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thanks clocky

in other news i have a boner

What do they do if you actually commit it, though?

Do they charge your family?

Don't talk to me.

I don't have the drive to fap to feet pics, so.



They hand-cuff your corpse


how are you feeling today?

Did something bad happen to you?

I'm sorry to see that you feel this way.

If you feel the need to monitor your mannerisms such, the conversation isn't casual.

so the state failed.
probs should ban itself then.
or move the whole state cause they didn't prevent a suicide.

Now that I could fap to.


How would you punish me if I did it?

"im going to act like a retard so we can stay informal"

Confirmed for Howard the Duck

animus is not an independent nation stfu

can we unban sci and then ban him again, for added satisfaction?

vroom vroom

Cry at your funeral

english people who say would of and stuffs is the worst

I don't even know what that is. Is that that scrooge mcduck guy?

Hoyl fucking WOULD OF triggers me so much


It's the other way around; the conversation is informal so I don't feel the need to care about how intelligent my prose is.

This is a basic facet of human interaction here.

You started this

The bandage was wound around the wound.
The farm was used to produce produce.
The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.
We must polish the Polish furniture.
He could lead if he would get the lead out.


I want my funeral to be a dance party.

i would of triggered you

Trevor does this.


you're the one comparing online imageboard to nationstate

I would of liked to see your feet pics

too many people do this

That's nothing

test if you're going to introduce perma permas you best not give anyone individual treatment for it


random memes I can't find for example

also the links page needs to be redone




I don't see anyone else posting CP so it's probably not an issue.

Don't quit your day job... oh wait, you don't have one.

a perma for cp should = a perma for evading


Links page?

And you do?

That's likely to change soon anyway.

Evading and posting CP aren't the same.

thereis nothing sementically wrong with saying could care less unless you meant the opposite

just like "try and do it" is not really wrong but almost never what people meant to say

but shoulodf is just



'fraid that was you.
but whilst were at it, it is a better comparison that bebop's. he said it's a company.

if you can get permad for both then they are :^)

But they should be punished the same otherwise people are getting special treatment !!!

There are some boundaries you don't cross

Anything is possible


As your close and personal advisor, I implore you to not do this again.

Except that people use "could care less" as an expression that they care very little which makes absolutely zero fucking sense.




fuck you subtle I accidentally clicked your video thinking it was an image now my roomie is giving me a dirty as hell look


Evade enough and yeah.
But CP is a one time and you're done.

they misconstrue couldnt care less to could care less because it's easier to pronounce or someshit



Gotcha :3


Clannad a shit.

Her point is that "Could of" is unarguably incorrect.

The statement is "could have."

Grim, stop being a dummy.
If something is against the law IRL there is no reason to treat it differently here.

Having CP is illegal as fuck in the US. Sci lives in the US, and the servers I'm pretty sure are in the US. Intent doesn't matter. It was fucking illegal.

Nah, it's just because they're retarded American

right lets ban test.



could have
could of

coulda woulda shoulda


It is very hard to tell with you.
You don't present a lot of your arguments cohesively.

grim needs a hug ;;

I accidentally shot that man, officer.
Please let me go, It was just a joke I just wanted to hit that tree over there.

Oh, shit, NieR automata is out.

Someone buy it for me.


f i r e d

wow ok

Okay boss, I got you.


be gentle tp

now even that can make me hurt inside


Voluntary vs. involuntary manslaughter.

You'd get convicted for manslaughter instead of murder though


Grim, you are in the wrong pond.

only on ps4 for now though


Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.



I swear I didn't mean to rape that kid, officer, she told me she wass 18, and tied me to the bed.

Your point?

Also, just so we're clear, Officer, she had a dick, so.

But I don't get put in jail.. r-right?

Full of potassium.


You might avoid a death sentence.

at least I didn't suffocate in a puddle like you


puri yuri :) !

Just live in Texas and shoot people who come onto your land.


Do they still have those in west world?

so people can't just BUY it for you yet


someone break the law with me


i know someone who would easily object tot tha tbh

come to ax

Want to fuck an underage dog?

I tried to type fast enough to go full Neru but I couldn't manage. :(

Are you still not going?

How backwards and barbaric. Truly the worst place to live.

! ! ! V E R B O T E N ! ! !

lol yeah

You need more pastry crumbs in your keyboard.

