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I like my dick girls tall

great op


brb shower

You want a mommy with a penis to take care of you.

No, wait

Golly gee.

extremely intelligent and analytical



This is a stick up.
Put your (You)s in the bag.




Hmm. I could go for this

He's not wrong.

Absolutely paltry.

That's what Lloyd and Neko like. How do I make it weird.



I won't give up my >>21312412 (you)

I like my girly shotas small.

it's been 22mins.


You'll live.

Nobody is in the call.

did anyone actually like God Eater

I just finished watching it

you dont know me

you never will know me

I would join but my roomate falls asleep at 10:30pm. :l

I watched the first like 3 episodes and then couldn't be fucked to keep watching.


I know you are literally flying up the ladder to success.

All of you have failed me.

We were in it earlier, then I laid down for a while and when I came back it had dispersed.

No it hasn't don't you fib to me. Also my body is burning up.

Baby come back.



I love all sizes

How small?

Only Wish is allowed to shame me right now

You mean Emma.

Man. The animation is above average, but the characters are so fuckin lopsided. PTSD memes and trying too hard to jerk the viewers emotions coupled with infinite cliches and overt fanservice make me give it a meh you tried, 6/10 personally

it should have by now.
Don't overwork yourself.


I still have two minutes left, also I'm not overworking myself, it's just my back and stomach burning up.


Even fat ?

It makes me want to oooo


You wish.

just your stomach and back?
how odd





Yeah, but I'll be fine.

Anyway goodnight everyone. Take care.


the tiddy was supreme


That's kinda on a case by case deal for me. Some look good fat some look bad depends on where the fat's at

Not clever.

If I smoke enough my problems go away for a little.

It was not a pun.

I look down on fat people.


Better than coming here to escape them.

You know he doesn't actually smoke right


this is The Fate I cannot Escape.

I'm about to fight a boss quit tempting me dunjin


You could have just taken the credit.

That's so cool ;_;

he does something worse.

this is worse.

CHRIST that shit hurts my eyes

I already met my pun quota for the week.

Thanks, kid.

I won't click it.

Smoking makes you look so COOL, though.




What is the quota


{insert larnyx cancer here}

post the throwing compass gif
thats a cool one

That's why I thought but the future behind it seems too awful.

Jesters are fucking OP I tell you hwat

Turkish Royals Masterrace

Smoking is just too difficult. It tastes bad and makes me cough.

smokers smell so bad too


idk if im inclined to share

ask him he might tell you

I don't know which one you're talking about.

Opioids and alcohol I know of.


It is only a probability, an acceptable one in the quest to look cool.

The bad smell?

Let's hear it

Uh.. no..

The gravely voice with harsh coughing and maybe some blood. Also cancer and breathing through tubes.


maybe not as bad as opiods

there are tons of others that add up to a relative {not worf}

I've been off opiods for more than a year and I don't really drink that often.

Don't have it

Maybe if you're smoking like every 5 minutes like Brandon then yeah lol

I only really smoke after lunch/dinner

That's when cigarettes really fucking hit the spot

It's just like drinking, it takes practice to get used to it.

You sorta develop a taste for it too

It will not be repeated by me.

Death cannot take me soon enough.

Efi Oladele is kawaii

hey kids

hey uncle tak



Omg, please don't tell me you smoke.

I REALLY don't want to

No. Smoking is fucking stupid.

what's up my dude

lmao why the fuck were you taking opioids?

He actually quote on quote quit

Now he just vapes nonstop which is kinda annoying but hey good on him I guess

More like "don't drink at all anymore either".

what about drinking
or weed

I played her robot on the PTR.

Thing feels OP.


got laundry done after wasting $3 on a broken FUCKING DRYER

gonna shower soon

how about you

if its a nicotine vape then does it rlly count

thats fine
god eater isnt worth it

Good boy.
I still think it maybe looks cool a bit. Also Detective Bezzerides made vaping look cool

I wasn't very happy and I had them.

Didn't really need more of a reason.

I don't really like it that much.

Part of the reason why I don't want to do it.



good for socializing

anything more and you're an alcohol

I don't give a flying fuck about the robot but if she's OP that's good
It means Efi did a good job

I can abandon a friend.

