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Where? All commmunist governments in the 20th century except catalonia and ukraine have been Marxist-Leninists, usually with Krushevite revisionism in too.


Memes so profound they need to be signed

Not me, I just saved the image

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t. Cristi

Yeah okay cristi

Wow you guys are really gullible huh? Explains the blind following of kike ideologies


low effort

Also, very few communist states turned into "insane, murderous dictatorships". Sure most of them failed but let's not exaggerate. Nations fail all the time, for many different reasons. Also, I doubt you know what communism actually is given that you seem to imply that all communist states are the same. The reality is that many so-called "communist" states actually had nothing to do with communism.

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Go home, Cristi.

anti sage

Are there people actually retarded enough to believe that memes constitute legitimate arguments?

Keep fighting the good fight Cristi

Cristi, post boipussy

wtf i love capitalism now

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Learn to sage, newfriend.

It's always captialism with you guys. I'm not even "capitalist", I'm just not blind to how shit leftist ideologies are, communism in particular.


I see your tricks, jew





If you're retarded enough to believe that ideologies can kill people I don't see why you would apply that logic to communism but not capitalism. That capitalism has "killed" far more people is just a fact. The "tangential" nature of capitalism's death toll is no different from the method used to tie all those deaths to communism (most of which were also "tangential").

They are no more tangential than the deaths attributed to "communism".


Bullshit niggers. Communist regimes literally starved millions and gunned them down as traitors when they fell to enemy troops and surrendered.

Your "capitalist" deaths are nothing like that and you know it. You are ignorant of history on purpose, kikes.


fuck off retard

Did you miss the part where millions starve to death under capitalism every year?

wtf I love cristi now

The communist death counts trace back to very well known leaders



Ah yes Stalin literally paid the clouds not to rain. How could I have forgotten.

People starving under capitalism is not capitalism's fault but people starving to death under communism is communisms fault.

At this point, you are literally acting retarded.

You will boil in hell, kike. You are defiling the deaths of millions.

Commies die

Ah yes Stalin personally went to every person in gulag took their toothbrushes and then put a bullet in their head. How could I have forgotten.

Not Stalin himself but the Red Army certainly did. What, are you trying to deny your favorite meme?


You must have read the wrong book because it's
We must seize the means of teeth brushing

prove it

The millions dead under communism are undeniable.

I see you kike


see >>1667237

ah yes, it wouldn't be shitty right wing propaganda without it
now scoot back to >>>Holla Forums, and remember that porky doesn't like it when you think too hard about capitalism




The images prove that by the standard levied against communism that capitalism has killed far more. Either demonstrate evidence by some new standard or fuck off.

And what did he do with it? Did he eat all the grain, you complete idiot?


This is what kikes actually believe

you haven't proved that "communism" directly caused the deaths you attribute to it, moron. follow your own logic

point to me one (1) country where communism has been tried more than once

protip: you cant

Ignorance is bliss

He is just shitposti g because he knows he's lost. Just report the shitpostimy. Maybe someone will debate in earnest in his stead.

Ignorance is bliss

see how it works, retard?

You can't attribute those deaths to capitalists. The deaths by communist leaders are undeniable.

Cognitive dissonance, ENGAGE

You can't attribute those deaths to communists. The deaths by capitalist leaders are undeniable.

Complete illiteracy, ENGAGE

But I can. Mao, Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin.

jesus christ Holla Forums, if you truly think that the current shitty state of the world and everything you don't like is caused by jews why don't you just submit to them since they are the true "masterrace" if we follow your "the strong should purge the weak" mentality

Look up usury

but i can. churchill, reagan, hoover, wilson, roosevelt, thatcher, bush, clinton, obama

So you admit the nazis were the good guys then? :^)

Please leave and return once you've learnt how to not eat from the trash can of ideology.



the nazis were capitalists. you are a capitalist

I'm not a nazi, they are all dead

it wasnt real communism

then neonazi

Nope. And by the way, Nazi was short for Not Socialist. Nothing about capitalism.

The more you know.

well, what do you propose, smug cunt?

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gee whiz i wonder who was behind that

the more you know

normie level vid on that topic to share with your normie friends

It's not. The free market decides who can afford to eat and who cannot. And even then the government helps.

Whereas communists, well they just up and take it with their armies.

I don't see the problem

Whats this about Capitalism not starving people?

hence your being an illiterate dolt



Fucking kill yourself kike.

So wait. He took n amount of grain and rationed it among the people evenly? Wouldn't that imply that n wasn't enough to begin with?

Yeah, some people work harder than others. Something you guys don't want to accept because "muh everyone is equal"

some people work harder than others
yeah, such as peasants and sweatshop workers

I never said that you braindead stormnigger, I just pointed out how the rise of the jewish bankers was just a result of a greedy and irresponsible european ruling class and not a product of a evil conspiracy.



therefore not communism

Not real Communism
Carry on

Not real Communism
Carry on

Not real Communism
You seem to have a few of the primary tenets of Communism, well done.