Sniffing slovenian trashing anarchism. thoughts?

Sniffing slovenian trashing anarchism. thoughts?

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He's retard

Most ancoms/ansyns/communalists/demcons talk about confederations replacing the state, thus replacing the state with a more accountable and non-hierarchial organization. Not the complete elimination of cooperation and walling ourselves into microcommunities.

You can vote through the internert quicker than making a shitpost. And any leftist who thinks community control over their water or whatever is bad should just go socdem.

3/10 better than muh anarkiddies but not particularly good or original.


*video starts*

so on and so on

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Is the Confederation merit based or vote based?

*tugs shirt*

*posts funny, original comment*

I think he's kinda missing the point there by strawmanning anarchism with some local, small hippie commune.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thoroughly believing anarchism is in no way feasible, but not because of the reasons Žižek points out.

What the fuck does starbucks & recycling have to do with anarchy? wow man TRASHED!! I'll give that ideology up in a jiff, now!

Zizek seems to think that organizing the distribution of resources is impossible outside of a state structure. He also seems to think that actively participating in an anarchist society would be boring for everyone just because he wants to live in an alienated state.
I like the Sniff man a lot, but he can be retarded sometimes.

so…an anti-federalist confederacy?

He makes 2 points:

1) In order for it to function you need a state to fill in the complex background

Doesn't explain why


"would you really like to live in such a shitty local society where you have to decide on everything"

He ALWAYS says this and it ALWAYS implies there is somebody forcing you to vote on everything, like you couldn't just let your comrades decide things if you wanted….

if he doesn't want to take part in society like that it isn't an argument as to why it isn't a better way to organise society over all

Holla Forums tier logic tbh "i dont want"

then he just kind of rambles about recycling.

I wouldn't really call it a trashing in any way

He disregards it on it being undesirable, not unrealistic.

So I already appreciate it a lot more than what 99% of people have to say about anarchism.

If you read Bakunin's "Revolutionary Catechism" (Nechayev wasn't the only one who made one!), he was advocating for soviets way ahead of his time (1866, so before the Paris Commune even).
Much of what Marxists claim as their own and say "anarkiddies" reject was in fact taken from them. It's simply a fact.

When asked about topics beyond culture and psychoanalysis, Zizek betrays his lack of interest in politics and organization. He really just wants to live a comfy life as a cultural critic in something approximating the old Yugoslav SFR and does not see anarchist organization as capable of producing that kind of life for him.

You underestimate the power of the invisible orange hand of the mutualist FREE MARKET, Comrade Sniff.

does anyone actually take Zizek seriously, besides his little cult following that is .

More people take Zizek seriously than they do take anarchism tbh.

That explains the explosion of socdems then.

Daily reminder that Anarchism is red liberalism and will never happen unless anarchists get behind revolutionary ML parties instead of resorting to petty lifestylism.

ML policy is basically extreme social democracy without the democracy part tho. Worker's didn't even control shit, it was all run by a state bureaucracy.


tbh I think the whole "anarchists are liberals" meme is just because liberals who first transition to being socialist are more attracted to anarchism because "muh antifa" and they're scared away from ML by the "6 gorillion" memes. Just because a lot of edgy post-liberal newfags are anarchists doesn't mean that most anarchists are like that or that anarchist theory is somehow invalidated or liberal-leaning.

The whole "anarchists are liberals" meme is because MLs call anything they don't like either liberalism or revisionism.

They only reason that's the case is because he had 2 movies. You get someone to talk on a screen, no matter what they say or how intelligent they are, some percentage of people will agree and follow the person on the screen .


That's also true. Leftcoms do it as well. Take almost any actual leftist ideology and their worst sectarian insult to other real leftists will be "you're a liberal", which is basically equivalent to saying "you're not a real leftist".

That being said, MLs are edgy liberals in terms of policy.

There. I said it.


Coming from a Mutualist. Hang yourself.

"le markets = capitalism or capitalist lite" meme again, is it? Please, tell me all about how the workers actually ran shit in your precious USSR.