I am very disturbed by the explosion in popularity of 4/pol...

I am very disturbed by the explosion in popularity of 4/pol. I didn't think it was a real threat until a while back I heard a bunch of idiots at my college complaining about some protesters at my school being paid by Soros and retarded, cringy Holla Forums shit.

Should we be actively trying to talk to these people on Holla Forums?

Are they beyond saving?

Will they eventually grow out of their bullshit ideology?

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they're still not a threat

Do you actually think an Internet forum is bringing about the second age of fascism?

Holla Forums babble is just the new way for teens to act edgy online.

Most of them are already lost. Our demographic is the working class, not a bunch of virgin NEETs.


Refer to the previous answer

they'll probably become liberals like most edgy college leftists.

just the way it goes

all it takes for Holla Forumstards to get their heads out their asses is to read an amount of books that is superior to 0.

fuck even if they stopped to use blogspot and altervista sites as reputable sources they'd be able to see past their sphincter.

My brother goes on Holla Forums and went on a homophobic rampage in front of my mom, and I literally became afraid of my own personal safety (I'm gay).

My brother is a bit of a violent psychopath. Going on Holla Forums certainly didn't make him a more reasonable individual. I'm mostly afraid of the men who go on there who are like him: crazy, violent and when mixed with a hatred for anyone who isn't a straight white guy, it can be pretty dangerous.

You should be.
Tito executed faggots, the rest of the Eastern Bloc imprisoned them. This was because they represented a threat to the stability of the nation. There's no biological reason you should eat shit and get AIDS instead of raising the next generation.

Kill him and say it was self-defense. Use your mother as witness.

Wait a couple more years cuck. You will either join us or be killed by muslims.


lol did you just let him rant instead of trying to speak up for yourself?

After a couple generations, muslims tend to become more socially liberal. In my university, pretty much the majority of muslims I talked to were basically Bernie-loving liberals who don't care about gay people.

alright, but i'm sure you realize the problem would be there even without Holla Forums.

he's older than me, goes to the gym all the time, and I don't. He could literally kill me

jucheists belong on the other board.

There's literally nothing I would want more than to do that

Implying there will be a stability to allow them to become socially liberal. You leftists should know better about the current stage of capitalism.

Because they are shitting up the rest of the site with newfags? Niggertits is beyond saving anyway.

Does 7chan still exist?

There's crossover there. A lot of the NEETs in a rich country like the US would be working very low level jobs were it not for alienation and its relation to the recession. I mean, I'm not a virgin, but I figure we're not being too strict about this stuff.

Oh, and the connection between unem/pol/oyment and opioids is very real, too.

Have you tried conversion therapy?

Nice spooks lmao

Young, British Muslims 'getting more radical'
Dutch Study: Muslims in Western Europe Are More Radical That You Think
The revolt of radical European Muslims against their parents
The Observer view on the radicalisation of young British Muslims

All I'm saying is that they're not all savages that Holla Forums makes them out to be

7Chan exists.

But it's dead as fuck. It's extremely sad, because /fag/ and /men/ were big draws and then Moot created /hm/ and shitted the place up as soon as it drained the other gay chan boards. Now all of 4Chan is just a stormfag shithole.


Or immigration. Why are the low level jobs paid so bad? White people deserve better treatment in their own country.

It's same reason young whites are becoming fascists in the west. Western society is decadent and declining. Why would a young man identify with that? We need to erect a strong left wing alternative to fascism or else we will lose a generation.

I'm not in Yurp, so I suppose the situation is different.

I'm sorry, but yall gonna need to get off HRT and start lifting because when SHTF nobody's gonna care about the three skinny little faggots and the tranny holding a Soviet flag like it's 1932.

Do you really want to know? We can explain that in great detail.

Muslims will rape and then kill them. Trannies and fags can't make babies so they are useless.

You don't need outdated jewish book to know it. It's easier to just close the fucking borders.

audibly kekked

that's what I mean.
Fundamentally nobody respects anaemic college leftists who have never lifted anything heavier than a dick.

Lifting's not important, though, is it?

We need organization and arms. We need collective funding for our arms. We spend too much time worrying about infiltration, what we should do is organize and arm first so that we'll be equipped to deal with those among us who are inevitably aiming to be rid of us.

I can make babies. If you're after a semen sample, you can scrape it out your ass. I'll even pay child support for the lucky lady.

