Holla Forums, I need your help. One of my friends, ironically a trannie, has started parroting Holla Forums tier rhetoric on the French Election and started using extremely cringy Holla Forums memes like 'Kekistan'. How do I stop the spread of this degenerate cancer and rescue edgy, gullible, impressionable youth like this one from becoming complete dumbasses who blame all of their problems on niggers?


Let it run its course. They'll get bored and become mainstream Republicans eventually.


Kill them
Its already too late for them

Goad him into participating in tranny threads on 4pol. Either the hate will turn him off, or he will hook up with a chaser and receive the due punishment of complete objectification.

It's a female-to-male tranny btw, not a trap.

prove that

I was implying that it's ironic that he's a tranny and alt-right, not that he's being a tranny ironically.

Come to think of it that combination isn't really that ironic tbh given how the alt-right is filled with self-hating faggots.

There is no solution. People can only get past their aut-right phase by realizing that they were wrong. Which would require them to be able to think critically.

Just let her burn tbh

is it that hard to point the elephant sized contradition?

Holla Forums I need your help. One of my friends, ironically a straight white male, has started parroting Marxist buzzwords on the US election and started using extremely cringey /leftypol. memes like 'the 1 percent'. How do I stop the spread of this degenerate cancer and rescue edgy, impressionable youth like this one from becoming complete dumbasses who blame all of their problems on rich people?

I think you and OP both forgot what kind of person this is. But I will say, as someone who is way more casual with ideals, both here and Holla Forums offer little of value in actually achieving anything.

hang yourself, this isn't r/berniesanders and we aren't liberals.

Reading comprehension. You lack it. I mentioned that there would be no solution so long the person lacks a critical thought process.

Oh no, you guys won't accept anything less than #fullfuckingcommunism Except unlike the liberals, you guys haven't figured out people don't give a fuck about class consciousness, and never will. The majority of Americans, and by extension the rest of Westerndom want, and will permanently want to live in a liberal democracy.

Why don't you show us all your crystal ball?

We'll see if that's still true after everyone is homeless and unemployed due to automation.


I don't need one, you go outside for five minutes and watch people, be it a city or a rural area. Any anger they have subsides with the advent of some new form of material to consume. Liberal democracy gives them three major political choices and it's enough for most people.

They've already got their silly little (impossible to me but contentedness means it will probably work) backup plans to that. And it's either to simply get a bunch of reds to ban automation or start giving out a check for mere existence.

We can all pretend that something like a universal basic income is something that could never work, but we all know that there's more of a chance for that to be the next big thing than political revolution.

Also he's beaten by his parents for being trans. His parents claim that SJWs have indoctrinated him into swapping genders. Being alt-right under those circumstances doesn't really make much sense.

I'd beat him up for being dumb

I agree with americans because libertarian propaganda, but european are not classcucked fam. We have welfare and we like to have it (both leftwing and rightwing) because we think that the poor people should have a better chance in life.
Also the vast majority of europe BTFO the far-right because we are aware that their ideology can be dangerous for the working class.

Jesus Christ how awful.
They are social injustice warriors.
Hmm that kind of explains the neo reactionary thinking.

Actually I'd wager it's less a moral goodguy thing to do and more that your people want free shit and parties learned long ago that they just have to be so big-tent about everything that compliance is assured so long as someone doesn't start talking about cutbacks.

Also they dislike the far-right because in Europe, a good number of "far-right" groups are simply very nationalist liberals who believe in cutting back fiscally.

Its a tranny. It wil in all likeliness kill itself anyway.

Fuck his pussy and make him pregnant.

He already attempted that a few times, but has mostly gotten over it.

Tell it to get a job.


I'm not a rapist, user.

democracy and capitalism are destined to split up

1. Send the stupid to a Holla Forums meetup.
2. Watch the fireworks.

I fucking love me some self-hate.

Liberate that fascist boipucci in the name of the motherland.

*the stupid cunt

Fellate a gun liberal.

Learn from the soviet soldiers, it's not rape when the "victim" is a right winger.

Not a liberal, you Turdistan lover.

I feel like he probably went down the ironic alt-right to real one road, considering how much he loves using the word "nigger" for shock value.

You stupid cunts have been saying the same exact thing for literally millennia now. Are you physiologically incapable of taking a hint?

Separate temporarily at best.

Let him go and make a fool of himself, giving us more evidence the autright are retards.

What kind of stupid cunt would I be? End of history?

Anybody got any Doujins about right-wing trannies getting fucked by big communist dicks?

Asking for a friend.


is this supposed to be some sort of insult

No but I could probably find quite a few of left-wing trannies getting fucked by big Nazi dicks. Sorry, the left seems to just sort of almost have a monopoly on trannies.

Shoulda known better than to ask any imageboard for advice, tbh, even a chill one like Holla Forums. The shitposts are funny though.

More like a joke for my own amusement, had the displeasure of talking to some cringey anarcho-communist who actually thinks we'll just have a state apparatus to enforce communism, but no state.

The alt-right is filled with 'em, all self-hating faggots.

You came on the internet to ask about how to make your right-wing tranny into a left-wing tranny. You need to tell her to take off the pants, grow up, and be a little more responsible. Seems like the internet was what got her here in the first place.

I've seen a couple, though they more or less aren't as self-hating as the sad, rainbow-haired excuses of former humans that I've seen on the left. I'm not arguing for either being any more than mentally-deranged. But at the very least I've found that right-wing ones typically try and hold down a job to pay for their idiocy, and not simply demand free pills from me.


A book on what? How to make contradictory ideological claims in less than ten seconds flat? I said this is an anarcho-communist, someone who wishes to do away with class, and currency, and the state…and he advocated for "full fucking communism" But how did he do so? Well his idea is we'll just draft people to enforce communism at the end of a rifle, and will have a state-apparatus, but no state on paper.

You telling me to read a book doesn't help fix this other person's own lack of understanding of their own ideology.

Anarcho-communism doesn't use either a state or a state apparatus, which is what you seemed to be implying that it needed to exist.

That's liberalism, not leftism, m8.

Just admit you read him wrong.

I was talking about what someone else said though…and clearly stated I was talking to a self-professed anarcho-communist who believes this

That's leftism within a liberal democracy. Liberals aren't going to put their necks out on actually funding transgender bullshit because there aren't enough of them who vote :P

It seemed like you were saying "Ancoms want communism but no state, but they would need a state apparatus to enforce communism. How is a state apparatus anarchy? Checkmate ancoms!" Admittedly, I read you wrong. But one idiots views don't have any bearing on the majority of the ideology.

OP here. At this point it seems like the thread has been fully derailed into off-topic side arguments. Have fun with those and make sure to sage.

Leftypol, I need your help. I masturbated using hair conditioner as lube, and it caused my dick to become this horrible chaffed pealing mess. When does this go away?

Is that a thing?

I invite you to see:

But user I was simply replying to someone who asked if #fullfuckingcommunism was supposed to be an insult.