Weaponized Autism: Animus

Weaponized Autism: Animus.

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Man I'm glad I didn't build a new PC last year with AMDs new shit coming out. Now I just need money.


Just fucking kill me

oh i know

night yo

God damnit moogs

God fucking damnit


Why kill you when I could hug you?

night fam

quit w




its hot

sorry but quit w



better dead than red or better red than dead?

Because I want to die

kinda wanna skip next month completely


Who is towal

Why though? Dying is shit.

don't make fun

The prophecy will be fulfilled, animus will rule over this planet.

I will mango with you.

Dying ain't so bad. It's living that'll kill ya.

oh I love fruit

Delete that

Shit handwriting. Loser.

Oh? What is your favorite fruit?

Then why aren't you dead? There are plenty of ways to kill yourself




apple or pomegranate


Apples are in fact the best, so you are not wrong.

They are not innocent

Suicide is immoral.


Damn that's some autism.


Wait same thing

Why the fuck would you even play a fucking rhythm game at a professional level

Buy a fucking drumset. Learn your stupid anime songs for that.

but they gotta be big and juicy!
small not apply


If it's not an esport now it'll be one within a year

Fucking weebs

how do we stop lesbians

Lewd. But you are not wrong. Really makes you think.

I have a knights of sindonia wallet.

I thought it was ShinMegaten when I got it, but I'm not disappointed.

Remove clitoris.

But Zirba is Chino irl

Don't do that.

..why lewd?
I also like banana and kiwi a lot.


And Spare is Reina from Musaigen

Spare is cheater

would you

If the panties or swimsuit whatever that is hell yea I'd eat it.

He is legit


But he gave peppster the $$$ to get unban

No reason! Totally no reason at all.

s u s p i c i o u s





Are people in Quebec forced to learn English or is it just the rest of Canada that has to learn French to speak to the province no one likes?

Whether or not they are forced to learn english, if you want to have a decent or the only thing that can pass as decent if you go to Quebec time then you best learn french.

ooh ice


Except Montreal

That seems kind of shit where 80% of the country is forced to learn a language for the sake of 20% who don't want to learn the majority language.

No one has to learn to French in Canada, I learned a bit because I was put in french immersion, all of it I forgot pretty much, I can make out bits and pieces of slow spoken or written french, but that's it. And outside of Quebec you will not see french used even remotely except in northern parts of New Brunswick MAYBE, but typically that's just because they're close to Quebec.

Quebec is the most socialistic hell hole in the country, Did you know if you live with a girlfriend for more than year in Quebec she can literally get fucking alimony? Just go to Alberta if you want "decent" tbh. And leave the country if you want good.


Hairclip girl plus ice cream all over is best.

Have not been to there specifically, was more going in general. Is Montreal different?

It is shit, Quebec is a cancer.

One I live in Alberta, two should have read the spoilered text.

I did, and it doesn't make sense. How will you have a better time if you know french in Canada? Hell even in Quebec most people speak English, they just look at you dirty if you do speak it to them, and to be honest I don't care what communists think of me.


Yeah, you can completely get by with English only, but obviously people there will initially assume French.

Rest in fucking piece Yui and Itou

That shit was brutal though

Best girl


Knowing French does not change that Quebec is shit and that was never implied. It just makes it shit with a few colorful sprinkles.
You are arguing against something not said.

They do not get as much an attitude from you not being able to speak it either?
That was one of the major issues I had with the rest, it was almost like I was insulting people by not being fluent in it.

Handle bars. Top tier.

like this?

Definitely deserving bonus points.

This oddly is acceptable too. Mostly cause it involves the other half of the best duo in that show too.

I feel like we agree, it's just that I'm being a fucking idiot

Didn't you read? It was a Special Limited Edition Yui lmao

heheh true.
more ice cream!

That's not really the case in pretty much any place I've been to in Quebec at least.

People get insulted if you don't even make an effort to pick up on basic French but that's about it.


