given that I'm from Britain.

undialectical as fuck try again

Holla Forums is generally pro communal family (in various forms), pro quality healthcare, anti-poverty and would prefer people to live happy lives.

It just so happens that capitalism is an obstacle to this.

what the fuck
just fucking stop

Very true - they (and to an extent the Romans, as well as some Arab and Persian cultures) drew a line at pederasty - pederasty was acceptable, but then once they were too old it was taboo as they had the social status of "men." Man on man was gross.

We do see some parallels now from time to time, it should be noted.

he definetely was
spartans were still pretty gay but it's not like greece wasn't turbogay as a whole.
i don't think it's a bad thing and it also makes for some funny literature, even though you need to read between the lines in mythology because they didn't talk about it directly. shame that female on female wasn't equally encouraged

Of course they know, it's why they do it. They see it as a sort of penance, a way to own up to their lifestyles without having to actually change anything.

For all their supposed virtue, fascism is simply the worst form of hedonism.


You obviously don't understand the beauty of the Aryan race. Sad!

Female homosexuality is lame anyways. Penetration is what makes sex hot.


Ugly urban sprawl, the decline of high culture and aesthetic norms, the erosion of the family structure - including multi-generational households: All those things are the direct or indirect result of capitalism.
Uncuck yourself before it's too late.

ur mum is what makes sex hot


Penetration is overrated. The mechanical aspects of sex are boring compared to the mental.


The Romans if I'm not mistaken did tolerate homosexuality into adulthood and many high-ranking Romans did have adult (though younger than them) male lovers. It was more considered that doing a man up the arse was straight and taking it up the arse was gay, though the specifics of their views on homosexuality changed throughout various times.

I think if SJW's succeed and society as a whole starts taking a more post-structuralist view on sexuality western attitudes will probably start to resemble this, with the role of the person in the relationship being more defining than their gender.

Mostly LARPing, unless you think lesbian sex irl is mostly punching other chicks in the uterus

Which side of the comic does she look more like?

Literally all non-procreation sex is LARP


I'd say a good portion of procreating sex is larp too.

Is she just mad that she is too thicc for most white dudes?

And they wonder why no white women love them

What a beautiful traditionalist white blonde aryan woman.

Daily reminder:

“America has created a 'civilization' that represents an exact contradiction of the ancient European tradition. It has introduced the religion of praxis and productivity; it has put the quest for profit, great industrial production, and mechanical, visible, and quantitative achievements over any other interest. It has generated a soulless greatness of a purely technological and collective nature, lacking any background of transcendence, inner light, and true spirituality. America has [built a society where] man becomes a mere instrument of production and material productivity within a conformist social conglomerate” - t. Evola

You do, I've seen you people get triggered by pics of 50's couples because "it gives that black people make me uncomfortable vibe".

Capitalism doesn't do anything, it's animate.

You don't hate black america and jewish america.

Holla Forums believes that everything that is not a marketized individual free of spooks or its tools is spooked and therefor wrong. Conclusion being the shopper from the right-panel, a pangenderqueer unrestrained by the spooks of morality, family, monogamy and decency.

I'd like you to explain this to me in a manner that does not affirm the consequent or states that everything that in any way relates to economics therefor means that capitalism is the cause.

she looks like a jew tbh

Amen. American culture is nothing but consumerism.

It's funny that Evola and a lot of the other traditionalist writers (like Guénon) basically wrote what the Situationist philosophers like Debord (And other Marxists) argued later in the century.
The same conclusion coming from different angles.

But race, white guilt, gender identity (including nonbinary), "the west" and such are all spooks and clearly she subscribes to them. As is letting your politics dictate your life, that's a super-spook.

Also Holla Forums being pro "marketized" anything is a contradiction. You're going to balk at this but you need to read Adorno.

I just looked up her twitter and she really did make the comic. I remember her talking about Jews and shit on the Gavin McIness show (which made him uncomfortable), but I didn't think she was a full 14/88er.

Also she made a song called "Rape Me". It's worth a listen.

