4chan is slowly getting despooked because of Holla Forums's nauseating obnoxiousness

4chan is slowly getting despooked because of Holla Forums's nauseating obnoxiousness
What is Holla Forums going to do now?
Are we going to free the chan culture from the far-right spooks?

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It will happen on its own. Edgy contrarianism is the root of all chan culture and the fountain from which all discussion springs. They will doom themselves once even the thickest idiot realizes that they're establishment dogs.

Chan culture died with Project Chanology.

Let them felch the corpse. Who cares.

No need. If moral nihilism returns to 4chan, it will be by way of a self-rediscovery. Unfortunately, I doubt that the site is capable of hosting a user base dedicated to lulz anymore. The shit we used to do daily would get sent to the police now.

Moralism is the antithesis of Anonymous.

p much this, m00t, in his later days, tried everything possible to declaw and detooth the site for safety and possibly sale. Now that a businessman who makes mad dosh off of scaring retards into buying 4chan passes owns it, I doubt we'll see any change.

I really wish it could have just died with m00t, seeing the cancerous, rotting tumor being dragged around by cancerous newfags is painful.

infact Holla Forums is the antithesis of anonymous

let me explain
If you don't fit a certain moral stereotype you are not worth living
They removed what makes them user in the forst place

I remember when user used to describe himself with words like "pansexual" to state the fact that they used to fap to everything. Now that term sounds more like a non-binary SJW thing, or a "degenerate" thing.

Fuck moralism.

4chan is never going to be an edgier slightly more left of center reddit with perfectly politically correct "polite" attitudes and there is NOTHING you subhuman niggers can do about it.

Tell me more about how PC is just niggers.

And a newfag finds his way into an oldfag discussion. I bet this faggot never even ate delicious cake before.

You don't even know what you missed out on, did you, kid?

You sir are and idiot.

Why are you /r/anarchy babbies so desperate to revise 4chan history?

Probably because their upset about missing the boot.

I was there in the old days fam. It was far from conservative or a WN paradise

Hey, he remembers a meme! 4chan was always nihilist before Chanology. Morality that newfags like you brought, as well as m00t's general faggotry, ruined what was good forever.

neither leftists are politically correct.

You know, that term was originally used in the late '80s. by leftists to ridiculize other leftists who were overzelous.
And the first one who manifested against politically correctness were FEMINISTS.
Read a motherfucking book kid.

I bet you don't even know about pre-chanology or how Holla Forumsacks (newfag board btw) were exiled to 4chon.net :^)

Race denialists and communists are the height of moral faggoty and they also just so happen to align perfectly with the college campus socialist orthodoxy of the current day.

Sweetie no, we ARE the counter culture and will be for the foreseeable future. Maybe you should stick to reddit and somethingawful and Tumblr

4chon was a horrible shithole I was posting there while you were still in middle school. STI was a schizophrenic

Oh yeah, uh-huh. The people who outright deny morality are the moralfags, not the easily offended cunts crying about traditional values and moral fun. Pro tip: an outraged morality is still morality.

because someone, who hate people who like to have buttsex, like you say so? classical Holla Forums hypocrisy
Your numbers aren't near not even in the slightlest to the major countercultures of the past. You elected an establishment baboon, and is for everyone to see that he is a porky's bitch. You are already dead as a "counterculture". You lack the free think mentality of the counterculture. Your ideologies mean oppression for everyone who is not like you, and this doesn't compute with a counterculture. Your side have too much extreme capitalistic people to be a counterculture. You can't be a counterculture, Period. Or better, you have to expect a counterculture against you someday in the future.

Maybe finally 4chan will recover from the reddit influx.

That Holla Forumslost all claim to being counterculture as soon as Donald Trump got elected is some prime dialectical motion.

more proof Holla Forums = SJWs

I fucking wish

So why is nigger and faggot hate, and calling out the jew IRL so controversial but being a communist and discussing marx is not?

Fuck off dumb faggot

Kill yourself race traitor nigger lover

Sure sounds like an SJW. Might as well call me a shi.tlord. Fucking kek

triggered hard

Lol most places it's illegal to be a communist and have a government job

This shithole is even more obsessed with activism and chan culture garbage, you know.

By this shithole I mean 8ch, not Holla Forums, ok.

it'll happen eventually, the question is do we wanna act on it when the time is right or avoid the popularity entirely to avoid the mistake that basically killed Holla Forums

I think it is important we at least have some presence on the site.

Thanks liberals! You took good and noble ideas, and then went to ridiculous extremes! Keep dehumanizing people with your crazy concepts! Keep focusing on "humanity" and not your neighbor! Keep being pulled by the strings of your masters!

Chan culture has always been inherently right wing. Japan is fairly right wing, even their anime. Leftwing people are, on a fundamental philosophical level, opposed to causing trouble and havoc just for the fun of it. Left wing ideology is inherently anti conspiracy. You aren't the type that believe in aliens and lizard people. You are anti chan culture and always have been. You people are the type that genuinely believe we should utilize the chans as a force of good. Either you are normalfags who can't into anonymous mindset or you are a giga Chad who is actually a good person. People, when allowed to do things with no personal consequences are always bad or act in selfish manners. You are anti chan culture by default. The very fact that this thread exists is proof of that. The very idea that you want to take back 4chan for political means is goes against everything. 4chan always liked traditionalism, shunning newfag immigrants and having a nationalist like board culture of hating and looking down on everyone else.

