Do you really think that blacks, gays, and transsexuals will stop being discriminated against once they own the MoP?

Do you really think that blacks, gays, and transsexuals will stop being discriminated against once they own the MoP?

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Racism in the west was on a downward slope until the SJW phenomena, there's no reason to think all these biases wouldn't disappear in an equitable society.

No, but it would help a lot.

Thing is they aren't a problem, problems are just blamed on them. You take away the problems and there is nothing to blame them for

If you think that ending segregation stopped racism you are stupid, it pushed it underground and now it manifests itself in unforeseen ways. Just because gay marriage is ruled as fine doesn't mean that there are 150+ million people in the USA that hate gays.

Who would do the discriminating?


The teachers, for instance, and students as well.

a key part of the socialist cause requires building a new society in the shell of the old. Just don't get carried away with the idpol and you should be fine.
Remember to be a socialist first, and an advocate for minorities rights second.


62% of the population in the USA is Christian. Combine that with the intolerance of homosexuality in black and Hispanic urban communities and you easily reach half the population.

pro tip if they are public about their sexuality chances are that they are obnoxious faggots like Milo or tumblrtards

Not immediately, but in time ues

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Racism wasn't over by any means but it was getting better and becoming more and more socially unacceptable, now it's on a huge resurgence.

this is exactly what OP is talking about. and you're making unfounded and retarded assumptions

Most Christians have a totally revisionist view of the bible though (on the left and right), all the polls show that the majority are okay with gays

Stating population statistics in this instance does not an argument make. Here are some actual opinion polls on gay marriage in America
you might notice the rather positive trend

I have never seen a Juchit poster that was not shit. You have not changed that


racism is still unacceptable. most people don't think they are racist even when they say racist things. that's why they feel they can say them.

no the SJW's didnt cause anything. if you were already antiracist before SJW's then now you're just an antiracist that happens to not like SJW's

the SJW's did nothing but create an excuse for the already existing racists to come out of the wood work, and politicians, pundits and capitalists just fan the flames in order to cover capitalism's ass after the current crisis fucked with many of these people's livelihoods.

OK, so 40% of people in the USA don't want gay marriage. 375*.4 = exactly 150 million.

That does not reflect on what people actually think of gays, by the way.

it doesn't matter what you think of gays if you actively don't discriminate or harass them

Yup, "white muh privilege" and "mansplaining" neoliberal mass media COINTELPRO gave rise to neonazi blowback.

When someone owns the means of production how does "discrimination" against him even manifest? Mean words?

That's why giving everyone guns and property is the best policy.

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when the standard of living goes up though it will get better, the more it goes up across the board the more these problems will dissapear but it will take a long time

this kinda shit is spread on purpose, its so obvious, and putting them all on the same pedestal is disingenious garbage, cops dont fucking execute you because you suck dick, stop acting like queers and mentally ill people that mutilate their genitals are somehow equal to negros, the black thing is a fundamental systemic problem stateside, faggots are just faggots although acceptance for them will grow eventually, it already has quite significantly

Assaulting them, declining to help them, ostracizing them… wanna know how I know you are a sheltered white kid?

That's pretty edgy

This is literally IDpol for the 21st century. Back then it was whites vs. blacks, now it's SJWs vs. aut-reich

And porky is making massive profits off selling to both sides

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That is a large amount, yet it is still the minority. And judging by the trend, I feel we can comfortably predict this will continue. I don't deny that discrimination is still a problem in America, I mentioned clearly in this thread that it is our job to help push it back.

Can we please stick to using empirical evidence to prove our claims instead of baseless statements? Thanks.

Yes. Base-superstructure. Fuck your idpol.

Forgive me for saying so, but I doubt you'd give a fuck if you were sheltered, well-fed, and had a gun. All real animosity has a material basis.