Quebec is shit and we should just let them have independence so we can stop having shitty faggot prime ministers tbh.

At least Yui was fucking useful for once lmao

Nah just misread something maybe? You are not an idiot by far.
However yes we do agree.

Now that is just the best!

Maybe I just had bad luck. I still do not like it because I should not have to even barely know another language in a predominately english country.
I will admit though my sample size is fairly small and I am sure there are a lot of people that are not like that at all. They just are not as clearly seen I guess.


It's sort of Canada's fault for making it official.

and super cute

nice :3

My sides

Oh, are you actually watching rewrite?
How is it?
I wasn't much of a fan of the VN, but then again this was like wayyy back in 2013 when I played it.

It doesn't really translate well into an anime but I like the VN so it's enjoyable for me.

Holy shit so how many series are you watching this season? I thought I was going too far watching 10, I think you got me beat

Im just barely watching the newest Konosuba and Kazuma is being such a fabulous faggot rn, it's great


Probably, there is always a future though so maybe things will change for the better. Changes on all sides, stuff like that.

Amazingly, the animation of the anime just made it so much better too. Really wish we could have another season.

Story of my life

21 from winter 2017, 3 leftover series, 4 long running.

Apparently Masamune was really fucking good too.

heh that's true for a lot of animes

wow perv

Be honest. Were you ever in an anime club of some form in high school?

Holy fuck m8, that's a shit ton dude
How do you do it?

Oh shit son, you watching Gintama too?

lol I have yet to watch that one and Seiren

Oh dude, VeeVee marathoned all of Sakurasou and cried
So fucking lolz

Tell them to make more anime, Tokes.

I was not. I don't think my high school even had one.

Nah, just like Dragon Ball Super, PriPara shit.
I'm really behind on One Piece and Naruto :^)


I should make a Mary Sue, just so I can say I've done it.

lol what a fag

how do I convince them?


Damn bro, you're still on those entry level HS anime? Though I don't know what Pripara is tbh

u fkn wot

I need this couch in my life

he could murder me though.

Yeah man, gotta watch 'em all :^)

Pretty Rhythm idol shit

No, that's Grim.

And only if he sees the dick.

looks like I gotta sleep on the couch again

is the dog like ur wife or something and you cant share a bed when he upset

I'm worried he might turn into Squash if I don't forbid sleeping with the dog.

no, just sometimes he gets upset and needs company even though everyone is upstairs sleeping.


Um show them your determination?

never mind he stopped
I'll get him sweet tomorrow

but I'm insecure


Are you trying to meme me into responding to this or is somebody finally willing to casually use that word again?


ban smug


test if I'm good can I touch your beard

Evenin niggers

How long are your arms?

Test, if I'm good, can I have Mod?

hello fellow nigga, wats slammin and jammin
oorrah, sempai fi

why's that matter??



no you cant have me

I will get you out of secure then! They cannot hold you prisoner in secure.

I was casually using the word. I apologize if it came off otherwise though.

When you're having a personal moment and tokai won't get in bed with you and he tells everyone you've been crying

Also toke test is worried you won't be able to reach his beard from way up there is all

Need long arms

never say that again

are you winekai

just got back from a long day of work


wow what a cunt

I tried.

everyone knows grims next in line

No, thank God. I can't use the word even when it's the best word for the job because of the memery.

We're on different continents.

No he can just sit down for that.

Think about all the time you've wasted watching anime
That's quite a lot of hours.

Oh so its not what I was thinking of, I think I was thinking of aikatsu or whatever the fuck its called, the one Ian's posts as some times. Her names Ichigp I think

Those deadly TKD skills man

I wonder if Subby is stronger than me irl
Kinda get turned on thinking about it

Test is EVIL, refusing good girls like that.

how do I get secure


noo I just thought of the most terrible thing.
tho ill finish wine a lil


the only way to get mod is to kill a piror one

Test won't make me a mod, this is clearly admin abuse.

idk if its just me but I feel like this horse has been beaten into leather by now

Oh, I get your game.