I was not aware you shared a similar opinion to me


they say you shouldn't buy into hype but

but Prey though

Ya got a point there

I'll admit Codeine and Oxy/Hydro are fun but they're hard to get/expensive

If you were just doing them to be a sadboi you should've just gone with something cheaper like alcohol or someshit lmao

How cruel


Fair enough

Oh wait arent you like under 21

It was free.

Can't help it.





lore is the icing on the cake

eat the entire cake you little shit


Lil Uzi Vert is terrible.

I suck at the gameplay so I'll just enjoy the character


Making you stop the action to read text walls is bad game design and a sign of poor storytelling.

Destiny is interesting

You never know.

Yeah, same. Tried to 1v1 guero today, made me want to fucking kill myself.

To be fair he's a Master player.


in the same way a shorn sheep is interesting

I watch it for the lore


Just smoke weed like every other white boy in Newport does
I'm sure you'd fit in

Besides what do you have to be sad about? Not being a girl irl? lmao you're not Rin

I dunno WHAT you guys are arguing about lore for all I said was the girl is cute

deep and intricate plot


I don't think that was an argument

I don't know WHAT the fuck we do here

BUT PEOPLE WERE BEING SUPREME DUMBASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have someone on ur level you can 1v1?

because everyone here is autistic, lloyd.


I had enough to be upset about.


hope you die in your sleep after being tormented by nightmares

really like the trip

thanks babe

I'd feel comfortable 1v1'ing just about everybody else I play with. Cup, Joji, Squash, Sinni, Ooble.

#21yearoldproblems lol



I'm pretty bad at the 1v1 gamemode. like, in actual games I'm pretty decent at 1v1 duels that I get into, but in that mode for some reason I just fucking choke.

What a shame. Good thing I don't like 97% of them. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE ADORABLE EFI?

I miss playing league with everyone ;_;

I wanted to get into League at one point, but the community really is too toxic to people trying to learn the game.

I personally think she's cute as hell. of course these days you can't have anything without everyone arguing over every minute detail and whether it's [insert ism or ist word here]
but I liked her since the first thing they showed of her and think she's adorable.

No, they are toxic to everyone.

Oh even better.

No one in solo queue says anything of value anyway. You can mute everyone and learn without their vexation.

The League community is awful in general but I like playing certain champions
I also learned the game by spamming ARAMs and normals with people here so that was good.

Fucking best daughter
And Orisa is a tank so I might actually come back to this game

I tried her out a few games. it's hard to tell for now because the only way to reliably pick her is in no limits mode where almost everyone is picking her, so I'm not sure how she performs as a main tank role in the real game, but she looks very good to me. a lot of people are saying op, but I disagree heavily. she's definitely strong, but in no way do I see her being op, especially after learning that all her abilities do have long cool downs and don't last forever until killed like I initially thought.

but yeah, efi is cute as fuck. hope they keep using her in the lore, since they obviously can't make a child a playable character. or at least, they sure don't want to.

Is Orisa not officially released yet?

If Efi had twin pigtails she might have been the best thing ever twice over

I'll probably try again one day, but it seems like a losing battle when you're surrounded by people with 3000 hours of game time who hate your guts because you want to play a video game.

Anyone want to do ranked?

nah, she's only on ptr for now. I'm sure they'll put her in soon though.

I'm gonna pass for tonight. but ask me tomorrow.

Orisa is only on the PTR.

Anyone with the game can play on the PTR, so you can try her if you want.


You get used to it honestly.

How exciting. I won't have serviceable internet until saturday morning tho, unfortunately.

pointing up.png

but you're using the internet right now you big ole liar.


don't make me angery, moogs.

Orisa is great against everyone that can snipe. Especially Widowmaker.
Hit box out the ass.
Really great hero though.

I butchered that. lmao Do not drink and post.

she's pretty hard countered by genji as well. and obviously reaper will shit all over her.

or what

Spoilers keep posting stuff like that

Please, and thank you

Hey you read through the fuck up.

or the consequences will be dire

Why the hell are you avataring shadow
What the fuck man

Hey guys did you know that traps are gay and I don't care I still want to fuck them

I knew what you meant easily enough. only people that would be confused would be someone who doesn't play the game.

because my darkness needs an outlet.

