Believes in homocidal gas chambers, 6 million Jews and the entire lolocaust narrative

Really now?

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There are photographic evidence of people being gassed to death? wew

By paid Holohoax "survivors". Please.


Is there photographic evidence of Jewish commissars hauling away truckloads of grain and leaving starving white Ukrainian families in their wake?

Most holocaust victims were simply shot and buried in mass graves. As usual, internet wannabe fascists lack any worldview beyond the same Hollywood pop culture they claim to despise

Fucking Kulaks: The Movie came out this year.



They both happened, one was an intentional torture and genocide campaign while the other was an unintentional famine.

It's ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€evidence๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€, fam. Jews faked their own deaths in 4d chess.











Both happened.

A Nazi Poem:
If they say it happened, they are lying.
If they show it happened, it was fake.
If it is proven it happened, it was falsified.
If it wasn't falsified, someone else did it.
And if they did do it, they deserved it.

I nearly forgot! All Jews are crisis actors. Have you ever seen a Jew die? I haven't either.




โ€“ Rudolf Hรถss, 5 April 1946

๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€Eyewitness๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€ accounts, folks!

Watching Nazi apologists try to argue is the funniest shit ever, it's amazing how fast they do a 180 on their own contentions.

Yeah yeah. We get it. People exaggerate atrocities to garner sympathy, money or for propaganda purposes.

The Mongols threw every book into the Tigris.
The British cut off the thumbs of every Indian weaver.
The Europeans personally slaughtered 100 million native Americans.
The Japanese raped everyone in eastern China.

Inb4 false confessions.

Two Questions:
1. Why did the Nazi officers tried at Nuremburg make no effort to deny that they had attempted to exterminate the Jews? Many said they were proud of what they did or used the "just following orders" excuse. There are videos of this testimony. It is obvious they knew they were guilty and that the evidence was overwhelming.

2. Why has none of the Soviet documentation released after the end of the Cold War exposed this intentional plan to starve Ukrainians? Why do mainstream historians (including anti-soviet historians) admit that the Ukrainian famine happened out of incompetence and a bad harvest not malice?

inb4 da jooz control our entire historical memory and all of academia somehow

Really now?

This enough is alone to btfo all the muh holohoax idiots. I have never seen this question answered satisfactorily.


Now you get it.

They said they were proud of gassing Jews? Please show me this video evidence that you apparently have. I'm intrigued.

I do believe in Holodomor. It was a great achievment in order to keep society free from corrupted minded people.
Why do you have pity for the people that died during Holodomor? They were completely useless on any society.
It's very dangerous to keep people with that kind of corrupted mentality on society.
What Stalin did was a great achievment. I wish there was a Stalin in my country to ship out all the corrupted minded people from here to gulagsโ€ฆ

So this is the power of Stalinism. Whoa

This meme is so fucking stupid. Stalin confiscated the kulaks' entire food supply, that's why they starved.

You are not even trying

The photographic evidence of dead Jews only proves that Jews died, it says nothing of how they died.

Some of them were shot, but most of them starved or died of typhus, due to shortages of food and medicine (as a result of the Allies having destroyed Germany's entire infrastructure). Yes, there were hospitals in the camps. Zyklon B was a pesticide used to prevent typhus epidemics.



Interestingly enough, the official death toll at Auschwitz is only half of that claim. So he lied.

Rudolf Hรถss was tortured into making false confessions, that quote proves jack shit.



This thread is so ironic

communists butthurt about nazis will deny their own crimes

Why do nazis deny the holocaust? Shouldn't they be proud they killed so many jews?

It would invalidate their victim complex. You cannot be the victim of you are the perpetrator of mass murder.

for the same reason why some tanksters deny Katyn even despite they were all Poles reactionary fascists anyways

Makes them look bad. The reveal of their atrocities in the holocaust killed any sympathy that people had for them, so Nazis deny it to look "humane" (we only wanted to detain them!) and so on, What said is also true.


oh boy it's another Holla Forums dank infographic diarrhea thread that the faggot mods haven't bumplocked and will ban me for posting a shitting cartoon dog in because they want us to hate this place and move to their buttholechan echo chamber


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i'm detecting a conflict of interest here heh

I thought Holla Forums loved Jews now, what with Trump being an Israel-friendly Jew that openly wants to throw anti-semites out of the US.

see the difference?

