ANTIFA does something that isn't retarded

This is more of what we need, not trump supporters thinking we're just dumbass liberals or something.

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But who was liberals

I like what they're doing and I think it's right, but he's still embarrassing me a little.

Yay, Antifa isn’t acting fucking retarted However the alt-right did raise some good points about whites being in danger in South Africa.

Well most liberals I know don’t carry red and black flags

Both Trump and socialism are workers movments. So we have more in common with them then we think.

I would love to see Sargon react to this. The title was very well’ly named.

This is why Antifa should be lead by the IWW and simmer groups, and defiantly not liberals and social democrats.

Good one.

Don't forget to drink a big ol glass of bleach before bed, user.

Thats what he made himself out to be and attracted

Yeah, and Hillary ran on the "most progressive platform in US history."
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The people who voted for Obama and switched to Trump thought he was going to protect their jobs. Obviously it's probably impossible to bring back stuff like the coal industry but that's why they voted for him.

Not to mention he's done more for American workers by ending the TPP than any president has since what before Nixon? Not to mention he's coming down against H1B abusers though that's only going to help mostly middle class white democrats.

Hillary meanwhile would have signed that neolib trade deal with a smile (breaking a forced promise to renegotiate or end it) as a small portion of the Berniecrats would cry about it then quickly learn yet again that the neolibs don't give a shit about them.

What I'm saying is that he attracted people that would be sympathetic to workers problems so they are much closer in alignment with what the left wants.

Don't lump me in with those faggots, I have nothing to do with these antifa idiots.

did you even fucking watch the video

Too few people know economic nationalism is an actual policy kit with a long history and not just some buzzword.

Trump is a National Globalist.

Still better than Hillary. If the democrats had run anyone but that hellspawn familiar of Goldman Sachs, they would have won. They have no one to blame but themselves.

An also overlooked fact is that dynastic candidates, in general, are unelectable in the Internet era. We're a republic, we've never had an official lineage aristocracy, and royal families make Americans blow chunks.



Yes, it's a workers movement, and the left isn't looking too hot for the workers these days.

Many of Trump’s voters are industrial workers from the rust belt. So yes Trump was a workers moment. Now that Trump has betrayed his movement by calling himself a globalist, renegotiating NAFTA (aka keeping it), and not building the wall and other massive public works. I think if we tried hard enough we could give Trump voters the real red pill (Das Kapital) and create massive amounts of class consensus.

It’s easer to get Trump voters into socialism than Hillary voters.

Trump's administration is riddled with former Goldman Sachs people.

Yes, however during the election people didn’t know that.

Getting duped by campaign rhetoric and voting in a bourgeois election isn't much of a political "movement".

Yup leftism is going place alright

No but now that people realize that they were scared the’ll be looking for other options. We should present Socialism to Trump voters as an alternative.

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Are you implying Hillary was on the left?

"I understand the implications of white supremacy

Kek how the FUCK do these people think they are intellectually superior in any way to Leftists jesus fucking christ

dunning kruger

Yeah but those were Bernouts however the bible belt aka alt-right nation doesn't give two shits about workers rights. They want to return to the 1800s.


What did the minesota police mean by this?

do you understand why we hate cops now?

Because you`re manchildren who got beaten by daddy and thus you must attack against every trashcan you see?

NO ONE says those are workers' movements here

the state /= workers ya goof

Glass-lollaborationism at its finest. :DDDDD

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