A question about gay marriage is not a question about gays. Your own study has 90% of people supporting equal job opportunities for homosexuals, does this mean that 90% of Americans accept gays?

shut up, its not like im organising a "drag fags through the dessert with an f-150" day, especially outside of the anglo bubble putting homos on the same page as negros or arabs is seen even moreso as disingenious bullshit

also this, it doesnt fucking matter if someone says he wants to lynch you it matters if he can and even more importantly if the state will help cover him

Uh huh. Go to an inner city school in Chicago with that attitude, white boy. Or try growing up black in hick county.

Can you prove that they don't? The best we can do is look to the evidence here, the rest would just be useless comparing of anecdotal evidence.

A communist school doesn't look like a capitalist school.

Not automatically, but achieving a socialist society provides the material equality necessary to achieve true, lasting social progress and ways to end discrimination.

Unironically, yes.

Oh yes, roving gangs of thugs will form to beat up minorities who they blame for taking their jobs driving down property values poverty-related crime …something. Just 'cause!

Good gracious!

My stars! How can we even think about revolution until we have made sure that people will not refuse to talk to to people they don't like?

Do tell, kemosabe.

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I didn't realize SJWS invented the private prison system

Women get sentenced far less often and receive far lighter sentences for the same crimes.

Prejudice is not limited to a particular group or place and is something that has to be treated pragmatically with an eye toward psychology and the achievable.

The neoliberal approach of inflaming identitarian grievances is horribly counterproductive to the point of being legitimately dangerous to any common future.

One must strive for postracialism (while knowing perfection is impossible) or ethnonationalism. The approach of "let's live in close proximity in collective suspicion and ressentiment" is like staying in an abusive relationship and won't work long term.

If you think that was a result of people being left alone rather than being socialised against if for 80 years you are mad.

Africa is a shithole in which rape and murder is generally ignored. it was like this before capitalism too

It was the result of people working and living in close proximity following the migration.

ML states are the only to get rid of racism. Anarchy would enable racists to continue perpetuating their ideology.

I would love to see the source for pre-capitalist rape and murder rates in Africa. So would every other historian in the world, I imagine.

It was, though. The American pseudoleft has always been full of hatred profiteers and been total dogshit with regard to "racial issues."

Individualism and mutual admiration of individual excellence is the best cure for racism yet devised. Unfortunately, even individualism is a slow and fragile process to undo racism, and the Democrats just set us back in that hard work 50 years, deliberately, so they could replay the 1960/70s and be "relevant" again.

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No, but the material forms of discrimination would be eliminated so at most you would have some retards namecalling.

'racism' is not a free floating ahistorical entity, many liberals seem to see it as one though. In the end, 'racism' is a product of economics and state coercive power. What ticks me off about identity politics is the way they psychologize everything- it's no longer about eliminating the economic and coercive forces, but about personalised therapeutic management with weird protestant undertones. ie. creates a codependent relationship between 'the oppressed' and neurotic guilt ridden bourgeoisie. But what if I don't want that? everyone should have a right to determine oneself. The development of 'identity politics' post 1960s has been intimately linked with pop psychology and Corporate HR, yet it presents itself as a rational technics of 'empathy', beyond and above politics. In short the problem is you can't opt out of it, and its always going to be determined by someone else, the curators of the authentic essence of the identity are probably going to be the people with the most resources, closer to the levers of power.

By definition it will end under Communism.

I have a question here tho:
Do you honestly think you will be able to end prejuidice? I mean, this sounds like something not worth fighting against.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not against fighting institutionalized discrimination, but on a case to case basis you will probably never end prejudice from society. People are usually prejudiced against thing they don't know anyways.

How do you propose to commit racism (in a meaningful discrimination sense, not in a "rude words" sense) against someone who owns the MoP?

I don't have to end anything. Racism will end when capitalism ends, as racism is contingent on capitalism.