Right Wing Death Squads please come quickly
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I'm just a clueless THOT and I need your help

Shit, bitch almost looks like Ulrike Meinhof's evil twin


She subscribes to them in the same manner you do; to weave them into the web of the arch-conspiracy, usually called capitalism but sometimes called kyriarchy

You take the principle of economic self-interest and make it into a theory of everything. Marx himself praised capitalism for making everything about economic interest and doing away with culture and tradition. The problem with capitalism then, is that is not complete, that is has not gone far enough.

of all the historical periods you dummies could glorify, lel

Not everyone on leftypol is Marxist.
Not every socialist is Marxist.

I do not understand.
Here on Holla Forums we do not believe in idpol spooks. Can you identify where in the prevailing views on here you think you see it?

Mate, mate, mate. Read Adorno.
Seriously you will like it.

if she hates jews why the fuck do she work with Troma studios? they are founded and run by a jew.
I'm genuinly confused


honestly i don't find it surprising. it's pretty clear that these people see there's something wrong with the world, but for some reason they refuse to accept the most logical culprit and go hunting for cartoon villains IRL. i guess it's just easier to pretend life is a videogame.

dont even try ulrike was a qt

Individualism breeds the special snowflake mentality and idpol capitalism turns that into lifestylism, that way feminist, vegans, the alt-right and such must consume a brand of clothes, food, social media et al to belong to said ideology.

Communism is the antithesis of liberalism and capitalism,where the main focus isn't me, it is class and while we're workers before race and culture it doesn't mean we want to abolish race and culture.

based Marcos

Then post proofs billy, also

You're right, we just hate america.

See pic related. Lurk more.

Oh, so it's just satire.

Are these the saviours of the west that us leftists are supposed to be afriad of.

You do and you believe them to be strategic positions of the arch-conspiracy to prevent communism.

I did to see what cultural marxism was all about, I found him to be a typical marxist paranoiac.

I've seen enough proof, she's making satire.

Eeeegh. No thanks

And this is someone who's both into 40k and rape fantasy.

It is completion, for the principle of marxism is that workers should act as the bourgeois does: create a system that serves their economic interests.

Calling it the anti-thesis of capitalism is like calling black nationalism the anti-thesis of white nationalism.


A clinical psychologist would have a field day with this woman.

I honestly do not think she should be allowed to roam free. This is severely unchecked mental illness. Not even memeing.

Do we?

We acknowledge their existence (for lack of a better word) in the minds of others and critique such concepts. But do we believe them to be real? I don't think so.

I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe your knowledge of Adorno, the Frankfurt School and "cultural Marxism" doesn't come entirely from infographics and the first few paragraphs of Wikipedia and ask why you think this?

Because this
is an extremely crude version of Adorno's basic criticism. Capitalism kills true culture and instead replaces it with a mass consumer industry. I would think you ought to have more common ground with him than just chalking him up to a "typical marxist paranoiac."

Ah yes, but DA JOOS controlling everything is true, yes?

if only there were an ideology that synthesized Marxism and the Traditionalist School

Capitalism doesn't just describe economic interaction, it describes the economic ecosystem as a whole. Including its functions and goal.

Read Society of the Spectacle.

Capitalism with it's focus on "profit". demands infinite growth, and in such also efficiency. For this purpose everything needs to be commodified and standardized, so that it's quantity and the rate at which it is created can be increased. It's the quantity that matters, not the quality. And it's detached from life needs.
Notice all the useless junk companies try to sell these days? The emphasize on consumption (economists arguing we need to boost consumption, etc.), rather than quality of life? The system cannot survive without consumption. And the consumption needs to grow, because in capitalism profits tend to drop over time (due to competition), and as such new products need to fill the place so the cycle can continue.
It's the result of an economic system that pushed our living conditions beyond what we merely needed to survive. But tragically, it can't stop. It's never enough, and due to its inherent mechanics it can only survive if it grows.

Things that can't be commodified (commercialised/sold/quantitized) such as: (high) culture, tradition, race, family, community and even nations need to be swept away in the name of this efficiency.
Eventually it will reach a point where we ourselves will be declared obsolete. The end stage of capitalism is not a utopia of material plenty. It's an entire universe reduced to grey goo.
Capitalism is a monster that will destroy everything.

You believe them to be real as you perceive reality; a matrix in a grand instance of game theory in which all that there is to humanity is but an expression of the fundamental war between capitalism and communism.

What he does is applying the marxist a-priori to culture, to then conclude that all modern culture is actually capitalist domination. It's an eloquent version of Alex Jones' Justin Bieber rant.

