Because Australian post times are awful

Because Australian post times are awful.

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Yo Rowan...

Have you seen Bruce Richard Reynolds?

i-i'm sorry for existing outside of the thread and almost exclusively in two discords


Just because you weren't posting at the time doesn't mean she is abstained from whatever she is doing. Literally chewing on rocks, smh

All you can do is repent and hope.

I'm telling you the truth and you're just insulting me and telling me I was trying to imply something I wasn't.
I don't know what you want from me here.

Do you want me to keep arguing with you ?

Even Squash understood I wasn't talking about you here

I'm not the ignorant one here.

I'm sorry, remind me where ooble did anything to deserve you taking a shot at her after I made stupid comments?

*paws at you*

so are Australian posters in general

Go dig yourself. Probably within the last 10 threads.

i am proud of you my darling squishie

?????????????? i haven't been here nor have i said anyhthing about you since we were shitposting like 3 days ago

pls goggles love me

Close your eyes and ask if you really want to be talking to the person you're talking to right now.


I am a master of my domain.

I'm just going to filter everyone except Neko.

I-it's complicated.

Can I talk to you? uwu

holy shit and you call me petty. dude, if you had a peace treaty with guero, then the first chance you get you take a shot at his girlfriend because I am making stupid comments...holy fuck dude. I just can't even. the amount of amusement I am getting out of this I could have never foreseen when I made those comments. this has been amazing.

I don't really care

again, if it wasn't about me

i'm SUPER confused

can i have a picture of your cats now


pleas care i am important person

gosh darn dude it's almost as though someone in particular has been an aspie tard desperately waiting to anally rape my asshole with his fist for months

How dare you talk to my supple baby darling like that.


Common plebeians may not approach me, I'm afraid.

I don't even know which one you are


Golly. And it's almost like you could have ignored it instead of actively adding onto it.

Stop being a fuck to me when I don't take your side in your spats.

Why did you have to go and not post in thread to cause such a kerfuffle.

last time im gonna tell you the earth does not revolve around you

this is not because of your comments
why the fuck would I shittalk her because of you
are you her son?

its because she was taking shots at me
idk if I can be any more clear

get some fresh air or something, your brain is dying

this is how i talk to everyone

The earth revolves around Nekos thicc ass.
That gravitational pull is something crazy.

Our private RP sessions beg to differ.

test love me i buy you canadian chips

i'm just ooble

i don't know my dude



and now you're going to pretend that your comment about the paintchips wasn't directed at me, right after I made a couple of remixes of your stupidity that looked appropriately stupid, so you imply that I'm eating the same lead chips as ooble, making me retarded, like you imply she is.

she took ZERO shots at you today. she posted two times total last thread, and that was after all this shit went down.

at this point I genuinely can't tell if you're being retarded and just have already reworked events in your head, of if you're deliberately trying to obfuscate the issue until I lose track, but considering how stupid you've been in the past the latter of those two really seems unlikely, so I'll assume the first and carry on laughing even harder.

the ones in your dreams?

hmm i see

which ive done up until the past few weeks

how long did you last till you gave up on ignoring people who wanted to e-bully you over unimportant administrative bs

a week?

way too much cancer, I'm not gonna talk about this shit in threads anymore

if you want to pick a bone, go to pm

I haven't blocked any of you

squashie its not worth fighting with moogs, you guys are pretty tight

"this is the weakest sidestep i've ever fucking seen, trevor"

" keep my name out of your fucking mouth"

"shut the fuck up"

Pretty much pointless things to say and and childish right ?

I don't understand why you're trying to make it so personal with me.

"I like how you guys talk about how to be mature when you constantly blank post about grim to try and upset him. "

That was the first post I made.

It was not about you.

This is the post i'm talking about.

Not the one where you acted childish after getting upset about something that wasn't even about you.

You're clearly not blank post about Grim to upset him.

so tell me WHERE am I talk about YOU blank posting and nagging on Grim exactly ?

10 threads isn't really a relative form of time considering i haven't been here for a few days
i wasn't even in thread
do you think i like actively shit talk you 24/7 i'm confused, i must have been inhaling paint chips or something or other


On Steam.

You know what, have fun with your thread drama.
I'm moving on with it.

