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Hey guys, i know a friend thats getting really into le rational skeptic athiesm reading sam harris and the bell curve n shit, what books do u recommend i give him to despook him, im thinking the ego and its own, any other recommendations?

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mutual aid, debt: the first 5000 years

noice suggestions, hard to find a version of mutual aid thats good quality without the triggering anarchy flag

wat the fug :DDD
Bakunin was great at destroying Christians and nationalists and also edgy af. Don't forget to send a lot of Chomsky and Zizek lectures too.

Can someone explain me how the fuck the atheists went from edgy anti-theists to near-religious racialists?

this cover looks pretty neutral

I know the Zizek quote is a joke but there's the original

I do think he's mentioned Sam Harris a few times, not positively ofcourse

Something tells me Stirner won't work on that guy.

Basically worshipping science was never a good idea.

Are you a time traveller from the year 2011?


How many layers of rational skeptic atheism are you on

Persepolis is a fun little piece about Iran that contradicts the 1400 years meme.

Bell Curve autism requires reading into academic papers to debunk, though, which conflicts with their hypocritically biblical mentality toward literature.

kek, hadn't seen that one yet


Idpol will fry your brain.

do you have a link to where i could buy that?

You're the one with spooks. Read Harris, read Hitchens.

T. atheist.

harris foreign policy prescriptions r shit as are the 'rational athiests' views of race and Autism Level / racialism

Atheism is completely unrelated to race realism. Sam Harris thinks Islam causes terrorism, he doesn't think Arabs are genetically inferior. Sage.

Hes on record saying he believes the alt right genetic/racial differences in Autism Level meme, some alt right guy has a youtube vid of it

Harris is shit.
Dawkins and Hitchens are interesting tho

I agree they're. Etter and Harris says some stuff I don't agree with, like he supports high powered gun ownership. He is quite right to attack Muslims though, because we should keep out the Muslims "until they are ready" ( ready to stop being violent Muslims.) He didn't support Trump either.

Sorry, I hate this autocorrect but you get the gist right?

he should read Kant's critique of pure reason so he knows how much of the world he can say anything like that about