Capitalism does not do anything. Capitalism is the frame in which you place everything.

such as? the fourth political theory is bs tbh

Indeed it doesn't, this arch-conspiracy permeates everything, it's a god concept that begs the question in the same manner as every other god concept.

Then why doesn't it demand us to shoot retards who are a financial burden? Why doesn't it demands us to shoot leftists who seek to undermine it?

If male feminists are just beta's that are desperate to get into women's pants, it's obvious what their right-wing female counterparts are


Regardless, you my comrade have absolutely best of tastes.

Never change Holla Forums.

it's right there in the flag friendo :^)

Two things.
1. If we accept what you're saying then we believe it to be a construct of the society that has been fabricated around capitalism. That's not really believing in it at all.
2. The Marxists here don't believe all of humanity is a fundamental war between capitalism and communism. It's believed that all of humanity is a product of material conditions and class struggles that will eventually conclude in communism, capitalism just happens to be the class-struggle's newest incarnation.

And how is that very quick gleaming incorrect?

Modern culture is a product of capitalist domination. Record studios, movie studios, radio stations, cinemas, publishers, creative venues, book stores, even many art galleries are capitalist enterprises. At this point in history profit is the driving motive behind a mass industry of culture, and so culture is degraded to be as universally pleasing and inoffensive as possible. And this industry is economically segregated from the people, it's not something they really get to participate in and contribute to organically but rather they serve as a market for a product.

Is that not true?

Capitalism is how we describe the material and social reality we find ourselves in. It indeed does stuff. Call it the invisible hand if that makes you feel better.

read the book
also stirner is a meme

Again, why do you faggots talk like you're in some sort of d and d game. This isn't Humans vs Orcs you colossal faggot.

This isn't the cold war, lad. Capitalism continues to fuck over people and cultures which you try to preserve. Globalism and neo-liberalism took a toll on the left.

Who is the financial burden? The welfare leeches known as corporations?


Except starve people to death, alienate people from their labour?



Nazbol is a meme. Dugin at least tried.

It really is the best fetish

Fellow Nurgle follower?

I'm not sure if you are talking about Holla Forums (in which case you're mostly right) or about people like Evola (in which case it's more nuanced).
Evola, contrary to what some might believe, wasn't that obsessed with "nations" and "race". Rather he emphasized the metaphysical underpinnings - based on mutual struggle - that bind people, while critiquing the modern obsession with material goods.

Because it lives off that as well. (Do you know how much companies profit from the terminally ill, the incapacitated and those with life-long illness?) It needs consumers. And they don't even need to produce, only consume. Because that is what propels the system forward.
There now exist entire industries - developed over the past century - based on life extension, or otherwise keeping people on the treadmill as long as possible, consuming until they breath their last breath. People stuff themselves full until they grow so fat they die. They hoard till their houses fill up. Only consumption matters now. The majority of modern jobs aren't vital to our immediate survival.
The entire west already cannot materially sustain itself, it simply leaches off the few remaining productive labor forces (predominantly in non-western countries), until they too can be replaced with machines. At which point consumption will become the exclusive human economic activity.

You're the same faggot who said "leftists hate beauty" but couldn't define beauty and determine which leftist. You're an embarassment to your race.

I'd add that capitalism is not an "arch-conspiracy" it's naked and bare for everyone to see. It's not hidden, it's - most of the time - all around us.
It doesn't explain every facet of human existence, but it explains modern trends, and the consequences that follow from it.

He is only the 2nd god in my categorytzeench still is the only true lord for me

non-ironic non-flagposting contribution to this discussion:

Some of the writers associated with the Frithjof Schuon branch of the Traditionalist School (aka the branch that nobody on imageboards reads or cares about because they're not memeable fascist edgelords like Evola), are sympathetic to left critiques of capitalism.

Obviously, if you reject metaphysics a priori, everything that Traditionalists write is going to look like meaningless garbage, but if you don't, this book is a worthwhile read – it's basically an attempt (by a guy who grew up as a CPUSA "red diaper baby") to synthesize Situationist-inflected Marxism with Traditionalism by identify the capitalist drive towards total commodification and quantification within Guenon's "Reign of Quantity."

