How do people know we live in late capitalism anyways...

How do people know we live in late capitalism anyways? I don't see how is it going to collapse in any foreseeable future nor that it is capitalism's final and perfected version.

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Were you living in Mars in 2008 or something?

Yes, it's a very nice place.

climate change/resource shortages, if nothing else

Stocks have gone up to record numbers based on nothing but fantastical speculation on the part of porky post-US election.

China is going to get hit hard too.

The EU is falling apart.

The world's three major hegemonic powers are teetering along the edge and you don't think a collapse bigger than we can even imagine is looming?

Most nations practicing capitalism now are really just performing imperialism. That's also a tell tale sign the shows almost over.

if socialism will first happen in the most advanced capitalist countries, doesn't that mean we should be looking to Japan?

they're so advanced into late-stage capitalism they have people living in glass boxes

All of these.

The contradictions of capitalism are slightly less notable in first-world countries because of the enormous consumer benefits of modern-day imperialism, but even people in Scandinavian countries can see the economic signs that something is hugely, hugely wrong.

I really doubt this collapse would cause a revolution capable of abolishing the wage labour

So the show has been almost over for the last few decades, it seems.

Not the guy you're responding to, but I would agree with this

I honestly think capitalism's collapse is significantly more likely to result in the downfall of human society rather than a class uprising at the moment. There is simply no revolutionary infrastructure or significant class consciousness.

Yes, hundred millions of 3rd worlders flocking to their country.

We stopped getting hyper-useful inventions like refrigerators and washing machines and personal computers and are now getting fidget toys and barely functioning VR tech. We covered a lot of ground, for what humans need to survive. Most of our research now is dedicated to AI, next generation propulsion systems and then sex-dating apps. I don't see how we aren't at the edge of collapse. All that's left are inventions which are magical thinking based and have their only reality on the pages of Sci-Fi novels. So more retard clown tech will be proliferated, sleeker, slightly more sophisticated versions of the same platform released ad nauseum until the whole thing chokes on its own overproduction. Everything is single-serving now, all of our products are meant to break in a reasonable time frame so that the next consumption-production cycle can commence accordingly and a similar, slightly more sophisticated model can replace the now obsolete device. Capitalism is supposed to prioritize efficiency and give people exactly what they want, but if you can conflate efficiency with profitability (with marketability and with sales NUMBERS) and if you can control what they want then instead of raising the standards of excellence, we get ever more degraded and exponentially less innovative or useful products. Uber isn't a revolutionary idea, its literally a digital hub that people send messages to, the message contains information that a driver then inputs into his GPS and after 40 minutes you have a ride downtown, its taking already existing technology and fusing it together for the sake of creating profit (wealth). What could easily have been a new form of public transportation, or a new way of orienting transit (and travel) was turned into a chimera of pre-existing (government developed and funded) technologies. Something which merely displaces an existing industry and supply of jobs.

This is a spook.

Those countries are still significantly safer than the US or most European countries. Brown people don't collapse society.

Isn't that what should be expected? The anarchy of production of "an existing industry and supply of jobs" is replaced by an organized monopolitic model.
Also how less developed parts of the world relate to that? Ndongo from Botswana is still fow his western-tier commodification of his life.

Because people like to imagine that the end of capitalism is imminent. The end of capitalism has been imminent in the minds of Communists since the 1800s.

"late capitalism" doesn't mean it's near the end, it refers to the way it's so efficient (not in terms of production and allocation etc, but in creating wealth) and densely networked and integrated into every aspect of life.
It's got issues coming down the road, eventually one of those are going to blow up. That doesn't mean it's imminent but nothing lasts forever.
You're right. Capitalism is an extremely well developed and highly evolved machine, but really we (i.e people generally, and even economists) don't understand it much at all.
If we did, we could make it evolve into something better for us. If we did, neoclassical economics would be consigned to the trashcan of history, instead it's pushed in major universities.
Compared to hard sciences economics is 200 years behind.

