Do you faggots know why you aren't able to control or even influence the narrative over at 4/pol/...

Do you faggots know why you aren't able to control or even influence the narrative over at 4/pol/? I'm curious to see what you think.

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What is it like to have no self-awareness?

I mean, isn't it embarrassing having to create your own, leftist version of Holla Forums with biased, commie moderators to get your shitty opinions and arguments across?

You commies stand no chance on a board like 4/pol/. Without censorship and control your ideologies have no power at all.





read a book and stop embarrassing yourself

There are commies on 4/pol/ right now. Holla Forums was made because 8/pol/ was made into a nazi safe space by the mods. So you are projecting once again.

Because we (I) don't want to.

They are an irrelevant minority that nobody listens to. Whenever they voice their opinions all they are met by is ridicule and scorn.

Face it, the reason that you can't influence 4/pol/ even in the slightest way is that your ideologies are naive and stupid.

Nazbols are the only lefties that have a little chance of influencing people over there, and you view them as the black sheep of your retarded family.

But we are.

Mulattochan will be NAZBOL by 2020.

Oh, I can answer that.

You see, "we" over here at leftypol are a bunch of faggots who care about pushing a narritive more then putting out what's true and backing it up with facts.

"Our" opponents are people who state the plain truth, can back it up, and no matter how rude they are the important factor in our defeat is that they're right.

These opponents of leftypol also have a call for logic being triumphant rather then feelings and emotion dictating how a country should be run.

When you get down to it, though, we can't control people that actually change things because we're unrepentant faggots with no sense of self or recognition for truth.

who said we want to influence that place?

top fucking kek

I haven't been on 4/pol/ for a few years aside from wanting to check its increasingly deteriorating state, so I don't know who you're talking to.

That board is a gained traction after left-wing thread on 8/pol/ were getting raided with the silent approval of the board staff or just plain anchored. /r/the_donald's 4chan colony has hardly anything to do with that


8/pol/ is really the r/the_donald colony nowadays. It used to be good, before Trump, but now you can't even criticize him without getting banned by the kike mods. 4/pol/ is a lot better than 8/pol/ now, so I really hope /polk/ can gain more popularity.

for the same reason you aren't able to control or even influence the narrative over here

oh shit forgot to sage

They're both fucking shit, except their types of shitness are simply too different to be comparable.

Currently in the process of switching over from 4/pol/.

Nsg threads are now trash and circle jerks of larpers. It's full of fascists who think it's compatible with capitalism, edgy ancap teens and the few leftists who post are mostly shitposting.

I got into Asserism/National Bolshevism and they wouldn't talk or discuss it besides the occasional shitpost response. Here I can actually gain left wing veiws, learn more about my own veiws and compare them.

That and 4/pol/ lost it's touch. Ever since the election everything felt forced and ironic. Discussion was shit. A few months ago a thread made for economic discussion was made and quickly fell apart bc NIGGER DEGENERATE CUCK posting.

Also they are quite anti semitic but not for the right reasons. Theirs are because of ILLUMINATI irrelevant shitING. Despite their hatred of Jews they support a system that Jewish elites flourish in.

Also the Trump posters still remain loyal despite his obvious Neocon tendancies.

Also a large amount of them converted to Christianity because everyone else did. I feel a large amount of it was due to the deus vult meme.

Lefties don't get banned for being lefties on 4/pol/, you're free to write basically whatever you like there as long as it's related to politics, so no.

4/pol/ is better since you're at least allowed to have discussions there.

You ignore anything that doesn't agree with your narrative, so what's the point of talking to you?



Wrong. I was banned from Holla Forums for saying we europeans should reject american globalism.


RIght-wingers post here, even if they only want to argue, provided they actually argue rather than sperging out and posting shitty memes(which immediately disqualifies most of Holla Forumslacks). You'd notice that if you spend a while here.

Actually, yes you do. The mods on 4/pol/ are heavily the controlling the discussion in favour of an American neoconservative slant.

It wouldn't surprise me if Hiroyuki is literally on the Republican party's payroll. He did something similar in Japan on 2chan.

Chosing a religion because of memes. God-fucking-damn. How can people actually be that stupid?

Seriously? I am glad that I left niggertits before m00t.

And nothing of value was lost.

Disgusting thb

Do you faggots know how autistic these moustache-twirling posts make you look?


Because we're by and large too normie to communicate with teenage autists whose opinions come from youtube videos and infographs. Seeing what half/pol/ looks like when they go outside, this is probably a good thing.

Really weirded me out. I always thought they were mostly agnostics but ever since the crusade memery started they embraced it. They're quick to deny things now if it was an idea or created by a pagan, agnostic, or atheist. Hell they sometimes get a small argument about denominations


Yeah it's why he got kicked out from there to begin with.

He was selling user information to the LDP. He was getting paid to cultivate a right-wing culture on the site.

You mean /the_reddit/?

What the fuck. Saved

The only decent debate threads we have here seem to devolve into shit posting after the Holla Forumscuck gets triggered too hard.
And any other rightist thread is just dumb bait like this. I you want to discuss something, go ahead, just try not to get to triggered like your friends and we should be cool.

No, that's the current state of 8/pol/. Retards from r/the_donald who blindly support Trump are bullied over at 4/pol/.

More like "sensible people calling Holla Forums out for being a hivemind that doesn't accept outside information"

Don't you have a 'Trump General' thread over there? Lmao. You redditfags are too funny.

More like they're the majority in spite of the tears from Nazis.

Trump-general is a permanent feature of the front page.
National-Socialist-General is basically dead.

I hope it stays that way. Whenever is is active it often become ancaps shitting on them or them constantly fucking up info and not knowing about the Assers, Degrelle, etc

Ok, cool. You wanna debate? Before we start I think it's best that you tell us what some leftist vocabulary like "Socialism" and "Communism" so that we can all be on the same level of understanding what the other is talking about. I think it would also be best that you give us a brief explanation of your own ideology

Shut the fuck up, Jin Saotome. Go buy more SJW Hasbro toys.


In the next 4 years there will be a rise in left wing nationalism.

Under the Trump administration and the Republican party in general the Nationalists will realize their aupport of capitalism only strays them away from their national sovereignty and pushes them and their people further into Porkys pockets.

Prediction is at least 10% of the Nationalist right will go Nazbol/Strasser


So what's going here. Is Holla Forums actually stealing our memes? I've recently come across about 2-3 memes that were Holla Forums memes for quite a few months, only to see some the meme appropriated with a le Happy Merchant insert. I even remember that bootleg nazi Alunya that some user posted once, but unfortunately, that pic is on my old PC

It's the other way around, retard. Holla Forums has been stealing memes from Holla Forums ever since its creation. For instance that porky meme you've got is a blatant ripoff of the happy merchant.

How many times do we have to tell you niggers: just about all of your shit comes from both /new/ and /r9k/. As for porky: it's is only really similar to le Happy Merchant in spirit, but the actual artwork is from Soviet propaganda.

I forgot to add: since you're still here (assuming you're OP), perhaps you can reply to my post and actually discuss, or perhaps you're just here to shit up the board and make a fool of yourself

/new/ was Holla Forums before Holla Forums came to be.

Holla Forums stealing memes from /r9k/? What?

I'm not him. He's probably been banned or decided to do something more worthwhile than arguing with retards.

Well clearly you seem to not hold us in high regard, so you're also welcome to engage in some discourse

About what? The thread's been anchored and will soon disappear, so what would be the point?