Holla Forums can't shut up about the "redpill" when The Matrix is a story about trannies...

Holla Forums can't shut up about the "redpill" when The Matrix is a story about trannies, this pill is symbolism for estrogen and red is the commie colour.

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The red pill symbolizes the transition from idealism to materialism.

The "red pill" originates from a bunch of Reddit dumb fucks, most of which were MGTOW. Holla Forums later appropriated it because it fit thier edgy autistic nature perfectly.

It also suits them to steal memes, and steal memes from Reddit.

Imagine a sibling rivalry so strong you can't even let your brother become a woman without trying to one up him

Its actually from this.


Yes that's why there's more Matrix edits than Total Recall ones

A thread died for this

Arguably about trans people given the directors coming out as trans later on, however I think there is a better argument to be made that the movie is about marxism and post-marxism. There is an out-right reference to Baudrilardian post-marxism at the start of the movie, when Neo takes the cash in exchange for the disk and puts it in his stash book.

this, its fucking ironic how they go n about KARLTURAL MERKSISM

when this movie is a fucking lowkey markist movie if there ever was one.


The Matrix is a fucking sci fi version of Plato's Cave.

What the fuck is wrong with people? Can nerds hurry up and off themselves?

It's the same with John Carpenter's 'They Live' where reactionaries miss the entire point of the movie.

I had some far-right dude on letterboxd lecture me about how They Live is absolutely anti-leftist blah blah blah.

The movie isn't specifically about trannies but systematic oppression in general, the machines being the "system", or capitalism. The ending song of the first movie is a Rage Against The Machine song about american counter-intelligence and suppression of black liberation movements so I'm pretty sure they're not focusing on trannies very much.

Isn't the Matrix heavily influenced by Ghost in the Shell which itself is pretty hegelian?


I mean the ending is very similar when Neo becomes one with Agent Smith?

This video blew my mind.


I dunno, even one of the characters was supposed to be trans but Warner scratched that idea.


The Matrix was a great movie but they changed so much original stuff that would've been even cooler. Including this bit and how they won't for the easier battery explanation instead of trying to explain how the machinese harvest the computing power of human minds instead.

how they went*


that's just an interpretation with no much backing up