Are trannies just spooked?

Are trannies just spooked?

It is in their own interest to do what they do in this capitalist world

For the most part, yes.

Extremely so.

is gorilla posting unfunny?

Yeah, but it's a way to pound a prostate without being a complete fag so I'm fine with the few qt ones.

Depens on what you understand under 'spooked'

Only queers, who are trannies that do so to complete the totality of SJW'ism by injecting in their bodies.


Yes it's a capitalist disease spread by the rootless cosmopolitans.


Read the fucking book.

Is this Rebel thread?

Yeah. transgenderism is reactionary idpol that brings back gender as an unchangeable metaphysical category. that's what the original feminists where fighting against, that is, before feminism was hijacked by neoliberal ideologies such as postmodernism and 'queer theory' .

Projection: the post.

They're spooky.

Rebel is not a tranny, rebel is the exact opposite, for there is no fetish as masculine as a feminization fetish.

Then why did they call it "feminism"?

Why are so many women into it, then?

None of them are, there is no women aroused by the idea of being a women.

Feminism, in its true non idpol form, is about abolishing the spook of gender, not reinforcing it. I've noticed 'transgender' people tend to act as parodies of established gender roles, while affirming that is actually their 'true self'. imo, is just idpol and confusion driven by spooks we shouldnt encourage it

actually i'm a woman who sexually identifies as a woman and i'm a narcissist too

it's not like all trans people are visibly trans

Then why did they call it feminism?

It's like calling the abolishing of race, racism.

Then what is their true-self that they have to be? It is obviously not something they decide for themselves, because imo idpol, their true self is instead a pure stirnerite, and if it is not, then they are just confirming to something that is not their true-self, because stirnerites want to be their true-selves, so only stirnerites are really themselves, and therefor everyone should have the role of stirnerite.

TrueSelf can only be found in the empty void of complete metaphysical marketization: the stirnerite who can only think in interest, a fleshy calculator in a grand match of game theory.

Then you don't have a feminization fetish.

Is there any difference between a LARPer and someone with genuine "clinical" transgenderism?

if its about 'just being yourself' why ape harmful cultural stereotypes of femininity, which are in the end arbitrary products of the patriarchal family and the capitalist mode of production? why insist on adopting an identity deliberately designed to keep women proles down? pure spooks

Are you aware that, one, there are physiological differences between men and women and, two, while the idea of the brain possessing exactly the same structure between male and female physiques and governing them in exactly the same way is interesting, medical science has long ago proved that hypothesis false before anyone had the chance to propose it? There now exists a century's worth of accumulated clinical data on transgenderism, and it decisively proves that it is a real medical phenomenon pertaining almost exclusively to genetics and physiology, not the circumstances of one's upbringing and socio-economic conditions.
Yeah, it's called "overcompensating", homos, both closeted and open ones, do it all the time. Are you saying that sexual orientation is a spook, too?

I can tell that you don't hang out around women much, m80.

because people don't exist in a vacuum

Why view everything as a knife to castrate you with in the all-encompassing guilontine known as capitalism?

You people are like Alex Jones on 1000mg of LSD.

It's spelled womyn.

Is my horniness a spook?

Meant for

isn't that just like right wingers who insist race cannot be a social construct because black people are inherently violent and have low Autism Level, while ignoring the effects of racialised capitalist exploitation?

imo 'gender realism' is as much of a spook as the alt right's 'race realism'


It's the new naked banana.

You know how if you hang around a certain kind of people, you learn to tell them apart from the general population and those who pretend to be them? It works with professions, ideologies, and it's the idea behind the concept of the gaydar. You can tell fake trannies apart from real ones, it's just that people naturally tend to not have much experience with either kind. That, and there's real physiological differences between the two, though you'd have to commit a biopsy to tell for sure.

It isn't on a physiological level? I see what you're trying to do here, but you're being embarrassingly stupid about it.
How about ignoring the sciences of biology and medicine? There are actual, objective differences between races and genders, you don't have to be a rightist cunt to acknowledge that. Left is supposed to be the pro-science side, don't fuck it up with ideology, friendo.

What is it a projection of?

I think there is decent evidence of gender dysphoria as a mental condition, and the mentally ill are under no obligation to have their emotions suppressed to make normies less offended. However, the 1000 genders thing is postmodern bullshit.

i dunno go ask a doctor. its not like they hand out sex change operations like muffins, they actually have to be visited by psychiatrists and physicians.

i have a hard time believing there's more than one person doing this. maybe 2, tops.

This, long story short.

why are so many 'transgender' individuals also reactionary/alt right? maybe being so invested in right wing spooks such as 'gender' and demanding people recognise your spooks as valid is the definition of reaction.

Because only in a reactionary society can there be deeper pleasures.

a better question would be why are so many people on this board so triggered at trans people

Solidarity with traps who get fucked.

Gulag for the traps who do the fucking.

Heh, fresh off the boat from Reddit kid?

Because self-hating is a common theme among these folks? Look at how Holla Forumsyps worship masculinity despite being, well, themselves. Look also at non-Europeans playing at Nazi masturbation fantasyriors. Don't ask me why the right is suicidally irrational, I haven't got a clue, either.
Also, homos.
Incurably stupid.

where the fuck was all this shit just two years ago?

100 years ago leftists were jumping over the trenches and had no comments about it
today leftists complain about bathrooms


Well, yes, yes you are.

It's le Reddit army