You keep getting baited, though.

Let's talk about Test's tiny hands and how it'd be like getting a handjob from an eight year old.

I don't know.
His hands made my dick look pretty big.


today wasn't bait


that's hot, praise allah.

my dude

you'd like that wouldn't you

gets btfo and after almost a thread of it "not gonna do this shit anymore"

l m a o


i give up on this conversation
if it wasn't about me, you should have AND WOULD HAVE let me known when I responded to it in the first place.
read what the fuck you're saying.
you post inflammatory shit, you can expect inflammatory shit back

I don't add dogfuckers to my steam list

Just because he looks 12 doesn't make him so.
It'd be like legal pedophilia, like how everyone that jerks off to loli porn says it's okay because they're really 800 years old.


the same thing you talk about every single day


At least there were no death threats this time, I guess.


I wish this conversation could of happened with you flying off the handle and making it so personal.

Feel free to keep insulting me in every post though, that will surely help get your point across.

Have a good night friend.


Oh wait, 8 year old.

I'm retarded.

My point stands, though.

It's funnier this way.

If only


this tbh

It is more fun to ruin others' fun.

darwin ruins my fun every time he makes an open post

Test is five feet of fury
Like The White Dwarf, but less beard

Well, sorry for being touchy. It's obviously something i'm irritated about
cursing in my posts doesn't usually mean i'm insulting you though
i apologize for the "shut the fuck up," that was definitely out of line


Hes old and can't really help it.

what is an open post

Noh. This is not okay.

Someone message me when this shit blows over.
I'm out until then.


I hold no anger towards you and hope we can still be friends.

looks pretty blown over, brah

I'm coating your lead chips in rat poison while you're not looking.

You're just getting banned.

now kiss




wow man show me where in the last ten threads I've shittalked you to deserve this shit.

Then you can EAT MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh, unlinked or blankpost

its fun yet simultaneously irritating to everyone else to have an unlinked convo tho :3

You're like an ugly gay version of Shrek.

Please go

Every admin we've had has been autistic.
First it was a dude that thought he was a Touhou irl.
Then it was a fat Canadian dude who thinks he's a lesbian.
Then it was someone drugged out of their mind.
Then it was someone who lives in a basement buying guns and telling himself he's a real Navy SEAL and will inevitably shoot up a school.

Now we're at a dwarf with tiny, little baby features.

ITT: We Post Salaries
80k here boys

its not a blankpost because if it was it would be fucking blank

Are you reposting what I linked the other day ?

that hasn't changed

ban youre more upset than grim at this point.

just go play a videogame or somethin

that's fair. shrek is hot af.

I could never compare to him

Who're you

I'm pretty calm actually.



i love you trevor we were never not friends
one day we're gonna finish roguelands


yeah okay

go play a videogame or somethin

One of the Alice fag brigade

i love this

no I don't pay attention to everything you post
your pics reminded me of that



I will not.

Work your hardest and one day maybe you can reach my vision of you.

Its because it was from that.

ty babe


You forgot Chii.

How awful

no fuk u

not even with me

what does this convey

that seems like it would be bad for my health.

calm down there grombrindal

but now it's stuck in my head



So is drinking.

but alcohol goes so well with these sweet chips I just found flaking off my wall.

It's easiest to just assume all Canadian posters are the same.

It's autism central.

Oh right.




and yet you're still here

For fuck's sake, vacuum.

So who's mad at who again?

Trevor post feminine penis with freckles btw

Moogs, Guero, Squash, and Grim you guys are equally autistic
Quit crying

do not judge me. only god can do that.



go get arrested for drunk driving again you fucking spic

animu dancing is weirdly fascinating to watch
I wish they'd stop with all the cg garbage they do nowadays

but its over already


careful, you might trigger erin or scoots by mentioning cleaning




I'm like the lone, sane person here that's completely normal and average in the most boring way possible.

it's like he's back in the discord with us rn ;_;7

Don't you get off on people insulting you and telling you of truly worthless and pathetic you are though ?

Its almost like i'm just giving you what you want.

oh I forgot the Hmm.

I wish it was a real anime for some reason.

Holy shit


The only thing I remember is Casper posting pics from when he was with Erin and there was just trash and shit everywhere.
I don't know why they wouldn't just throw it away.

