She's a white nationalist now. Ann Coulter attended an AmRen conference...

She's a white nationalist now. Ann Coulter attended an AmRen conference. So is this just the future of right wing politics? America will disintegrate.

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Everything is going according to plan.
The moderate republicans and "Oath Keepers" along with other civic nationalist right-wing militas are turning on the alt-right.
The inner civil war of alt-lite and alt-right has just begun.

These people (milo, ann coulter, lauren southern) only exist to a small group of faggots

Thank god.

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Is it true that she got arrested for trying to stop refugees?

Yes. She whined it was justified but her dumb attention whoring ass did it with skin heads shooting fireworks at Migrant Boats.

thought she was Jewish?

She is.

really boggles one's noggin

I wonder how many WNs have nontrivial Jewish ancestry?

Proof? Not surprising, most lolberts seem to end up there.

That's where most lolberts end up tbh. Been that way in the US for decades.

Uh, yeah haven't you observed current demographic trends?

I still can't believe she is 21

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So has the dignified façade of "civic nationalism" finally slid off to reveal the unfiltered white nationalist ideology of the alt-lite? Lauren Southern says a lot of pretty dog whistle-ish shit bout "I.Q." and the preservation of western civilization so I ain't exactly shocked that she believes in "freeze peach" so much she goes to literal white nationalist events.

That's fucking low.

Right? She looks older.

Jesus, they're everywhere, ain't they?

it doesn't surprise me at all (but i kekked).
i live in italy and i've been hearing politicians trying to push the idea that we should shoot the boats since 2013. Actually, they were promoting it in the nineties with the albanian immigrants. When confronted on this, they say that we should shoot empty boats before they leave lybia, but they know very well what they're saying and what their voters think they're saying.

that said, it's actually pretty funny that in 20 years of rhetoric not a single italian has ever done anything like that but some rando from canada did, even though it was just firecrackers.

Just another proof that EU should force French as mandatory language and cease all connection with the west, no trade, no migration, no internet cables.

The funny thing is the half of pol9k consider exactly this type of woman to be the spawn of the devil. I have absolutely no doubt she is spoiled as hell and would be a complete nightmare to date. But they completely overlook that because she says muh buzz words and is attractive.

She is literally a cheer leader.

But canadians speak french.

Fuck, be it some other eu language then (but no German, it sounds horrible). On other hand, that that should not be big problem, without internet cables connecting Europe with Northern America connection will be very slow.

Finally, the time has come.


She took an Ancestry DNA test and nothing came up as Jewish. She's part Spanish though.

lol I love when phrenology like 23andme turns on these retards

Would also feel good. Make her asshole gape and her squeal and moan.

Zoe Quinn is a better human being than Ann Coulter.

well you're not setting the bar too high there

*blocks your path

Since Ann Coulter is little more than a hateful piece of uneducated trash, being better than her isn't exactly hard to accomplish.

Dumb cunt thinks that you aren't a real American unless you have 4 generations of grandparents born in this country. A country founded by immigrants.

fucking kek

what ?

*arrests you*

Went from pretending to be a holier than thou enlightened liberal democracy to the beginnings of ethnocracy in 20 years… incredible. And good riddance.

Got 'em

i actively wish this were true

America is already balkanized culturally and economically, it's a matter of time.

People are looking for a group to identify with and submerse themselves into. I honestly hope 23 and me helps these people return to Europe. I'm tired of seeing videos of these people in America

Canadians of Spanish descendant are mostly Cuban. Wouldn't be suprised if her parents or grandparents hated Castro.

I don't understand.

America is not experiencing any of the material conditions that produce the fascist phenomenon. Why are so many right-wing figures turning to proto-fascism/fascist-lite?

Because they're stupid and confused.

Because history doesn't simply repeat itself in the exact same way every time

Demographic shifts don't count as material conditions? European capitals turning into Kinshasa over the course of a year isn't a change in material conditions?


They stay where they are. Europe doesn't need any more Americans, we already get the garbage you call your culture forced into our heads by the media.

No you SJW

Honestly, I feel like it's all a knee-jerk response to what they perceive to be a takeover by the essjaydubyas. This happens and see-saws quite often in any society. The conservatism of the 50's were a response to the war-torn 40's, and the liberated 60's-70's were a response to the overbearing conservatism of the 50's. Is conservatism "on the rise" again? Technically yes, but any right-winger who thinks the odds will forever be in their favor is a fool. Give it a decade and we'll see a progressive culture emerge as a response to the current trend of right-wing thought. Is the future really fash? No. Is it really progressive? No. The future is a reaction to whatever the present is.

Reaction against social liberalism

It kinda does.