"suffered and died"


one is more inclusive than the other
and it just so happens to be the higher number

really makes you think

on to the second image

death camps all in the east and not within the boarders where the own population would've witnessed it all
it's also closer to the population that was actually massacred
woah, what a coincidence!

i also noticed that you stopped using the scanning of a document by the "Sonderstandesamt Arolsen" which supposedly shows a very small number of "total victims" just after i replied to it several times pointing out that it says on that document itself that it does not give any "total numbers" for overall victims

reply by that same source nazis use without being capable of either or understanding its content when it was informed about the holocaust denial propaganda referencing their material

you guys are literally retarded


stalin purged the clouds and caused a famine didn't you know?

That's not it. 4 million did not die in Auschwitz. However these 4 million were not thought to have been Jews (the plaque says no such thing). So why would it influence the total death toll when the number got revised?


Eichmann tapes

"He who fights monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster". Aaand that's probably the only time you'll see me quote Nietszche in my videos.
Frank's ongoing infection means that he is doomed to take Isabella's drug regularly for the rest of his life, thereby making it the perfect consumer product. Indeed, this idea is developed more in Dead Rising 2, where the formula becomes the corporate-owned Zombrex, and that game as well as the Road to Fortune spin-off comic explore how far that Phenotrans will go to continue profiting from the drug. Of course, this draws inspiration from the idea that a treatment is more profitable than a cure, as seen with the widespread distrust of and paranoia about 'big pharma'. Some of these complaints are no doubt valid, but it's difficult to know at what point anti-capitalism bleeds into reactionary hippie nature-worship ludditism. After all, SSRIs were a huge cash cow for pharmaceutical companies, but that doesn't mean they haven't been demonstrated to have an effect on depression. A more in-depth look at this concept is also featured in the puzzle/simulation game Big Pharma, which we'll cover at some point.
To shift topics, it does seem quite ironic that the US is simultaneously the country that destroyed Santa Cabeza and the one that took in Carlito's orphans, but it is pehaps emblematic of the real world confusion of US foreign policy. Liberals raise hell about the treatment of Muslim refugees but ignore the American atrocities that caused their homes to be destabilised in the first place. Of course, the idea of brown-skinned refugee children as little ticking time bombs is also fitting given the current alt-right hysteria about the destruction of western values, secularism, the white race, and so on through demographic change, but I don't think that implication is in the original game, especially since the list we saw is mostly made up of white-sounding names. However, the orphans are retconned in Dead Rising 3 to have all been from Santa Cabeza to tie in an extra political message about immigration and hispanics in the US, and I think that's the more interesting plot anyway, so I'll just pretend that's canon here. Since I already talked about Carlito's motivations though, we'll move on.
The hole in the clock tower allows the zombies to slowly repopulate the mall, and I suppose it's a good thing too, because otherwise we wouldn't have anywhere to get the Queens that Isabella needs from. As the zombies spread out again, it takes a few game hours to hunt down the 'stretching' zombies which carry the wasps, and recover the ten needed for the formula.

And so, with that stirring pep talk, we're off, and there's no more free roaming as we reach the final stretch of the game. Make sure you grab some decent weapons and have full health before you give the last Queen to Isabella, because there's no items down here but rocks. Unfortunately, the horde isn't really our biggest enemy here, but the seriously wonky holding hands mechanic, which means you constantly get detatched from Isabella and more importantly from the zombie repellent. Holding hands has been incredibly awkward for any of the survivors we've had to do it with until now and it's no different here, and if anything it's worse with the uneven ground. Nonetheless, it's a neat little section and definitely makes you feel like you're entering the belly of the beast.
Thank god the pheramone is starting to wear off, because carrying Isabella works a lot better. It's just a short run up to the lever, and while setting the zombies on the army and letting them out of the quarantine zone seems a bit cold blooded, there's not much choice other than to do it and make a run for the humvee and safety. But, of course, nothing's ever quite that easy.
Or to put it another way, this battle is seriously easy, and I'll do it here without losing any health, but it's just a really lame turrent segment against one slow moving target that takes ages. I'll play it sped up for the sake of your sanity. The bambambambambambam of the machine gun really drives you crazy after a while.
Ohhh, it's this guy again. That 'on the battlefield' quote reminds me so much of Metal Gear Solid for some reason.
Oh, but I think we have a verdict! The HDTV is in pieces at just 64/49/52/61 kills, with the SDTV still going strong! Just look at that monster go! It lasted for 86 kills, enough that I got all the way to the end of Paradise Plaza and had to head back. I guess it's true what they say, they just don't make em like they used to! I think we can put that silly conspiracy to rest now, after 11 years of heated controversy I can say scientifically that Capcom loves standard def after all.
Some people have asked what I think about the sequels to Dead Rising, and as far as I'm concerned, there's only one rightful sequel, and that's Dead Rising 2. It expanded on the concepts of the first, with better survivor AI, crafting, slightly better graphics, and online modes. The story is a bit sillier in my opinion, but it still contains the political messages that I enjoyed so much, with more of a focus on reality TV and entertainment, plus evil corporations. Overall, it's definitely worth checking out, but I don't plan on making a video on it for a good long while.
There are two other games which claim to be part of the series, but as far as I know, they're just examples of the general degeneration of the industry as a whole. I haven't played either of them, since I don't want to spoil my enjoyment of the series as a whole, but from what I understand, the third game is a somewhat dumber, more mass market title, with less creativity and effort, while still having some redeeming features, while the fourth is a complete flop that demonstrates a complete tonal shift and most importantly a lack of effort compared to the care and artistry that went into Dead Rising. It's pretty stunning to me that a game released in 2016 have worse graphics than one from 2006, but Dead Rising 4 looks abysmal. If you want to see why, I encourage you to search up Crowbcat's comparison, because I don't want to put a bad taste in my mouth by thinking about it.