That glitter force show looks exactly like it

it's just not the same if it's not tracer.

and yes, that's why I keep replying and getting more abuse, duh.

"you should compliment me about cute cat pic that i posted" -sinni

im gonna be honest with you here test
i was just reading about warhammer lore and i called you the first dwarf I could think of
i'm not inventive


Despite fear of resembling Boo, Thorgrim is the coolest.

Lmao only people with normal working spines are included


Doushite fam?
Everyone seems on edge today

Just tell Ban to OD on Opiates and call it a day lmao


Why the hell is that the spoiler image now?

g o t t e m



Its not the same though.

We need Meruru

I understand



I'm glad one of us does. all this thinkin' confuses me.


thank you uwu

holy shit ban this sick filth

Test how would you know if the shit I post is CP tho

You have no proof

I like her loli fang
but other than that she's kinda meh
why do you want her??

I'm sure I could think of something gay to say about that but the idea disgusts me.



d-do I disgust you, ban kun?

looks old enough so its not our problem

why even live



There's an actual mechanic in the Total War:Warhammer game that keeps track of your grudges against the people who have slighted you when you play Thorgrim and you become more and more powerful against them specifically
makes me happy

I don't know, man. Everyone seems to have taken a piece of the beef between me and Grim. I guess I'm just that charismatic, eh?

Just go piss in his pool.

he disgusts me irl and in the thread

That's great.

The weird amount of detail in the ear cartilage never bugged me until I noticed it now.

Whenever I look at old pictures of you and then look at new ones I just think "what the fuck happened? "

Its honestly kinda depressing just looking from the outside in.

I can't imagine living it.

I wanna cum on that ear.

It's actually a veiny penis.

oh man it's bad. like filling a balloon slowly with sadness, depression and broken dreams.

Let me know when it gets too young

It's weird that it bugs you even after noticing it.

absolute madman

more tiny titties


you like to play with fire huh

How about stop now.

soto the feds are on their way

Are you gonna pop the balloon with a shotgun ?

Yeah, Book of Grudges. It's strong as hell. Like a get out of jail free card for when Chaos is just completely fucking you in the ass

Wasn't that supposed to be a boy?

Does that mean Soto will have the same fate as Sci?

I vote we ban Soto forever.

Hes even had sex with underage girls.

If he makes me.

I'm not playing with fire at all
I'm just posting pictures on an imageboard

Well yeah, have you seen the guy? lmao

Dude, wears boxers on his head

Ban has a pool?

That's a trap btw

Can I post another?


Test is freaking out thinking its an 11 year old girl


No inv to permaban

I'm not cool enough for the kurt cobaine method

What are you gonna do then ?

whats the ideal way ?


aw fuck i though were gonna dew it


no i haven't
they'll be there any second

boi I dont want your ass getting permad

You're getting the boot.

slow and steady alcohol poisoning, a death and punishment fitting of my many crimes


I needed a better response than "mk"

Like come on dude

It's all daijoubu

besides Test likes the pics so its a win win

Do you have a pool irl?


I'm digging through my 4chan folder and Im finding a bunch of funny pics

Lets hope I dont get banned

well we've gone through this several times

No, I literally live on the beach so that would be pretty pointless.

holy shit

you've got some balls

hey don't bully our lovely potato. he's doing the best he can!

what th4e fuck is that

gosh I wish that were me



If Moogs is a potato and 10x is a potato sack, does that mean Moogs is inside 10x?

I'm not even going to ask what that monstrosity is.


they both wish LMAO


Figures are for cumming on.

That picture us totally normal.



I don't remember

Like I do remember talking about your gay ass piercings but thats about it



what about your lust for me





I was worried that I'd never again experience the exhilaration of vomiting profusely, but this must be my luck night.

Thanks, Soto.

im going to have nightmares now




Just made friends with this guy who is literal 10/10 American eagle or h&m model type guy

so hot... they're only 18 tho

Those band aids probably do nothing.

are you gonna lure him into your home and predate on him

I'mma call that one fake.

I think that probably only will turn him on.

Age is just a number.

Good point.

I'm jet packing outta here!

How's this one then?

lmao you're more of a sap than Luka


i love that you keep using this image

We're still removing you from here.

