Holla Forumstards literally can't imagine what it's like being a decent human being and caring for others...

Holla Forumstards literally can't imagine what it's like being a decent human being and caring for others. That's why they have to come up with conspiracy theories and ulterior motives to explain empathic behavior in mentally sound people.

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they're just brainlets who think cartoon villains exist in real life

most of them can be cured by reading books.

many NEETsocs have just false consciousness, where the jews vaguely represents the bourgs, those are quite different from ancaps

That's because their whole ideology comes from porky propaganda. Capitalism fails the minute workers star having solidarity with one another so there is a huge propaganda effort to turn workers against each other in a divide and conquer tactic. Holla Forumstards eat that shit up because they've been hearing those same talking points their whole lives. The conspiracy theories are just liberal propaganda taken to its logical conclusion.

Don't forget their favorite Conspiracy

Holla Forums is what happens when you hold onto 14th century values surrounded by 20th century material conditions.

It just don't fit, fam.

Trust no one - they're all out to get you. They want to destroy your way of life!
The only things that can protect you are strong leaders, a strong military, christian values and traditional culture. Corporations are your friend. Obey. Consume.


Well there is research indicating that people with fascist tendencies have different brain structures. Can't blame us. #bornthisway

Change this to cernovich pouring gorilla smoothbrain


I wouldn't treat it so trivially. It's just in-group preference.
Imagine that you truly believe that Arabs are, in general, a threat to your safety, and, in large numbers, a threat to your civilization, and that this can't be reversed by cultural indoctrination. Is it caring to accept more of them? How can you be said to care for your own, if you prioritize caring for Arabs who want to harm you and others like you? Taking on more Arabs would be the opposite of care.

It's about survival of the fittest, not morality. Take a look at Mother Nature, and the animal kingdom it's literally fascist. I don't support anybody who is willing to throw away thier entire blood line, and Volk into the trash because of fun. I cut off all contact with my own brother because he decided to have children with an Asian women and betrayed every ancestor that led to his creation.

There is such thing as being a bleeding heart, user


We can help them in their own countries, you know if the rich cunts actually decided to help it'd be much easier but you know profits.
You'd have to be an autist to not care for the poor, the issue would be sorted out easier if all the rich helped with charities and stuff
dunno what to say without an example

user how the fuck do you think you got here.

Nature is ancom


Oh they do, but only Real White People are capable of it. Everyone else is determined to provoke genocide against those angelical beings.

ur a faget

You're the 9,000,000th Holla Forumstard to misuse that phrase.
Also it's even rejected by actual evolutionary scientists who contest its mismeaning
homogenous groups of humans have NEVER existed, and there is no scientific evidence that says otherwise.
Wrong. Read .pdf attached
t. jealous

Holla Forums being a faggot as usual.


Reading books made me disregard marxism entirely TBH


Yet big corporations push for diversity and anti-racism. You guys say we believe in cartoon villains, but you're the ones obsessed with a fictitious class struggle.

Right. Tell us about Marxism and what are its core elements.


Neoliberalism thrives off of a culture war in which conservatives and liberals both assert their identities in a combat of who can buy the strongest identity in opposition to the other. No contradiction there at all

Cool which books did you read

Funny how primitive classless societies got their shit pushed in my societies with hierarchy and order.



Anyone that is against this, deserves no sympathy.

Something that can only be developed beyond the stone age by hierarchical societies.

This is a funny picture and all, but those guys are winning and your guys aren't.

Plus those guys are lolbergs.

how is anyone not against this

Cool so what were your disagreements

If you can't understand what that picture represents..

Norman Rockwell pieces should all be burned tbh


A spooked ideology which only seeks to destroy the extended family while also encouraging indoctrination to the false promises of abrahamic faiths?

Why are you so emotional user? I thought that Trump was an anti-establishment candidate and the far right was on the rise in Europe?


I'm sure it's nice but it's just a picture. Also it will always be a fantasy for you. Time to get real.

LVT, thinking that use value and exhange value are separate entities. also reading about how badly the Paris Commune flopped.


Land Value Tax? Hello my fellow Georgist!

ah the timeless 80 year old tradition

if i have a rope and you are trapped in the bottom of a well, you would pay me anything for the rope. its utility value is enormous.

the actual rope has not changed. the exchange value hasn't changed, and the amount of labor that went into the rope hasn't changed. but the use value is contingent on your specific circumstance, and changed. they're different

The very fact that you think white families are some sort of sacred, endangered being that is in the need of saving by brave shitposters from a nazi conspiracy board on an anime forum shows how deluded your worldview is.