My bad, everyone, ignore my slander.

KEK. TC a weight contest

what horsey poney?

beating a dead horse

overusing a joke


Most of my classes are MWF, only 1 on Tuesday and Thursday, and it got cancelled today. I've been shitposting all fucking day.

So you better have long arms if you're going to reach my beard.

I banned myself for it, it was so terrible.

Yeah, probably does not help that you are using that avatar. Though it is a great avatar.

Realize that you are clearly awesome.

you're just inundated at this point eh?

Have you tried for honor

Yeah, Aikatsu ended though and now there's a new one with different characters that I haven't started yet.

but wats the yoke

doesnt matter, we're in the same internet room!!

no can do

anything to do with mod/admin drama pretty much

I'm glad you get it. I don't.

I chose this hell.

You probably won't get it then, Moogs isn't even a tranny.

Oh, and no.


Secret right? I can keep a secret.

Wait, fuck.

t'was more the good girl thing.

Put me to sleep

Well it is true but that probably does not help a lot.

me neither

im stlil crossing my fingers for a retro studios metroid for the switch

my original link was meant for rin anyway

lots of mislinks and mispellings when am tired

ill tuck you in thats the best I can do bud

I kinda gained a bit and I'm at 135 lbs

I'm such a fat piece of shit, it's disgusting

Oh shit dude
You know like every anime out there man

I dropped One Room like 2 eps in lmao
I dunno man, the first person view kinda thing is weird
Reminds me of Sleeping with Chiyo-chan or whatever it was called and that was weird af too

The imouto looks cute though

ugh now he's barking.
I have a political rally tomorrow you dumb dog, stop this.

i knooww, vicious cycle

whyno sleep


Okay, now I'm not sure if you're memeing.

It looks like it would be my cup of tea, but I just know I'd get bored of it immediately.

Never played a single metroid game.

Yeah, I would have dropped it by now if I dropped shit.

But Kantoku's art and the imouto are making it bearable at least.

Sleeping with Hinako why do I remember that

you'll have to stick to the light beer and find some hot ass jogger chicks to hang with.

Give me a cheekkiss.

on the birthmark

Cause we're lonely beta virgins who need to watch anime in first person view about a girl who literally just does some push ups, asks you questions, then cuddles with you

Also, how much do you weigh?

lol why don't you drop shit anyways?
Is it against your religion?

You know there's no such thing as that right? All beer will pretty much get you fat.

Oh and did you know beer belly is a myth?

I'll switch to Tequila since it's not fattening and is better for you compared to beer

400 pounds lol

there's an implication that you gave me mod, and
says it's supposed to be a secret, with the trick that it gives away the secret by even mentioning there's a secret in the same conversation, hense

And now that I had to explain the joke, the joke's over. :(

How are you all???
Did you know you can hit your thigh hard enough that the muscle starts to calcify?

Do not do this again.

Calm down Fish

I wanted to see if I was skinnier than you
I'm at 61kgs

When you're 10 kilos heavier than soto and do heavy liftingand could beat the shit out of him.


the evening is young

what a shame
if I were to recommend one for your first it would be prime 1 or zero mission


Pretty much just autism


Sorry, it didn't land.

Hey, Sinni.

Watch from the start, this is a really good one

/steals a kiss

Explain jokes?

Hi Test!
How are you doing, abused any admin powers today? :P



Now Darwin's mad at me. :(

I'm sorry, Master...

Yeah man, all day basically.


You should get a hobby.

sinni go back

wish I could say so..

pls don't beat me up fam

You poor thing
It's time to stop watching One Room, Urara, and Seiren

I am going to bed now. I want that Subtle should say goodnight.

Like playing Animal Crossing every waking hour?