Nobody gives a shit about the skin colour in the system where accumulation of capital sets the rules, feel free to screech about closing the borders for economic immigrants, but just remember that battle has been essentially lost in 1789

Brilliant. Who will you ask to close the vast imaginary lines that you call borders for you?

The muslim man that will fuck your ass can make babies too. That's why you will be killed.

leftards in a nutshell

The public must be informed about the truth, then they can make a democratic choice and elect the next Hitler.

That's why the capital needs to be controlled by a pro-white government.

Yup, we're all a bunch of crazies here

I doubt he actually wants to kill you. And yes gays are all fucking psychos


t. Giovanni Gentile

it's ingrained in their philosophy.

All he would have to do is say he's not gay anymore and keep his degenerate acts in his own private property.

"Will" fuck my ass?
You say that like it's a future thing. I'm getting the impression this is less about procreation for you and more about my ass. Am I onto something, Herr Rohm?

Are you his brother?

Are we about to see a big heartwarming reconciliation in Holla Forums tonight?

Also, when people say keep it in the bedroom, do you honestly think we just fuck and make out in public? Most gay people are deadly afraid of any PDA because we might get attacked.

What's with all the LGBT parades then? With all the propaganda in media? You are a fucking insignificant minority that acts like they are the majority.

The very circulation of capital presupposes globalization, economic immigration and all those things, tons of people from the entire political spectrum have tried to control it and they all have failed, because they were all cretins believing they could forever tame the system based on continuous expansion in order to sustain itself.
You should've read the outdated jewish book.

You plan to put your faith in an electoral process that is run by the very people who want the borders open?

Lgbt parades typically take place in gayborhoods in large cities where the majority of people living there are already gay.

There's no such thing as gay propoganda. It's impossible to change someone's sexuality. What you're calling propaganda is an appeal to limit violence against us and treat is with dignity

That's why the capital needs to be controlled by a pro-white government.

Top kek. Capital has controlled every government in capitalist history. Economic power is always the superior to state power.

Okay, now that's bullshit. Liberals push that shit all the time.

You're giving it more significance than it really is. Just because it's liberal bullshit doesn't mean it's propaganda

right and left idpol please go and stay gone

If the white birthrate would be encouraged, if the white people would be celebrated, if fun would be punished, there would be enough superior white workers that could do a good job. If Hitler won the war now we would have a 4 hour work day.

Fascists managed to do it. Communists too, but they never understood human nature.

I'm more worried about the next Hitler.


But how is this propaganda though? It's just liberals trying to exploit queer people it's not like they actually care about us

why are you on this board? some nazi posters are chill but you're just a spooked dullard

The other user answered you before I got to this, but what does this have to do with most gay people not engaging in PDA? Do you think that all the gay people march in those parades? The first gay parade I went to had the Log Cabiners marching in it, too. Like there are entire groups of marchers who pretty much just wear suits and are simply being openly gay without any kind of PDA or glitz.

What's "with" all the parades is a number of things. It gives people a dose of reality about sex and being a human - the shame you may feel for your sexuality, your body, your beliefs… it's all quite silly. I went to my first not realizing quite what was "with" them, either, and I found myself with this feeling of jubilation and cheering for absolutely everyone.

Now, the second (and probably primary, really, now) thing that's "with" all these parades is revenue. The cities get a lot of money from them. So do businesses. Some strip clubs literally force their employees to march half naked for their jobs' sake.

Also stuff like the above makes more interesting photos than a relatively tame college group or guys in suits. The prevalence of the absolute most extreme stuff in pride parades is greatly exaggerated.

I'd dispute that. For all our shitting on liberals, they have actual values. I mean obviously throwing a rainbow on everything for cheap points like that is bullshit, but as people average liberals at least have actual convictions.

>Our demographic is the working class

Ah, yes. Holla Forums, the defenders of the west.

Let me explain something about the US government system. In it is this thing called the separation of powers. While the founding cucks were indeed Bourgie nobles who just got sick of not being the most powerful and wealthy nobles in England and just came here to fucking take over, they were pretty insightful in making the government itself into such a complicated clusterfuck that should the actual retards who want Facism to happen to really happen get in power, they would end up being cucked and powerplayed against their own stupidity, due to the aforementioned fact that the government is so fucking complicated that they are literally too stupid to actually make it work in the Facist manner they really intend.

