19 year olds… stop talking about fixing the economy. You can't even clean your own rooms

Is he right?

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But what if they can clean their rooms?

Post a pic of your room immediately, no cheating.

literally who

It was a hypothetical.

Eh, my room's clean enough.

I wish I was 19. That was almost a decade ago.

Used to somewhat sympathise with him, but I really can't stand this clown's demagogue bullshit anymore.

I hate this goon so much. His anti-Leftist arguments are pretty much every Conservative trope distilled into pure garbage.

Don't forget "die for their country"

I fucking hate this faggots politics so much.

I wish I wasn't alive right now tbh.

yes silly children, don't have political opinions except the ones I tell you are right

people with no life experience outside of schooling should really be shut up

Standard cuckservative rhetoric

I was homeless at 19, so I didn't even have a room to not clean

So, everyone on this board?

My room is immaculate.

The brain starts losing elasticity by the early mid-thirties.

Only 24-30 year olds should be citizens tbh

Since when is a ratraded academic from an american "university" right about something? of course not. He's just another USA cocksucker.

Teenagers really are pretty stupid, generally speaking.

Meanwhile I'll stand here.. being old.. not fixing the economy…

How would you define "life experience" though? Many of the people I knew in high school had to take part time jobs to help their families. Not to "learn responsibility" or some shit, but to buy fucking food.

Clean your room.

A guy on hipster welfare to make youtube videos wants me to shut up about something that directly affects me? Maybe he should try working a shit job and going to classes at night instead of whining about calling trannies "she" before I take his asinine opinion seriously.

t. 25 year old whose worked since 16, goes to uni part time, and has a clean apartment

Yes he's right, fuck him anyway.

This guy was literally interviewed by Molyneux. Not an intellectual.

So are most people.

What university do you teach at?

I could clean it if I wanted to

you don't have to major in shit to identify it.

Reactionary Self-Help Guru

Now this is idiotic. Surely you've heard of the concept of wisdom accrued from life experience. This wisdom should more than balance out the gradual loss of elasticity you mentioned. This pretty much remains true until people hit their 70s or 80s, when they experience substantial cognitive function slow down.

But this is really only true if people live enriching lives that continually have them learning new things and challenging themselves.

This is true. But it's more likely to be true of younger people, as a consequence of their lack of experience.

do you not understand what "outside of schooling" means???????

go back to your werther's originals gramps

Thas rite my fellow kids.
Don't develop an interest in economy and politics, those things sux XD. Just let us the old fellas take care of everything.
Relax, everythin is gon be fine XD.

We know.

I know you're just trolling, faggot.

I wonder what kind of shit Marx wrote when he was 19?

you're alone here. Most of use can see through this venerable oldfraud.

Didn't he write a bunch of edgy poems cuckservatives like to quote

Literally who is this?

I hate this guy for some reason. is he retarded or serious?

he mentions kek like its something real. also that video where he cries like a little bitch while reading his essay. how pompous can you get?

Boohoo I am being "forced" to use other gender pronouns. I mean I hate faggots or rather I don't really care what they do but to act like its the end of the world is a bit.much

>you must be at least this virtuous to criticize capitalism
Wew. Gets me every time. Especially considering that there is no position in your life where you'd be "allowed" to criticize capitalism in these people's view. Any age group and any socio-economic position, they're going to find some reason why your criticism of capitalism is somehow tied to a lack of virtue.

Protestantism was a mistake.

Can I get a quick run down on the Gulag book?

it gave us communism, you know

read stirner

bourgeoisie as fuck

Only because it was essentially religion without spirituality/"magic." Read Eliade.


lmao ok


Well he's right. You dimwitted Leftist children, always preaching about wealth redistribution and the like, have zero comprehension of economics, politics, or world history. Go to your gender studies class and shut up. "gibs me free college!" Fucking niggers…


of being beaten down and subdued by years of wageslavery until a meek acceptance of the status quo "just don't hurt me" mindset is all they can bear to adopt.

Wingers can't rebut dialectical materialism this is why they either bring out gulags or the SJW boogeyman

tell that to me

im happy for you that youre so sheltered you dont need to work shit jobs like the rest of us

They can score as high as they want on redundant Autism Level tests. Their innovative ability is still drastically inferior and their developed social and group intelligence are drastically inferior. They'll always be ant people.

lol bitter

Throw away your computer, stop using video games, rid yourself of your useless possessions, and go to work.

It's the truth. European peoples are blatantly more developed in areas more significant to civilization building and the like. East Asians will never be worth their weight as anything other than some corporation's factory drone. They'll never build advanced social structures without firsthand intervention from us (Japan), and even then it won't develop beyond that absent our direct intervention.

I don't want free college, I want to literally gas the bourgeoisie and install worker control over the means of production.

Yeah, at 19 you're not going to be an expert at anything. Sure you might think you know a lot but I promise you when you're 38 and you will think of your 19 year old self as an idiot.

when i hit 20 i thought my 19 year old self was an idiot

bitter AND delusional

Nice ideology faggot


A lot of the stuff came from China and India. Even the Arabs made mathematical advancements. Phoenicians (a Semitic people, mind you Holla Forums) developed what became the alphabet.