Dumbest post I've read today.
Clear you came to 4chan post-2010.

We need to stop doing this. The more we do this the worse our cause will be received.

I guess reality is a lot gentler when you replace it with your own?

You are way too caught up in your moralism, self-righteousness, and you just spout some buzzwords without offering any worthy criticism.

I dont know… I think liberals have never held the high ground. The sanctimony and smugness turns me off, as well as all of the inherently subversive methods used to fulfill your aims. You guys cant come out with your true beliefs and feelings because you guys would be hated, so you guys push the agendas that you can win bit by bit. Tradition, family, nationalism, all these things mean nothing to you and you associate them with barbarism. You do not see that you are apart of the destruction of humankind. The slow destruction of pastoral life and the migration to cities, the obliteration of traditional family life and the blurring of all boundaries. These are the signs of decadent and dying culture. Day by day my opinon increases that Oswald Spengler was a prophet.

You should be gulaged for the sheer imbecility of your post.

Then why is the golden age filled with leftist anime and directors that participated in the radical left student movement? The Communist Party is even one of the biggest parties in Japan. Fuck off you retard.

The neoliberals are playing a key part in the destruction of liberty and hope of mankind. Our government is hopelessly corrupt and most liberals can only focus on bathrooms for trans faggots and the horrors of white people. This sanctimonious bullshit will be a huge part of our national undoing.

"Just for the fun of it" is not the same thing as "to save the white race from sexual genocide," moralfaggot.

Because transposing heaven here in our universe is so tempting. Problem is you cant do it, and that is why liberals fail.

All those things you described are the result of capitalism.

We aren't liberals.

What hypocrisy? Idpol is idpol. These guys only feel tough because they never get called out for the other side of the SJW coin they clearly are

go to bunkerchan

Why do your memes suck so much? You have one good meme.

You're ideology is inherently anti chan culture. I'm not even an extreme right winger either. Everything you do is forced. Its not natural. You're always pushing some hidden agenda or message. You always want these websites to be your personal army. You are no fun allowed faggots, unless of course the fun politically aligns with you.

and another thing you dumb faggots do. Everything is pushing an agenda in your mind. Has it ever occurred to you, doing things like trying to name new soda's jet fuel can't melt steel beams isn't an attempt to push an agenda but just for fun. Maybe we aren't actually trying to convert spread some message far and wide.

all you people do is over analyze everything.

Sorry then, user. I am just getting sick of the unfunny shilling on /pol. Cant they at least be amusing or clever if they are going to stink up the board?

Are you fucking blind? Liberalism is damn near universal in every industrialized society on earth. Odds are that you yourself are a liberal who just calls yourself a "traditionalist" or some other meaningless term.

Fucking hell, apply yourself.
inb4 pretending to be retarded

this, the internet is like a schizophrenic version of historical materialism where changes in public opinion shift in three years windows

back then most people on the internet were atheists, then they became too mainstream and fedora memes ensued. then sjw were everywhere and now more and more people don't like them. Holla Forums is gonna die on its own and will be replaced by something just as silly.

Well I am a classical liberal I guess. I just hate identity politics. Tranny faggots can pee in the family/unisex bathrooms. White muh privilege is a shitty sociological concept that cannot normally be applied to individuals, and going to university these days is like taking a trip to pluto it is so fucking weird.


That's the problem with political boards in general. I wouldnt even be here if Holla Forums didn't ruin imageboards forever. Also, you sound like an idiot bitching about a nerdy politics board analyzing things.

Holla Forums is already fucking shit, nobody is shilling it, it's just your posters shitting on a hill of shit.

Yeah you are probably right on that one. Sadly it is the only place where I can be myself. It is a sad thing when retarded Not Socialists, kkk types, anarcho capitalists, anarcho syndicalists, NEETs, and other weirdos make you feel normal.

I think you should read history fam.

One example is the Bonnot Gang :

"In December 1911, having moved to Paris to avoid arrest, Bonnot joined a criminal anarchist affinity group led by Octave Garnier. On December 21, the gang made national news when they robbed a messenger of the Société Générale Bank in broad daylight and then fled in a limousine (the first ever criminal use of a "get-away" car). They were branded "les bandits en auto" by the press and a wave of panic swept the nation.

Although Bonnot was never the leader of the group, the gang was dubbed the "Bonnot Gang" by the press after Bonnot appeared, armed with a Browning automatic, in the office of the Le Petit Parisien to file a complaint about the daily paper's coverage of the group. Bonnot was quoted as having stated, "We'll burn off our last round against the cops, and if they don't care to come, we'll certainly know how to find them."

This show of bravado coupled with the gang's criminal activities led to a general state of hysteria within middle-class French society."