Yes I was talking about Holla Forums types, sorry for the mix up.

it's also not a conspiracy because it's an economic system. one might as well say that feudalism was a conspiracy.

Actually Communalism and Democratic (In the Athenian sense) Confederalism come pretty close. There is a great emphasize in Rojava on cultures, traditions, martial prowess, philosophy, struggle and a general rejection of material wealth and decadence.
And while their whole feminist overtures might appear distinctly modern at first, they derive their inspiration from pre-modern societies. And once you look closer into it, it becomes evident that it has little to do with liberal bourgeois feminism.

This book is also relevant, for obvious reasons

will read comrade

Since the marxist conception of reality is a matrix designed by capitalism to ensnare it's victims, locations in this matrix are as real as something can get.

Right, so they believe this fundamental war is only the present state in their linear conception of time. Since all of humanity lives in the present time, they believe all of humanity is this fundamental war.

Everything can be related to economics, from this it does not follow that capitalism is cause and dominator. Following this logic, marxism and Holla Forums itself is capitalist domination, since it is taught in universities (capitalist institutes), sold at bookstores (capitalism) and hosted on websites (hosting services and internet providers are capitalist). You go to Holla Forums, Holla Forums gets clicks, Holla Forums get's ad revenue, Holla Forums makes profit from Holla Forums, capitalism dominates you using Holla Forums.

Because that is how you perceive you the world.

I see, capitalism forces people to be profitable while being just as happy when they're an enormous burden. That this directly contradicts your previous statement does not bother you at all, capitalism is the primal mover, the arch conspiracy, because it is everything, it can contain every contradiction as well.

This is the purest ideology I have ever encountered outside of religious apologetics.


u wot?
The Marxist conception of reality is that capitalism is an inevitable result of material conditions to which everyone is subordinate to by virtue of their existence in a material universe. A sociological abstraction is not designing anything.

Yes, and that war isn't capitalism v communism. It's working class interests vs. bourgeois interests since naturally the economic self-interest of both groups is opposed, as for one to accrue the most wealth it is necessary to work employees for as long an as little as possible, and for the other to collectively act in order to secure the best conditions and pay possible. This contradiction cannot be solved unless it is negated by the dissolution of the system that incites it.

That doesn't answer my question.
Is it, or is it not true that capitalism creates an industry out of culture where it was once organic?

Anyway I have stuff to do so I need to pry myself away from this thread. I'm out of the argument for today.

Where did I contradict myself? If unproductive (non-value adding) jobs are okay, then so is people that literally do not or cannot contribute economically. Yes, capitalism forces people to be profitable, by profiting from them through any means necessary. Even if it's from their suffering. (Like it does directly from the healthcare industry, war, etc.)
Does capitalism produce bizarre situations? Yes. Perhaps "efficiency" is the wrong word here for what it replies. It just promotes growth, endless growth. In fact, when it can't find physical growth it will just start moving numbers on paper. I.e. stock exchanges, futures, etc. The monetary system is a big reason why this nonsense is able to continue. (Without "quantitative easing", the petrodollar and other monetary tricks this would collapse on itself pretty quickly)

"Conspiracy" is not the only moving force behind history. Capitalism is a dominant force in this particular period. Just like the primal struggles of survival, and notions of power, honor and faith were in previous ages.

Exactly, this matrix is metaphysical, it's the universe itself. You are making my point for me.

With bourgeois interest being capitalism and working class interest being communism. The manichean vision remains, whether you impose them on people as their metaphysical command or not.

Those people are not profitable to the capitalist system, they are a cost to it. If capitalism forces people to be profitable, then it can not allow them to be costs to it. Or would you say that a capitalist system in which 80% of people are retards who can't work would be just a beneficial to this sytem as one where 80% is capable of work of which profit can be extracted, because there will be companies that provide the costly means by which said retards are provided for?

Cite what phrases you disagree with, then we'll talk. This will be easy to do, if you actually read him. Go on…

Capitalism does not, marketization does, which though related to it, is not intrinsic to it.

Nope. Homosexuality was frowned upon by the Spartans.

