Unofficial Holla Forums discord got nuked

Unofficial Holla Forums discord got nuked.

This is the new discord.

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What happened this time?

It was Schnitz again.

oh no, fuckton of reddit-tier drama threads are returning

Seriously? Again? That's fucking hilarious tbh. I never go on the discord, is moderation honestly so shitty that it justifies two attempted coups?

Nah it's not shitty, Snow is an idiot and let Schnitz as mod again.

I think this was the fourth one.

But why?

This is going beyond trolling into some kind of weird online performance art territory.

Any mention of Discord should be banned from this board tbh

Fucking dumb ass kids

post a new invite, I'm getting tired of this shit, I just want to shitpost and play SS13 without drama


Schnitz should be put on a list TBH, he is behaving like Stalin would if stalin was a mod.

well no shit, he's a tankie, I'm getting tired of being purged and needing to search around for an invite that lasts more than 10 minutes


Good job everyone


Too bad none of the regulars actually still goes here.

Oh hi.

Schnitz, you madman!

Is there a new link?

We're afraid of Holla Forumsyp fallout from Snow's server and keeping invites closed. A new one will be posted in a few days.


yeah ok, so instead of whitelisting electors or some shit, you purge everyone and just sit on it while everyone is completely in the dark, again

Nice Job guys


TL;DR what the fuck is happening to someone who doesn't know anything about discord

schnitz banned most of the userbase and deleted most of the roles

some people need drama in their lives so they bring it about regardless of the ongoing circumstances

why? what does this mean to the future of discworld noir?

Jesus fucking christ, what is wrong with you spergs


This and only this, this modernized IRC faggotry needs to go.

you forgot to mention Xaz

We made this new server because we felt that Snow was an incompetent prick and we wanted more serious management of the server.

"serious" top fucking lmao

We wanted to make it more theory-friendly and less shitpost-y.

and then schnitz went and coup'd the original server

Or instead of continueing this trend of hotpocket faggotry, you faggots can start using IRC again.

It wasn't schnitz. Also, Snow admitted that he was close to mass purging/deleting the server anyways.

''We all had a lot of disagreements with Snow
Snow had shown himself to be a fairly incompetend server owner, in the eyes of a lot of people
Especially since the split with demodding Disco and launching a smear campaign trying to label him as a pedo
Most of the people are already on the other server
And at this point, the server would've most likely died either way
Snow talked to Schnitz and admitted that he was getting close to deleting the server/doing a mass purge beforehand
Hopefully with a better moderation team, we can have less drama now
I'm trying to get any actual lefty refugees
Some are offline though
We've got 121 members on here
We're currently not letting any pol/non-lefties in
Which composed of a large percentage of the people who were banned
Not to mention the inactive users on that server
There are some people that I've sent an invite to who were active''

the only way i'll ever join a discord is if i can hang out with the catgrill, and even then i'll be a little disappointed she's hanging out with such loosers

or a new server devoid of bullshit is the invite for the new server

when did this happen

trotsky would be proud

Like, the new server got installed two/three days ago but the coup happened today.

Please tell me Snow isn't going to be made part of the staff this time.

kill yourselves asap

He isn't. He's IP-banned from the server even.

Is Snow going to try to make a different server? I bet that fuck is FBI.

He's trying to rebuild the server, but honestly, it's too late for that now. Most core members have moved on to the new server.

Why can't he realize he's unfit to manage anything? He already caused a split by kicking Disco and now he got couped for the fucking third or fourth time.

snow held a vote on himself. kek

Couldn't they just have just made their own server instead of roping everyone else into their mod drama bullshit?

No, because they are a bunch of autists who takes anything that happen on Discord seriously.