Is Test going to ax ?

Come onto my land.

YES ill illegally board the plane.



I haven't decided. If it's literally just Soto, Ian, and Kon I don't know if it's worth.

Dogs that are 3 in people years are old enough in dog years.

We can find a stray.

thanks, ruka


i coudlt try for that but hten i would jsut feel distcusting tbwh fam


my right butt feels sore

Hug Kon for me and tell him 'donde esta la biblioteca'?


Its very close by but I can't go because I'll be working 6 days a week.

My body hurts

time for a racing chair

my left butt hurts

as they say in australia.
nein danke

You have *multiple* butts?

But isn't that german?

When in Rome.

just marry someone for the free visa or something

if I go, will you?

I know squash has a good chance of going if I do so

eat my ass!!

I'll make it feel better


How ?

no, you have to be offended. that's how it works

Didn't even know about this.

Squid's making a new background for it, too.


Well yeah duh.
it's a German tourist in Canberra.

in Rome they say pizza pizza ravioli let me cum in this doggoli

*eyes to canada*

It's hard to offend me most days.

we should make new banners

dont marry canada
shes too big for you

gay stuff

that's a joke from my favourite guitly pleasure comedian.

One says, I love you. That's a Canadian.
the other says Je t'aime, That's also a Canadian.
And Ich liebe dich, says the German who went to Canada on Holidays.

t h i c c tho

I got nothing.




you're making a pretty good argument for why you should get banned, honestly. doxing is an actual crime as well, and you've done that publicly here on the board. or at least on the last board..

Yeah it's shit, needs more fixing


I can't

ban me bitch
oh wait you cant

I deleted a bunch of really shitty ones. We still have 22, and they're all pretty good. If people makes some more good ones I'm totally open.

Superior background.

little did he know

cupcake was fucking the mod


Watching this NieR Automata stream inspired me to do this.

try it and see what happens

I haven't doxxed anyone here

hold on

both of you are bitchasses

see what happens if you try to swing your e-weight around

Whats the most hardcore porn site you have ever seen. I would say Sexuallybroken, but it still has much to learn

He's fucking with you.

which ones and how many went

just pointing out how stupid you're being, although that's self evident in almost every post you make. still fun to do.

I'm on it
It'll still be bloomed up awkwardly but luckily I don't care about that, I just wanted to make it fit

Rin let's get a Kotatsu

9 of them.

Stuff like this.

and im challenging him

you make an ass out of yourself on that post because you invalidate it in the last 8 words

mean cuppers best cuppers

can you show me which ones exactly
im jc

just vectorize that bitch

hes all huff and no puff

not hard when it's ONLY cuppers

oh and remember that time when grim got banned and then evaded over and over? well he's now argued that should be perma. honestly, with his own argument test should be banning him, or else grim himself considers that special treatment.

you guys remember the time, right? when he ban evaded over and over after getting a week long ban, to whine and bitch about how unfair it was, and also whined and bitched at bebop until bebop overturned the ban?

You're fucking welcome to

but remember, rules only apply to other posters.

Actual footage of Grim.

I got banned for something I shouldnt have even gotten banned for in the first place.

try again bitch



rare footage of clocky

What are the banner dimensions again?

according to you
but you don't decide that, the mods do. you were banned, you evaded. you have now argued that evading should be a perma, or else it's special treatment. you prove my point about your stupidity with nearly everything you do. set traps and snares for yourself at every turn.
it's genuinely amusing to watch and to poke at.


That's not a canadia thing and you'd just forget about it anyway.

why would you think this.

according to bebop who unbanned me
dumbass, and bebo ultimately decided, not the mods

the shit you spew man
its pathetic


whateva whateva keepin it real etc
yo btw speaking of fellas could u tell ban i said "hey dude did you see my epic perma lmao!" hes not on steam

im hittin the hay p soon so ttyl man

right, bebop unbanned you after you whined to him, telling him how sad you were about getting banned, because you are so desperate for the meager interaction you have here with people. you whined until bebop felt bad, because he was an admin who was easily swayed with emotional appeals and of course, other things...and you knew this. you manipulated him the best you could, and after a significant amount of whining, managed to get a moderator decision overturned.

but yeah, I'm the pathetic one.

That would make it worth, yes.

