Worst wagecuck jobs?

what's your worst vote in wage cuckery.

Mine has to be good micky d's.
I work at a gas station/mcdonalds and they deal with a kinds of shit and gotta work 5 years fulltime for a week vacation while I get one after a year.

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A bull fluffer. Yes, it's a job, no, I'm not talking about Blacked.

Walmart truck unloader.
At Least that's what made me a commie

At least you guys can get a job. I'm applying left and right yet remain a NEET.

it took me 2 year to find a job.

I've heard that if you fill out those personality-esq quizzes with nothing but the strongest answers you have a better chance because the sorting software has a bias for them. Plus filling it out like a good wagecuck would prolly wouldn't hurt.

This shit


I remember when. I worked walmart toy department and they decided to cut truck peoples pay from 14 dollars an hour to minimum wage and over half of their workers at my store quit. Fuck walmart.

Fuck me! Unloaders use to get $14. I never made more than 20 cents over minimum.

Yeah back in 09 when I lived in florida they made 14 and 15 an hour until they lowered the pay and some of them quit to work in the store. alot of corps suck dick but walmart holds a special place in my heart and should burn in hell.

Had that problem til I learned to lie on past job history and experience. Hey they lie and use you so return the favor.

Worst that can happen is they fire you or you don't get the job if they find out.
its survival out here and only a fool is loyal to a corporation.

If I could have one wish it would be to bring back Sam Walton just so I can hang him and his fucking children. So I know that feel. The only thing worse than working there when I did is the fact that I have no option but to shop there because there is no other significant grocery store within reasonable distance

It's been a few years.

I feel like if I just answer with nothing but the strongest it won't even go through because it'll still be wrong. Personality quizzes are legitimately the worst thing.

99% of my resume is embellished or a straight up lie. I make sure that whenever I have something though I always have the skills to back it up. I also lie about college a little bit. I went to college for all of two months before I realized I didn't like it and dropped out. Went to a magnet school for middle and now just say I went to college for what my magnet school was about: environmental science. It looks way more impressive than graphic design, I think.

I was lucky that my mom and dad have been aware of how bad things are for a long time and when I was in school I worked at winndixie and they still demanded I work volunteer to graduate.

Mom said fuck that and told me to put her number down and she'll say I volunteered at work. Guess going off topic a bit but what the fuck is up with all these dumb asses volunteering to work for free?

One lesson I learned from my parents is that when people look at a resume and see volunteer work they laugh at you behind your back because you have so little worth that you would pay out of pocket to work for somebody and make money for them.

I work at walmart currently. I have five jobs I generally do. Carts, maintenance, dairy, down stalking, and produce.
My main job is maintenance, but I rarely get to it. I'm leaving once I get a car.

Just be glad they don't put you on the truck regularly, although both of the cold environment jobs aint easy.


Lie and bullshit like a motherfucker. At most minimum wage jobs they won't check. Embellishing is your best friend. Also say you're in school even if you actually aren't. 99% of the time, they aren't going to check shit and it makes you seem like you are "smart".

I'd know if I didn't have flat feet, which means standing up for long periods is like walking on hot coal. And if I get one more "it's all in your head" I am going to beat a motherfucker to death and carve this chestnut into their mangled corpse.

Just start robbing people

Depends, are we hating the jobs on the basis of the labor alone or are we taking into account everything about the job? Because labor wise, my worst job is cleaning out old houses, its always dusty, smell's like death and mold, the pay is always low as hell and the risk of various injury's is high. That being said, i only do that job with people i actually enjoy working with, which makes it alright.

The REAL worst jobs i ever had all had one thing in common, a boss. Sure, you always have a boss when your a wagecuck and not able to work in a co-op, but constantly being watched and judged by someone who can fire you at any moment for any reason makes you tense, and it makes everyone else tense, the wok could be eating candy, but if i had a boss on my ass, id rather get my foot impaled on a rusty fucking nail.

Also, thank you janitors. they literally clean up your shit.

Call centre worker.

We had timed unpaid toilet breaks, unpaid closing up time, unpaid opening up time, everything. It was fucking brutal.

Oh yeah, and let me not forget about the golden jewel of class cuckery I heard there
Them being approving of it defeats the entire point of a union. It's not a muh privilege they bestow upon you. It's a right you take from them.

Mcdonald's is awful, I worked there for half a year. The fucking grease and heat was insane and drove me fucking crazy. Also the constant minor burns from using the grill. People joke about it but fuck that shit is legitimately hard.

Also assembly lines. I signed up at an employment agency and worked at a factory for a couple months. 8 hour shift, 30 minute break, 60c over minimum wage and standing for most of it. The work wasn't hard, just really, really boring, and hierarchical.

lol to even get a part time job today takes months. I know a grocery manager had a Bsc. in Chemical Engineering, didn't find a job after 3 years.

Think about it, people with actual fucking skills are unemployed just because it's not profitable to hire them to make some bullshit product.

Fucking this. I work at a /comfy/ unionised grocery store and the workplace is non-hierarchical. Even the owner and managers do the same work as us. Much less stressful. Now if only the pay was equal too…

I would lose it if I worked there.

Idea: everybody shits their pants in unison as a form of protest.

Packing on an assembly line. Soul-crushingly boring, and the managers are always trying to push everyone to work faster and make fewer mistakes at the same time. And there were plenty of times they kept the line running past shift end to meet whatever targets they had.

I would bombard it

Call center comrade here. It's illegal (for now) in my country to not pay you for you needing to go to the bathroom and if they so much pipsqueak about my bathroom time, lol, they are fucked.

What do you mean by closing up time and opening up time?

Cobalt mining