W-watch out antifa!!


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god bless the aut-right, they're even bigger lolcows than sjws.

why am I not surprised


I'm surprised he could even run tbh. Imagine looking like that and wearing such a shirt, my god

This really made my day

Anti-fascism done right:

Forgot to add:

The GDC does shit right.

Its easy to join, dues are 5 dollars up-front and 5 dollars for each years quarter, so 20$ a year.


it's what identity politics does to people

The film was really well made as well, lots of things for other Antifa chapters to learn from this

The reds should be carrying US flags too. red and black flags versus US flags and pepe stickers doesn't look good.


Fuck flags

huh, maybe black lives matter have a point.

the USA isn't a nation




The epitome of pic related

honestly this, the US is such a geographically, and demographically diverse country that it's never had an identity that could be shared by all.


The rest of antifa around the world needs to take a lesson from these guys. They managed to get their message across without looking like total smashies.

No you sorry and pathetic dimwits, Trump was the one who won.
You just happened to support the right candidate, as did many other groups completely unrelated to you and your flaring autism of a cause and ideology.

ugh why is it all IdPol?!

anti-nazi = anti-idpol. Fuck off newfag.

Damn, I'm not usually a fan of antifa but these guys have their shit together. That's a pretty textbook success right there.


Damn this board is trash sometimes.


I sincerely fucking hope they don't real.


completely forced you clown, look at the different types of culture, and festivities along the US. The US has no coherent nationalism.

I'm dead

He may as well have a Sonichu necklace.

Sure thing, bud.

I guess We'll just have to agree to disagree. It's a shame we can't agree on the appropriateness of the US Flag.

Why do these faggots use the gadsden flag, I've never understood thatโ€ฆ

Well damn. That was outstanding.

So why do Americans hate communists and nazis so much? Is "radical centrism" actually a thing there?

pure idiocy.


like poetryโ€ฆ

You realize normal Trump supporters can't stand you and moderates find your riots to be completely devoid of substance. We don't want communism or socialism. We want to make America great again.

Because we single-handedly defeated both a

๐‘Œ๐‘œ๐‘ข ๐‘๐‘’๐‘œ๐‘๐‘™๐‘’ ๐‘Ž๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ โ„Ž๐‘œ๐‘๐‘’๐‘™๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘ โ€ฆ

That's gonna be pretty difficult..

america is a cultureless country filled with retards. there's nothing to make you great, let alone again.
Just stop exporting your garbageโ€ฆplease. Contain your garbage in your retarded country. I don't want the rest of the world to be as retarded as you cunts are..

It's hammer of Dunor, you can guess it's used like cross necklace

Guess the guy is Pagan or really likes death metal

Check out Americanism. It was used in Cold War propaganda as a way to distinguish the US against Fascism and Communism.


honestlyโ€ฆ yeah? that's why every burgeoning nation-state stamped down on regional variation to to the full extent that it could.


if black/white people are in different countries, wouldn't that end racismโ€ฆ

Well they were in different countries in the first place, and rich whites developed a racist theory for why it was not only acceptable but virtuous to invade black territory, so evidently not.


And now the left thinks the same thing
the left is also primarily white people
lik poetry

This is sort of how I imagine the average Holla Forumsyp to look like btw

Fuck that was a nice video!
Really gives me hope for the burgerland left

Nazis and SJWs can't help but sound exactly like one another.

I know, but the only people I've ever known to wear them are edgy faggots and white nationalists.


You're all the same shit and will be treated as such

Did you pay any attention to the "left" crowd there?
It was just a bunch of BLM and SJWs.

Im cool with most of the BLM crowd, and the rest seemed like the agreeable kind of sjw

Can someone make a smug Pepe avatar of the anti-fa and Trump supporters and a Wojak of the Aut-rightist with the helicopter helmet?

This is too funny. The best these alt-right wing faggots can do is call people "nigger" and threaten people with helicopter rides and have the audacity to say that communism kills over a gorillion people while they advocate for genocide.

Right now I'll take any image of the Left that isn't smashy smashy that I can get. These folks were on point today, I have to admit.

I think I get it know. The alt-kike is what you guys call the alt-right when they show up in public and expose themselves as a bunch of beta larpers who everyone ridicules/beats on. The alt-right is the purist movement that only exists online, has zero influence in the real world, and circle-jerks about how the day of the rope is just around the corner despite all evidence to the contrary.

Imagine being this much of a cuck that you believe in racial superiority and then at the same time believe that whites are being genocided and tricked.


These are the people who call us cucks? These pathetic excuses for men say we're the betas? My god, everytime these fags go outside they make themselves look worse.

There is literally nothing wrong with attending a Trump rally with your gay lover and your ex-wife's son.


looks like they've already won if your using their terminology you fascist.

t. Holla Forumsyp

Holla Forums doesn't have a monopoly over run of the mill 4chan memes, classcuck

as an american, i can certainly say we do have a lot of nationalism. It's centered around "freedom", which is never clearly defined.

And those very same autists claim to be against le status quo. Bunch of ignorant retards don't even know the meaning of the words they love to spout against.

BLM are idpol as fuck but they are right about the police.

oh god they get more retarded every time

Antfia in Berkley had police protection.

Probably had something to do with the fact that the reactionaries had shown up specifically to attack antifa rather than stage some kind of demonstration. This is why they looked like such faggots.

Meanwhile in Britbong land:
Brit holding a sign stating "the right to openly discuss ideas must be defended" gets confronted by Antifa/BLM

Nope, antifa also showed up with violent intent. But Berkley's city council is full of hardcore leftists.

Man I need to move!

Go ahead, but rent's pretty high there.

What was the context?

What's wrong with moderate patriotism?

I agree tbh. I don't like spooks, but if they're useful then they're useful. Fuck, look at that picture, it's fucking powerful. Red and black is nice, but it's not going to attract anyone who isn't already with them.

Keep your spooks to yourself.

Serious answer: Fuck that. We are left wing, we don't care about nationalism. We shouldn't yield to ideology. Take a strong stance.


You are like a little baby.

It's not about you and what you care about, it's what the masses care about. To the masses someone waving an American flag is more likable and they're more willing to care about them then someone waving a commie flag.

Also this.

Stay spooked friends

Easier said than done. Schemes like that have a way of turning around and devouring the originator.

Imagine being this cucked that you're not only hated by Trump supporters but they join Anti-fa to denounce you.


Someone reuploaded it to YouTube

Good Idea. Cuckservatives often think if you hate a countries governing system you hate that country. We should try to prove them wrong.

You can't be white because "muh cucks". You can't be black because "muh inferior".
What color we should be? Transparent?
Yeah right, you want us transparent because "the herald of free speech" don't want anyone to be against them. Right?
Despook yourself from the concept of race please.

Finally American antifa not doing something completely retarded.

this. who else noticed that the cop literally walked up to this guy while he was shouting 'go back to Africa niggers' and shook his hand?

have the cops felt forced to address this? Victoria Police in Australia actually released a (mealy mouthed bullshit) statement when one of theirs was photographed shaking the hand of some loser from the United Patriots Front at a demo in Melbourne. pic related.

It is with a heavy heart that I must report that the aut-right is up to it again