Latest episode of doctor who openly trashes capitalism

Are we finally going back to the anti-establishment roots of the show? My body is ready

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wew lad

I've seen every episode of the classic show. Why would I stop now?

Only watched it because it was before eurovision, was dead right though (although the twist could be seen a mile off).

Also Tom Scott was right:

I don't watch DW, what happened?

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Workers on a space station have to pay for air, if they don't pay they die
They stop being efficient in their work
Their space suits (i.e "the suits") turn on them and kill them so they can be replaced.
At the end the doctor drops them off at HQ and he says that 6 months later they replace capitalism with a new system.
Pretty woke episode tbqh

A one episode character

Mathieson is my comrade

Also of note - he wrote the two best episodes of the previous season. With some luck he'll be show runner eventually and make some little comrades out of Brit bong children

Why are they wearing HEV suits?

typical left wing rubbish from the biased bbc. sign this daily mail petition to have all the bbc's programming replaced with endless repeats of dad's army and hi-de-hi.
tbh if you want to get an idea of british classcuckery, i would really recommend watching David Croft shows like Hi-de-hi or stuff like Till Death Do Us Part from the 70's to see how brits rationalise their indentured position

OP here. guy who said he's watched all of classic Who.
It's interesting how conservatism and radicalism coalesce at times in old who. The first doctor was an old man, a very old school patriarchal character who would chastise silliness and desire for adventure. The history stories from this time didn't feature sci fi and the past was outright hostile - which is true but no very entertaining as the heroes desperately try to escape how awful everyone is. As time goes on he begins trying to right wrongs and openly opposes tyranny. The second doctor goes even further and is practically a little anarchist at times. The revelation that he ran away from a very ivory tower type society is revealed here.
The third doctor (beginning in 1970) is an old school Tory and works with the military. While initially opposed to their brute force he very quickly accepts it. And he has a hippie Buddhist mentor at one point. Whatever.
Four returns to a more bohemian style here. On the one hand, legendary writer Robert Holmes, takes a libertarian approach (one episode the doctor refers to taxes as much worse than death) but on the other hand he goes back to the second doctor style of just blowing up the establishment because fuck em.
Its during the 70s that a lot of the crises coming from the mining unions is channeled. Sometimes the plight of the minors is seen in a good light, in others they're treated like pests.
By the 80s everything is just tits up crazy. Probably the most Holla Forums episode is Vengeance on Varos, where political prisoners are tortured on television for the amusement of the populace.
The last doctor (7) also has some pretty anti-establishment stuff, pretty openly anti-thatcher.

Tax quote from mid 70s
Thatcher stuff from late 80s

It's trash and you should have better things to do with your time.


It's the geek equivalent of Jersey Shore.

I really hope Mathieson continued to write more stuff for Doctor Who. I stopped watching the show after the writer Russell T Davies left and Moffat took over and made the show to be far more child friendly and, In my opinion, really shit.

Oh right so that makes it all normal then..

Moffat is the best thing to happen to the show since Robert Holmes.
RTD was the one pandering to childishness.

doesn't the doctor have access to technology that would get rid of suffering and the need to use fossil fuels??? Why doesn't her share that? Like it's cool he trashes capitalism but in character he's had half a century at least to fix up Earth and hasn't done shit.

So am I the only one that remembers RTD's stuff had dark themes and actually featured death etc. and Moffat got the Doctor to ride on a Dinosaur throwing around golf balls and other stupid stuff?
It has been 7 years since I've properly watched the show so maybe my memory is a little faulty.

this. show is trash. fuck that booshie time travel bitch

Who the fuck still watches doctor cuck?

personally i'd say that both showrunners included mature and childish themes in their episodes, but they dealt with them in different way. RTD was overtly more childish (garish costumes, slapstick comedy, as camp as a row of tents) but when there was something darker, the juxtaposition with the light-hearted surroundings made it all the more terrifying.

Moffat on the offer hand completely undermined this by trying to pre-engineer a sense of grandness to his story arcs simply by toying with their scale. Its a ploy that on the surface seems more mature (because its focusing on "bigger" issues) but by neglecting the episodes themselves their content ends up feeling puerile.

ehh, its been going 50 years, its just one of those things you watch even if you dont like it.

It's been the first distinctly good Doctor Who episode since 'The God Complex', which had been the first good episode since Journey's End.

That's not very materialist of you nazi

The 12th doctor has been dark as fuck. Series 8 saw the main characters boyfriend die and he along with a shitload of people had their corpses used to fuel cybermen.

RTD had camp and silly shit all through his stuff and then it would do a 180 and be like "look how edgy the doctor is, what a bad ass". The tone was cringe worthy. Moffat is much more subtle while still being fun.

Wow it's like series 5 and 8 never happened.

Why? This is the communist mind. Even if the program is shit, you watch it because there's nothing else to see. Now I understand why they did what they did with Bill Nye.

no, just recuperation.

5 was ok. Series 8 was horseshit


i wonder what kind of revolution the workers started

I gave up on Dr. Who a few years ago so I watched this with low expectations… but still.

That wasn't some wishy-washy socdem "capitalism needs to be brought under control guize". That was some seriously W O K E content, nearly Snowpiercer tier.

yeah when I saw this thread I assumed that it was going to be vague or metaphorical but no, the problem is explicitly capitalism, and it's overthrown by the end of the episode

But they filmed it with high end video recording and production equipment that is only made possible by capitalism.


Weak bait, see me after class

u're mum is only possible by capitalism

Are you going to show me glorious communist made video recording equipment?


Why are you arguing with someone who thinks that there's no cameras under communism?

comparatively they do pay good wages in their no suicide sweat shop

So no one is going to photoshop the Doctor as a communist leader or leading a socialist revolution ?

I did specify 'high end' equipment.

Do so yourself if you want that, it's not hard to learn.