Be nice to sinni

What do you mean >C Can't you see I'm becoming a woman of the people; a cool dude that people look up to?????

I don't know what y'all are talking about but one room freaks me out to the core.

Subtle doesn't even wish me good night....

He only ever goes "How did you get into my house?" and "Put the knife away" and stuff...



you poor thing

carry on


Goodnight, Ciaran

Ok the knife is definitely the important thing here

we should all be on the same continent tbh

You forgot Hand Shakers.

What knife?

You're scaring me

I can't help what gets me off.

Subtle, when are we getting diamond?

There's no need to be scared, Subtle.
I would never hurt you.


Subtle, when are we getting diamond?

what anime is this?


Fix your god awful hair

Yeah that shit is autism af dude
I sometimes wonder if people actually respond to the questions the girls ask sometimes lol

Oh yeah lmao
I forgot about that
How is anyways? I stopped at ep 3

My mmr's in plat 2 right now so I'm pretty close already :3
What's holding you up?

These italics have implications but I don't want to commit to which one I think they could be

I don't think there are ranked ARAMs :3

I could carry you on euw though

Who was that girl you were talking to the other day, though.

I couldn't recognize her.


Time for best anime of the season

Always Sunny S12EP8


fuck this college.
probs switching anyway

Not playing, mostly!

????????? what?

DOn't you fucking judge my beautiful harv pictures you monster where do I report you for AMDIN ABUSE

There was an anime I watched with my friend called like makura no danshi where it was an ASMR OTOME ANIME. and the entire show was completely silent except for these ugly ass anime dudes talking. It got weird when one of the episodes was a heroine-addict musician going "LISTEN TO MY MUSIC; IT IS MY LOVE FOR YOU" and it's just an image sliding with powerpoint-esq effects

Ok, ok.. you're a good yandere

Please don't kill me or anyone I know

I'm fully aboard the ship and midget girl is really cute.

But it's so shit oh my god.

What the heck? Are you calling me bad? Toxic

what the fuck wish

She pee'd herself because she was being chased by a pyrokinetic.

Sometimes I like to practice it.

I like the subtle or otherwise quiet ones the most.

No pun intended.

What are you, a casual?



Put a complaint in the complaint box.

No Tokai, badonkadonk is butt.

Consider that complaint SUBMITTED

I don't blame you one bit
Had a top/jung go combined 0-15 today

Noway, you've always done the carrying

As long as I'm safe when I sleep, practice all you want

I don't check that shit.

Pork and turkey is terrible tbh. Beef and chicken is superior in every way. Hell I'd rather eat sheep than pork.

But that's cause my MMR is low and you're laggy

Of course you're say.

I'm always watching over you, so...
You'll always be safe, my precious little Subtle.

then what is tids

If you don't you're a terrible admin ;c

also going out for breakfast this weekend

3 years into transition and I haven't fucking made any progress in the last fucking year tho

CricketxMac OTP 2k17

my sides

No wonder your fat. 3 years WASTED by the way.

Tokai is in heat again

Lovely. Were you able to contain your anger? You're so passive aggressive towards our team when we play^^

This folder is gold and is making diamonds.

ye im p comfy

profit is always nice

been happier and less suicidal since the day I started hormones

p sure it's not wasted

Fix your god awful hair

Hooters, gazongas, fun bags, melons.

There's a lot of funny words for them.

do an ethanol and lift weights

milk bags!

I forgot my favorite.

Sweater meat.

I can live with this.


that's the best

I've always been a bit upset there's no bagged milk here, that's a solid Canadian meme.

Sweater puppies?

I'll go sleep then ^^'
Kill anyone who tries to break in

Yeah I had a 6 or something game winstreak before that so I was in a good mood
Found myself barely typing to anyone these days too
Good night, I'll inv you whenever we're both on~

I just realized

I have needles for injections

the store right by me sells everclear

I could do the tranny meme and give myself a DIY orchiectomy by injecting everclear into my scrotum

I'd never have to take my anti-testosterone ever again

Careful you don't set anything on fire

I'm off to bed too. See you soon!