Value is not some fixed measurement like mass, or specific heat. It's relative.

All historical necessity, but currently humanity has been a peculiar situation where technology not only improves our lives, it makes us free, therefore giving us an opportunity to transcend into a system like primitive communism, but adapted and adjusted to fit into our new, technological paradigm. This is what "revolution" means. The struggles to achieve this (class struggle) is the struggle of the hierarchical system's beneficiaries to maintain their positions in it which, as leftists postulate, are becoming increasingly obsolete/unnecessary.

Literally who on this board is actively saying they are against this? Leftists say they are against the Nuclear Family because that's not the actual "traditional family", which is actually the extended family. The Nuclear Family isolates familial cells. Here is an example as to why this is potentially dangerous:
This is why leftists support the encouragement of extended families and even communal parenting: it allows contingencies (or a "social insurance") in case shit like that happens


That's bullshit. Maybe it happened to you and now you hate the traditional family.

You would be just as miserable in 1910 as you are now.
But what matters is you are here, now. And 1910 isn't ever coming back.

my eyes!!!

It happens all the fucking time. Are you saying every single mother and father out there are good parents, or are able to provide for their children?

exchange value is -based- on an inherent value. in a perfectly competitive market, the price of a commodity is driven down to the marginal cost to create it. the marginal cost of creating the good is the amount paid to the laborer(s) who were responsible for its creation. as markets in reality are never perfectly competitive, (the existence of imperfect and asymmetrical information, barriers to entry in every industry, etc), we never ~see~ this inherent value expressed as the price, but it necessarily exists per laws of economics

How is it bullshit? What about this situation makes this completely impossible? Are you denying that, in spite of many families following the nuclear model, that there have been this seemingly magical phenomena of shitty fathers and mothers existing?

Read uncle Ted's manifesto. Not saying that technology is bad, but it isn't making us free. Even if you somehow achieve anarchy you'll just be steamrolled by a more efficient hierarchy. Look at how Mondragon got fucked over by traditional corporations once it joined the big boy league.

Single parenthood is a jewish plot. Before jews destroyed our countries the family unit was stable.

How the fuck did Europe go from helping Syrians, to helping all Muslims to helping all Africans?

I understand helping Syrian refugees when Assad was losing, the rest I don't.

Literally does not exist. Value is circumstantial and psychological.

Capitalism destroyed your perfect family unit you dumb fuck.

There was a war on fathers for the last 50 years. And let's not even get into the feminist movement that was created to attack the traditional family.

Capitalism taken over by the Frankfurt School.

Ah of course, it was only a matter of time before "muh j00s" became a factor in this

Even now he still doesn't realise capitalism itself is "the jew", he thinks schlomo at the bagel store is part of a global jewish conspiracy.


use value is purely circumstantial and psychological. labor cost to produce the good, while changing over time (based on technology or whatever), always underlies the exchange value of the good.

That Frankfurt School represented by Theodore Adorno who wrote an extensive critique of capitalism causing the decay of culture in favour of consumerist garbage?

You don't know what you're talking about do you?


what a surprise

Entirely based off of use value. If nobody wants or needs it has no exchange value.

Because one part that makes the whole of class struggle is that technology is that it's just as useful to the beneficiaries as it is to the general populace
There's been a concerted effort to stamp out any such thing in history. Look no further than Catalonia. The narrative can work both ways

Now that is actual bullshit. I hate to break this to you, but the Nuclear family model was built to be unstable. I personally don't have a problem if anyone wants to live in the Nuclear model, but anybody that does so should be aware of the fact that it provides little, if any "social insurance" in case either, or both parents turn out to be awful people

Well I see you're pretty much completely lost, so whatever




Ah yes, REALLY reliable source you got there, Holla Forums.

I went to that link at the bottom and they gave no fucking sources to their claims. You'll literally eat up anything as long as it was shat out by the people who agree with you,


Kill yourself.

How about you download the original texts from the Frankfurt School, read it and come to your own conclusions instead of eating whatever bullshit shills paid by porky wrote?

It's insane how unsourced jpg infographics and blacked.com screenshots basically created a new far right

Ok then, the alternative is to let your kids be raised in a community by strangers..


what a fucking brainlet lmao

So you support the traditional family then?

What did I say in ?
It's not black and white, faggot. There's still the extended model

Capitalism was already in the process of destroying the actually traditional extended family when adorno was just a twinkle in his daddy's eye

Ugh… you're an American aren't you?

