I like how the Alt-Right conveniently forgets that the Ba'ath Party is pretty much socialist, and their darling Assad with it.

Holla Forums would implode if most of its users were informed of it.

Holla Forums openly admits they don't give a shit about economics and just want ethno-nationalism and a strong daddy state to bully them.
Same reason why a lot of Holla Forumsacks respect Israel so much even though they're all antisemetic holocaust deniers.

National Socialist*


people on Holla Forums like assad because he has blue eyes and kills jihadists

You can like a tactic in the abstract while disliking the one who applies it.

Holla Forums isn't ancap-central. The Ba'ath Party, including the Iraqi Ba'ath Party, did literally nothing wrong. Their ideology aside, they kept a lid on the Islamist Sunni savages in the region, which America of course couldn't abide by. Both the US and Islam are, after all, puppets of Jewry.

The first point I agree with, the next not as much.
The U.S. is not a puppet to "Jewry", it is an imperialist bourgeois republic, that through imperialist action has destabilized the Middle East and led to the rise of Islamic terrorism.
And by your logic, Christianity is a puppet to Jewry as well, since both Islam and Christianity are Abrahamic religions that came from Judaism.
Unless you're referring to the descents of the ancient Hebrews by Jews.

i think this thread is less alt retard and more OP retard tbh fam

I had forgot to turn off my Nazbol flag, I rarely shitpost on it.

I forgot to turn off my Nazbol shitposting flag.

The alt right embraces socialism with open arms if Assad is a socialist

Holla Forumsyps are just crypto islamists. they'll openly embrace it like they currently do with the altright and neoliberalism-neoconservatism likely due to and for the changing ideological demands of the capitalist state.

"Socialism" doesn't refer to left-wing socialist ideas in Baathism. It refers to modernization (i.e. reactionary modernity). There's nothing socialist about Assad or the Baath.

Ba'ath Party is NAZBOL (for realz).

The motivations are neither here nor there, but at least we agree on the facts. The USA are the #1 ally of Islamism across the globe.

The history of Christianity is more complicated because it's a syncretist religion that united Jewish Christianity (Essenism; a form of monasticism possibly originating with the missionaries sent by king Ashoka in the 3rd century BC), Hellenic Gnosticism (itself a descendant of ancient astral religions), and Jewish Polytheism (that had a pantheon consisting of Elyon at its head and Jahweh as a national god below him, and which thought that Jesus was an incarnation of Jahweh). Christianity has a heavy Jewish element, but it's also a mish-mash of radically different theologies that were cobbled together by the early Catholic Church. You can see the archeological evidence of this in the texts: the different portrayals of Jesus within and across the Gospels, the schizophrenic polemic for/against Paul/Peter, the Jesus stories themselves which are rewritings of stories of Elisha from 1/2 Kings, the contradictory statements about the applicability of the law put into the mouth of Jesus, etc.

However, when I say "Jewry", I don't mean the religion of Judaism, which is an ahistorical concept in and of itself, since Rabbinical Judaism didn't exist 2000 years ago. When I say "Jewry", I mean the ethnic group with its ethnic interests. Christianity, while having roots in Jewish thought, is not a Jewish religion in this sense.

Islam, however, is. Its underlying ideology is Hagarism, which basically establishes the Arabs as a 13th tribe of Israel (metaphorically speaking), and transplants Rabbinical Judaism onto the Arabs. What, really, are the theological differences between Islam and Rabbinical Judaism?
* The divinity of Jesus is denied.
* Jewish rituals are kept (dietary laws, circumcision).
* Strict monotheism; no saviors.
* The primacy of religious law of secular law.
All that the Muslims add is Mohammad as another prophet, which is theologically non-problematic.

The evidence indicates that Islam started out as a Jewish-funded project with the aim of mobilizing the Arabs tribes against the Christians who had taken control of the Holy Land from the Jews. Of course, their pets escaped the Jews' control later on, but the evidence of this is preserved in Islam's theology and conquests. Even so: Wherever Islam reigned, Jews had it quite well - better than under Christian rulers. The Muslims, too, were more accommodating to Jews than they were to Christians, since they didn't see Jews as idolaters.

So yes: Islam is a tool of Jewry, conceived as such and used as such historically as well as today, as evidenced by the support for Muslims from the European & American Jewish community.


baathists haven't been socialist since nasser died


It's mostly the Alt-Right that embraces Ancap ideology, and it's the fucking boomers who cheer for interventions in the ME.

It is sadly true that class-cucking is a serious problem, though. Maybe if the Left didn't advocate for fucking Third Worldism all the time, we could find more common ground.

Ba'athism is 'socialism' in the same sense as 'socialism with chinese characteristic' or the french 'socialist' party.

Spencer is better fiscally than most Holla Forumsacks as much as I wish that wasn't true


SSNP are legit NAZBOL.

NBP founder Eduard Limonov once named Gaddafi as one of the main inspirations behind the Nazbol aesthetic, together with Charles Manson, the NYC punk scene, Malcom X, Mayakovsky and Stalin.

All third worldists get bullied here. For good reasons.

Limonov is just a liberal larper tho

Day of the roof soon, queer.

Using big words doesn't make you smart faggot. Christianity is much more closely related to Judaism than Islam is.

There is literally NO evidence for your claim of Islam being a Jewish project. Stop spewing your cancer on this board.

You make a persuasive argument. Gives me a lot to think.

You had no argument to begin with but ok

more like Not Socialist

bet you think Gaddafi's Libya and Hussein's Iraq was socialist too

pol likes assad because he serves as an examplary figure of opposition to western imperialism, even in face of overwhelming odds.
hes fighting everything pol doesent like atleast untill alot of burgers showed their autism after trump won and started with their ADHD chess bullshit ;

besides that hes being praised by pol for going to authoritian and nationalistic measures in face of all this, considering that before the war he had quite liberal policies (like damascus spring) and was open to the west (like when the US invaded iraq).

theres really not much ideological bullshit or so on that makes pol support him as much as the practical actions hes taken.

hes a muslim arab openly criticising "white" countries FFS, and pol support him with an exception of dumbasses predominantly from the US

When will this meme end

Ba'athism is just Arab pan-nationalism + authoritarianism + gibsmedats and some nationalization.

It's literally just socdem.

nazis are economic libertarians :^)

They are albeit not very principled. They're capitalists for sure, but ain't got a problem with borders and protectionism.