>Leftwing people are, on a fundamental philosophical level, opposed to causing trouble and havoc just for the fun of it


Anime was literally created by commies, and almost all of the greatest anime creators are lefty.
Just because the waifus are moe and shit because they are literally made to sell to otakus who only exist on the first place because of the absurdly alienating work culture doesn't mean the country is actually some sort of kekistan.

sure buddy

never been on 4chan pre 2010 right?
4chan is contrarian, when was the time to go against conservative moralism chan culture was mostly left wing.

Are they really?
I doubt it, because their "spooking" wasn't even organic in the first place. 4chan is a target of constantly shilling operations by republicans/cuntservatives/stormweenies these days. It's literally the "Hello my fellow kids" meme going on there 24/7.

those who are getting despooked are the legit anons my bro

The legit anons are here.

4chan has always had anarchist (communist) sentiments.

You can tell who was pre-scientology moralfags by their stance on net neutrality.

It almost makes me think there was a psyop on 'anonymous'.

I'm willing to bet the only people retarded enough to support net neutrality are the ones still trying to rationalized their Trump cult worship.
Oh certainly. It's already an open secret that the FBI browses 4chan, and those swine try to sabotage and castrate anything they get their hands on, especially if it was the one of the "HACKERS ON STEROIDS". Who really believes they stopped trying in the 70's.
I just wonder what their plan is now

I'm the only communist (and possibly also an anarchist still, I'm starting to rethink and add on to Kropotkin based on my readings of Dauve and Bordiga) who I know IRL. This is the only place where thoughts relating to it are discussed. Feminism's mainstream, but feminism couldn't be more reactionary and bourgeois-capitalist by this point if it tried. It never had anything to do with the Left. The Left doesn't exist in America beyond this board and some fringe parts of the DSA.

Life is hell

Anime exists before that though.

Anime first existed during imperial Japan i.e. pre-WW2.

I was on 4chan pre-2007, where nigger and faggots are bread and butters.

Just because they have a traditional, conservative perspective when it comes to things like gender roles does not mean that they are "right wing." In many ways they are more progressive than most western countries.

They are more "progressive" in having more fucked-up porn, yeah.

Japan correctly views gays, lesbos and shit as fetishes.

Their media is also heavily pushing for breeding and family making, unlike the West.

I was on 4chan back in 2004, during my time in studying abroad. I remember it at the time being dedicated to anime, and simultaneously people giving advice on the most effective way to date rape women with alcohol, and if anybody was willing to share pictures of the aftermath timestamped. Kind of funny how it ended up becoming Stormfront rebranded.

Except you can't even say nigger on Stormfront.

Has the people shitposting SF actually browse that board?

Chanology was hardly an issue in contrast. Holla Forums + gamergate + the fappening saw an influx of retards from sites like stormfront and reddit.


I don't have enough pictures of anime girls with question marks to adequately respond to this post.

Japanese porn has been surpassed in it's fucked-upedness by American and European fan porn. It has been a long time since Mai-chan's Daily Life.


I hope not.

Newfags show up whenever anything good happens. It's not such a bad thing provided that there is a method to weed out the moralfags and the easily offended.

I doubt stormfront astroturfed, if anything it was the race realists from SA that got banished. Look up the Something Awful Sycophant Squad.

This. You can only cherry pick so many Muslim rapes before the outrage factor gets stale. Once you come down of that reactionary high of rage and if you have enough intellectual curiosity to research what the enemies of Holla Forums actually believe you realize their worldview is not only wrong but completely inside out.

Holla Forums sucks, it's glaringly dumb, and the negativity poisons your soul. You have to be very neurotic and kind of dumb to get caught there. The ideas put out don't stand-up to scrutiny.

Just because you can't say it there doesn't mean you can't say it anywhere else.

It's because the CIA was funding the Japanese right-wing to stop out Communism.


You have never read patrician clit torture and body modificatoon porn.

And you cannot compare that to 4chan.

lol no.
God is portrayed as an huge borderline asshole in all of them.

But I can compare the 1:1 narrative that goes on both places.
Check mate.

gee I wonder why

FYI that party is heavily nationalistic, the CIA theory of supporting multiculturalism falls flat.

Daily reminder that Japan has a higher birthrate than Germany and many other western countries. The only reason certain individuals in western academic and finance communities care is because they dislike Japan's immigration policies.

Entry into the mainstream has always been the ruin of counter cultures.

It was true for SJWs and it will be true for Holla Forums.

Neoliberalism became the dominant ideology of the west during the 70s.

it's more that they just don't care much. gayshit was never an issue of debate there so there was really nowhere for the idpol to stick.

no you secular Europeans are just comically out of touch with metaphor and the brutality of the world and of nature. There is no religion where the gods are depicted as wholly loving, I think Pure Land Buddhism is the closest thing I can think of.

There is a rainbow movement in Japan, one that sparkles debate because gayshit will make people breed even less.

So it's going to become a debate, and a brutal one.

They're still in power, though who knows how much its changed besides their immigration policies.

