Tankies, what made you become an ML? Why do you like dictators?

Tankies, what made you become an ML? Why do you like dictators?

stalin did nothing wrong

Its mostly american kids who want to feel rebellious against their government and society so the latch on to anything that they have been taught in school is evil, like the USSR or Cuba or whatever. The same can be said about all the edgy Hitler worshippers on Holla Forums. They will grow out of it eventually.

Because my other option was anarcho autism. And that's fucking gay

Read books and become a leftcom? BTW, not all anarchists are like those moldylocks people - most of those people don't even read! Then again, do you read?

Haven't read much since High School. Currently undergoing a masters in Physics so I haven't had time

fuck off

fuck off

It's like the people who pick fascism simply because they don't like SJWs and/or can't get a gf

great argument

Imperialism will destroy any anarchist revolution pretty quickly. ML states have proven far more successful than anarchist movements for this very reason.

That's obvious.

Implying you're smarter than me

Is this the ask questions to m-ls thread? I have a question too.

What have m-l learned from where it has been implemented? What will you do differently next time?

seconding this question

I would take advice from trotsky and go for an international scale revolution, rather than be a stalinist and try to preserve it in one country

wew lad

am i reading ideology?


This is why anarchy won't work. The bourgeoisie will never allow the workers to "voluntarily" abolish capitalism. We will have to force socialism onto the masses and there is nothing wrong with that.

Ah yes, I remember how the CNT so kindly asked the factory owners for permission to sieze the means of production in Catalonia.

well its only fair that you give them a chance before gunning them down. even a mugger will tell you to comply before actually shooting you

Of course they won't do it voluntarily that is why we need a revolution. Didn't lenin even recognize in what is to be done that you cant force a political ideology through warfare. Socialism must be grassroots.


What else is new


it's not his fault, the bourg educating system is a turd shitting turds.

i've meet engineers who literally can't read. they just take people and make them do math exercises like it's physical exercise. it's no wonder these people go out and start shitting on everyone who knows more words than they do.

effective cooperation requires obedience and hierarchy
peak efficiency requires discipline, militarism, getting shit done

nazbol gang and their mechanized/armored compatriots are literally the only ones to ever do anything or take any ground

Cant believe it

Based Serbian comrade, too bad your thread was largely ignored.