When people like Trump and poltards take over the government, it doesn't mean Facism is going to happen, it just means the government is going to be even more stupid and corrupt than it normally is. Holla Forums is a stupid creature that does not really fully think through it's clever plans, and in time their supporters are going to wane as they begin to realize one by one that Trump intends to fuck them over with Capitalism.

Ah yes, because Hitler cared about the working class. Are you being retarded on purpose, user?

You're right. It's capitalist idpol, not leftist at all.

The only things you're capable of doing is saying "if" because you're a trying to readjust reality to your ideas, while the economy does it job at nuking traditional values to make place for more commodities, leaving you increasingly frustrated because you have no way to implement your outdated socio-political concepts like a typical idealist detached from economic reality.
Thanks to that union busting corporate cocksucker who knifed the left-wing of his party? Of course we wouldn't, but you're going to pretend otherwise because you're projecting your concepts on that failed painter.

There is no need for gay parades. Being gay is not to be celebrated. As long as this will be promoted, society will be in a degenerate state.

No one cares about you because no one cares about their own anymore. The jews create these groups they can control and exploit to offer that natural need of belonging.

The best Holla Forums can do is LARP. When Trump is no longer president, the alt-right will pretty much be a literal meme tier ideology. Trump supporters have already started denouncing them, and they're pretty much a vocal minority.

They're incapable of progress so they resort to tradition, while ironically enough stating that they're a counter culture.

They're honestly pitiful tbh.

No they didn't. Capitalists in Germany and Italy got even more powerful when the fascists took over.

Communists killed the capitalists. That is how you sieze the state.

Are they also the reason why you can't get an aryan qt.13?


I've never understood why moot didn't kill Holla Forums once it became Stormfront. You never let cancer spread and fester freely.

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Because m00t was the capitalist in charge of the site that made him all the money he took to m00txico with him.

You're making me feel nostalgic.

This comments works for Holla Forums too.

Not exactly, since Holla Forums jerks off to the future(which might not happen) rather than the past(which definitely will not come back).

LMAO is there any other group more hated and mocked my leftists than blue collar workers? And is there any group that despises communism and antifa-kind types more than the "working class"?

Face it, communism of any kind and brand was made by and for upper middle-class types.


Psy War is not a Dinner Party. the western left post-1968 has been total shit at marketing itself, there's no denying it. 'triggering sjws' is now a multimillion dollar industry, a spectacle in which 'the sjws' fulfil their assigned role without a trace of irony. And regardless of what you think, those archetypical neurotic campus activists are, together with a handful of equally archetypical and neurotic liberal journalists, the public face of 'the left' in America today. not a trace left of the old leftist millenarian tradition, with its promises of universal redemption, it's all about petty ingroup signalling now. political movements are all about identity, not in the sense of identity politics, but in a wider sense. It's about creating a narrative for oneself and the world . The right understands that very well, that's why they have been great at harnessing peoples' disgust and fear. The left meanwhile, abandoned revolution for the shinning city on a hill, access restricted to the virtuous. But the Right's narrative is ultimately shallow and unrewarding, no substance deeper than fear and resentment. That's why the left needs a positive myth, like sorel's myth of the general strike. modern humanity feels almost universally lost and alienated. the narratives fed to us by mass media only make us more alienated. The problem with the alt right narrative is how suicidally stupid it is. It's violence for its own sake, a myth with no greater redemptive purpose. people have potential to be and do so much more, that's the message we should try and get out.

You're right - this is why non-Marxist Libertarian Socialism is the way to go.


Definitely porkies.

Holla Forums was a dialectical necessity. The alt right exists only in response to and in relation with the muh sjw archetype in a feedback loop of infinite resentment. We need to offer a third option, something that goes beyond this duality.

Well, we probably mock alt-rights and stormfags way more than porkies. I mean, maybe not. But porkies and Feds are an actual threat.

in moment like this i'm very happy to live in a country that isn't full of dumb hicks.
this Alt-cuck problem is specific to 'murrica, and after watching few minutes of FauxNews earlier today i understand why.
something isn't right about your society, everything has to be a spectacle, and you seem to be mostly driven by emotions instead of facts, everyone seem to be completely brainwashed by patriotism which make it easier to hate strangers.

i saw Fauxnews for about 20 minutes, it fell like i put my brain in a microwave.
its 1% fact and 99% biased opinions

It's called Free Speech. It would happen in Europe too if everything was not censored by the deeply triggering and problematic governments.

