Why no lgbt-topics

Why is there no focus on LGBT issues? Oh let me guess, because this is a thread for cis-people that discusses cis-peoples problems. Right?

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Because you're a faggot.



trannies are fucking retarded

Looks like this proves that leftypol just is as retarded as /pol. Good to know.

As a bi-fag, LGBT issues matter but you're an insurmountable cunt if you put them before class in importance or sequence. If we solve [idpol] issues while leaving capitalism intact, porky's think tanks will just find another way to segment society legally and foster liberal idpolers to combat it in universities. It's spinning your tires in the mud except the car is society, the mud is capitalism, and there are people under the tires trying to lay down gravel so the car can drive out but you fucking cunts won't step off the gas for a minute.


Because there non-issues, faggot. Focusing on social issues have ruined the left.

LGBT politics are cancer
I believe in the liberation of all those people but the political scene for these movements are liberal circlejerks and class collaborationist

Right, its a non-issue. 40% of trans people attempt suicide is not an issue at all, nothing wrong with society, right?

I think minorities being oppressed is a bigger issue than the whole class thingy. Sorry, don't buy into it. Erase muh privileges for cis-people and you will get a lot more people into your team.

This right here is exactly the basic problem with liberal idpol. You don't want to erase the problems that minorities have. You want to erase the lack of problems the majority have. Your formulation of the problem is completely ass-backwards meaning you will never be able to solve it. White/cis/male/etc. muh privilege is a good thing and the project of liberating minorities should be to make their lives as full of opportunity as anyone else's. All this "get rid of muh privilege" bullshit does is give reactionaries someone to point to and say "look at the deeply triggering and problematic, anti-male, anti-cis people! We have to protect our identity!" You are controlled opposition for reactionaries you fucking dullard.

Because idpol is cancer and you can fuck off back to Holla Forums

Read this book

I've met trans people who are actually pretty ok- nice, interesting non normie people. yeah, i get it, idpol is retarded but dealing with gender identity stuff can be very hard on people, and its usually not something you choose.

how do you people always get caught on obvious baits

Because these are important ideas to discuss. They are major conversations dominating public discourse. Instead of just brushing them off and ignoring them, we should be injecting leftist thought.

Nice try Holla Forums

So, you're telling me: transphobia is basically not a thing and was invented by capitalism to put us against each other? How does this make sense? This sounds more like the defense of a cis-guy that wants to keep his muh privileges.

And no, this thread is no bait. There is no focus on lgbt-issues or other minorities and I think this has a lot to do with the fact that this pol contains almost only white cis dudes. Sorry for being harsh, but if you think this is "bait" for you, ok then. Go back to your cis-paradise and pretend all the issues trans people have to face daily dont exist.

Also this is just as loaded with idpol as tumblr
Gender is a spook

take your idpol and shove it

good, fewer complainers.

Transphobia was more or less invented by Christianity because the many traditional cultures with genders or gender roles for trans people messed with the bronze-age understanding of gender that underpins Christian social theory. Transphobia was propagated as a necessity to keep the Church in power and later used by capitalism to sell outrage by opposing the doctrine of the Church (which is where almost the entirety of transphobia today originates).

What a nice "leftist". Looks like you're really supporting other people, right? Its not like you dont care about other peoples problems, all you care about are your own problems. nice.


it's absolutely remarkable how effective the tone of an argument is in obliterating any sympathy you might've had for the root cause.

particularly irritating when it comes to trans* issues because i actually care (or cared) more than i did about nearly all other idpol for historical reasons thought i was trans for a bit as a teen, although never noted as much irl, did my research.

why couldn't attention whores have latched onto something other than trans issues and just left trans people in peace instead of shackling an already controversial group with the PR lead-weight of pseudo-activity language policing and entryism that would make trots blush?

Yes, and?

there's a study about trans people being mentally ill and that's why their suicide rate is so high, here's a related article

Sure, I believe nobody should be discriminated anyone for being trans, but I'd rather not get involved in liberal identity politics, which imo it's full of pseudo christian slave morality and after a while it becomes an imposition on people, forcing them into certain roles. I doubt you are actually a tranny, you sound like a Holla Forumsack spouting dated 2014 'intersectonal' tumblr buzzwords in the hope people fall for it.


So yeah.
I was right.
Holla Forums is basically tumblr.

Going back to Holla Forums now fuck both Holla Forums and Holla Forums
you deserve eachother.

Because their goal is maximum attention and controversy so naturally they picked the most sidelined and vulnerable group they could find that people also have sympathies for. The only reason they don't do this in large numbers with pedophilia is that there are nowhere near enough people willing to consider the pedo's side of the story yet.


oh fuck off, you bleeding heart moron. if you had your way then LGBTWTFBBQ would be all that's talked about. And if
is your issue then move the fuck along, this is a brocialist board.

trans people kill themself because they get threated like shit daily, get (sexually) assaulted, can't find jobs, get beaten up, even killed in some cases, become homeless, etc.

And you're like: ughh, fucking bitch how dare you care about your lacking muh privilege, you better join us communist retards who mostly consist of cis-people that dont face these problems and lack any empathy for such people.

Great joke. I just was curious, thats why created this board, but ok then. You had your chance. Have fun with your revolution while totally ignoring other peoples daily struggles.

To do that would to completely change what our moment is and what we believe. If what your describing is what you want socialism isn’t the ideology for you.

oh boo fucking hoo. once the underlying problem of where they come from is solved (that is, porkyism) then everything else gets easier.

cancer is cured with chemo, not hugs.

As someone that is LGBT: Please fuck off with the bourgeois nationalism.