Not like you HAVE to get so fucked up this time if you don't want to.

don't get me started on the whole cybering spam you pull on a weekly basis with some people too

you should get your ass banned for that disruptive shit but the entire moderation/admin team are fucking gay and let it slide

I explained my case, he listened to it, he unbanned me. Simple as that. Warp it as much as you want, idc

it's all opinion really. the people into that will prolly pick a different site.

grim i was there. he told me he felt bad for you

There's only two of us.

thats wassup

tbh I dont think ill get as destroyed as I did in 2015 on the street

but in the room maybe

I do plan on seeing val next year so I'm kinda saving up for that unfortunately

but if some other really convincing stuff appears like the voice actor of samus from the new switch game that may or may not come out shows up, then im def going

he said all that so as not to appear oh-so-manipulated as it seemed

so 2 of you makes the entire team right


Factually correct though, we're both pretty gay.

you whined and bitched until you got your way. you threw a tantrum like the child you are. it's pretty hilarious.

and now you rail against every decision test makes because you know you have to, because now there's someone in charge who won't listen to your bullshit when you slip up and dox someone, or make a threat to someone, or one of your other pathetic edgy tactics you use that push everyone who ever tries to be your friend further and further away, proving you can't be trusted at every turn. you know that your time is limited, because you won't be able to stop yourself from making those same mistakes, and now you don't have someone weak to whine at until he overturns the choice. and today has fully cemented that, as test has finally done the right thing and banned sci in spite of the drama he knew people would cause, specifically you because you're so pathetic you can't handle the fact you don't have any meaningless power here in the community, in spite of your myriad backhanded and snake like attempts to obtain it over the last few years.

fucking hell

They are the only two really capable of objectively running the board.

damn cupcake

that makes sense


I've held back up until this point but feel no need to anymore. he's proved he is beyond redemption, at least for me.

the bait is just too good sometimes

You are intentionally goading each other.

what is it with saturdays and board drama? we need lives lol


This is bait.

but saturday is my day off



its easier to say he felt bad for me than say oh grim and grim alone convinced me

holy shit

I was mod already remember?
I had my 15 mins of fame

I don't care about having power anymore
that boat already sailed long long ago

all this spew and hypothetical about me is fucking great, I'm saving it

you don't know me
you never will know me
the whole friend pushing thing is my fave tbh, just because a group of kids stab me in the back over a totally unrelated person makes me push THEM away?

its fucking great

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you don't know me
you never will know me

go back to reddit




extremely intelligent and analytical


I feel I could make a good banner of this but to do that I'd need to expand the "Holla Forums" and make the text not look like shit but to get it any bigger I'd have to do a lot of editing to have the animu girl clip in front of it sometimes and fuuuuuck doing all that work

Grim pls.

And by "good banner" I mean the retarded dancing animu girl being a complete fucking dork exemplifies like half the posts in this thread

The sheer magnitude of how you can just twist and turn events to shed the absolute worst light on someone is surprising though, I'll give you that

Test, make this a banner.

Fucking triggers me every time.


move the text down a little and to the left and give it a border


extremely intelligent and analytical. we never will know him.

deport me daddy uwu

Stop getting baited.

highly relevant and analytical

someone should make a banner with test riding a gallant steed

if I just said my butt felt sore people would be all over it tbh


I literally just explained why I'm not doing that. I'd have to edit it separately onto 32 frames of fucking animation.

I wasn't suggesting it it be put up as is I was just expressing mild frustration

I'm impressed at how often you make posts about yourself like this. rare glimpses of your genuine self shining through.

i was all over it even though you specifie d which cheek though.

at this point im just getting out all the shit that needs to be taken out on anyone that created that original drama in the first place

cups the last one

idk if I should snoop around and dig some dirt up on his past, he seems like a super old pony with a lot of shit to hide

seems awfully petty tho


yeahbut at least people will not shove weird readings onto it

Cup has nothing to hide that his shirt doesn't hide already.


buy me this

Seems pretty petty

cuppers doesn't like when you post his massive dong so you could do that

ill show you shoving weird readings into things

grim is a mess

e x t r e m e l y i n t e l l i g e n t a n d a n a l y t i c a l

A jpg?

It's time to stop.

comfy kotatsu

That second to last part is the reason why people might twist and turn events to shed the absolute worse light on you.

You alright?

