You know he was mostly right about the ussr, no decent leftist should praise it, apart from role-playing children

You know he was mostly right about the ussr, no decent leftist should praise it, apart from role-playing children.

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I do like their music at the very least.

I can't say I like Chomsky too much, more of a Zizek fan, but it's not hard to have a nuanced opinion on the Soviet Union.

This one of my guilty pleasures, I prefer ML music over anarchist music. However, I'm not a Holla Forumsack or a tankie so I don't base my politics on aesthetics.

I agree.

This. The USSR wasn't the Ninth Circle of Hell, but anyone who bases their entire politics around Russophilia and long dead dictators clearly isn't thinking particularly Dialectically.

He also said the Republican party is the most dangerous organization in human history.

The current USA is the most powerful (and arguably most destructive) nation in human history and the Republicans have majority control of the US government. So that's not an outrageous claim at all.

Come on fam, Holla Forumss better then this.

I never mentioned Democrats at all. They are irrelevant to Chomsky's comment.

How does the statement in any way absolve or exonerate Democrats? I fucking hate that you can never talk shit on Republicans specifically without being accused of praising the Dems.

When Chomsky talks shit about Republicans he does often mean it in counter-distinction to Democrats. Who he thinks are a "lesser of two evils". Let's not act like he hasn't become a cheer leader for the Democrats over the past 20-something years.

He does not support the Democrats. Yes, he engages in lesser-evilism but that doesn't his statement about Republicans being dangerous untrue. If Democrats and Republicans are equally bad then the Republicans are more dangerous by default simply because they have far more power than the Democrats currently do.


Why does Chomsky dislike Slovenian sniff man

He's autistic

Zizek is 2dialectical4him

Chomsky doesn't have a high view of postmodernism in general (which he associates with Zizek). He think it's obscurantist and has little to no practical insights.

Yeah, I hate this false dichotomy of 'if you dont like the USSR then you must be an anti-communist liberal who think it killed 100 million people' or 'if you think western propaganda exaggerates what the soviet union was like you must be a stalin-loving tankie'

Never again. Too many million working men died because of their shitty ideology. We must develop a better theory were the authoritarian elements that massacred these people wont get in power.

chomsky isn't into marx or continental philosophy

Because much of Zizek is pure pomo nonsense, most of his practical insights are pretty bland and sometimes even right wing.

Neem dat terug.

At least they believe in climate change is real and want to implent (inadequate) laws to counter it. Republicans plainly think it's fake and drill on.

how unusual

Het is gewoon een feitelijke observatie. Neem nou de Syrische vluchtelingen, hij vond dat we ze met enkelinge uitzonderingen moesten huisvesten over heel Europa, maar dat we geen zieligheidsfeitsj voor ze moeten ontwikkelen. Dit is in feite al het beleid van de Europese Commisie, hij is totaal niet radicaal.

Die ene keer toen hij psychoanalyse probeerde toe te passen op Cuba zag je gewoon wat voor gigantische meme hij was.

Chomsky>>>>>>>Sloveense snuffelman


het huidige beleid is een zieligheidsfetisj en grenslanden zoals turkije om te kopen om geen vluchtelingen door te laten

He agrees with Marx on various things, but hates marxists who can't think for themselves and feel compelled to agree with and defend everything Marx wrote.

he's mostly a liberal hack

dialectics trigger him

that's what i meant, but generally he doesn't talk about marx and i've never heard him talk about "dialectics" and "materialism"

Hillary had zonnepanelen plannen etc.

Het Europese beleid is gebaseerd op het vluchtelingenverdrag, heeft niets met sentimentaliteit te maken.



zonnepanelen worden gebouwd ongeacht wat de politiek doet, hillary's plannen zijn vooral lip service
misschien zouden we onder hillary 2% meer zonnepanelen zien dan onder trump

She deleted some of her earlier pics though