So we can all agree that RT news is practically just a mouth piece for the Russians govenrment. But if they are I dont see why they pump out so much anti capitalists stuff, they regualrly critique the current system and invite Richard Wolff on to their shows. Shouldn't Russian state media be pro capitalsit.

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sure, but it wants you to believe it's not

they're trying to buy themselves an audience
never believe any ideology knows what it's doing

I meaning that's what they're trying to do, they're doing a pretty good job at actually teaching about socialism.

This. They basically give anyone who is against US foreign policy a platform.

They're gonna accidentally create class conciousness

Because the goal is to criticize America from whatever angle possible. It's not like RT US is for Russian consumption.

Modern Russia has a strange relationship with capitalism. Being socialist is actually a "conservative" stance in Russian politics, whilst the more capitalist you are, the more you are counted amongst "progressives".

As for RT, I wouldn't give them this much shit. I think they are genuinely trying to defend socialism or alternatives to capitalism. What Americans have to understand is that liberal capitalism is interlocked with the American identity. The USA was founded as a liberal capitalist project. So basically when you are a socialist, you are perceived as "anti-US".

Russia has an entirely different history. RT wants Russia to be strong but they don't particulary care for capitalism of socialism as long as Russia calls the shots.



I meant that the reporters of RT who regularly do reports in which they are very critical of capitalism and, recently, expose the propaganda about muh gorillions because of the anniversary of the revolution. Also the cooperation with TeleSur, positive reports about Cuba, etc. I think they are genuine.

This is tolerated because the Russians don't care if you are a socialist (that's why OP is wrong to assume that just because Russia is a capitalist country, it's media outlets must be as capitalist as the Western media) as long as you are okay with Russia being powerful. That's what I wanted to express (very badly).

RT is the CNN of Russia and Sputnik is more like Buzzfeed. Katehon is pretty cool tho.

Who cares? Their coverage of western politics is god tier.

Putin will soon reveal the new Soviet Union once the US is in ruin.

geopolitica.ru/en is nazbol

RT, TeleSUR and Al-Jazeera are the best prominent news sources available EXCEPT when it comes to their home countries.

This is your brain on anti-imperialism.


This. This is also why you see old red flags and hammer and sickles at orthodox religious processions. Conservatives associate the development of drug consumption, sexual freedom, crime, the breakdown of the family unit, Caucasus and Muslim immigration to Northern Russia during the 90s with the development of capitalism post-USSR. For Russian conservatives capitalism is inherently "degenerate".

But you don't even need to make up shit about America. There's such an abundance of evil they do all on their own that the anti-American propaganda writes itself.

And Russia and Qatar are anything but anti-imperialist.

That's news to the tankies

Yes and no. The Russian government uses them as a mouthpiece from time to time concerning issues it considers vital. But RT has an existence beyond that; I think they are allowed enough freedom on the less sensitive issues to be able to let journalists do their own thing.

It's like a bargain, come work for us, you do propaganda half the time, and get a kind of freedom in the other half that a typical company, a capitalist big business company, will not allow you. So both a MSM "journalist" and and RT journalist have certain areas they won't touch - either issues relating to the business group, or to Russian interests (which are of course interlinked with the interests of the oligarchs that support the Kremlin).

So much like any other news source, they are useful as long as you know which filter to use.

Because Russia is still geopolitically allied with communist and socialist countries even though it’s capitalist. If say Italy became socialist that would benefit Russia because they’d have a new geopolitical ally. Russia still wants socialists in other countries to be sympathetic to Russian geopolitical goals such as Crimea. So obviously RT would have pro-socialist content and give lot’s of coverage to American socialists and social dems.

You guys are some spooked idiots. Russia alligns himself with socialist countries and if you check out RT they are actually very critically towards the alt-right, they are anti-globalist but left-wing in tone.

You having socialist revolution, Russia WI be your natural ally. You may not like it, but this is geopolitical reality.

Why does an imperialist fascist system want to spread leftism outside of Russia?

Think about that.

It's not that contradictory.