This shit is fucking hilarious


Looks like I've been CAUGHT
It's not serviceable for GAMES, though

Nice ass


tbh they really aren't
Like I know, muh dick and all, but thinking that because you want to fuck traps you're some huge gaylord is kinda dumb

yeah that's right you better be scared.

You're thinking of this like if they met in a dark alley.

In an actual teamfight she'll be behind a shield with her team doing an extremely spammable 150 damage per second that doesn't fall off at range.

this story doesn't add up. who on earth doesn't have enough internet for games. what are you, a regular person with occasional internet troubles?!

im shitting in my diaper

Nobody here can play ranked with you, Nezi.

I wish I liked Overwatch more

Everyone I used to play games with moved to it and I just can't even

Fair point.

genji and reaper both have the mobility to get in and deal with her. obviously it's not gonna be a gg ez win every time but if the person knows what they are doing they will be very effective counters.

good. good.

More people my rank.

Nice Efi.

and anyone who doesn't play can go fuck themselves LOL

Wanting to fuck a dude makes you gay. Period. It doesn't matter if they're girly. But I listen to j-pop and watch anime all day so I can't get much gayer, so I might as well want to fuck traps too.

play tricky towers with echodwegoandme
or stracraft

Overwatch is pretty much the new Leeg

I'm surprised you aren't playing it tbh
Bad at fps?

In the fuckin ass.

ASSFAGGOTS games are trash, fuck everyone that plays them.

I don't know what that even is and also I'd probably be god awful at Starcraft lmao

HORRIBLE at FPS. Always have been

I'm actually an extraordinary person with occasional internet troubles, bae
Does it add up now?

Thank you!
She's a dear

right up in there.

story checks out, actually.


I don't see you liking starcraft. I don't see most people liking it, that's why it's dead sort of.

FUCK I didn't even realize a new episode of Maid Dragon was out.

So... are we not adding anymore?

I'm sure we could do some more addition if you really wanted to. you + me = ?

She is. Needs to make more robots.

Til it comes out the mouth.

I hope Orisa has a decent skin so I don't have to look at tribal musk ox robot all day.

that just seems dangerous

the legendary skins all look pretty good.

I might play her then.

Damn dude, guess we gotta wait till a better game comes out

I've been killing some time with Far Cry 4 even though it's old it's pretty fun

she's very fun to play. that much was instantly clear to me.

No red rocket skin. Blizzard apologizes.

More than dangerous, it is max dangerous.


.... 24??

If she fixed Orisa maybe she can fix Bastion

forward my mail to "the edge" cuz that's where I'm gonna be livin'

I'll use this skin,.

that doesn't seem right. but I never was that good at math.

Have you seen her?

Eva post more Sombra/Widowmaker nudes

that's my favorite one as well.

I'll be honest.
I'd rather not interact anymore.

Beetles are pretty rad so it's nice to see.



overwatch has heroes that aren't "FPS". you can literally just make decisions and win with certain heroes. it's more important to play smart than to know how to aim.

hungry :(

The edge is gay.

yeah. I use the junebug skin with dva as well. it reminds me a lot of that.

You should study up then get back to me
Are you just trolling through deviantart for these images?

Yes, but the base skin reminds me of elephants more than an ox at all.
And I think the base skin is nice.

it's okay to be gay. it's current year + 1


I will be honest. I will still reply to whatever post I want to.

Trump will kick all the gays to mexico.

yeah last night I went through for as long as I could stand. the vast vast majority are of course total shit. and even some of the stuff I saved is pretty bad. but I managed to get a decent sized folder. blame test, I jokingly said I call dibs on this avatar because we were talking about edgy avatars and he was like "you won't do it" so naturally I had to.

yeah same

we'll turn it into a gay republic in no time.

oh you too?


Sorry. You can boost my account if you want.
I just want purple money and don't care about my rank.

Dvas beetle sucks though.

I just feel the head doesn't match the body well.
The accessories help though.

Just do not expect a reply is all.