Even if we took your retardation at face value, the simple logistics of transitioning would represent a net gain.
Neoliberalism got you fuckers good. When drawing things down to the level of the individual's "lived experience" and "daily struggles" you ignore the systematic causes of problems and focus instead on the individual. Work sucks because the boss is a meanie, if we had a nice boss it'd all be fine…

It's exactly the same with mental illness. More and more people are diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar, but there couldn't possibly be any underlying social cause in many of these cases. Stagnant or declining living standards, increasingly precarious work and a rapid succession of ups and downs as you jolt between technological over-stimulation and pure terror couldn't possibly impact mental health. You are the problem, your chemicals are missed up. You can succeed if you want to…

Nothing is worse than a puppet.

you cannot possibly fathom how little anyone cares about your bleeding heart faggotry.


Oh Boo fucking hoo, you dont make as much money as everyone else, what a poor little cis-guy. See how easy it is to turn around the tables? Fuck off with the trolling.

- and have fun with your internet revolution. When will is start again? In the 34. century?

under socialism, there would be guaranteed housing and employment, healthcare and mental health services + much less of the anomie that leads to people lashing out at minority groups. The problem with identity politics imo, isn't that it advocates for trans people, but that it creates a relationship of codependency, that's why they are so many 'woke' psychopaths who use it for personal or financial gain. Also idpol won't do much to improve material conditions, which in the end, are all that really matters. What I'm looking for personally is a society where people's lives aren't determined by identity.


i was actually implying that being a tranny is a mental illness and not trying to sympathize, but ok

Thank you for removing all doubt that you are clueless about socialism.

If you hate us for not caring about your issues why are you coming here to talk about how we don’t care about you. Unless your a troll. You aren’t legally discriminated against so what’s your problem.

and the true colours are shown in full. toddle off back to tumblr, this isn't the place for you.

And furthermore, addressing the root cause of a problem is better than treating the symptoms.

I exaggerate as much as the other idiot played down our "struggles", which ends in suicide in most cases. But hey, keep proving that this movement is as egoistic as it can get. You dont care about people that have a lower status in soceity as you and have less muh privileges. *thumps up*

If every post in each pointless, irrelevant discussion about transgender topics by laymen was an export product worth 1 cent and this product was exported from the united kingdom then the uk would have the best balance of trade in goods on the planet and a severe surplus of foreign funds.


no for real you arent even a worker, just act normal, dont apply for a job with a dildo sticking out of your ass and you'll do fine

you're only reaffirming the stirnerites, you know. also, we reject idpol because it's a symptom, not a cause.

if someone has the plague, you won't cure it with chicken soup.

“Oh Boo fucking hoo, you dont make as much money as everyone else, what a poor little cis-guy.”

You obviously don’t understand Marx’s theory of labor and value. The problem is people’s labor is being used to make lazy fucks (Porky) rich from doing jack shit.

pretty spooked tbqh
labour is entitled to all it creates

What “struggles” do you have. I’m bi and I get treated differently because of this.

I chuckled. but I must disagree in that all workers are entitled to the product of their labour, whatever it may be.

gender dysphoria can be a really disturbing/painful thing to go through, but its also something that's really hard to describe to people. It does have a proven neurological basis, though, and there are many cultures around the world where gender variation doesn't carry so much stigma. It's not worth it blaming people for it. you can be trans and have a multidimensional personality, just as with any other trait.


The “pain”of gender dysphoria is just in your head. get over it and you’ll be fine.

stop bumping false flags


to quote a great phiosopher: "CRY SOME MOORE"

we aren't going to get dragged into the idpol swamp, it only leads in circles.
pic related

special….like a snowflake? :^)
if I had a penny…

I ment to say I DON’T get treated differently

Fucking Typos

oh. bullying retracted, then.

It wasn’t bulling


it's like telling people to just stop being depressed. It's not a matter of not enough 'true will', as Aleister Crowley called it. Wish it was like that, but even Crowley was a morphine addict prone to fits of depression. I suppose my brain is just fucked in general, I was never quite 'normal', even as a kid. But I try to get by, despite all the shit there are things that give me hope and make life worth living. Really, i had some really bad experiences with tumblr idpol as a teenager too, but I just think people shouldn't have to suffer needlesly or live in fear of others, that's why i'm a socialist.

it's irrelevant to entitlement in other areas, you didn't specify "you are entitled to nothing just for…", you ended with "entitled to nothing", something manifestly untrue if they're a laborer.

Listen here you little shit. I suffered from depression for many years. had my brother wrestle a gun out of my hand. your little petulant strop is fucking NOTHING compared to clinical depression.

You need a full despooking, then you'll realise that your problem is entirely imaginary.

i swear, next thread is some porky complaining his yacht isnt huge enough or some shit

tbf this comes across as virtue signalling that your suffering is greater.
depression is a hilariously broad category and it benefits nobody to get into a cycle of "yeah but i'm more depressed!"

I've had clinical depression as well, though. Naive Stirnerism it's one of those things that makes one into a tool of the dominant be yourself ideology of late capitalism. And socialism is not about idolising work, but about abolishing work and creating a better world for everyone.

it's the same game liberal idpol loves, 'my suffering is more authentic than yours therefore i'm morally superior'. imo it's a really stupid game and not conductive to actual solidarity with other people.

Could titoist trap derail save the thread ?


All self-respecting LGBT people shoulf categorically reject Communism. The USSR, Cuba, North Korea, Yugoslavia and China until recently made homosexuality a crime punishable by death. For gay people, Communism is no different than nazism: Both want to put a bullet to your head and exterminate you because muh duhgenerdacysys

Lenin legalized homosexuality

The Yugoslav States had a vote to legalize homosexuality, most states legalized it, except for serbia and some other at the time
(and of fucking course montenegro was the first to legalize it)

actual transsexuals are idpol left-liberals and thus counterrevolutionary

traps on the other hand, oh boy