Are you joking? The birthrate of Germany is fucking garbage and in most of the west the birthrate is significantly higher than either, closing in on the "naturally sustained" rate but still not great.

have you ever even been to japan?
most people don't care and most japs wouldn't even mind the gays getting married anymore

and birthrates is not even that big of a problem in Japan, the islands are overpopulated, you could say this drop is a correction.

4Chan killed the other chans gradually and it needs to die. Bring back activity to niche chans so I don't have to keep coming to fucking Holla Forums and hang out with you gross pedos.

Most japs don't care because it's not a big issue yet, people still act polite.

People aren't going to be polite anymore when rainbow paradise is going to be a thing, pissing off the adult population.

It's a future problem because Japan's population is old. so you will have a bunch of kids paying pension for really old dudes.

Germany and other countries experience a boom in birthrate after they invite the 3rd worlders.

Their native people are dying and fast.

You're so obviously a newfag.

m8 you get the wives of major political leaders going on gay marches and crossdressers on television already. no-one there cares.
then maybe the solution lies in reforming pensions rather than perpetuating a pyramid scheme.

So you probably agree that Germany is a terrible example to say "well at least they're doing better than them" in terms of birthrates. The latest numbers I can find either way are from 2014 where both Japan and Germany hover around 1.4, which is certainly not good


We have gays in anime too, but people don't care because gays are played for laugh or pander to fujoshi.

An old population is not good for anything, reformist or not.

not always.
that's when you kick in the socialized automation, they're already developing the tech for it, now just seize it :^)

I don't think you read the post correctly, it's meant to say that the western countries have comparable or even worse birthrate, people just focus on Japan because they want a reason for immigration..

Yeah, old asians after all are all autists who never care about anything, sound about right.

Yes but you only hear about Japan's apparently super low birthrate. It's about politics. One country has policies which offend the rootless, global elite that run western media while the other is at the fucking table with them making decisions about the world economy.

The amount of serious gay shit in Japan is minimal.
OK, any days now. The neets are happy playing vidya and eroge.

im sure you're an expert in japanese matters user :^)

You are a talking to a weeaboo monarchist paganist user.

i actually talk to japanese people user.

Have you ever even been there? There is plenty of serious gay shit, but it has never been as obnoxious as the trash we get in the west(except maybe animu crap).

But the serious gay shit there is either TV drama, talk show or animu crap.

Have you talked to all of the japs?

enough of them to get an idea of things
also could you stop moving goalposts already?

My goal remains the same.

Gay shit remains a hot topic, but because there aren't much gays in Japland, it doesn't explode yet.

dude there aren't much gays anywhere. that's not exclusive to grorious nihon.

There are much more gays in America and western european countries than anywhere else on the planet.

Really makes me think.

in any given country gays are between 2% to 4% of the population. that is accounting for all variables.
of course, that would imply you actually care about actual data and not infographics full of jpeg artifacts :^)


I didn't say 4Chan were gross pedos, I said Holla Forums.

And no, I'm obviously not a newfag, because I remember the kind of shit Holla Forums used to be known for. I outright refused to come here until the Catgirls shit, and that was only because I also remember the kind of shit Reddit used to be known for and I resent that Reddit is actually mainstream when it's a steaming pile of shit that "used to" not even have rules against CP. 4Chan was bad, but they never were as bad about CP as Holla Forums or Reddit, at least not without the FBI's honeypotting shit.

But 4Chan is so godawful even without it that I prefer this place now and won't touch that site. Ya'll cracked down, but we know it's still a lot of the same fuckers coming here.

Why is there a Black Power flag but no White Power flag or Yellow Power flag?

I predict neo luddism will be the next "kool underground" policital ideology online which would be very ironic.

Nigger, please.
Before 2010 you couldn't browse the first page of 4/b/ without at least one cake jumping in your face.

Everything the right does here anymore is to save western civilization and/or the white race, not just to cause trouble and havoc for the fun of it like you say. I remember when I used to be able to make Hitler jokes or nigger jokes without them resulting in feels bullshit and serious discussions about politics and all the consequences. The context of everything is completely different now, the "jokes" are dead serious and no one is laughing anymore. You have taken all of the fun out of it. Everything is treated as very formal and important now and the potential consequences of every last post are scrutinized to hell and back. Before no one cared, there was no shill spotting or worrying about sliding threads, because nothing mattered that much. That conspiracy and paranoia crap you appreciate is completely at odds with not just with the spirit of anonymity, but with the format of the boards themselves.

You faggots are ruining imageboards by giving them a self-righteous moral imperative and all while trying to play this off as just our offensive culture as usual. Meanwhile there is plenty of shit you have to walk on eggshells about now. Substantially more than before this alt-right take over. This is not our culture, this is cancer.

Canada and UK numbers, countries you said had "much more gay people" barely even reach 3%.
south american numbers are around the same percentages, so are east asian.
this is what I can dig up in a rush and quote from the top of my head. anything else you or someone else will have to dig up, i got shit to do bye.

