Reminder capitalist cat girls superior to communist ones

Reminder capitalist cat girls superior to communist ones


Shes Not for you commie


Jesus christ did a 12 year old design thar shit

classic Holla Forums


Rather a girl with meat than a starving skeleton commie

not surprised tbh

Fat isnt meat. Its fat.


get /fit/, faggot


Hungry hungry communists

isnt it called survival of the fittest?

Actually, obese people are hungry more often than non-obese people. But keep easing, its only easier to shoot big targets.

Survival of the fattest.

Thats why capitalism always wins

Holla Forums is beyond intellectually dishonest

Learn the difference faggots

That would crush your weak abdomen, lad

Stronk bones from a healthy diet of actual food



Im your prom date you ugly sack of shit

Like what? Spraycheese and leaded water?

Vegetables and meats are not rare things

I'm so sick of you holy shit
I lurk the Holla Forums threads sometimes but I can't fucking do it when I see your smug stupid cat
FUck you idpol CUNT WOW
and stop posting that alunya getting fucked by porky
it's getting fucking old

Why are there so many trannies here

don't fucking cross that line
don't fucking do it

Americans don't eat vegetables and meat, they eat "vegetables" and fat.

You aint stanly roo

you'd be the first in the gas chamber OP

irrelevant shiting is rácé-míxíng
damn filter

not thic just tasty

She isnt furry she is human

i am also marche

With fur, claws and an animal nose?

no fuck you I am


So why is there so many commie trannies?

Don't say tr*nny.

Am i right

tl;dr: americans and northern europeans are retarded

Don't bring 9volt into this, please.

Well ye that doesnt really answer it though
This board is full of trannies


Its just true

are you a liberal

you got an obsession pal?
or are you trying to 1984 us through constant repetition? you're only fooling yourself

No im Australian

is this you

Hardly. We're pretty much normies in terms of identity.
Inversely, most of Holla Forums is self-hating nonwhites and burgers that European nationalists view as half breeds.

Are you a tranny?

I see many many trannies whomst come here
Commie memes are so low energy just like their ability to look female

Based on what?

This signle screenshot I have of a tranny on twitter I just found

Thank God her nipples and pussy were censored there, or that image might have been sexual.


you are the oddest fucking person our country has

you do know you're on a mongolian cave tapping forum trying to bait communist with a pictures of a french cartoon cat right? i mean, i don't even like this shithole of a board or anyone on it but i just need to point out how fucking absurd this is



They are called image boards not chandeliers



when are you going to admit you're a furry?

Don't worry Alunya, I still love you.
I will pat your head and hold your hand whenever you feel sad about not having the means of production


lmao mods are asleep


this thread is so fucking autistic

Communism eternally BTFO

We must embrace the autism and harness it's power to overcome the sociopaths.
Autists are like mongooses and sociopaths are like poisonous snakes.
Please pet mongoose and giv fud ;3