The problem lies in who directs this 'socialization process', it's far from rational progress, as it exists within a capitalist system that is deeply irrational as a whole. liberal identity politics are obviously going to be technocratic, consumerist, full of liberal ideology and tailored to serve the interests of the (even now mostly 'white') liberal classes. Note the emphasis on women CEOs and symbolic representation in trash pop culture media over people's actual material interests.

another thing worth keeping in mind is the impact of new media and how they change the way people communicate and think about themselves and each other. In the 60s, when Marshall McLuhan wrote his groundbreaking works in media, it was color TV, newspapers and pop LPs, now it's the internet. Most people ignore the extent to which their worldviews have been shaped by online interaction, which follows a completely different set of rules from IRL. Of course there have been huge benefits,but also new avenues of control have been opened. Cultural change can be very sudden, brutal illogical, in a capitalist system it tends to to be a product of tiny media elites ultimately driven by economic interests like everyone else. If it's in the media class interests to embrace neoreactionary social views they would do so.

Except it has existed before capitalism… so you aren't really making any sense here buddy. The only real way to defeat racism is education.

Bullshit. Race as it is understood now was not even a concept before capitalism, just a general xenophobia directed at everyone living outside an individual's immediate vicinity.

You mean before education. Please don't misunderstand, I am merely correcting you.

What, like before Plato's academy?

The deeper point is that adults will foster certain attitudes in children. The counterpoint here is that even if you have a bunch of shitty racists they can't do anything without a power structure to channel the racism. They can do individual acts of violence but so can their targets (and their allies) in response. Lynching happened on such a large scale (to continue Stokely's example) because the cops were complacent at best and organizing it at worst.


Oh my god you fucking punk, base and superstructure is literally about how the superstructure DOESN'T go away when you get rid of the base

Fine, they would stay separate in Africa and there would be no racism, because noone to be racist to.

It won't end prejudice, it will help end discrimination. See

Also reminder that if the community is composed mainly by racist muhfuggas they can still deny access to the MoP to niggers if they wish.
The thing is that we hope that without the material pressures of capitalism people will chill and stop being assholes. It's a better shot than hoping to achieve capitalism with a human face.

Noone gives a fuck.
Theres more important shit to worry about than whether or not someone looks down on someone else because of race memes or spooks about sex.

I was thinking of showing this thread to Reddit to prove that we're not just a bunch of racists, that we just don't have an orthodoxy on non-class struggle related issues (but most of us agree with a less overzealous version of their orthodoxy anyway as this thread and people replying to morons angrily shows). But no sub had the right format other than LWE which already agrees I think and /r/socialism and we know how that'd end up.

Sad situation.

It won't end prejudice, it will help end discrimination. See

Really?! Sign me up! Hahaha fuckin douchebag

Once all workers own the means of production, it does not necessarily imply that all forms of oppression will instantly disappear.

Rather, it will lead to a society in which the POSSIBILITY of the elimination of all forms of oppression.

The reason why liberal identity politics is shit is because they totally ignore the material bases of oppression.

The true alternative is to push for a kind of "identity politics" that acknowledges that although it's possible to make small incremental steps in how minorities are treated in society, they will never realize significant gains until there is a change in the base of society.

Once there is communism, only then will identity politics be able to happen successfully.

Yes, half of the american population hates gays, obviously this varies by religion, age, etc.



What did they mean by this?

And what of the discrimination black hold of other groups? The discrimination the Chinese hold towards blacks? What of the hatred of gays by various brown peoples? It doesn't fucking matter what personal preferences people have, it's not a real political issue.

I can say with certainty that socialism isn't going to erase prejudice. As for whether it'll erase active discrimination, that remains to be seen. Gays were arrested in the Soviet Union, after all. According to the chart posted in , the only area with a history of notable socialist sentiment that's also socially libertine is South America. Europe almost counts but they're filthy socdems at most, and they have yet to fail to roll over for the US. Then there's Japan, land of perversion, which has a right-wing government and a population that despises it. Like it or not, cultural factors are important in determining how prejudice is dealt with. Even if you implement socialism worldwide, most people don't want to give up their culture. The superstructure and the base influence each other.

Color blindness must be hard.

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