But no sequel could dampen my enjoyment of Dead Rising, which I believe is one of the greatest games of the Xbox 360 era. I'm sure my opinion on it is obvious by now, but to keep things consistent I'm going to rate it like the other games I have covered. In terms of gameplay and visuals, the clear technical skill involved in the production really shows in the final product. Unlike those who write Dead Rising off as a brainless gorefest, I think it's clear that a lot of effort was put in to make it a hard hitting and satirical story piece just like the zombie movies it's inspired by, and that really shows in the cutscenes. Long before LA Noire, Dead Rising used full motion capture to portray on screen the emotion and energy of the script, and that's reflected in cutscenes that are full of dramatic weight. At the same time, the 360's hardware was put the test by the demands of the gameplay portions, which are a joy, with the philosophy of freedom and player choice fully realised. The hundreds of ways to dispatch the undead or other survivors of the Willamette Parkview Mall keep the game entertaining for dozens of hours, and the survivor rescues and psychopaths keep the game from being too easy. The game remains entertaining for multiple playthroughs and even after up to 90 hours of play to produce this video and replaying some sections many times to capture what I wanted, I was rarely bored. With that said, there are some frustrations that I have to mention, like the awful survivor AI, bugs like the food court glitch, and the fact that the game sometimes leaves the player unsure what to do without a guide. In addition, the gorgeous wide-open areas and density of zombies meant that the Xbox 360 version suffered from long load times, and the tiny text was annoying in the original release.
Ultimately, I have to award the Xbox 360 version with a 9 out of 10, but with better load times, 60fps, less bugs, and no standard definition issues, the HD rerelease deserves a perfect 10 out of 10 in my mind. If you don't feel that my analysis has spoiled it for you, and you enjoy the genre, I highly advise you to play Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 on PC or Xbox One. Of course, we should also cover the subversiveness of Dead Rising's story and themes, and here too I think the game shines. I suppose I should dock a few points for the fact that its' main message is essentially a retread of Dawn of the Dead, a movie that came out 39 years ago, but then again, those criticisms of consumerism apply just as well in 2017 as they did in 2006 and 1978, and that alone should make players think. In addition the criticism is modernised by the war on terror-era script, and the meat analogy is further explored. Overall, it does what Dawn of the Dead never could, and brings the viewer into the free-roaming consumerist playground personally. Of course, the game needs to be understood in context to bring these themes across, and many who played it never recieved the social messages. I feel like making the satire any more blatant would ruin it for the rest of us, however, and I think the parody is largely pitch-perfect. At the end of the day, Dead Rising is only capable of critiquing capitalist culture, and not of offering an alternative, but it could never really do that without becoming preachy. Overall, I'll grant it a 9 out of 10 in terms of subversive content, and it represents a highly underrated piece of social commentary in my opinion.
I hope that you agreed that it was an interesting piece to cover, and most of all I hope you have enjoyed my analysis. Thank you for sticking with me through some of the rough points and the general length, and I hope to see you for my upcoming videos, as well as hearing your feedback in my comments section or on social media. The best reward I could recieve is my videos reaching a wide audience, and I encourage you to share them if you think you know someone who would be interested, but this is capitalism after all, and money is pretty nice too, so I give thanks to my five dollar Patreon sponsor Jacob Bagge/Angry Tea Gamer [check]for helping to support this video, and I always appreciate new Patrons. If you're able to donate, the link is in the description.