I did browse Holla Forums before 2010. In 2006, yeah.
For starters, it wasn't that bad. And before /that/, way early on, 4Chan quickly banned any of that stuff. The FBI struck a deal with them that they would shut them down if they didn't let cops post child porn with impunity so they could monitor who clicked. And shortly thereafter, the mods got "lazy" which also meant that when they did ban CP and delete those threads, those specific images actually stayed on the server longer than usual.

Holla Forums, on the other hand, just liked having big pedophile play boards and had a change of conscience within extremely recent memory.

I cannot even find stats of gays in Japan.



Which is a bad argument because people KNOW that Germany has a low birthrate and there are tons of people who argue for immigration both inside and outside the country because of it. It's not just some Japanese meme.


Except there is nothing to argue for since Germany already imports millions of refugees?

Good post.

I'm convinced that a lot of these people genuinely have autism, because they can't seem to see the difference between saying "HAHA NIGGERS" and "kjill the niggers fight on white brethren", therefore the former must be as political as the latter.

Ain't 4Chan always been spooked as fuck though? I've read it was a hub for racist proto-school shooters already back in 2008.

fucking tripfags, man. People saying nigger and joking about Hitler does not mean they jerk off to it and cry about "le white race feels" as with the modern day.

You think there isn't still debate on the issue? And either way the birthrate is low and people who are pro CONTINUAL immigration point to it.

That's also prevalent on other websites such as Youtube. Look up Ari Shaffir racist skits where the majority of the comments are political.

Watching the right eat itself alive in an attempt to be cool is pretty fun tbh

i agree, only if that could have happened, it would have been best possible outcome, instead its heading to worst with the LGBT board there, tumblr grew its influence over one more territory, if only 60% oldfags did not have ego issues.

/lgbt/ isn't that bad to be honest, it's largely just a place where people ask "I want to be a trap, how do I get HRT when it's impossible to be prescribed here", "What's the best way to hookup" or "How do I look like a girly faggot without being a tranny" and rarely ever any actual idpol, just How to Fag: 101

why are you even here moralfag? halfchan did everything that suited its own criteria, social standards has nothing to do with it.

agreed, its like /boypussy/ /trap/ but problem is how eventually it evolves into tumblr, tumblr was not always way it is now either, it used to be porn factory.

not gay, men in general, same goes in korea, not surprised why japanese men like futas, someone needs to man up there after all.

Lol fuck ya'll.

LGBT is shit BECAUSE it's just a bunch of inane threads like that and Holla Forums shitposting. Liberal idpol and Tumblr-style SJWism barely exist there. It's poisonous, garbage 4Chan-circa 2010s posting that's its real problem, because nobody can just talk about anything. Back when you had gaychan and /fag/ and all that shit, people were allowed to have fun, respectful, coherent discussions on gay imageboards. When 4Chan created /hm/, they immediately started draining activity from those other sites and then policing the shit out of the users in retarded ways that resulted in cliques forming and actual faggot users leaving and getting replaced by influxes of Holla Forumstard metaphorical faggots.

And they even fucked up /y/ around the same time, although that was partially demographic - the relatively friendly female crowd was scared off by a bunch of desperate straight boys who found out there was a place on 4Chan with girls on it.

Kek, politicial do things and you take them seriously? the population is brain washed faggots, even if some guy wants to suck cock, there is no reason for the person to publicly be able to say that, genetic defects or just mental faggotry, either way normal people don't need to see "more" of it.

faggot detected

So much for the free speech Right.

femanon 12 probably on her periods from reality

Is this a sentence?

Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

try saying "i lick pussy" in public user, some things are legitly not acceptable, gay people get a green pass from rules that apply on normal people, issue is not a guy sucking cock, issue is "no need to say that in random public" "that's what you share with friends"

user Sama, english please.


you can be new without going in newfag list

Am I the only one who's having to squint a bit in this thread?

not really


"It grosses me out" is no valable reason to forbid someone from saying something.

Sure it is. If you have the power to do so, any reason is a good one.

Fuck moralism.

look the irony, moral fag dissing moralism, must have never got any cake.

Hmm… it's almost like the things we say have consequences…

actually it is, if it was not, Zoophilia would be pretty legal.

What did he mean by this?

Saying you fuck goats is not technically illegal, and legal consent is an issue to consider. Although a bizarre one, since we slaughter animals by the ton.


Perhaps he was saying how the LGBT fags don't guilt trip people for being white/male or not being a faggot like them like tumblr does, or it would be hypocrisy sissy thing to do, which is cool, LGBT board itself not that bad, its like a trap board, just bunch of trannies trying to get some sex life, contacting each other and stuff, tumblr is literal cancer, every thing is fault of white male.

Its amazing to me how quickly this shit falls the fuck apart the moment you actually start watching anime and pay attention to the messages within. I mean do I need to mention how many shows preach "war is bad" and advocate for some form or other of pacifism? That is quite literally what Gundam for instance was formed around and this doesn't even mention some of the underlying themes of adults and authority being evil and children and the young being good. And lets just get this out of the way, there is nothing the far and alt right revile more philosophically than hatred or disrespect for authority and pacifism, it has to be one of the top things that is inherently antithetical to them.