It made me laugh.


Why can't this be the new spoiler image?

It has to be 128x128

And also I just don't want to

Enjoy your long night of drinking to rid yourself of those images.

aw someones embarrassed~

he's gone fucking mad with power smh.

thank goodness we have grim looking out to keep this in check.

I didn't have to lure him, he messaged me first on grindr :3

they don't really look like a teenager either

Nice meme Ban
Almost as good as your Opiate addiction meme

Peek at his dick in the bathroom.

My liver isn't dead yet.



Holy shit you're like full blown AIDs gay

Before you die paypal me like 5 bucks for a subway sandwich tho

real talk

I wonder if Grim found his current roommate off Grindr.

I beated Zoids: Horizon.

Ugh, just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse

i hugged him with my mouth :o

We're hanging out again later this week~

yeah it's awesome why are you mad?

How would you rate it?

Get your own money.

Use protection m8
I don't want you dying on me

Rin I was looking for you

I go the game today for $35

cant wait to play it


Didn't you just meet though ?

hungry :(

Dwai, Soto, there's always the chance you remember that, in the grand scheme of the universe, everything you are and will ever be amounts to literally nothing.

Definitely worth the money I spent on it, tbh.
I kind of want there to be a second, even though I know there won't.

I got the super sekrit end game armour that lets you nosell attacks and then promptly tried to jump off a cliff in it.

And that was when I learned that it's not attack based, but rather damage based. :^)


Why does he have a ring on his pinky for?

does it look sexy

I'm okay with you starving.

I'll take a picture after the credits.

uhhh no shit?

yeaahh and we sat around and chilled and talked for a bit

just ask me panty bulge lover?

I promise I won't bite

ahhh I dont wanna spoil tho >

But you've already kissed him ?



It'd just be what the armour looks like, bruh.

alright alright

You seem like the type of nigga who lets anyone finish inside him

yeah we kissed lots, he was so gentle and timid, it was pretty hot

It just adds to the whole experience of feeling feminine for me. Wearing jewellery and anything women would wear that men normally do not. Do you understand or should I explain further?

But women don't even wear rings on their pinky fingers. No one does that.



Help. Cupcake keeps talking about diapers...

People with, like, a thousand rings.


If it sold enough copies, I am sure it will get milked thoroughly.

I refuse.


rich old dudes do

in your face
and your face
on the floor

it's been a long time coming


I am ready to cry.

If you ignore him, he goes away.

The only people I've ever seen that wear pinky rings are those middle aged dudes that are trying way too hard to look like they're a "rocker".

Edgy song

Make sure it drips into my mouth.

You sly dog you


Evaporated immediately due to the heat.

Those are signet rings.
And those are for people that want to swear they're totally from a prestigious heritage to woo gullible golddiggers.




the more you know

its so good tho

COOL IT ! ! ! ! ! !

The credits are fucking finally ending.


[maddening applause]

I showed Grim my asshole last night and he said it was cute.

He also gave me a small loan of a million dollars.

Darwin showed Grim his asshole last night and he said it was cute.


I showed Wish, Darwins asshole and Darwin said Grim was cute.

You are not an authority on women's fashion you weirdo, eat my fucking butthole if you don't like it

alright nice talk




Bye babe

Stop showing people your asshole.

Uh-oh, Darwin's angry

No, wait

Grim doesn't know what to do with his gay feelings.


Hi Chris-kun btw way

Please wait

Yo Em's I tried out a fun drinking game

I watched Ep 9 of Gabriel Dropout and took a drink everytime they said Merry Christmas

I was assblasted like 12 mins in

Then Gabriel got turnt too

It was fucking meant to be


You're no fun

They already know I am an asshole, so might as well.

Hi Chris-kun btw way


You flatter me.

Did you rewatch it or something?

I learned it from you.

I want to go swimming in Darwin

Learned what?

How you doin'~?

There's a line.



Being adorable?

I took that screencap too.

DarDar, are you watching puncay?

I just saw it earlier today

For a guy who posts trolls he must be pretty cute

Or at least know how to take a dick

I am watching something far worse.

NO I learned that all by myself.

Neru posts that and he has to be like 300 pounds with poor hygiene.
Is that really a defensible standard?