You make it sound like I'm some kind of psychopath...

Rest well, Subtle, I'll keep you safe!

You're seriously just digging an early grave and should stop.

The best, so keep going qt.


that was a joke aimed specifically at traps

I feel like this is bait to get us to say "No wait, that sounds dangerous"

dont dew it

post webm of it

I didn't even look at porn until I was in highschool.

I had my innocence robbed from me when I was like 10.

with what?

oh ill keep going

S'wrong with you

And even then, I touched my wienie and it didn't feel particularly mind blowing and I was like "why do people do this? Reading, and games are way more fun."

Good girl.

When I touched it the first time I wasn't even able to get off so for years I thought it was just tickling.

No wonder you ended up so fucked up and tranny like lmao

its all kinda spicy

u gotta engorge it first

i didnt even bother with jerking off til i was nearly 14 tbh

oh look penis talk...

I started watching harcore porn at 9

I can't tell if you're weird or I was just a horny bastard. I remember when I was like 6 years old I would play with my dick

penis penis penis

i can talk about my axe wound instead if you'd like

never talk about vageen, nope cant have all that

woah dude go the hospital you're gonna bleed out

And it just keeps getting better.

my wet dream was at a christian camping in the Czech Republic.

God was there.

ok wish... weve been through this

is anybody surprised

also have a really lewd one but I'll show it with a spoiler in abit

Vagina's okay, bud.

fish fish fishy oooh

read as: meh

feels great breh


I have ejaculated in 8 different countries

im a little frumpy.. first beer down

someone show me sum axe wound

This is very intriguing.

Back when I was a little boy I would pull back my fore skin and stimulate the fuck out of the shaft/head while in the shower and it would feel like I was gonna cum but I would end up peeing instead

I thought that was masturbating until I started reading doujins and saw how they would stroke the base and I tried doing that and I actually came while in the shower and I almost fell cause my knees almost gave out

Ah, the wonders of youth

according to your menstrual calendar youre currently off


cum in my bum


Mori Summer is literally the worst from that show.


when i was a baby apparently i once tugged on my foreskin and fell over




Dude, that chick looks like something out of Sonic lmao

Uncut masterrace

But how often do you fap to Tokai?

I just made this folder when I was really turned on okay.

Since we're talking about penises and masturbation anyway, I'll share this tidbit.

When I cum, my knees shake and almost give out.

She's not even an animal???

You know my parents aren't very good, but at least they didn't sacrifice my foreskin to the Jewish foreskin god.

fomunda cheese

how the hell do you cum that hard?

Literally cancer

America's fucked up, what can I say?

On a scale from 1 to 10, 0.


Weeew. It was worth all the intrigue. 11/10 Tokes.


when i cum i start crying and shitting my pants

subtle get on overwatch you butt

Do some squats faggot.

hi, im cancer boi

id like to thank you for your marvelous drug.

i can believe that

You don't wear a diaper like Cupcake?

I mean generally I always go for the cute autismo.
like in sakurosou.
but libido


Someone buy me pizza

i cum and start farting

Sama is prostate cancer rip

i like to watch as i squirt from both ends

old and almost ded

Thanks god

Says who?

He went to bed.

bear 2 down...

slightly less frumpy


That was me as a kid or teen tbh, I'd always hold on to the rail in the shower cause I'd almost fall lol.

This shouldn't happen to you now, that probably means you need more exercise if you're legs are giving out from just cumming

She has that kinda sonic character vibe to her, like a anime version you'd find on Deviant art lol



God i wish that were me

Also do not listen to Rin the folder is perfect.

My rampant alcoholism and faggotry put me at a half life.

Greetings, friends.

kawaii science

You ever realize what you're doing and ask yourself "what the fuck am I doing?"