You would expect Capitalism to produce exponentially more useful goods and services and for the standards of living to go up constantly in every country, to the point where death starts being a "how" instead of a "when" for most people in the developed world. This hasn't occured, what's happened is the opportunistic reproduction, the endless cloning and aping of other ideas, products. A horizontal motion through the endless ways one can repackage a good or service, this is what we are seeing. Any vertical motion is negligible and controlled completely.
Well, the Capitalist say that this is undesriable. Most mixed-economy advocates say that this is undesirable, and certainly most mid-tier and small business owners think this is undesirable. And its precisely this guaranteed oligopoly and scheduled release of progressively more advanced products, with scheduled obsolescence which are all designed to match up with the highest profitability windows and the lowest chance of not tripling or quadrupling one's profits, this is what is so toxic and a sign of stagnation and failure. Capitalism is an infinite growth system, it will latch onto things the state creates. If the state innovates new propulsion systems so that travel to the Kuiper Belt is feasible for astro-mining operation, then Capitalism will latch onto it. Only if the State innovates and then makes technology available to the private sector, does capitalism "provide" standards of living increases. Capitalism can only implement what exists but doesn't get used (AKA the PPF, full implementation of technological capabilities for the purposes of production), or rely on the State to innovate and develop new technological systems that it then "develops" (which is code for strips-down and turns into modules which can be sold slowly or all together), and then implements in production. Capitalism can only distribute and cannibalize existing products and technologies. Its a literal con artist, magic trick ideology.
The developing world will get all the goodies from capitalism but it won't be enough to stop the hemmoraging of profits from the overabundance of cheap highly sophisticated technological goods and services. There is an overabundance of production and a lack of profit. Any gains made in the Third World will not off-set the total lack of development in the first world. Get used to stagnation, the tangential nature of new technologies will become more apparant in the next decade. I did however say, at least I think, that there is a chance Capitalism can latch onto a new development and then distribute that to most of the public (which raises the standard of living). This is only allowed because the existence of laborers, a tax base, owner classes, interest and rent-seeking classes is useful to the perpetuation of the State who sanctifies all of this and is the source of all the technical capacity and logistical support necessary to allow Late Capitalism to continue to exist.
They're not enough to offset the mortification of the consumer media complex which is completely unprofitable and unsustainable. There hundreds of major corporations who are basically either not solvent or completely incapable of turning a profit. You will see how dangerous this is to Finance and Global Capital when it comes out that all these Tech and Media companies are worth nothing, produce nothing and have invented and innovated nothing. Every single cool autistic toy you own from an Apple store or Microsoft catalog is something that the State has had access to for 15 years or more. Its all just stripped down, locked Nigga Technology in the words of Gin Rummy.
Capitalism is dying, it can't be saved by teaching Africans to code or by selling sex apps to Latinos and Arabs.

No, Sweden and France aren't safe.


Certainly safer than the US.


Redneck US is still crime-free compared to Sweden big cities.

Fuck off.


If this is the perfected version of Capitalism then we are FUCKED.

Care to post some statistics then?

It's where I live and it's the safest.

I live in redneck US and it is most definitely not safe.

I see. You're slice of redneck of living is safe thus they all are. It's not like rural america has sweeping drug epidemics, alcohol related deaths, petty theft, and corruption. No, the rural US is fine 'cause white people.

That article doesn't say what you think it says.
And it seems to stem from the obsession by people not in Sweden with Swedish crime.

Where do you live?

All minimal compared to the cities.

I live in a sparse town, no people, no problems.

ARPA and most satellite and GPS systems are developments from DARPA and NASA. Most medical research and development of computer processers is subsidized by the state (as in all of the fucking investment for """R&D""" is donated by the State) or comes from DARPA. Nearly every single high tech innovation that shipping liners use, that airplanes use that most drones use are from the Air Force and Naval research labs and again the DoD's private research labs/initiatives. The Highlands Forum, which is the Pentagon's secret meeting hub for all their affiliates in these research groups along with the NSA and every major tech company, they are the one's who discuss and distribute these top secret or budding technologies across this spectrum of firms and institutes. So it all comes from the State. We would not have Wi-Fi, nor drones, nor touch screens, nor advanced crystal displays or gps systems if it was not for the State building them to outfit our War Machine.