Just avoid machetes. I saw that Machete movie.

And yet you keep replying. Really makes u think.

nah jk you IDIOT

get fucking pranked

this is fake noos.

how was it?

I speak only the truth.

It was okay.

it looked pretty good but I forgot all about it by the time it came out.

more alternative facts. you're basically cnn at this point.

is widowmaker like vi in the sense that people draw somuch futa

why do you bully me

My word is law.

because I love you.

lies upon lies.


Cup is cool, but that's fake news.

It is pretty much a parody trying to be a parody. The parody.

I would pay money for this mod

smurfing is bad though

It's funny how non threatening this becomes.

I am terrified

It's a casual shooter. I could care less.

It's terrifying in it's own new way lmao

The SFX tho
Shits hilarious
The machine gun made me lol

I wonder what DS3 would be like with this.

you fagit

that is very much fake news.

movies like that always feel very tryhard

Master ruse man strikes again.

youre a fgit

4u bby

You are the biggest fgit of all.


being mean to people, no matter the time or place, is not ok

it creates an unfair game environment, not only wasting the time of everyone in the game but also frustrating 6 players on the other team



How does this game even work?

Sounds like it would be a fucking unbeatable nightmare lmao

Get in call, tards.

Kind of want to try now.

Yeah it got worse with the sequels. Like waaaaaay worse.

you shoulda capitalized on my naivete

Not enough loli dragon in the last episode of Maid Dragon tbh.


mastering the maneuver node is not optional. it's important to know exactly where you are going and where to burn to alter your course.

Switching to FF15.


Do not get too much wanker's cramp, furry.

So you press x to jump


sorry mate

you can rank up
I believe in you

Apparently Breath of the Wild is really good

I want to ask my friend to let me borrow it when he's done with it

You probably still wouldn't play it.

I don't either, hence why I haven't tried it

URF is back this weekend


Thanks for the tip.

he doesn't know about the gerudo trap

I heard there's serious FPS issues.

he doesn't know him

he never will know him

a friend told me "occasional fps drops"

My love for LoZ games is still something that hasn't died yet


No way

Shit I'd be down to drink and play some fucking URF
Unlimited knockups lmao

Of course you would know about the brown boipussy Grim

and you say you're not gay lmao

female friends of mine have not stopped talking about it.

So? lol

Its not like Im buying the damn thing
Just borrowing it

Excuses, excuses :^)

Does Test have a funny looking and slow bear friend?


Knowing nintendrones I'm going to assume he means frequent, long lasting, sub 10-fps, drops

Just saying

Test, get in call you fuck.

should confirm via gameplay video

imma head off to bed tho, cyu dude

Ugh, that shit triggers me so much
She can be beautiful as fuck but if she has a septum piercing I can't even look at her

What look is she trying to go for anyways?
Fucking Alistar from LoL?


Its all gucci

I never managed to ヒット christopher robin idk if I even manager tigger

Lets hope you can manager

I do not know, a whore Mercy? Either way it is fine.


septum piercings are also a huge turn off for me too soto

Unfortunately this time it's all random so you can't pick the champion


Is Grim trying to fuck Soto? I am lost.



I don't really mind piercings it's just septum piercings for me


Gotta edit it so the fire just has BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII shooting out

And a merry konnichiwa to you too, babe.

reminder alcohol kills brain cells
imagine how many spoils has left

I'm fine with a belly button piercing or under 4 ear piercings

anything else islike
why are you mutilating yourself

same for those fucking ear gauges

ok I need to sleep4real tho


Reminder all it takes is one joke about being gay to trigger the man of ketchup dreams.

Oh yeah, ear gauges are pretty bad too dude


Domo arigracias

I'm still smaert

No hablo bonjour clickclick.

That game was bullshit.

it took me until abouts owl to realize there were upgrades and only because garee told me I thought he was trolling and the button would reset my progress

I got pretty far without the upgrades. I did not know about them either.

fite me tho

uuuu I suck though

O-Okay, Master.

will you give me the widow mines if I do

Garee still messages me on occasion I don't know why.

Do you want the Widow Mines?


No crying after.



just preparing myself to try not to cry

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