I enjoyed this romantic masterpiece so much i don't like communism anymore

i enjoyed this romantic masterpiece so much i don't like communism anymore.

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I'm a fascist and never got what Holla Forums saw in this degenerate fantasy.

i just liked the space battles

I loved it and it had no impact on my politics because I'm not an impressionable child swayed by science fiction anime.

No sublimity of valour and duty, just pew-pew look at how suave I am.

it's because you are a pleb

it's because you are a pleb

Yang is an anarchist

kek. what a generic dumbfuck you are

Projection and lack of comprehension.

Much of Anime is fascist since it worships physical perfection.

You don't know what fascism is.

I comprehend the cliché's and melodrama, it's the ease with which I do this that makes it boring tripe.


It's pretty clear that Yang is a mouthpiece for the author's views


Catgirlfags BTFO

I would ban anime if I ever got into power

Holy shit thank you for linking this. I always thought anime was something like this

But I could never articulate it

Political anime is usually awful. I prefer fantasy/scifi anime since it is much easier to for the eternally classcucked nips to pull off.

It's like how romance is best in anime where "romance" isn't the main genre.

Yang is the real narrator. Julian is the hero while Lohengramm is the antagonist (not villain).

Almost all scifi anime has some political message. Usually it's pacifist or anti-nuclear, but almost always has some amount of leftist thoughts mixed in. Most of the golden age directors are/were leftists.

Reinhard is as much of a protagonist as Yang is.