If it is not directly from the State, as in something that was developed by MIT or the military, then it probably was subsidized or funded by the state. They control basically all of our technological development. If it is profitable (good for tax revenue collection) and if it is not dangerous to give to the masses and to expose to our enemies, then it is released for the public's use. If not, the government buys all the firms who are involved in development or control all the talent that are capable of development. For instance advanced sattelite systems, surviellance systems, robotics and the like are all either plugged into the Highlands Forum network or are done at firms owned and controlled by people from NatSec and the Deepstate. If one takes the time to examine the founders, owners and principal investors in most of these highly cutting edge, sophisticated engineering and research firms, they're almost always related to the Highlands Forum network of people or just straight up ex-Navy, ex NASA, ex-Air Force, or etc etc. Its all controlled by the State and is highly orchestrated. There are no plucky outsider start-up nerd geniuses who just magically create super inventions that make everyone live 15 years longer. Its all done in labs paid for by the state or in military laboratories with droves of top minds who are all signing non-disclosure agreements and prevented from sharing these ideas by secrecy laws.

I'm a little worried that this is so new to most people.

It says perfectly what it tries to obscure.

Crimes increase in 2016, but of course, we cannot conclude blah blah blah

I'm asking for proof.

What secret tech that the State is holding out from the proles and the people, user?

From the look of google, it looks like it's the state who is out-tech by them.

I gave you a place to start, Highlands Forum and NSA/Silicon Valley/DARPA/NASA
This is nonsensical, if its secret how could anyone know? One can know that something is being done, without direct evidence that it is done. For instance Black Holes are only proven by mathematics (which are rational deductions, much like my argument) and by inference. There is no direct evidence they exist, only circumstantial evidence. Its very strong but it has no direct proof. Now since the government funds directly most technological research and controls a huge amount of the scientists who work on cutting edge technologies, then isn't it obvious that most of the technological advances are from the State? Either from the State directly monopolizing talent and resources and then developing something which can be weaponized, then waiting for the opportune time in which its not a threat to reveal to the public, then giving it to tech firms who "develop" it by stripping it down and locking it for consumption. I'm talking about the raw systems for these technologies, the means of production the mathematics and engineering behind them that permits their existence. These are things that can only exist if that info is not classified or locked behind NDA at firms controlled by the Deepstate. Which again if you do a quick search, you'll find plenty of examples of companies which are literally fronts for the deepstate developing new weapons systems.
Considering the state are the people who have bio-weapons systems, who have nano-weapons systems, who have plasma propulsion systems and who are probably going to develop quantum computing first you're full of shit. I also am now convinced this is not only a slide thread but that this is Holla Forums

OK, user, so there's no proof.

Funnily enough, they hire companies to make these techs for them, especially bio-weapon and nano-weapon.

We just went through the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, one that we never truly recovered from, and are headed right back into another crash that our society simply isn't ready for. Capitalism is stuck in a rut it can't find a way out of, and attempts to reinvent itself have all been dead on arrival, so if capitalism can't pull something out of its hat soon, these are probably its final years.

That doesn't disprove what he's saying though does it? In fact it corroborates it.

Again, you're trying to twist what's said to suit your agenda. You're only fooling yourself.
Why? Scared what admitting the truth will do to you?

no just look up Highlands Forum and the Intel Corporation and ARPA and NASA. They invented all of the modern nigga technology that Apple and Google and Samsung sling around.
Funny enough this is a new practice and these companies are always fronts for the NSA and CIA. Blackwater and Strattford and all the little boutique research labs are stocked with government scientists and engineers, ex-Naval commanders and Air-Force Generals, the boards of directors are all CIA and State Dept. You're just ommitting facts to make it seem like the private industry does everything. All of the private industries money, all of its funding and talent comes from the military and the state.

Again go shill on /liberty/ or Holla Forums i know completely realized you're a piece of shit and this is a slide/bait thread filled with Holla Forums cancer after looking through it more deeply.

It does disprove them, cuz it means the tech comes from the corporations, not the State.
What? The truth that somehow crimes increase in 2016?

You pretty stupid, aren't you user?
Maybe >>>Holla Forums would be more your speed.

Inventing tech is one thing, improvising tech is another.
I thought Blackwater is a bunch of mercenaries, not an arm corporation?

OK, user.

Next time I know that proofs and debates don't work on Holla Forums.

Automation will destroy the basic principle capitalism is founded upon: the exploitation of workers by the bourgeois.
Capitalism will be dead by the end of the century.