So I'm a fan of Amy Schumer, so I lurked the board with the name "Holla Forums"

So I'm a fan of Amy Schumer, so I lurked the board with the name "Holla Forums"

Asked a question a few weeks back, got a weird answer by someone who didn't seem to like her and I answered something about why that person was on this board if they didn't like her, no answer.

For some reason tonight I was looking around, my pregnate fiancée is sleeping tight and I got a few hours to kill, after all, it's saturday, party! So I noticed a link attacking her from this board, got confused again and decided to look at the board in question and it's pretty much only that.

So here I'm going to pause, put myself in context, then I'll explain how I like her and finally why this board incarnates pretty much all the bullshit Holla Forums is.

I'm a french-canadian big guy, 40 years old, have both family names because was raised by a feminist who was the daughter of a special force soldier from the first batallion of canadian parachutist. My other grandfather was also a soldier and I learn to fight really young, to put into context, I went to tristar once and a jujitsu coach told me I could be a world champion in the UFC which doesn't surprise me, special forces like the parachutists used jiu-jitsu and I learned it starting like 2 years old, it's natural to me.

So maybe, I thought, that is why I'm not afraid of girls, me-warrior-me-not-afraid, I mean, all this paranoïa with guys afraid of feminists is weird, isn't it obvious when you look at the world that woman are way too oppressed worldwide and so that this feminism is just another word for anti-sexism?

So I thought, ok, maybe the thing is with the word, they think feminists should be called non-sexists. Ok, fine, I don't disagree, it's a legitimate pov, but Amy is awesome to laugh at girls as well, she's also very good at showing in her humor the sexism in some feminist (sexist) bullshit and imo is probably for that reason my favorite feminist celebrity because she's laughing at both sides of some weird places of this debate but by keeping it very righteous as well, it's clearly fighting for the right cause but laughing at the absurd extremes.

So then I thought, ok, that's it, this is a typical bullying bullshit of Holla Forums, some self-righteous assholes who proclaims themselves above everybody else goes on a mission to attack every post, like I experienced a few weeks back, not talking in any nuance about the actual questions, just saging and attacking in unrelated manners anything that goes, because, basically, they have no life and feel entitled to being on the attack for no reasons.

But I understand, it is hard to think with subtlety so much so that for these half-humans (because they are more trolls from the swomp where the absence of life breathes in their mind) there's no other way than seeing things in black and white.

I wish them to learn to think.


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Is this meant to imply that liking Amy Schumer is leftist?
Around here, most people are egalitarians. What does that mean and how does that differ from feminism? It's all a question of essentialism, really. What does that mean? Well, what central assertion does all feminism make? It makes the assertion that there needs to be a definitive political effort to advance the cause of women to end their oppression. There is, however, a second, less obvious assertion within it, taken as an assumption: that women are a monolithic whole with universal problems and universal solutions. This is ridiculous on the face of it, as Amy Schumer has nothing in common with, say, a Chinese sweat shop worker who also happens to be a woman. In fact, I would go so far as to say that, looking at the historical differences in the role of "women" within the respective microcosms of class (feminism claims as a great achievement that it put women into the workforce, but it only did this with middle class women; working class women had done so since the advent of capitalism), that there exists no such thing as a "woman" to take as a common body of analysis, just as there is no singular "man". It's imaginary. Does this mean that many of the problems claimed to be within the realm of what feminism should deal with are nonexistent? No. It simply means that we should oppose these attacks on the freedom and equality of people because they are attacks on the freedom and equality of human beings, not because they are women. This line of thinking brings us to oppose degradation of their real material conditions in the social realm as much as we oppose any worker's suffering - that is to say, very strongly. Also, Amy Schumer needs to go on a diet.

Welcome to Holla Forums.

I doubt many people here would disagree when I say she's a super stereotypical current year flavor of the week idpol liberal comedian. Also Holla Forums isn't really a place for a Buzzfeed senior editor to bloggpost his opinions, so sage.

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But if these problems are disproportionately affecting people insofar as they are treated as "women", why not accept feminism as a cause?

Maybe they're not universal problems, but they might still be, in a given context, problems of "women".
I have no problem describing politics addressing such problems as feminist.

However, "feminism" as a standalone cause easily becomes shit, so there is nonetheless a reason to be critical here. It is important to insist on something like communism, but with feminism built in.

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Amy Schumer is unfunny and only prominent because corporations shill her hard because their analysts told them female comedian is an underutilized sector. She's perfectly marketable, but still shit compared to even other female comedians.

hey fellow leftists! dont you like hillary and amy schumer aswell? smash the patriarchy!


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Are you allowed to disagree with nazis without being "afraid of whites?" Your logic doesn't seem to allow this and could be copied essentially verbatim to form a Holla Forums talking point.
And, to paraphrase Goldman, if I have to watch Amy Schumer, I don't want to be part of your revolution.

If AIDS disproportionally affects people with AIDS, why not take up a cause which has at its root the assertion that the problems associated with AIDS are fundamentally cultural?

Amy Schumer is a filthy Porky.

Her “comedy” is just discustling. All she can joke about is her vajina.

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