I just had that. Why am I talking to a bunch of strangers on the internet about masturbating and cumming?

heres hoping for your untimely demise

This part was so heartwarming

Why even live?

I fell asleep before I had the energy to ame kdidnn

every time


I can probably kick harder, and higher, than you can.

Exercise is not the problem here.

You're probably just autistic, tbh.

one should always listen.
agreeing is different though.

everything is the worst

wonder where that fish did go...

fish fish fishy ohh


except me right??

Hopefully sooner rather than later

Er du skækk eller?

Stupid cunt

a nigga can only hope

sup mandy


True buuut semantics, the folder is still great. Objectively.

tbh I'm not that afraid of a kick coming from a cross dressing queer who gets shaky when he cums


Not too much. Just smoking.


Wow funny meme

lmao nice fucking meme bro

You're a fucking twig dude and a tranny too
I ain't no doctor but I think your bad diet and lack of exercise is probably the main reason lol

Also see

gonna go play vidya and get lit.. nite

whatdoes that mean


just sitting around


Estas usando drogas?


It's good for it's purpose

I was called devilishly charming and sexy a couple nights ago.

Yes. It is.

how is this allowed

how so

shiggy diggy doo

Sounds like it was an eventful night.




That's pretty bigoted dude
You cant just identify a person as a gender just because they were "born" that way

What do you mean?

It was.

Dritkult ^W^

I am proudly bigoted against tranny freaks tbh.

how were you devilishly charming and sexy a couple nights ago.

K-mart was the king of comercials

except you. you're the best.


hello user, how are you today?

but enough showing around

y-yes thankyou!
you're supes cool too

I don't think I was.

She did.

But thats not nice
Given the ordeal they have to live through
The trauma
I mean its not like its an inconvenience for you to appreciate their preferred pronouns

You already know who I am. How rude.
I am alright, you?

It was nice while it lasted.

but whatd you do

Think cupcake meeds to stop being such a WHORE

I go based off of names.

And your name says Anonymous.

been drinking water, headache again :\

Listening to music and talking about stupid shit with random people on the internet. Pretty typical Thursday. I'm really fucking hungry though because we had shitty pork roast for supper and I didn't eat it and I didn't have breakfast today either.

It's an inconvenience to them and I think they're mentally ill so I don't care

I happens from time to time, stay tuned.

don't be mean, she's a good princess girl ;c

Have you taken anything for it? Maybe the computer is not the best of ideas with a headache.

Nothing special. Compliments, teasing, hugging, kissing, squeezing.

You should probably consider your elevated stance in this, given youve an easy life as a majority.
Be an ally and nit a bigot.
Are you suggesting heterosexuality is a mental illness too?





Hey, no.

Heterosexuality is normal. Also I don't give a damn about my position as a majority. You're the guy that wanted to join antifa aren't you? You're either a fucking retard or a great shitposter tbh


I will, who would not stay tuned to the Tokes channel?

it is very cute

I am a member of AntiFa
We're a pretty big deal.
I think you need to actually go tead a book.
And sort out uour deep rooted hatred.
Are you a homosex?

I am not cute.

HAHAHAHAHA Yea sure buddy, whatever you think. And I would fuck a trap tbh.

Time for shower and bed
Shitposting such tiring


ye u r

so are you transphobic or not

do not post that vile creature

losers ofc!


I made blueberry pancakes for dinner :3

and I know

but i'd be super bored otherwise

Trannies are fucked. A trap is not a trannie. A trap doesn't inject hormones and demand they be called something they're not. Fuck trannies, they're gross and disgusting.

Blueberry pancakes again?


This is very simple stuff if you don't understand it you're dumb.


It's not a matter of understanding, it's a matter of agreeing.

Traps are just gay men that look like women and trannies are mentally ill retards that pretend to be women. This is fairly simple shit.

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you should just call them twinks

i kinda think you have your own personal definitions here. maybe i am wrong

I am really not though lol I am an asshole