ITT: we make fun of classcucks

ITT: we make fun of classcucks

How did it come to this


How cucked can you get?


Stockholm syndrome


I don't even debate people like this. I just start acting smug and mock them.

Is this worse than the faces of atheism ?
At least that could be explained away as redditors circlejerking

This is just pure bootlicking

They all look so tired.

I can guarantee all of these stories are fake as fuck

Lets revive 6 year old memes


White people save and work and repay their loans, negros and spics open their hands for gibsmedats to buy PlayStations 4 and Hennessy bottles on credit, nothing new here. It's okay you folks literally never evolved the ability to plan ahead. You are our archaic hominid cousins we will coddle you as long as we can…to a point




That sure is a lot of words to defend being a cuck

I don't even have to do anything, these miserable fucks are already getting stepped on my life. Capitalism is the ideology of the slave, tbh.

This post is horrible and I should finish my coffee before posting further.

This picture says it all.

Yeah, I got rust lung, yeah, suffer from chronic back pain, yeah, I'm out of a job as soon as China makes a better offer, yeah, I can't afford healthcare, *BUT DAMN IT, I'M AN AMERICAN AND AMERICA AIN'T ABOUT ACCEPTING HANDOUTS.*

Fucking proselytizing athiests are the just cosmic cucks.

Ain't that whole r/Atheism circlejerk dead now? I though fedoralords went extinct back in 2014 after they realized what they looked like tithe rest of the world.

Slave morality

Look at him! Look at him and laugh!

That's what I am, I guess. I ain't religious, but I'm open to that whole astral plane/spirituality shit.

can't wait for #DestroyWallStreet when the next crisis hits

Stockholm Syndrome. Proud anarcho-capitalist wage slaves are the Uncle Toms of the working class.


It's only a matter if time till we get a flat tax rate, private SS and medicare, and eventually loop holes for child labor isn't it?

Same. Ever since repositioning my Overton window I've been seeing economic/political catastrophes with a silver lining.



can't wait for Destroy Occupy, the movement that will come when the crisis after the next crisis hits

What did they put in that woman's salad?


And to think this whole tine I've been putting ranch on mine…

"Look at that pathetic, white, middle class, che guevara t-shirt wearing marxist just sitting there in starbucks on his new Iphone while his mother buys him a flat white, hes never worked a day in his life."

Sounds familiar I'll bet.

Social darwinist propaganda

Yep, evolution isn't gradual change based on environment, its fish thing with legs + 10 million years and we have an instant jump to a human.

The cold weather which prevents crop growth for 5 months of the year is northwestern Europe also had no effect on planning and deferral of gratification, because of course the people with genes that select for no future planning survived with no food at all somehow.

Real talk, if shit's supposed to change then socialists gotta learn to spot idpol and the shills that peddle it and deal with them before they can water any sort of revolution down with their transgender bathroom bullshit and gender warfare.


Yes, it's not like other parts of the world have rhythmic weather patterns that put regular routines out of order.

Nope, not like the Nile floods, or that the tropics have seasonal torrential rain, or that northeastern America has very similar seasonal patterns to Europe. Nope, Europe must be that unique goldilocks zone for racial supremacy.

This. Homo Erectus managed to spread out across most of the planet like a million years ago and survived several ice ages too. That whole "snow makes you smarter" theory's fucking retarded.

I guess you never evolved putting effort into your condescendence.

100 million wasn't enough.

human nature

No, I know more than enough "white people" who do the same, if not worse.

stay illiterate Holla Forums

its dat snow man, give them the snow and they'll evolve.

What's wrong with these people? Why do they take pride in being cucked?

that's not tiredness. that's freedom

more likely its the fish and lack of cannibalism.

The problem is any white male who tries to address idpol will always be shut down as being blind to his muh privilege or whatever. People like you (members of historically disadvantaged groups who see the problems with idpol) are the only ones who can shut it down. When you hear people peddling their white guilt idpol bullshit you can easily shut them down by accusing them of dividing the working class in order to satisfy their saviour complex.

Yeah it's pretty been dead for years
Still was fun times when fedora/sheeple shitflinging was the biggest internet argument

I doubt they are what they claim

your idpol is still idpol

It's an observation of what people who believe in idpol actually do. I don't see how that's an endorsement of idpol on user's part.

It's an observation of what people who believe in idpol actually do. I don't see how that's an endorsement of idpol on user's part.

This is why I want to kill.

Mfw don't work don't save money don't pay loans because I am a neet
Feels good to not be a retarded classcuck


While I don't blame poor people for being poor, can't they be blamed for accruing debt to buy shit they don't need, or just generally living above their means? Is there some factor necessitating them having to live in debt because they keep buying shit?

While I don't blame you for being a sadistic shithead, I'm still going to take your austerity and shove it so far up your ass that your eyeballs bulge and pop out of your braindead skull.

They want to enjoy life. Ride motorcycles, go on vacation, watch a football game, etc.

The scoundrels!

How dare the proles not want to live anguished lives free of any pleasures.

The only way I could afford to attend school in order to better my life the way you classcucks talk about doing was by accruing debt and living "above my means."

You still drawing breath is living above your means. Kill yourself.

Not really.
The explicit purpose of marketing is to manipulate people into buying shit they don't need. Furthermore even Victorian Britons recognized the existence of people who (while not in debt) would "live beyond their means" and find themselves in poverty because they were alcoholics, etc, but recognized that even though if they weren't buying booze they'd be above the poverty line, the reason they were drinking was a viscous cycle of life being shit.

Also with payday loans and shit it's often a choice between living beyond your means or dying.

Basically you need to look at structural causes like the declining living standards, increasingly punitive welfare standards, etc. The personal responsibility meme isn't going to cut it.

One idea I quite like is that lenders should be responsible for bad debt alongside debtors. i.e. if you give a mortgage to a homeless guy at 500% interest and he stops making payments, courts can just go "well you should've known this would happen, get the fuck out of here, he gets the house and you get fuck all.", imposing a responsibility on bankers to ensure those they lend to can actually repay (because otherwise the state won't help them get their money back.)

The fact that every banker in America was not publicly executed after '08 is one of the first great injustices of the 21st century.

Unnecessary tbh.

People don't accumulate that much debt because of hobbies, they do it because they've been taught to be consumers who buy overpriced shit because it must be good.

Don't be so dramatic. I'm not saying they should live on rice and beans, just that it might be their own fault if they get massive debt because they buy fancy looking shit or buy the newest car.

I'm not referring to student debt.

So, you're suggesting they engage in needless consumerism and general excessiveness because that's the best way they know how to cope with their shitty life and they've been taught that by advertising? That's an interesting viewpoint I hadn't really though of before. I didn't really equate consumerism with drug addiction, though I suppose they're very similar. I guess in that sense they do need the useless shit because like alcoholics with alcohol it's their self-medication.

How can you say

In the same post?

I didn't read all images, are they all americans? If they are, why are americans such classcucks?

Damn that's funny. Good job comrade

Can anyone CONFIRM they are what they claim?

Your parents work to pay loans.

They're not contradictory. People are taught by advertising to be consumers and then get into debt when they follow those teachings. I'm just trying to figure out if they deserve any blame or not.

From looking at this thread, I have to say that yanks really do dress horrendously and have absolutely no taste whatsoever when it comes to aesthetic.

Fuck me man, I can't laugh at this shit. I want to, but I can't. This simply hits too close too home for how classcucked my fellow burgers are.



Not subsaharan africa, we wuz kangs in egipt?