When I was at the May Day march with the syndicalists this year I tried to get a chant of "Property is theft" going...

When I was at the May Day march with the syndicalists this year I tried to get a chant of "Property is theft" going. I do it every year and so far literally no one has joined in on that particular chant. This year after I tried it some chick came up to me and asked me for my phone. I didn't really think and sort of just gave it to her. She then feigned walking away with it before giving it back and I was sort of perplexed what the point of that was. It took me a good ten seconds before I realized that a supposed comrade at a supposed anarcho-syndicalist march had just tried to get a "gotcha" moment at me about collectivized toothbrushes.

Is this how deep the ideology goes? Have even basic socialist tenets become controversial even among self-declared socialists? How do we make sure these fucking liberals quit shitting up the place? Share liberal tomfoolery in socialist disguise please.

did you get her number

Not really the question you're asking but property is theft doesn't seem very chant-able, even among people who know what you're going on about i don't think you're gonna get anyone inclined to join in

maybe you have a faggy voice so no one wants to follow your chant

post a vocaroo so I can judge

"Property is theft" has a better rythm for chanting in my language. I'm not anglo.

I lead plenty of other chants. Not a problem

Also why did you not take that chance to explain the difference between a possession and property. Also was she a cutie?? ? ?

I didnt realize what the point she was trying to make before she had actually left. The idea of someone at a syndicalist march reasoning like that was just too dumb. She was kinda cute I guess but I find retards to be a turn-off.

I didn't realize people actually make that argument.

Isn't that what the Daily Show lady did once? Someone was talking something about private property, she asked if she could give his phone away, he said that's personal property and everyone laughed.

What happens when we find number 1?

She's an undercover cop. Report her to your syndicalist group.

Well maybe you should choose better wording, dumbass

good lad

it's a >150 year old saying fam

anti-intellectualism is real

To be honest she raised a good point and completely outwitted you.

hi Holla Forums

A true class warrior would refuse to own something as bourgeois as a mobile phone anyway.

Is this why we have all these "will communism get me a gf" threads?

Kill yourself, Holla Forums

Property is theft is a shitty slogan since it doesn't actually communicate our position. Personal property is not theft, and so we should not condemn property as a concept.

My favourite chant is German/French black bloc's "A - Anti - Anticapitalist" chant

There is like a 90% chance she was coming onto you. Good job autismo.

The main point of communism is that everyone works in a factory, in particular heavy industry. The dream of a workers paradise is that everyone works in a filthy, polluted, dangerous heavy industrial factory which produces everything.

the USSR, WP and China as a result welcomed this idea of industry with open arms at the result of near destruction of their local environments, a good example would be east germany, after the fall of the wall west german/early EU officials had to examine the country and discovered that nearly all surface water sources were so polluted and toxic that it would take decades to clean while unused land was being used to dump industrial waste, ruining even more land.

Even the shit this industry produced was garbage even by Warsaw Pact comparison, russian goods were leaps and bounds better in cost and quality, while some of the worst goods came from east germany, paper shredders for example were known to burn out within a few hours of use right out of the box.

Also when coca cola and pepsi was legally sold in eastern europe, the local population thought they were alcohol and tried to get drunk of them.