No it isn't. I don't know who came up with this meme, but consent is never a legal issue with animals. They are objects with a special status, not subjects.

Is this an actual thing?

They're animals. Like, I'm not sure if you have to reduce it to object/subject when you can just say "animals." Yeah, there are laws around the treatment of animals, and it's weird and contradictory. But aren't there states where zoophilia was only outlawed relatively recently? I think there's more to it than stinginess.

Goats are live stocks, Dogs and Dolphins are not, and even if some whole can only get satisfied by Stallion cock, the issue regarding how a a gay dude would rape another male animal, its not even illegal in lot of countries, but if we have to screw morals, then that is cool too, Pedophillia and Rape happens in lot of species, why should we hold back.

What's that?
I was under the impression we were talking about speech, but it's kind of hard to when I honestly can't tell what the fuck you're saying.

I am speaking purely legally here. As far as the (property) law is concerned, animals are purely objects, but protected by a number of laws. This is how things currently are, I'm not talking here about how they should be.

If bestiality is illegal, it is because of a moralistic law, not because of some concern with consent or whatnot.

Yeah, I guess that's fair. Although I still would question it in cases of recent zoophilia bans - the repulsion historically arises from morality associated with religion and things, but it seems currently there could be concerns over animal abuse. But the overall origin of the laws, you're probably right.

not really, they are smart as us all are if a human is just raised in wild, humans do this thing called free loading on ancestors semem, we keep collecting all knowledge and pass them to new generation like a software getting updated, no other animal ever does it, but comparing situation of tarzon to lion, they both are objects or subjects, why do you world was so successful when woman stayed in kitchen.

I keep wondering if this person posts here regularly. Like, is he with you guys?

i think no one cared because it was never pointed out, some animals owners don't even know their labrador can be sodomised, its not like we bred our animals to "Not Attack" humans even if they are being hurt or shit 😂

looking at legit facts, most old people say they don't care about gay and lesbians but pointed that same sex marriage makes no sense, you cant have children, i mean they have a point, you can just stay together and have sex, people wont even question it unless you tell them you are lesbian or gay, its not like you have biological duty, its other way arround, they are free of biological chains that compels normal humans.

I agree on this. I mean, on the most extreme level, having sex with an animal that is too small to accommodate a human penis is prima facie animal torture. But I doubt laws take that into account, they are typically just blanket bans based on the "eww" factor.

to this day it never made sense to me, say when farmers fuck their chick, does it die? becauae then he has LOTS of chickens.

"Ewww" factor is not bad, the disgust and fear shows a warning about our mind acknowledging something it finds harmfull, when a 12 year old girl sees an Elephant for first time, she might be awed, if she sees a Gay Porn, she might become traumatised.

Sure, but you are talking about hard-coded impulses in a biological machine that evolved to survive in an environment totally different from our modern, complex and technologically advanced society. Not saying we have to erase these impulses as such; that would amount to abandoning our humanity in a way. But they seem a very unsuitable base on which to ground the laws organizing our current society.

We should tho.
Shit is more troublesome than helpful in our current societal environment.

No. That would amount to abandoning primitive shit that serves no purpose anymore and just gets in the way.

actually, even on this board since most of the posters are brits and other euros + some south americans, north americas / burgerstanis are a third place minority

In the way of what? We humans are who we are. I'm all for creating a space for human flourishing, free from blah blah blah, but once you start tinkering with the actual animal you are liberating for the sake of making it more amenable to its own liberation, the entire venture becomes absurd.



We'll never achieve communism as long as these human nature spooked and stupid people primitive impulses exists.
Just saying.

So how long do you have to wait for it?
10 years? 20?

You seem to think that communism is a utopian system a la Owen. It's not. It's based on making a rough sketch of what a future society without alienation would look like based on what we know about past societies without alienation (for example, the primitive communism of the Iroquois).

I like the idea of a traditional family life, with a wife and children, and like it's all Norman Rockwell, my wife is sitting next to me, and her belly is huge with our next child, and I'm reading to my children and they're sat around me, there's a fire, and snow slowly drifts down outside in the cold night, and we have neighbors but we have a good deal of space between our houses.
And our house would be a log cabin, and it's just big enough so that each of my children can have a room to themselves, as well as one for my wife and myself, and a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, etc.
Like in Finland or something,
And I go to work at somewhere that benefits society, and I support my children and wife, and my wife stays home with the children and does the much more fun and important job of raising our children.
Tradition can be good, but you also need to reevaluate it to see if it's doing more harm than good, but there's no sense throwing /all/ traditions out the window just because some aren't good.
And nationalism is sort of believing in a shared value system and ideals with your fellow countrymen, right? So I'd say nationalism is alright, after all, the native people of your country are just your extended family.
Although I don't think nationalism can work in any of the british colonies, there's too many different types of people for them to have any sense of national identity.
But I'm also just a dog

snibbedi snap

This is a terrible thread and you should all feel ashamed.

