Where do you stand on overpopulation?

and where do these people stand to travel, wtf

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socialism has a good track record on limiting populations
and I don't mean 'xd 100 million dead' but
all lead to people having less children

I don't see any reason to worry about it. The world will sustain as many people as the world can sustain.

Resettlement in Siberia

It's the harsh reality that socialists can't bear to face. The worst possible reality would be one where there's some sort of war in Southeast Asia and the billion filthy pooinloos stream into Europe, and liberals let them

Can you fucking imagine, Western civilization would be dead within a year

I'm ancom but this slogan (or whatever you call it) is retarded

Indians would be preferable to Muslims. How often do you hear about Indian crime or terrorism?

kek, nazifags

Stop reading the Daily Mail and get some fresh air kid

Population has exploded since the 19th century to match the demands of industrialized labor under capitalism.
Without capitalism, population will naturally decrease.

There's something just extremely detestable about indians and pakis. They disgust most people more than niggers. Smelly, ugly, short, and rapey.

Any UK fags here can vouch for me I'm sure

When did the conversation become about Holla Forumsyps?


Assuming you're of Germanic, Slavic, Latin, Greek, Armenian, or another other type of Indo-European descent, they're much more closely related to you than, say, a Finn or a Basque, even if those look more similar to you.

Knowing Holla Forums, however, you're probably a self-hating half-Indian-half-white kid.

Eco-Stalinism when?
we might have to unironically make Stalin look like an anarchist at this point to save humanity from its own mistakes by this point tbqh

Would you like to live with these people? Really? I mean at least Holla Forums and conservatives in general are honest about it, libshits just avoid this question and pretend that they would like their neighbourhood to be turned into little Somalia or little Pakistan.

I dunno if that picture's related cuz India as a whole ain't exactly overpopulated in comparison to European countries, it's just that a lot of people are forced into urban slums cuz that's where the resources are.

Apart from that overpopulation's a lie. Resource overconsumption ain't though. Countries like Ethiopia don't even use a 10th of their fair share of the world's electricity while Burgers use 25% of Earth's resources even though they're only 5% of the total population.

Capitalism is the driving force behind a lot of this wastefulness of course.

Stop reading The Camp Of The Saints, please.

You know, I keep reading that a fucktonne of Holla Forumsacks ain't even h'wite. I wonder if there's something to that claim…

I stopped reading it when it became real life with Hindus swapped for Arabs.

Can't remember the last time I went to a hospital where most of the doctors weren't Indian. They contribute to society unlike you and your lot, m8.

Look up pictures of their meetings on the Lefty booru. Half of them aren't even white. They're the most diverse white nationalist group around.

LOL Come to think of it I remember how diverse the HWNDU stream was with sinners like Jackie4Chan and Jihadi Jesus.

Red Herring, the population will start falling by 2050 as-long as we keep funding contraceptive programs in the third world and promoting women's rights. As societies progress, population growth falls as per the demographic transition model: we just need to keep the DTM progressing in the world's nations and we should reach a point where population won't increase by much.

Medical advancements like CRISPR will let people live longer sure, but the amount of babies born will decrease. Providing we can deal with environmental issues, and continue development, we should have no major issues with population by 2100. However, environmental issues will be of great importance if we are to sustain a world of 9-11 billion in comfort.

Britbong here, yeah you chat shit.

Hold up now. You can't just equate linguistic family trees with genetic family trees.

Nigga go google yourself some history or GTFO

Overpopulation is not a problem, the ones thinking it is have to kill themselves, first.

LOL Damn, that place looks like what I imagine America will look like if them demographic estimates Stormfags keep posting are right…


how isn't it a problem?

Because even our most generous estimates has the global population peak at around 12 billion, which is not catastrophic provided we don't destroy our arable land. Local overpopulation is a problem, and is one of the factors leading to the increase in migrants.


I didn't say we weren't destroying our farmland, but if we were actually taking care of it instead of letting porkies destroy it for profit then overpopulation wouldn't be a problem. Overpopulation in a capitalist society is just a way to mask the fact that capitalism is unsustainable and will kill us all if we let it. An ecologically conscious socialist society wouldn't have a problem with overpopulation.

It's the root cause of every political "problem" today.

With a world population capped at 2 billion, the political system would scarcely matter as everyone would live in hyperabundance.


Overpopulation is terrible and it has a material cause

Literal pol selfhate


Assuming there were still frontiers, you could just go homestead with your 3D printed robot and/or herd goats.

more or less this, poverty and having lots of kids correlates. I recall the late Hans Rosling explaining why overpopulation is bullshit in some education program on TV, can't remember what it was called.

I'm not sure why normies all seem to fall for the overpopulation meme.

I'm an anarchist. Not a retard.

Implying deporting them back to whatever shithole they left isn't also a band-aid solution, that does nothing to mend the root cause.