Those do look comfy.




magnum dong


am I though?
on one side we have you and cup that detest themselves and can only really make friends with people with similar low self esteem

and then we have me literally flying up a ladder to success

idk ?

its petty tho I probs wont do it

delet this

Sell it for dust.

It's time to stop.

grim is a big fat mistake

why didn't we adopt this



I think with the way things are going in the thread, merely mentioning it is petty enough.



you realize that you've just implied that a staggering number of people have horribly low self esteem with this post?

this is known khaleesi

But Bullying is 50% of what happens here.

The other half is flirting

Now do the same to this but with the animus on the left.

literally flying up the ladder.


sometimes bully flirting even

maybe test will use it ironically?

most people here do yeah

Just saying.

What the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does that mean?

She has some thicc tiddies

*ironic posting*

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

but not you tho





Fuck that shit.

besides me, I'd say darwin and ban have the higher self esteems in this thread

I don't wanna look.

"and then we have me literally flying up a ladder to success" - Grim

umu no bully....


Ban these people for cyber bullying.

Come on guys.
You always tell me I'm petty about shit. This is just getting dumb.



yeah because posting a pic of me shitfaced at a con is going to prove anything?

it proves you're extremely intelligent and analytical. we never will know you.


Tbh, right now both of you deserve a 1 hr ban to cool off.

hopefully someone else jumps in this petty argument to fuel the fire

who drew that pic

Bully me, you shit lord.
I need the release.

Is he asian?




just makeing clear im beter

I NEVER bully.

kiss my hairy rotund ass

nah he's harv


tokai is the best of us

Too bad my opinion is worthless on this matter.

;_; pleas be kind i am soft


n-np x///x


fuck not fixing that

tokai u r soft n prety

The fuck?

Tell me how petty I am. Shit talk me.
Do it. Treat me like a whore.
Beat me like an Irish mans wife.




i meant to say no but these damn slippery and sticky fingers



but i love u both equale

I sadly don't know.

You mean gelatinous.

Your fingers know what you want.

Why is that spooky?

A big tiddies spooky to you ?


it was fun to make

i dunno

ew you need a timeout sir

He looks like he could be your friend.


can I brush teeth with beer


thank you..


How do you not know ?

S-say it again...

ur da bes

it's like on one page you see the anti- bully one, then suddenly you refresh the page and see the bully one!

i lvov u





that girl 8 but that mouth 18

Wanna see my massive tiddies ?


i'm fine, thanks.

if she has id saying shes 18 uts good enough for me tbh

Because at that point I've done my due diligence. :^)

I don't have any anyways.

I mean really, what else can you do at that point.


I'm flat chested, I should kill myself.

keep in mind that her id was just a piece of cardboard with her pictures taped on it?

New Focus Banner: Family Bonds

"Family Bonds"

vaguely okay, maybe

hey I ain't no cop, that sounds good enough to me.

not for me it has to be reasonably food enought that i have plausible innocense

I like your little rabbit pics you use!
They're cute!

I want a kid daughter and take her shopping!!!!




I fucking hate the white part.

yes I am very fond of this folder. save all you like

Confirmed F U R R Y.

rin how many alcohols have you injected


yeah, it could be better. And then you have the double stuffed variety.





0 im trying to practice my neru tpying

you're doing well. it was just surprising from you.

You're sick.

I lied

i usualky split the cookie and lick the ceramk off and then mushgfiny the cookie bits in myt mouth after


I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one alcohol please

It would just be better if you accepted yourself.

Okay, "mushgfiny" made me laugh as I was typing.

Tiki (young) - imoto for you to protect, older form proves you will in time be amply rewarded for protecting her ( ° ʖ °). Also, dragon.

She says trout instead of mouth, though.

i have never seen ehr do that iever


I love the white stuff



You have used it for MOUTH too, you nog.

is this the kindergarten rp


maybe because my trout is my mouth by extension

oh i guess i was miteanke

its actually kind of nice tot ype and noty care about erros

soothing in a weird way


i love all of my children


Surely Neru is aware of what they're saying.

hecks yeah I do. crayons are the bomb.

teapot will still sperg and claimyou are careully and eelaborately deciding on every single mistake

Thank God.

okaiwje im drawing a horsee

You said that about me using words, though.

before you told me it was not like that ;;
what is 18cm

I'm gonna draw a bunny

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread


Thank God.

I'm not a furry ;c

18cm bust