7ch was good when it had /Be/

tbh its mostly about intelligence and education, over here people tent to be pragmatic and rational.
when you turn on a news channel, you get news. not hours of biased rambling and propaganda.
if a journalist dare to give he's opinion on an event you can be sure that he'll get fired

Like allowing in their countries young fit males their families they killed? What could go wrong..

they become liberals because of the state the west is in


That is the most damning accusation against free speech I have ever heard.

Wait, are you serious?

America is full of Koreans, Vietnamese, Japanese, Germans, Italians, Mexicans, Filipinos, and the children of refugees from every other country they ever fought with.

Suspicion and hatred towards the mainstream media is probably the only thing I like that has risen from the right. The only problem is that they hate because they don't control it themselves, they have no problems with the tactics and lies that come from the corporate media.

a lot of Holla Forums dudes are college kids, not really surprising


Nah, let them burn themselves out trying to fight on behalf of the white race against foes which in reality look like them, but with larger bank accounts. They deserve no less for being so overly spooked.

Get pepper spray, or wasp spray (it's more powerful), a taser, and tell your parent(s). If you're in the closet tell your close friend(s) and maybe teacher(s) or whoever is close to you. Protect yourself.

I alternate between shitty low end jobs (lol warehouses) and unemployment. Why would I mock myself?

Are you serious? Most leftists globally are blue collar workers. Burgerland is not the entire world.

Wrong! Read up on any book about the plasticity of the human brain, as sexuality is more malleable than you assume. Every straight man can be trained to be gay, and every gay man can be trained to be straight.

you're a piece of shit, human garbage. the only people who should be executed are people like you, boot licker.

I agree, but there's also nothing wrong with being gay.

How many layers of edge are you on



The first working class labour party manifesto in decade and the people love it.

now you are either blind or fox news are such trash that amount corporate propaganda from your country seems irrelevant. Now I need to find a place where I can watch fox news.

that is a biased opinion

how does eating shit hurt a country? sounds like a spook.

I think you're projecting your own conniving sociopathy into the spook image of your family member

Wrong. In the DDR homosexuality was decriminalized in 1948 and completely legal in the late 1950s, that is years before big LGBT rights movements even existed in Western German regions, the UK, the USA and decades before it was fully decriminalized in the Western Bloc including Western Germany, infact after reunification (1990) gay rights decreased in Eastern Germany again for a short period, because homosexuality became fully legal in reunited Germany as late as in 1994.
Being gay, trans or whatever was never considered a problem here or something people would make a fuss about, i really wonder why Slavs and other Eastern Europeans seem to be so inherently hostile towards gay people. Must be a cultural thing or something.

By the way i'm not gay and IDpol/gendering annoys the hell out of me.

m-muh hyooman neitcher
This presupposed need of belonging is pure bullshit.


It would be nice to take back r/Socialism from the sjws. The catgirl ban, "idiot" and "retard" being word filtered, now for mother's day they have a stickied post about abolishing jails and walls. These subversives, their prudish sensibilities, and their idpol need to be gulag'd.

Plenty of pirate YouTube livestream

Holla Forums is filled with redditors who are mostly doing it just to be edgy. Shan't be taken seriously.


Wow just wow, how dare you imply there might be anything even remotely suspicious going on here, you paranoid homophobe white mayo bigot

this tbh.
Homosexuality is the start of fascism.

That same Wikipedia article shows that anti-gay groups were talking about gays "recruiting" kids for ages before that. And the source article for that quote is in the context of those accusations:


And even this article reeks of self-righteous irony. Here's the full paragraph that quote is from specifically:

"I and a lot of other people want to indoctrinate, recruit, teach, and expose children to queer sexuality AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Hell, our opponents even do the same. Yes, they regularly appeal to parents, older adults, and “values voters” through their advertising but they also provide organizing materials so students so they can challenge queer acceptance on their own “Day of Dialogue.” The old Day of Dialogue website even contained a press kit so student organizers could alert the local media to come and cover their campaign. Anti-gay opponents are already unabashedly indoctrinating our children with the church and conservative politicians on their side and they make no bones about it."

Cheers ~