This board does not hold consensus unlike your brain damaged board where everything is black and white. If it disappears or stays doesn't concern me, fuck you and go back to Holla Forums rather than shit up my board you goddamn cancer.

The traditional family is the extended family, the nuclear family is a capitalist creation to separate the workers from external support. (Single parenthood, then, can clearly be seen to be merely an extension of this very same policy to make the workers' position even MORE precarious.)

Just say you hate the traditional family because your parents were shit and now you want everyone to suffer like you did.

exchange value is not based off of use value. the use value of the rope from the earlier reply changes while the exchange value doesn't. exchange value is how much the rope can be exchanged for on the market, not how much some random schmuck will be willing to pay for it.

I figured you'd start projecting soon after. Case in point.

80 years isn't traditional when families have been around as long as humanity you stupid yankee trash

I hope the irony is not lost to those more open minded.

The extended family is the traditional family

How much did your mom drink while pregnant? Having a strong nuclear family does not mean not having contact with extended family.

you're autistic.

no, nature is fascism.

You don't even know what the terms you are using mean, do you?

Re-read what you just said

"contact" with the extended family is not the traditional extended family. Seeing your siblings every christmas is not the same as being able to trade off childcare because you live next door to each other. Suicide rates are universally greater among populations that have adopted the nuclear family because calling up your parents for cash to make rent this month because you lost your job is not the same as 10 people tightening their belts a little bit for a while because one among their number is looking for work.

Capitalism killed it, it's not going back due to its unprofitability, and no amount of virtue signalling will bring it back. Just remember to bring a flower to its grave once in a while.

brilliant reply friend. the amount a company sells a rope for =/= the usefulness that rope has to any random person in any random circumstance.

"the market" doesn't exist in the bottom of a well

The market is wherever good are being exchanged, dumb ass. It's not a psychical entity.

The amount a company sells the rope for goes up when demand goes up. So you're kind of wrong.

If the Nuclear Family is "traditional" then wouldn't single parents be the most traditional of them all? ;^)

If you are using the interactions of 2 individuals as a basis for predicting what markets will do, you are one dumb motherfucker.

How is same sex couples profitable?

Learn to read you stupid nigger

We don't give a fuck. If you want to raise your kids with the nuclear family, go nuts.

I'm talking about value as some sort of set vale, which it is not, you retard.

Please explain?


So I can't pay for your rope I guess.
Unless you get me out of the well…


What do you plan to do?

He forgets that markets are made up of people. A market is literally any exchange of goods and services.

can't be both a location and not a physical entity friend

quantity demanded is determined by price, price isn't determined by quantity demanded. demand is a -curve- which tells you a quantity demanded –given a certain price–. prices are driven towards the marginal cost of production which = labor cost.

i can tell you've had at least some introduction to econ, and i suggest you stick with it… you'll get better. maybe re-read capital sometime

Labor cost is subjective too.

There is no objective price.


I plan to laugh at you over your autistic meltdown.


You are fucking retarded go take Macro-Econ again. You need a refresher.


Is it true that Holla Forums consists of self hating non-whites?

????????????????????????????? people are paid an amount ????????????????? they get a pay check??? does their paycheck depend on their "interpretation" of their paycheck? no, its a fucking number on a piece of paper.

and lmfao i explained how quantity demanded is determined by price in the next sentence.

By including gay characters, all your christian audience will stop watching the program. It is not economics. It's basic anti-traditional values propaganda.


It's okay, you have programs for the christian market too

You are a joke.


Nah most of the people who hate gay people will frankly still watch it, they'll just complain

Ain't that the ideology behind communism and collectivism?

As in their labor cost can be lowered or increased, they aren't set in stone.

Except not, go to any market, buy in bulk then haggle for better price.

Price is determined by the fucking quantity.

I actually participate in the market, unlike you college ass, go read more books.

They'll just change the channel or mumble under their noses a little bit before continuing to watch.

the early capitalists were fucking obsessed with getting people to emulate the virtuous ants/bees

What if I told you that these profit motives are ulterior motives that are put under the guise of "culture wars" and they then pervade into other institutions, all the while most people in the lower rungs of the pyramid scheme and the converts-to-be believe in their own shit?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a dirty godless Commie insofar that I don't really have any problems with the LGBT community, but I'm pretty sure that a lot of this "cultural progress" being pushed by liberals are only a means to get an even bigger target audience for big business

And Nazism

Really given they're statistically going to be somewhat less well informed, you just make it super low key so the gay people know that you have a gay character and the general population has no fucking idea. Best of both worlds.



nigger, what?

