Holla Forums is this true?

Holla Forums is this true?

wtf I hate being a white fucking male now

Diversity of Minds > "Diversity"

Did you take this picture? If you did, you could post relevant studies. Then there would be matter to talk.

what is an ambiguous task? Like, "calm down a baby" rather than, "spear a deer"?

I dont know. Why are you reading trash?

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That's racist



stop strawmanning, faggot

also, your ideology is basically neoliberalism

No, really. Source?

I want to check their references.

quite the leap in logic they make there. they make 2 solid jumps from their study to come to this conclusion. i wonder how many more.

now what can we jump to from this? i can see about 3 more leaps we can make to get us to that women and minorities are better at chess than white men.

**im very curious about the details of the actual study they performed.

I'm seeing "cognitive complexity" itself as a potential spin on the actual findings, which probably sound more like 30 pages of the Waffle vs Spaghetti explanation of male vs female brains. You could just as easily posit that white men are more focused and less prone to distraction, and define the other groups' tendency to be open as a bad thing and lead to meandering resolve and faltering dedication.

So race realism is only okay when it points out the flaws of the white male?

Really coalesces my casavas….

yeap, the world is a lot more reactionary than Holla Forums would like to believe.

Your book says so, right?
If you are studying, during the exam try to tell to your teacher your ideological pov of "man is superior" "minorities are untermensch" instead of what is written in the book, and then come back here and tell us if you passed the exam.

Maybe, and i say maybe, actual scientists (not the pseudo intellectuals who have learned everything they know from racerealism.jpg or genderrealism.png) know the subject better than Holla Forums?

But my textbook told me there is only one race…the human race.

That book is your faggot, you came here to ask some shit, don't blame us!
If you are vomiting your redpill because reality is not in the way Holla Forums likes it, is something that you have to digest
What leftists stress for the most part is not that there aren't some differences among people, but that race is a spook and doesn't really matter!

Despook yourself, you'll read your textbooks more lighthearted.

you had your answer.

Races do exist insofar as political and cultural phenomenon are "real", but race as a biological term is outmoded and simply does not adequately describe human genetics.

So how can white males have different brains and why do we need more ethno racial diversity?

why you keep talking about "racial necessities", you are obsessed on something that doesn't really matter. Live in this world please.

nice source

They don't.

What the fuck is an ambiguous task? What possible use could a task that is not clearly defined have in any sort of institution?

I think you're taking offense to big words that aren't nearly as deep as you think. Nothing here is wrong.

It looks like a secondary school homework assignment, so that explains that.

Whole lot of no source being posted going on in here.

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gee is this really a surprise or profound to anyone, especially anyone who's watched MGTOWS or magatards discuss anything

no it doesn't mean white males are inherently evil or any fucking retarded shit like that and I honestly have no idea what point the Holla Forumsyp was trying to make with this thread

if you're unable to separate the concepts of socialization and genetics you should just kill yourself already