Present-day Greece looks pretty much exactly like how Germany, Italy, and France looked during their respective capitalist crises (with the former two succumbing to fascism and the last one very nearly succumbing to fascism).

a bunch of young people cannot get jobs and have very little hope for the future, this is not identical to the rise of fascism in 30s europe but it is pretty much the core of a rise of a young far-right nationalist movement.

America counts the material conditions for a civil war tho, or at least is getting there.

What are the material conditions for civil war? The current split is within the ruling class. Active politics has become divorced from economics. Those in America who are alienated from economics are locked out of politics. This is shown in the low turnout and high voter suppression, two issues the opposition party seems to have little interest in addressing.


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since when has that stopped them?

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Lauren just shot a flare gun at a refugee boat abd got arrested lol

Does that mean to dose someone with psilocybin mushrooms?

i really hope so


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I'm honestly scared guys. Do many americans secretly think like Ann Coulter but just refuse to say so openly? If that's the case, we're fucked.

I swear if she starts bitching about free speech it'll be priceless


Why the fuck do you use American pronunciation for Greek letters?

Having more black and brown people isn't a physical change
It's real in socioeconomic terms

Ugh bottle blonde, spray tan, and caked on makeup like an old lady.

If you ever see this bitch after a shower i guruntee she is


Fascist values are fundamentally true: force is to politics what numbers are to mathematics and atoms to chemistry.

All authority comes from violence.
Violence beats gold when it comes to reserves and currency, violence doesnt lose value over time, and is understood by all cultures, sectors, businesses, etc.
Legal system? Only crime is and always was getting caught. This is a definition of a criminal: man who got caught. It's not murder, we have murderers that never went to jail. Same with thieves, same with everyone else.
You see, day dreaming and wanking in a circlejerk about how nice things would be if they were nicer is nice I guess, but all that whataboutism doesnt really solve any real life practical day to day problems.
Meanwhile violence does.

Our reality is fundamentally fascistic. Doesnt matter if we talk politics, or economy, or the law, or whatever, fascism has them all covered.

How do we escape?

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Too bad about her face though.

To the Gulag with you!



Maybe a racial civil war in america is a good thing for the rest of the world. Here they will die in camps but american minorities have weapons.

Id prefer to kill her.

meh her face is ok, i don't like too "perfect" looking women anyways for some reason.

Shes 2/5 at best.

Tomi Lahren doe

I can guarantee that outside of that dress she looks like a boiled hotdog with a wig.

Her face is creepy, it simultaneously looks both like a little girl and someone who did too much plastic surgery.

really? there are a hell off alot worse looking women out there then her.
she is a 3/5

dunno she looks like most women to me, atleast by non-scandi standards

It's not just that she's kinda hot it's that she's clearly crazy and super passionate/energetic so the fucking would be cray fam.

try harder faggot

Spanish doesn't necessarily mean shitskin.

this is now a wwyd to lauren southern thread

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people have said this, but I'll reiterate: its literally just because they are stupid, confused, and lacking in theory and class consciousness

also "fascism-lite" is not fascism.

I hope she gets blacked in an ally

please lord, make it happen

Nah give her what she wants. I hope she gets raped in an alley by disease riddled neo-nazi skinheads

back to reddit

gets the noggin jogging huh

why not just say your honest opinion instead of pretending you're somebody else


Is that specifically fascist though? didnt mao and lenin say things to that effect?

Fascists knowing power=force is just common sense, even the ancaps know that, its not some profound revelation of 'fascist' theoru

OP was giving two examples. It's not that complicated

EU is the west tho.

They used to have slavery, no rights for women, no rights for blacks, and all that other stuff. Now women can vote, gays can get married, blacks are citizens and it pisses them off so much.

Of course they want to go back in time socially, but not technologically. They want the racial and sexist politics of 150 years ago but not to give up airplanes, cars, modern medicine, the internet and all that. They're picky even if they like to pretend "those were the days", not that they would want to live without twitter or Steam.

Yes, it's obviously that, not, y'know, the collapse in the economic conditions facing the working/middle classes when they reminisce about a time when a man could leave highschool and if he wasn't completely retarded could support a family. No, obviously they're just embittered losers pissed off that a woman almost became president, and there are black CEOs now.

So as recently as the 1970s?

I don't know what you're arguing, but the point I was trying to make was that the argument I linked was neoliberalism.txt, i.e. "Lower class whites don't have valid economic concerns, they're just pissed off that they can't string up darkies, beat their wife, and bash fags now"

I thought for a second you were a polyp saying because women can vote and blacks are citizens is the reason we find ourselves in this economic climate. My mistake, although our conditions right now do make them feel the quoted text.