What are you good at, Holla Forums?

What are you good at, Holla Forums?

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Pretending that I read books.

sowing resentment

complaining about bad threads on Holla Forums

Pissing people off, trivia contests, taking tests, mixing cocktails


Explaining things to patients.
I wish i was as competent with theory.

This is an extremely valuable skill. Any tips user?

Combat sports.

forging bladed weapons

Speaking eloquently.

Listening to music. Being autistic about porn and remembering way too many names. Funposting.

wasting my life

Reading the first 200 or so pages of a book then getting bored and literally taking months to get through the rest of it.
Sleeping all day
Fantasising about making a webcomic or writing articles despite being completely unable to draw and generally too ADD to keep interest on a single topic long enough to turn out anything worthwhile on it.

And finding stuff online, I guess.


This is me. By now I just skim through most of what I read if I'm not hooked in the first few pages. Don't even worry about finishing it (unless its very good) when it comes to theory I can usually get the gist of the message without actually needing to do a thorough reading.

Also, I am definitely gonna do that comic/visual novel some day I just need to hire an artist to do the art and I'll stick to writing. Most effective way for me to write so far has been doing short sessions while listening to music.

Procrastination and time wasting.

Being laconic.

No step on veno

MMA is pretty cool dude

like, it's unironically my favourite subject
I hide my power level though


Pretending I'm not just a pseud intellectual and making a drunken ass of myself ranting about communism.
I am a reading addict though so luckily I've been saved from being a complete idiot.

Being exhausted.

Scaring my family with my politics

hating myself for being useless

Don't say that I'm sure you are good at something!

I can speak and perform publicly
I can compose songs

i know i just hate myself think i have a mental disorder or something

Speechwriting and formal debate shit, but the people involved are without fail massive cunts

Writing and public speaking. At least that's what my profs and other people tell me.

I honestly can't think of anything.


also i *pretend* to know about electricty, i know a bit not enough to get things to work

Doesn't that possibly damage your brain? :🍀🍀🍀

That's a complicated issue. There are lots of factors involved in whether you'll have cte or not and how bad it'll be.

First, it isn't how hard you're hit that causes cte, but how often you are hit. For example, football linemen are the most prone to cte since every practice, every game they're bashing into people.

Boxers are the poster children of cte. Pro boxers go 12 rounds getting hit in the head over and over. That, plus sparring really fucks up the head

But regarding MMA, there is less of a danger since fights are 3 rounds and there is grappling involved so you aren't continually getting hit.

If you avoid hard sparring (going full power) amateur fighters and most pro fighters will be fine, unless you're prone to it

Pretending to be a leftist Hegelian by parroting Zizek memes.

Finding things to be sad about

Cheer up comrades, everybody's good at something.

People says I'm really good at motivating them.

Hating myself. People are going to have a hard time hating me more than I do.

Also I guess basic A E S T H E T I C photoshopping.

I'm a design engineer

When you learn cyrillic these memes evoke nothing but cringe.

I'm good at worshiping cute gals tbh.

how do I become a reading addict

Me it's being creative, and there I have two bases covered at least, and hopefully more some day. For now it's writing and Legos.

Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics (Chemical Engineering student doing research)
Athletics (swimming, water polo)
I'm a good entertainer. When I go out people like to buy me drinks and listen to me talk.
In the past I've taken leadership positions, I want to be a teacher so I feel like I know how to encourage and support people to achieve their goals.
I've been having trouble lately but a few years ago I would get compliments from teachers on my writing.

hm are you me user? except I'm probably better at cooking in general than drink mixing

Cancer hero



I'm good at games.

reading about dense concepts and relating them to people.

(my only real skill is self-sabotage)

Ive been told by a couple of different people that Im good at ranting. Not sure if thats a good thing tho

I can play guitar good

I'm an expert at gorilla warfare. I can kill you in over 700 ways and that's just with my bare hands.

Not having a job, thinking about killing myself, having man boobs, not kissing girls, paradox games, jacking off to the point of callousing my dick

I'm good at socializing. I make friends really fast. I think a girl likes me and I think without being a social butterfly she wouldn't.

