Daily News Thread 5/14

Trump ordered emergency meeting after global cyber attack: official

U.S. President Donald Trump ordered his homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert, to hold an emergency meeting Friday night to assess the threat posed by a global computer ransomware attack in at least 150 countries, a senior administration official told Reuters.

North Korea fires missile that lands in sea near Russia

North Korea, defying calls to rein in its weapons program, fired a ballistic missile that landed in the sea near Russia on Sunday, days after a new leader came to power in South Korea pledging to engage Pyongyang in dialogue.

China invests $124bn in Belt and Road global trade project

The Chinese government is investing tens of billions of dollars as part of an ambitious economic plan to rebuild ports, roads and rail networks.

Labour climbs to highest poll rating since start of election campaign

Labour have climbed to 32 per cent in two new polls published on Saturday night, their highest rating for 180 days. Significantly, this is higher than the vote share Labour received in the 2015 general election, when Ed Miliband won over 30.4 per cent of voters.

100yr countdown to extinction? Hawking believes humans need to colonize new planet… or else

Stephen Hawking appears to be at pains to warn the world that humanity is doomed. His latest prediction urges mankind to escape an ailing Earth for a fresh start on a new planet… before it’s too late.

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But he still lost…


The Financial Crisis That Spawned Austerity, Corporatized the Democratic Party and Gave the World Donald Trump

Why New York City's fiscal crisis was a watershed event.

‘US military bureaucracy has made it clear it wants long-term war in Mideast’

What the US military leadership are talking about doing in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan is a further step down the road to permanent war and nation building, says investigative journalist Gareth Porter. But will Trump approve the plan?

not much news today. Don't forget to tell your mother Happy Mother's Day.

oh and I guess the aut-right got together yesterday

"the Proud Boys are doing their initiations and beat-ins"

my crew is going to run up on these pussies and then we'll see whom the normies really are

pic related

Daily reminder that these degenerate scum are supposed to be our intellectual peers.

top kek, they'd shit their fucking pants if this crew showed up

is that boston common?


Do these people lack self-awareness? I'm sorry to any American comrades on here, but jesus christ I hate America so god damn much.

yep, I'm pretty sure.

higher/lower than Miliband matters more for narratives about Corbyn as leader specifically

please don't judge us all for these idiots. Burgers can be good people too.


B-but that's own of my own countrymen (>tfw your mom owned a washing machine that was owned by Schwarzenegger's mum).

I know you guys can be great people but fuck the Internet makes it really hard innit.



Thanks for this OP. Just been rewatching Gunbuster and she is 2 qt.

Holla Forums is peerless

lol true I just choose the picture because of its corny as fuck patriotism (big flag in the background).

I hear you though man, unfortunately we have a really big lolbert movement here and lots of really cringeworthy people doing cringeworthy shit. I shed tears in embarrassment.

I'm still glad a few good Americans remain. Keep strong, m8.

I swear, antifa should actually start bringing along spears and swords. At least the whole thing would start to be entertaining then.

One thing I don't get is, if America wants permanent nation building, why don't they do it the "proper" way like the Chinese are doing in Africa or like the brits did in the past?

If you're going to engage in colonialism, why not spend on railroads instead of bombs? Where is the fucking logic?

first off, they can get any puppet government to do that.

secondly, that's if they're actually interested in doing it. this shit is just to keep the war machine going.