Is the Kek Flag and Maga Hat the new Fedora and Guy Fawkes Mask in terms of edginess indicators?

Is the Kek Flag and Maga Hat the new Fedora and Guy Fawkes Mask in terms of edginess indicators?

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Without a doubt. Most of the atheist ancaps of 2008-2012 known for using those have become white nationalists.

As usual normies ruin everything.
It was fun when he was a disgusting scatalogical toad with a penchant for murder and torture.

Now it's just another example of commodification.

Yes. In fact, they're largely the exact same group of people.

It's just ironic that the old fedoras have made an alliance with the very people who they were complaining about a decade ago.

Why the fuck would anybody who's African American hang around somebody with a Holla Forums shield?

remember the weird black guy from boondocks? the guy with the lazy eye

Because leftists are the real racists.

We now know that most of Holla Forums users are non white LARPers due to HWNDU

Only white people are stupid enough to fall for the writings of a lazy jew that never spent any time around with the workers.

there is some black MGTOW guy who kinda addressed that. Basically some black guys kind of realized how the whole paycheck for a baby thing fucked black communities really hard when it was combined with the rampant drug dealing culture that happened so the CIA could make money for off book shit. Also all the black social justice stuff is pretty clearly being done by spoiled whites and very well off black people who benefit the most from any of the things that get implemented from that instead of the poor project blacks.

It's why some are against the affirmative action since it only really helps the top 5-10% of blacks who have strong ingroup loyalties (usually made at all black colleges) and never help out the rest of the community.

spoiled whites just do it because it's cool, the jews are the ones in control that rip off the spoiled whites out of their money while doing nothing for the black community

'Edgy' is always defined in reaction to a community with its own standards and norms.There's no longer an hegemonic liberal community that can condemn anything as unacceptable. Fewer and fewer people care about the sphere of decent reasonable discourse and its liberal gatekeepers. All that talk about fedora tipping edgelords, is basically just the slightly more self aware autists making fun of the other autists, must sound like word salad to middle aged normies. The alt right actually has a considerable social base and IRL support networks, the militia movement has been around since the 90s, while the populist right wing sentiment has many sympathisers. Many of those frattier alt light bros who have been popping up recently are probably semi normies at least, with families who support their 'standing up for Western Values'. that's why they don't care about your meme elitism and readily spout 'dated' memes. to them, you are the weirdo

So much for the tolerant left.

This is rich coming from someone who worships a failed art student turned meth head.

Hitler went a lot further in life than Marx did, that's not even a value judgement it's objective truth.

Wew lad you're quite the living meme, I realize how intelligent your eight layers of irony are. Clearly I am just a Nigger Jew™ and you are a member of the AryanMasterrace™ please put me in the oven with your fourteen year old grasp of geopolitics.

lol butthurt

Nice argument there.

tippity toppity kek

Stalin went a lot further than Hitler did. the propper comparison would be Marx vs Moses Hess


If you're gonna shill spergy 4/pol/ tier hilter shit be prepared to defend your cancer.

Why don't you buy a riffle and shoot those faggots yourself then? Don't wait for others to do what you want done.
I love how murricans love to brag about muh guns but nobody actually use their fucking guns.

Pure ideology.

maybe in 50 years when we have a civil war or something

i don't think another idpol would fix an idpol problem.

just my 2 cents, sjw and altfags both look retarded to me.
you're the opposite side of the same idiotic coin.

instead of pointing out the fallacy of your enemy you create your own.

short answer: yes.
on the bright side the movement will suffer the same fate.
feminists, sjw and normies will jump in, water it down and make it pointless.
its actually already happening.
altright started as an authoritarian (manly) ethno centric movement, then women, blacks, Mexican, jews etc…. jumped in, it became civic nationalist.
then Trump bailed on everything, and now they're just a bunch dwellers complaining about sjw.
i think its tragic watching them still wear those maga hats despite the fact that Trump fucked them over.
its like watching someone being happy to be cucked

The irony of these kids making fun of feminists and sjws while looking like worn-out lesbians

what a failure Marx was.

these fucking niggers
What are they thinking


I used to think that we needed groups like Antifa to show up as counter demonstrators to shit like this, but honestly at this point I don't think it's necessary. I mean look at these idiots, they are clearly making big enough fools of themselves on their own.

The majority of Holla Forumsreddit is non-white.

"oath keepers" and similar jingoistic cults should be gunned down without hesitation or mercy. these freaks are latter-day freikorps and not to be taken lightly


Is this the new face of Fascism in America?

Do we really need over 9000 threads about Holla Forums?

Maybe some blacks are using whiteness to shield themselves from attack. If you have a white friend, they can stand between you and the police.

Do you think anti idpol leftism will become the cool thing on the internet like new atheism,libertarians, and the alt right where?

idpol leftism was 'cool' in certain circles from 2012-2015. It isn't coming back, considering mainstream liberals and woke brands have been driving their lingo into the ground and nobody's able to take it seriously anymore. There are probably many of us who once moved in vaguely 'woke' circles but later became disillusioned with the whole subculture. just like atheists and libertarians before them, 'SJWs' are destined to become an increasingly insular and autistic laughing stock. if it hopes to survive, the left needs to create a new (counter)culture, one that liberates people and appeals to their desire for freedom rather than to their feelings of guilt and resentment. The 'alt right' as a subculture peaked during the 2016 elections, it's all been downhill since then, its no longer possible to pretend Trump is anti establishment, and the original edgetrolls are beginning to find the conservative normies and 'kekistanis' cringeworthy. There's a huge opening for a post ironic left a la nazbol, imo.

A counterculture dies once the sense of fun and transgression is gone.We need a 'cooler' left that allows people to go beyond the prefab identities and narratives imposed on them by the right and establishment idpol liberalism. Rather than just fear and entrenchment in fetishised identities and persecution complexes, we offer people the chance to participate in the creation of something new. An exercise in collective mythmaking. our raw material: 10,000 years of human civilisation, all lofty and sublime feelings ever felt by man, all arcane symbols and every story ever told, we now have the chance to subvert them in ironic mockery, endow them with new meanings and and restore a sense of enchantment to the world.

Kekistan is a leftist meme now

I always said "alt-right" was neoconservativism with a Guy Fawkes mask.

but we don't want to make them feel inferior with our beliefs that comes from racerealists.jpg

It is all social liberalism, those few remaining traditionalists probably curse under their noses at Milo "Black Dick Supremacist" Yiannopoulos, Sarcuck posting smug frogs on his twatter and wannabe white nationalists praising "based black men" in MAGA hats and discussing if traps are gay.
They're all trying to be conservatives in the world where there is almost nothing left to be conserved.

pls don't kekistan is a horrible forced meme spawned by one of the cringiest youtube personalities around. It's one of those things not worth recuperating, even ironically, like fedoras and harambe Jokes. better just mock the idiots who still take it seriously.



haha no