Plus, this is all really spooky to begin with. We're arguing in terms of imaginary aggregates which mean nothing in every imaginable instance beyond spooky ethnonationalistic dick-measuring contests. Stop.

You're aware your "argument" is we wuz kangz and sheeeit?

Oh nazis.

Arabs would be the dominating group if they didn't embrace traditionalism and Islam. The ME was were civilization was born.

The """west""" only lead the world for the last 500 years at best



It's not though. "We is kangz." Anyone with any semblance of education knows that Europeans account for the vast majority of prominent philosophers for the previous three thousand years or so, and currently, as a result we've developed the most advanced social systems and concepts of freedom and the like ever known. Also you have to factor in certain aspects like altruism, which East Asians and most non-Euros seem inherently devoid of. Even for their own. They're fit to be ruled.

Doesn't get dumber than this…

Yeah and yet according to your narrative Jews are the ones who rule. Maybe they are the superior race.

Seriously you guys are spooked as fuck. You want to inherent wealth and status based on your genetics. How lazy you have to be to want that?

Inventions, philosophy, scientific discoveries, you name it.

You've never even talked to me before you retard.

What's your point? I didn't say they had none, just that they're vastly less significant, and their social development is primitive and inferior. To even dispute that we're intellectually and physically different, which is a scientific fact, borders on gender studies transgenderism lunacy.

Keep eating from the trashcan.

Just think, had Europeans mass bred with negros 5000 years ago, this civilization, and no civilization matching its wealth and freedom, would even exist. But hey, fuck genetics, "duh 1% got more than me! band togeva n fight!" No thanks. I'll continue to maintain a tribal mentality.

It seems like a bunch of idealist bullshit to me.

So you dispute that none of this would exist if unique European genetics were bred out of existence 5000 years ago, and that yes, genetics are the foundation for success?

18 year old here. As we know it, the world is ending because of capitalism, and I don't see anyone seriously trying to fix this. Liberal bandaids on a cancer patient are what we get at best. Instead, politics consists of making ridiculous arguments like this guy's. Why shouldn't I dedicate my life to fixing it in hope of surviving?

The economy and politics aren't real you dumb kids. You can't change the outside world, you can only change yourself. That's why you need to understand how Chaos manifests as the Masculine and Feminine and why you need to go revive your father because everything you need to know was already figured out in the bronze age. Everything is a metaphor and because I speak in evocative terms that play on the monomyth and our instincts surrounding storytelling, I sound like I have some kind of coherent point and some wisdom to share. It's not as if Zizek warned you about this exact thing before - charlatans wrapping nonsense in a rhetorical package that said with pathos sounds like some deep truth.

Trips of truth

he is a pseudo-intellectual though

its very unfortunate

So you were given an excuse to completely disregard those with a difference of opinion without actually confronting what they're saying? Good on you. Enjoy the echo chamber!


No, it's that you have to call out the fact that he's not fucking saying anything other than some bullshit platitudes. He'll spout off for an hour about this bizarre mythos he's constructed and end with "and that's why tradition is good," without making any sort of argument.

fuck you those are great

Actual proofs?

Is that also the guy who things that when people say that the USSR isn't socialism, that they mean that 'they'' should have run the country for it to be socialism?

hes right in some ways, but young people are the future of whatever stage the society is in, they always will be, future can be terrible too

Knowing this kind of people, some poor 19 yo girl cleans up his room for him.

Young people are a direct representation of their society. Young people are lazy, apathetic and unloyal to anybody because they adapt to the society they live in.

Sold out by their families, government and even jobs they make the best of the shitty society and steal, work as little as possible and tell blowhards like this old piece of shit to fuck off.

If he told me this to my face I would smack him with my cock and tell him to hurry up and die.
He sucked good porky cock and now waits for his dirt nap.

a system in which some 19 year old girl cleans shit for me is the superior system, and that system sure as hell isn't tankism

Even if you become a member of the vanguard?

any 19 yo that is not already affiliated with mafia or masons is able to fix the economy.
All you need is a calculator and "holy fuck you cannot sell me money you don't have for interest that doesn't exist, go to jail after paying the taxes on your illegal earnings".

a man that is living proof any idiot used to be able to get a PhD

Then why are baby boomers the most retarded people in the world?

Room is a mess currently

No, it just speaks of his incompetency as a parent.

There is nothing inherently better about a clean room than a messy room.

Pretty ironic statement, considering most of his audience seems to be below that age.

So what age are you allowed to start talking politics ?

I once saw an interview in which he skyped from his house. It was literally a dump. Just another shithead projecting his own failure and insecurity.

Peterson or Zizek

i haven't followed this Jordan guy at all, i have seen threads about him but i haven't really bothered to read them.
Can someone give me a quick rundown on who he is?

Psychology professor at u of toronto who got butthurt about having to call his students by preferred pronouns. Says that "neo-marxists and postmodernists" are destroying civilization. I would say that's a strategic dog whistle for "gultural marxism" so he isn't associated with a fringe conspiracy theory.

would call it butthurt when it's a perfectly normal rejaction to get pissed off by snowflakes.
outside of that he sounds like an idiot tho


Don't agree with him on everything but he's 100% right on this. In fact, anybody under 40 is practically useless as far as opinions are concerned, including myself.

Suuuuuuuuuuuure, and I could stop drinking if I wanted to.

forgot pic