It has Best Day of My Life on repeat.

Lulu is also a troll too, right?

osu! videos?

Not very well it seems.

How did you know to do the drinking game?

I've been ignoring those...

It's spring break and I haven't left my house in days. Kill me.

Sup with you?


I thought oSu only had weeaboo music.

You listen to pure shit, though.


Fucking 2 minutes in they had said Merry Christmas so many times

I creaked open a bear and was taking sips everytime they said it
It eventually turned into big ass gulps

I knew I had fucked up with Raphi was spamming that shit at Satania

10/10 blog

I can be a 90 lbs girl too.


This is all Aussies listen to.

Goggles is that one 17 yr old kid who listens to Clint Eastwood on repeat lmao

You dissapoint me Tsuchi

I don't know. Gorillaz had some good tunes.

Nah there's bad music too.

I got my Switch today so I've been playing some Zelda :3

Oh rip, should I try it? :^)

Merry Christmas btw way

I don't like Clint Eastwood that much.

Empire Ants > Everything else is garbage

Other things. Unspeakable things.



Not everything else.

You havn't got the greatest taste either, old timer.

I have never linked electro garbage, though.

Oh shit. I just remembered DS3 has a new DLC out soon.
Soto, buy that for me with your Mexi Money.

I like diffrent things. Stop bullying.

Don't you buy Mugen games? Ask him.

Oh yeah, huh? You have like so much time on your hands you filthy NEET

You should try it :3

Oh fucking Sakie dude
I don't have the gif of her unzipping her jacket, taking off her glasses, then giving the lewdest glance ever

That shit had me ultra doki doki man

Gorillaz are pretty bland and normie tier

Get better tastes

Do you accept Northgate Coupons?

Fucking bored

I'm done buying him shit and I don't plan to ask him for shit either.


stop posting that gay ass goat thing


But bullying is best hobby.

I'm gonna get rekt because I don't have beer

The "accidental" tit bounce has me in stitches.

Sticks and stones my break my bones but words will sometimes never hurt me.

that is even gayer

Do you need the key to the safe space?

But it is not the goat.

Do you know how cool it would have been to have a crawl space like that little kid from Hostage?

Holy shit are you just gonna get white girl wasted and drink some vodka mixed with lemonade?
Sounds like a good time
Ready the trashcan just in case there's too many Meri Kurisumasus


this is why mugi is better than you

Not at all?

Then you can flirt with him from now on.



Probably rum & root beer tbh.

mai waifu just went to bed so i will too

There was nothing cool about that kid.

Sleep well.

Like pre-mixed? I like root beer but I can't ever usually drink more than one cause I get "empalagado"
Fuck, I don't know how the fuck you say that in English, google says "cloy" whatever the fuck that means.

Just be cool and take a straight shot for every Merry Christmas :^)

Today's yuri releases.!L54kiKjB!grNS4gcM1rtBxxIffopnF03bZdIgC0QcNjUQQULxurg

GirlPan vs SeraJuu [AK][one-shot]
Kemono Friends Volume 02 Chapter 09
Mitsuboshi Colors - c020 (v03) [Katyusha]
Mitsuboshi Colors - c021 (v03) [Katyusha]
Ribbon Warrior 15 v2
Yokosuka 16 Bewildered Nagato-san
[Kurobane] Reimu x Cirno

(C91) [しらたまこ (しらたま)] きんいろシンドローム Platonic Days (きんいろモザイク)

Do you mean it makes you feel sick?

I'll die homie

I have better doujins than you user

Yeah, like if I drink a second one its like too sweet and I have that sweet aftertaste stuck in the back of my throat and its just ugh

Same thing happened with Not your fathers Root Beer which is pretty much alcoholic root beer, I couldn't finish the third.

Daijoubu, it's only a little alcohol poisoning

hi chris-chan by the way



We need a furry comics poster like this.
Help keep me up to date.

Entertain me.
I'm bored.

You've accepted the name.


Tomboys are the fucking best

"I like boys"

The honorific is the problem.

Try more final fantasy

I am burnt out on that for the night.

more like horrorific amirite

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

Squash I'd post furry doujins but I'm afraid I don't really have any

Sorry about that man

Kinda late to the party there Trevor