I plass bass, I wrestle, I lift weights, I draw and edit maps, I'm alright at debating but I wouldn't claim I'm good at it.

As for the negatives. I'm good at finding my own flaws and obsessing over them. I'm my own worst enemy at criticism.

I have friends, family, health and a place to call home. I'm not really good at things but I have a good life.

Looks like everyone is good at something.
"From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs." Karl Marx, yay

I'm a jack of all trades with computers. alright with hardware, software, troubleshooting and so on.

Writing fanfiction and playing TCGs.

School, art, athletics. I'm pretty much the perfect human tbh.

Way to live up to your stereotypes, Holla Forums.
How will Communism work when there are no Commie plumbers, mechanics, carpenters and doctors? Art and poetry don't keep the lights on and the water running

Maybe commie plumbers have their own board.

Did you come up with that design? it's brilliant

lying to my therapist so I don't get thrown in the looney bin but in doing so probably impeding my own treatment

Fucking up my own life

I also have a decent memory I guess


Am meh at a lot of things.

Mathematics and computing. Reading and digesting information. Writing.

Just give me a problem to solve and a computer and I can do it.

tradesmen tend to be susceptible to kulak ideology, though, because of the freedom they have at work as self employed contractors.

its not their fault, really, but we should expect more from wage workers.

The ingredients matter quite a lot. Forget what anyone tells you about how cheap gin or vodka is just as good as the good stuff when mixed. It's not true, especially when the person you are mixing for enjoys the taste of alcohol. When it comes to vodka and tequila, price does not equal quality. Grey Goose is trash, and so is Don Julio. Fools pay for the labels. Look for small and local producers to find bargains. Canadian whiskey is the only brown liquor that should be mixed. Dark gin, añejo tequila, and especially scotch should never be mixed with anything except a cube or two of ice and then only for particular brands.

Finding the source of porn.
Organising porn.

This user is the hero we need


I play piano. I also can be smart when it comes to academic stuff. I'm pretty stupid everywhere else tho (especially when it comes to social situations. I can't talk to people at all)

I remember when I hated myself. Worst thing about it was that when people showed they cared about me, I only saw them caring for someone I passionately disliked. So from one (once) self loathing fuck to another, yeah, you're probably kind of shit, but so is everyone else. Which kinda makes them the bigger assholes since they don't own up to it.

As for being useless, same shit applies, most people are useless. Don't try and find something to be the very best at, just try to find something that you can grow at, little by little. Anyway, even shitty people like us deserve a little something good.

Cooking, mixing, singing, writing, drawing, fucking, gardening, basic construction, tidying up (more valuable than you may think), and crossdressing

I main support and DPS.

I want to make you my trap wife, if that's ok user

Maybe after the revolution, user :3

I make chainmail in my backyard and read a 400-500 pages book in 9 straight hours (My head and stomach hurts like hell afterwards but it's better than reading a book for weeks and sleeping whiteout knowing what's the next chapter about)

Winning bourg elections.

im unironically good at womanizing, partying dangerously hard, and sex.

My bourgeois hedonistic existence is constantly in conflict with my overwhelming desire for proletarian revolution.



You can't just post that without pics

Are you good at posting pics too?

Do you have a peepee or a vajayjay????
Asking for a friend

Nothing worth of value whatsoever.

Amphetamines or ritalin or something and only taking them while reading.
They cause task salience and motivate you, help you focus, and help you associate reading with being high.
If you get addicted to the drug, and you made sure to discipline yourself to only take it while reading, you get addicted to reading.
In theory.
But drug-induced location preference is a thing, so this might be too

me too :3

having gay sex

Just read a lot of shit you find interesting until reading itself is not a issue.

Foucaults lectures are real page turners if you're into theory, as is Marx's shorter works. But if it's 'only' reading for the sake reading I'd recommend short story authors like Borges, Calvino, or Water Margin which never fails to deliver (though I've heard the Swedish translation is unparalleled, so maybe another language won't be as great).