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Hey Holla Forums, been lurking around here for a while and want to ask a question that's been bothering me since I discovered leftist politics. As someone who is the child of petty-bourgeois/bourgeois is there anyway I can get involved in leftist politics without just LARPing? I want to get involved because I realize capitalism is shit and I hate the idea of trying to collect money for the rest of my life in some vainĀ hope that if I buy enough products I'll be happy while the earth and humanity is slowly dying. But simultaneously I feel like a complete hypocrite whenever I think about acting upon my politics. Plus the fact I would add to the stereotype of "leftists are just rich college kids who want free gibs lel". Is this sense of hypocrisy correct? Should I just wait until I move out/get a job/am no longer dependent on my parents? I know variations on this question have been asked before elsewhere but I never really see a clear answer on this.

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Anyway, no, don't do nothing, just read Bordiga and wait for the invetable collapse of capitalism

of course you can there've been literal millionaires who were communists and not "lelele muh george soros" communists, i'm talking full class war bomb toting communists.

oh lord who cares, you seriously wanna regulate your life based on some Holla Forums strawman?

Stop being a fucking retard who cares about idiotic stereotypes. Engels was a capitalism, but he was a communist to the end.

Believing that your present conditions as a member of the bourgeoisie invalidates your beliefs is absolutely idiotic. I say this as another petit bourgeois.

Op, try to get as powerful as possible but retain your beliefs. Be like an actual leftist goerge Soros. It's what I would do if I could but the best I could be is a nurse

That's exactly what marx said.

Do you mind explaining how?

Sorry user, but during the proletariat uprising you gots to go.

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Marx said that bourgeois economists and philosophers were merely rationalizing their economic self-interest, being functionally incapable of philosophical agency.

That's a good point. I usually am given the "you're just an idealist" or "you'll grow out of it" speech whenever I try to bring my politics up amoungst peers so maybe I internalized the Holla Forums meme a bit.

Tbf my family isn't turbo-porky millionaire level rich, but I understand the need for the bourgeois as a class to be liquidated violently. Would that require my death, even if I don't act upon my class interests directly?


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Do your parents actually own/rent/hire or do they just have a high-paying job?

Basically, my mom has a fairly high position in a corporation. Not exactly CEO but not exactly a "worker" either. I'm really not sure the specifics of it since we don't talk much but I know she has some people under her and is payed pretty handsomely for it.

Identitarian bullshit. You don't have to be one of the 'working poor' to recognise the need to move on from capitalism, and to recognise that socialism is the only materialistic, rational way forward.

They have a bad case of the not reading

Thing is, leftist politics don't actually benefit you. We are not moralists, contemporary socialism and communism are ideologies of practical self-interest. Rightist politics are this same self-interest but with your class's needs in mind, in the name of maintaining the ruling class's ownership.

If she doesn't actually have a stake in the company, she is essentially an employee. Large companies in modern times are very complicated and mired in bureaucracy due to the enforcement of hierarchy for the sake of the owners.

I would do so. Preaching destruction of capitalism while being a bourgie who says so out because of being some kind of a bleeding heart born in le wrong class would feel stupid to me as well.

Says they guy whose tendencies most important thinker was a literal prince (Kropotkin). Read a book you illiterate Retard. Fucking anarkiddies.

I assume this applies to Engels Marx's most important collaborator and best friend.

No absolutely not user. Being a communist is about replacing one mode of production with another. Anyone who aids in this is a comrade, the only people who have to die are this who prevent us from achieving this goal.

Anyone saying otherwise in this thread has no idea what they are talking about. Many people who haven't read theory think Communism is some kind of revenge fantasy where the rich are killed and their stuff re-distributed. This is obviously totally incorrect but its what Marxism is understood as in popular culture and a surprising number of illiterate leftists also adopt this belief.

Half this board, probably.

But Gulagzzz tho :DDDD

Well you wouldn't be the first upper-middle class leftie user. I think approaching anti-capitalism from an anti-alienation perspective would make more sense to you since you don't have to wage class struggle for survival(and since you're obviously extremely alienated and disillusioned by capitalism, for good reason). The Situationists and the Invisible Committee are good at nailing this perspective

Esentially that's the thought which first gave me hesitation. But I can't honestly advocate for liberalism or rightist politics without feeling like a disingenous cunt. Socialism or communism just seems so much more logical given modern resources and productive capabilities. Why have millions starve when no one has to? Why have class conflict when we can just not have classes? Idk, I know I'm a bleeding heart to some degree and I'm sort of leaning towards what>>1664147 said but a lot of these responses have been helpful in sorting out my thoughts, so thank you.

Yes. Do you think all lolberts and ancaps are the children of millionaires? Most influential leftist writers came from privlidge, as long as you're willing to aid the revolution and abolish class you're a comrade.

There's also the issue of class lines getting blurred. Like you can own a business doing contract labor and come out less well off than an employee for a big corporation, despite being technically bourg while the corp employee is technically prole. We probably need a new analysis of capitalism under the cult of muh small business and stocks, but I don't have the autism for it.

abandoning capitalism is in the interests of the capitalist too - if that means they should support outright socialism is another question
pics related

-The Communist Manifesto

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even if this were true, and that's very debatable (see ), the definition of "self interest" is very loose. you may ramble on about spooks all you want, but if someone thinks something is wrong and doesn't want to do it even if benefits them he's not gonna do it unless he has some way of rationalizing it.

If a bourg is feeling like shit for exploiting someone else, it's in his self interest to stop doing it so they stop feeling like shit.

the critique never ends

honestly a good starting point would be going over what forms social stratification takes these days.