Holla Forums will come up with excuses to defend their bullshit on Gamergate


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who gives a shit ?

Gamergay has been irrelevant for 2 years, fuck off to reddit or a liberalrag.

sage this thread nigga

Daily reminder that GG, including the faggot "we can't let it go" GG thread on Holla Forums, loves the president who said this. No wonder Holla Forums is shit, the board owner is a lie-pushing Holla Forums fuck who can't get pussy. Not that I expect much else from hypocrites

These are the same assholes that hated Doom- a game where you kill demons and destroy the devil- because "it has satanic imagery". The same assholes that gave us Jack Thompson, a right-wing anti-gay nut that wanted to destroy video games

Who gives a fuck?

It was retarded to begin with. It's even more retarded 2 years later.

"so much for the tolerant left

Fuck tolerating your sorry right-wing asses. Conservatives are hatemongering jokes that twist their religion into an excuse to be fascists, but gripe when people don't like it.

Get out of video games and stop trying to ruin them because they don't meet your cuntservative agenda.

What part of "nobody on Holla Forums gives a sideways fuck about a gamergate" do you not understand nigga

I love how a white guy getting fired didn't upset them too much, where's their racial pride when a brother has fallen?

Notsee logic

Nobody cares about this anymore, fuck off back to gamerghazi or whatever reddit shithole spawned you

try harder Holla Forums

Gamergate was literally worse than the holocaust

"Zoe's a terrible person for sucking dick" - Milo Yiannothworthafuck, a fake reporter who sucks 12 black dicks a day

Gaming along with anime are cultural industrial industries taken to the next level.

Gamergate was a non event, pure undiluted spectacle

Honestly if the discussion around gamergate was actually allowed to have taken place at all on 4chan and other internet platforms then it would have been a big fat nothing that would have been instantly forgotten. The only reason it was a big deal was that the discussion was censored and people were getting banned back front and center.

It's the reason the exodus happens and Holla Forums exists so I'm happy about it.

other important lessons from gamergate:

Videogames give you mental illness

the liberal media class is nothing but a clique of bumbling self important idiots who brought it on itself via its own stupidity

one can build a profitable media career by pandering to resentful autists.


Did an insane asylum let every patient use the internet? That's what it reads like. 90% of it is crying over politics, not games. Most of these people don't play video games anyway so they only know about a few titles. They pretend Bayonetta was good because "SJWs attacked it". That's the game starring some no-talent Japanese artist's ripoff of Baroness form GI Joe.

I love how they pretend that not getting panty shots or skimpy outfits in games is "censorship". I guess no one told these literal retards that hentai exists. I don't need upskirt shots when I can see her naked in hi-res on a booru.

They whine over HuniePop not getting love, yet when they meet women IRL who act that way they call those women "sluts". HuniePop was a shit Bejeweled clone with a bad dating sim tacked on and hentai "art" by an artist that was unfamiliar with human anatomy. One of the spread open vaginas had a flat surface instead of a hole. Same reason they pretend to like Doom 4, "SJWs said mean things about it". I'll play Bejeweled instead.

I've played video games since 1985. These faggots are not gamers, I am. Fuck these shitbags and their moronic, inbred families.

We don't give a shit about gayurgay. Fuck off back to reddit or hang yourself.

What the fuck faggot. Your post just gave me cancer.

Good posts.
Few things makes me facepalm harder than observing the insane double-thinking that goes on Holla Forums where they love lewdness in everything but at the same time claim to be cuntservatives loving of dah tradishuns.

In my safe spaceā€¦.