So you're saying you will buy more if it costs less? Hmm that sounds like you demand more based on the price. What do you know demand is determined by price.

Read about it in "white trash: the 400 year history of class in america." I'd look up their source for it (the book is like 1/6 foot notes is fucking unbelievable) but I kind of lent it to my mom.

Is a social interaction a physical entity, because that was my point, you illiterate fuck.
Holy fuck. You do realize that if nobody wants to pay x amount for your product they won't do it? Labor cost will go down along with the product. Labor cost is not fixed.

*untold history

you don't know what subjective or objective mean, good to know. the fact that labor cost can be different for different people at different times in different industries doesn't fucking make it subjective. a firms labor cost is an objective amount

you also don't grasp economic terminology or analysis either, cool. the demand curve graphs the -quantity demanded by consumers on aggregate- across -various price points-. whichever price point is the one which actually occurs "in the store" determines where we fall on the demand curve, and thus, the quantity demanded.


Maybe, just maybe, no one outside of your Holla Forums bubble gives a fuck about "traditional values" any more after fucks like you bastardised and commodified it like you do everything?
Maybe they're just responding to changing customer tastes?

Wut? How is it an objective amount when it can be changed on a whim based on the employer's decision. Every material price and labor cost can be negociated.
Yeah, we are too busy doing actual market exchange instead of reading books.


holy fucking shit lmfao

objective doesn't mean immutable? regardless of what they change it around to you can go look at the books and confirm "ye-up, they paid that much in december," and anyone who declares otherwise is just fucking wrong because it is an OBJECTIVE amount.

This retard is proud making money off your reduced labor cost.

Please explains to me what it does mean.

And? Next time the labor cost can be reduced, so the price becomes lower.


I actually work in one of the most porkies industries of all, textiles.

And trust me, price isn't fixed in stone, even labor cost.

so you agree that price is based on labor cost

Children should be raised communally. I've seen plenty of families and I've never seen anything approaching a completely healthy relationship between parents and kids. Most parents think their kids are property or close to and expect the kids to owe them something for being born to them. When in reality, nobody chooses to be born or to whom so the parents should be responsible to the children. This shit is incredibly basic but it's been flipped around because class society demands fealty of the weak, the young, the new to the old and powerful.

No, because if the customer ain't buying, we would reduce price in order to get rid of the goods.

And no amount of labor cost is going to stop us.

This shit only applies to giffen and veblen goods.

So your customers demand is dependent on price?

O, please don't leave me, nazi-user! I merely wanted to explain to you about real tradical Socialism

Uh, yes?

They have to accept the price before we even have an order.

Do you work in a business?

Supply and demand applies in all goods, unless someone forces you to buy shit.

You are the one that is denying that demand is not dependent on price

*is dependent on price

I'm the one who says this:

why would the nature of functions only apply to certain demand curve functions? that don't make no sense.

The demand curve lists out how much will be bought at each given price point. the price is bounded by, and in competition, will approach marginal cost. once that price point is actualized, we can find on the demand curve and will see how much quantity of the good is demanded.

And you are wrong.

Well, thankfully, I'm wrong but I end up making a shitload of cash.

fuck capitalists lmao

man and when I was born they were saying it was going to be the end of history. Hope things get even worse.

and some bonus bad econ:


I haven't heard of the book until now but if it pisses off the National Review that much it should be good.

White mans burden 2: Electric Boogaloo

No one gives a shit. None of you faggots really give a shit I assure you. When the Holla Forums types of this world lose control and they will since they want the exact same thing we already have but with ultraconservative values instead of ultraliberal Holla Forumsfags will be there to fill the vacuum, You know what else? You'll be equally as unwilling to give a shit about people who don't agree with you.

This whole world is fucked. I'd rather take the 1700s because at least people gave a shit.

It goes both ways, friendoriono.


Why does that matter to you?

Too bad there is extraordinarily scant empirical evidence supporting the demand curve. Veblen goods are an example of psychology such as the snob effect, or bandwagon effect. So of course they defy and silly little graphs.

fake, no child would ever be happy sitting their ass worshipping le invisible all-powerful man

I agree, but I think they actually want emulate the Jews. The idea that we should abandon these people is common in Israel, where they constantly assault refugees and try to send them back to die. And this is in African countries where Israel is selling arms (probably to both sides).