Disagree. Couldn't not disagree more, even. says it well, and I would also add that by imagining communism as only possible after reforming hyooman nature, you preclude communism being established at all - it's using things we can't practicably change as an excuse not to change what *can* be changed, namely our relation to the means of production etc.


These faggots have to leave the pone alone, damn!

the alt-right will be dead in 2 years fam

Should we try using Distributism to gradually de-spook 4/pol/'s capitalists? It seems to have worked somewhat well here:


It wasn't cops who were flooding all the lesser chans with CP and hiding RAR files inside jpgs.

rip lithursday

I remember finding a .bat in an image that would "call" the fbi lol


Dashfags have always sucked, although not as badly as Pinkiefags.

I wonder how many suckers deleted their stashes over that.

how do you find that sort of thing in files ?

rename the file end with .rar and open it up

there was worse stuff out there. Most of the time though you'd have these images that are way bigger than they should be so it was pretty obvious unless you were a retard.

The CIA supports whatever the fuck is in porky's interest. It's not some pricipled decision.

I don't know if you're being sarcastic, but I was talking about 4Chan specifically. Afaik, the practice there was just storing IPs and keeping those images up extra long so cops could check who was peeking.

Well fuck now im paranoid. Unless it's usually only stored in specific kind of images.

do you not know how webpages work? You literally download everything when you load one. There is no point in storing the IPs of everyone who "peeked" because that would mean every single person who refreshed a page.


Help me try see image but it not full size, why that is?

Maybe it stored in separate folder?

(No really, I could be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure we can track who clicks on an image/sees the full size file)

Don't worry.
Just opening/viewing the image doesn't do anything, you would have to extract whatever shit it's embeded on an image and run it separately.

Well, actually there's a difference between just loading the thumbnail and clicking on it to see the full image. It's possible to store the IPs of everybody that made a request for the full image.


Back in the day (around 2005) you get told to fuck off back to stormfront for posting this shit. Back then 4chan was always utterly amoral (in a good way), but it was never unironically fascist in the way a sizable chunk of it is today.

Then what is the point of hiding files in it and uploading it if it wont execute anything? To distribute it for others to use against people?

no one even knew what stormfront was in 05. Holla Forums was almost entirely filled with memes and doujins. stormfront tried to raid /n/ for a while but they stopped because it wasn't doing much and the culture there was way too chaotic for a baby boomer to understand. People then took on the role of stormfags in the endless dance of masks that was /n/. stormfront isn't even that nat soc or racist in a lot of ways. They've banned most racist words and are mostly made up of christians. Most people's knowledge of stormfront was mostly through the lens of the SLPC who amped them up into the biggest hate group on the internet!!! back in the day so they could con money out of dumb liberals who just can't even.

people just thought it would be funny to embed CP or other shit in meme pics that got downloaded and reposted constantly. There was no conspiracy b y the FBI lol. The FBI had plenty of their own honeypots by that point to entrap pedophiles so they could blackmail them. The FBI wasn't going to spend the time or resources needed to try to fuck with a bunch of teenagers or 20 year olds who had shitty low end jobs


So various people could accidentally be distributing. and get in deep shit This is why I dont like "chan culture".

Don't let your memes be dreams.

Yeah, there was. Just not related to embedding files in JPGs.

Christian Identity Movement? KKK? Hitler himself for half his stint? Is your limp attempt at defense because you know we've already seen Stormfront or because you assume we haven't?

??? is that just according to how you feel about the situation lol

nah dude my point is that stormfront isn't even hardcore enough for a true racism enthusiast

No. And it's pretty common knowledge.



4chan and any imageboard is a common carrier. It's not illegal for there to have been childporn posted on the site as long as it's deleted in a timely manner and some form is filled out with the government. The fbi stuff from your image was from the whole "don't mess with football" saga which is obviously before your time. Also Holla Forums mods have been globals for a very long time.

Then again maybe hundreds of thousands of Holla Forumstards have been arrested with none of us any of the wiser for CP lol

You don't need to break the law from a legal standpoint to be extorted by the feds. If you don't think they could take down or threaten someone over less, you're mistaken. 4Chan had a pretty bad reputation by 2008, even though at that point they still enforced those rules. But it's not really surprising that you don't worry about this sort of thing too much.

It was also years before the incident described in the post actually occurred, though it's referenced in said post as a precursor.


It's almost like I'm teaching you how to walk. Just one foot in front of the other - you can do it.

You'll note I posted two examples - I don't think it makes everyone's radar everywhere every time some nobody gets arrested for CP, nor do all the details as to how they were caught or who else is being investigated. The Feds are fine with fewer people knowing what they're doing.

every IP that posts childporn on any maintained site gets reported to the feds. this is federal law lol. you posting 2 examples of retards getting arrested for using their real ip to do so isn't evidence of any kind of conspiracy.

this is an interesting read

You are saying that to the wrong comrade

Anyone stupid enough to post CP from their own IP does the world a favor by getting sent to prison.




welcome friend

That it does. Say, did you see the supposedly leaked letter from the studio exec asking questions of the guys trying to sell Hasbro the story for the upcoming movie? It was full of howlers, but my favorite was "Why is Rarity the only one with any personality?" "Is anyone going to understand any of this?" was right up there with it.