The twist for Holla Forums, of course, is that the Spartans were basically relegated into a Mercenary Backwater after getting their asses kicked by the Sacred Band of Thebes, which was literally the gayest band of gays to have ever gayed.

be all alike in the end. That the difference between the Chrysler range and General Motors products
is basically illusory strikes every child with a keen interest in varieties. What connoisseurs discuss as
good or bad points serve only to perpetuate the semblance of competition and range of choice. The same
applies to the Warner Brothers and Metro Goldwyn Mayer productions. But even the differences between
the more expensive and cheaper models put out by the same firm steadily diminish: for automobiles,
there are such differences as the number of cylinders, cubic capacity, details of patented gadgets; and
for films there are the number of stars, the extravagant use of technology, labor, and equipment, and
the introduction of the latest psychological formulas.

This phrase for example, claiming that every interest in things that are sold is merely a function of the capitalist arch-conspiracy.

When did you start having hallucinations?

I sure fucking hope so, i just realized who this was, she's about as "degenerate" as they come. As this video transcends cancer;

good or bad points serve only to perpetuate the semblance of competition and range of choice.

The entire paragraph is unrelated to the meaning you attribute to it. He is not talking about conspiracies you delusional moron.



Most of the west is a burden to this world at this point. Monetary quirks allow it to take a lot while providing very little value in return. If you control and can create the medium of exchange at will, you can run tremendous deficits with no problem. (Just look at the US)

That is based on the idea that those people should produce value in order to be profitable. But as the real world shows, that isn't necessary. We now have welfare, both private and corporate.
Great example: Food Stamps. Who do you think profits from them? Companies like Wall Mart. Who gets them? Their employees. Who pays for it? You might argue working Americans, or other businesses. But in reality it's the constantly inflating monetary system.
Obviously this creates a lot of debt, but that isn't a problem (In theory…), because we can just print more money and use inflation to reduce the burden. And if people and businesses get saturated? Just declare bankruptcy (in case of businesses) or import more debt-free people to keep the system running.

Yes. That's exactly the point. And it's pretty close to what is happening in the west today. Even that figure is perhaps not far off. We have welfare dependents, paper pushes, a parasitic managerial class, a bloated military industrial complex, entire industries devoted to making people grow fat and then keeping them alive as long as possible. The whole "service sector".

Now the question is who is keeping it running? Someone needs to produce all the excess value that the useless mouths are appropriating. (Not to be confused with the worthless money which can be created on the fly)
Well. Most of the value produced today outside of services is the product of machines, outside of that produced by the hapless masses of non-western workers. And as "productivity" keeps rising, eventually the last workers will be laid off. There is a reason there is a push for a "universal income" - we gotta keep consuming!

1000s of acres of irreplaceable nature and prime agricultural land is bulldozed every year to build shitty cooker cutter suburbs. They engender wasteful consumption habits which are totally unsustainable. Suburbs also breed reactionary petty-bourgeois attitudes. They are also totally culturally desolate.

Small towns or cities are where its at.

Wow its almost like a large amount of the Fascist concern about d*generacy is pure projection. Don't forget the large number of Nazi leadership who were repressed homosexuals/pedos. Hitler himself definitely had some kind of warped sexuality and was quite possibly a faggot.

This. The idea of the USA complaining about culture being destroyed is laughable. They are quite literally the muscle behind a global system dedicated to destroying and/or commodifying everything beautiful and unique in the world.

Were does Holla Forums and the autright fit into this? They are mostly brown and those that aren't are closer to Carl the Cuck than the aryan alphas they larp as. Are they planning on sacrificing themselves if they get their aryanland utopia?

You have shamed yourself and any future offspring you may have with this post. Make a comrade a commie mommy and kill the reactionary cunts like the dogs they are.

Pic related would hit it. Behold the prestige of the aryan race.

I'm not responding to this.

can I be ancient greek homo?

There's a reason people talk of the contradictions of capitalism you philistine.

You're that same fucking retard from a couple weeks ago who can inexhaustibly argue that "culchural Markism reel lol" for hours on end. You're a stubborn hemorrhoid of a human being who once again will continue carrying water for the same half-baked opinions despite countless holes being poked in them right in front of your slack-jawed face. If you aren't that same user, surprise surprise, you're a carbon copy.

GO. THE. FUCK. BACK. TO. Holla Forums

No, even with all this euphemistic niceties, this statement doesn't sound rational. It's almost as if the whole comic tries to condition the reader into agreeing with the left-hand side. Probably also why it wasn't places last, to not be too obvious.