If you want an example of a white-nationalist death-cult, look no further than Israel.

jews arent white though…..
theyre turkmen and semites

you really dont get it do you
there was never a to rebuild anything after we burn it all down
we just want to burn it down and live free in the ashes

They're from eastern Europe, and Europe = white.

they have two main sources
Khazaria if they're ashkenazi a section of the ME to the far east of Anatolia
or Mesopotamia/Levant which is semitic
they're an outgroup and a foreign populace brought into Europe by the Romans

Because they can't into dialectical reasoning, also, it's 4chan, we're talking about basement dwellers here, so before Holla Forums they felt like their life was worthless but now Aryan superiority fills the void and they don't have to improve themselves. I don't get gf because the Jews don't let me. and so on and son.

While I understand the basic history, there's definitely been some genetic assimilation based on regional settlement after the original Roman-led diaspora. My understanding of pogroms was that rape was common. Also, there has been dna testing showing these regional differences.

oh yes some
mostly in Germany and Poland
but even that is very little due to jewish law being so adamant with the inbreeding and the whole living in close knit communities in ghettos while sometimes forced upon them by the ruling state at the time was actually mostly self-induced since they wished to have an area where they could practice their ridiculous traditions and barbaric rituals
pogroms were justified alot of the time dont believe the lies

Besides circumcision, can you name 1?

I could define alot more than just that one
I know blood libel is a conspiracy but thats not to say it couldnt be possible
and the jews did and and still have laws that define they must commit human sacrifice
the only reason they dont is because the Temple hasnt been rebuilt and sanctified with sacred cow blood
before the second temple was destroyed they had an annual ritual where they butchered 12 goy slaves on the steps of their temple

not to mention all the laws jews have in their book that promotes the enslavement of all non-jews, codified legal child abuse and rape of non-jews along with the murder of non-jews
I cant recall any society or culture that has ever existed that wrote down in law if a non-member of your race is older than 3 years and a day its perfectly fine to sodomize them to death
that remains unreformed in their religious texts and if you believe what some rabbi's are trying to tell the outside world of what goes on in rabbinical bathouses in israel and orthodox communities around the globe it continues to this day

Dialectics, son.
Shove something down one's throat, the opposite of that thing becomes palatable.
The liberal/ SJW archetype exist in opposition to the consevative/WN archetype just like consevative/WN archetype exist in opposition to liberal/ SJW archetype.
Most of you started with "at least i'm not one of thoses retards from the other side!"

The best vaccines against fetishizaton of the past is posting it in all it's ugliness.

OP is a liberal faggot. We don't need moralfag spooks. They want what they want and we want what we want and both of us are willing to kill for it or do you believe in bloodless revolution? Then you haven't read theory. You didn't listen to Marx.

A conspiracy that has emerged in several European countries with different cultures and languages.

This one is actually real. There was a whole segment on Oprah about it and even Israeli officials went out and admitted it but who cares about Palestinian and Eastern European kids, right?

With a strong communities with heavy solidarity ties, the people of the community AREN'T strangers, they are your neighbors you can trust.
It was the case before every institution and sense of belonging had to be nuked to leave room for markets.
You know, the good ol'times you always drool about?

Google gay marriage accessories. There are tons of websites selling shit to queer demographics.

The politicians pushing for this refugee shit don't have to deal with the consequences, so they don't care. They have their gated communities and armed guards, and lots of money and options to move away somewhere safe.
The people in areas that are mostly white (like western coasts of France) don't care because they've hardly deal with arabs or blacks their entire life. It's easy for them to be "nice" and "caring", because they've never felt the consequences.
I grew up in Paris suburb that was full of immigrants even in the 70's. It was rough already back then and only got worse. When you actually have to live daily and can't escape the reality, then you'll change your tune.

oh, hi fellow reactionary, how does it feel to be a loser?

You mean the ones that have been proven right?

We know everyone in the world is good heartened, and you are a great example, aren't you?

Irony aside, retards like you are killing the left, stop whining about pol like a liberal
Grow the fuck up and stand to your own ideas, stop crying about others like a consented brat

I'll take "shit that never happened" for $500, Alex.

Try reading them sometime, maybe you'll even like it.

Yeah but I didnt think I could talk about that here
think I remember some rabbis talking about an old law where a great sign against YHWH was only ab-solvable by using the blood of a goy in a kabbalistic ritual

This board is proud about living in their mother's basement and never working.

Read Rousseau and Mutual Aid retard

read a fucking book

But this is true for the middle class so-called "Leftists"


You are very right user. They lack compassion and cant understand why other people have it.

Its larp for own ethnic group.

Implying they actually would

Its not that easy while getting bombed by the nice ISIS-guys