For the imageboard but for the individuals who post it even if not aware of images hidden in other images would run into trouble. That's why stenography is a problem. There should be a way to strip excess data beyond the visible image when uploading.

autism is a personality?

DYEWTS? Twilight is was Autism Horse.

Just because the name is Holla Forums doesn't mean everyone here identifies as "left-wing".

Words cannot describe how much you sound like a newfag. I wish I had a time machine so I could send you back to pre-2006 so you could see it yourself.
4chan - and the other chans before and after it - were and always have been counter-cultural. Depending on contemporary conditions this would manifest differently. During 2008 and 2012 libertarianism was a thing on 4chan, later on it became Nazism, and now you're seeing a growing socialist undercurrent. (Notice all the Holla Forums-Holla Forums crossposting and people that migrated here)
Essentially it was always about being edgy. And once that sense of edge is gone it either dies or it finds a new edge.

Just look at Trump. People had a hard-on for him because brazenly politically incorrect. But now that he's become the new establishment they're turning away from him. Full/pol/ banning criticism of the man certainly isn't helping in this regard.
It's simply not natural for a chan - especially a board who's essence is based on being politically incorrect - to cheer on establishment politicians.
Is "Race Realism" still edgy? Yes. But pretending some pro-jewish establishment billionaire is the second coming of Hitler isn't.

Twiggy a cute

Make the Marcabian Fleet great again!

This proves my point further. There are almost none of us. It's mind-numbing.

Would rather be a generous atuist that a self-absorbed cunt.



M8, Japan is lefter than most European countries, only losing for sure to Scandinavia, and I'm saying this as someone who lives in Japan. You quite obviously never visited Japan or spoke to a Japanese person.
Did you know that the reason most fascist leaders in Japan were absolved of their crimes in the aftermath of WWII was because the country was turning left by the sole power of the citizenry taking the power into their own hands, without needing denazification, so rapidly and decisively that MacArthur basically just suspended democracy and trial processes and gave Japan back to the people who ruined it? Not only that, but the nation stayed staunchly left in the face of the government that did not represent its interests up until the eighties, when the whole world went to shit, to a point where, say, Marxist paradigm was the mainstream in universities.
Most cartoons pander to escapist losers, so a right bend is natural. #rekt

Tough luck, spooked cuck


I understand that at least half of them are just random cunts who clicked on that option for fun, but really? It actually makes sense, though, and made me interested as to the proportion of LGBT people in the left movement and especially among commies. Anyone got some stats?

Second was charged with downloading.

The site switching to a system where it kept CP on its server for extended periods after thread deletion goes pretty well with the narrative about the Feds. This would already have been a fishy change even if it hadn't been explained that it was a consequence of Feds approaching Moot to use his site specifically as a honeypot.

So now we have what?

We have a period where 4Chan changed policy and stopped cracking down as much on CP posts and started keeping them up longer, we have testimony for this having been a consequence of the feds extorting Moot, and we have documented arrests which occurred following the changes described.

We had a lot of smoke, and someone even confirmed that there was a fire.

We also know it's not unlike things the FBI has been confirmed doing:


I am talking with children who want to grow up to be police officers.

Birth rates are a meme. Its just another way for porky to get more money. Have ten children so that the rich guys single child can enslave all of them.


I hope you don't actually believe this. None whites just don't use the internet as often because they can't afford it is all.



But Holla Forums isn't funny anymore. Ever since it joined the Trump train it has devolved into a right wing tumblr/reddit.

Nice Google Translate you've got there, care to share a bit?


Idk, man. Jews are great regardless.

Non-whites in the west aren't living in mud sheds in the wilderness.

Why can't she be real

Holla Forums stopped being funny when the same gay-ass jokes have the potential to get spammed 200+ times in a single thread. you can't rely on shock value as an ideology for any longer than a decade and a half

don't know, but iis painful

have you been there recently? They will still blame literally everything they hate on SJWs and shitpost spooky shit to no end. I agree that eventually they'll get so sick of them that they can no longer stand them and want them out but that hasn't happened yet. Theres just more complaining that Holla Forums is annoying than usual followed by many replies to those people complaining telling them they are just using a boogeyman scapegoat.

This is the power of the pure and unadulterated dialectic (sniff)

Holla Forums is neoliberalism with philosophy memes, most of you would fit in fine on twitter



ponyfags in general are shit tbh. I don't think I've ever seen less self awareness come out of a fandom, except for furfags and naziboos.

Comrades, why can't she be real?

since when bronies really cared about someone else opinion on their hobby? Never, so stop complaining, is useless.
Should you have to care about someone else hobbies if they don't hurt anyone? No, so stop complaining, is pointless.
What makes you behaviorally a child or an adult are overall spooks. What makes an hobby cool or not cool is a spook.
So why caring?

no u

Is painful that best princess is not real.

like pottrry

Caring about someone else hobby mong.