Can socialism help me to become a chad

can socialism help me to become a chad

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surely this is parody by now?

can socialism help me complete the pokedex

No, only I'm allowed to be Chad under socialism.

yeah, it's called SOCIALism for a reason

Why would you want to become a sad excuse of a human being user?
You're better than that.

contact the actus - Action Tchadienne pour l'unité et le socialisme
[email protected]/* */

It can help you meet cute girls, but it will never fix your autism.

Please fuck off to /r9k/

Isn't 'tismcare better under socialism?

Can socialism help me save money on my car insurance?

No socialism will not transform you into a fictional character. It will allow you more time and resources for self-improvement while taking away the material edge possesed by rich dudes, thus increasing your chances to fuck qts.

Read a lot of left wing theory and girls will be all over your dick, just look at pic related.

Can Socialism help me get a lump sum cash settlement?

Zizek is a Chad though

That's only if you are young and/or already good looking. I can see through your lies Chad. At least under capitalism I can use my wealth to attract women instead.

Zizek is where Chad and autism meet in a beautiful Slovene intersection.

That's precisely because he has read so much shit. Truth is hardly anybody on the left reads theory, so when you start reading and get good at it, everybody starts adoring you.

Read in order to bash the fash with words.

Lift in order to bash fash physically.

Being good at words and having a fashbashing physique will not only make women more attracted to you, but will also give you the confidence to attract women.

Dumb fucking niggerflag

Why want to become something you hate?

lurk moar
the majority of people here are self-confessed to be beta/autists.

Stop falling for such obvious bait you fucking mongoloids.

Socialism will destroy the alpha/beta dialectic

Can socialism help me build a dick sucking machine?

No they aren't you lying piece of shit

This is the only correct answer


How can you be this autistic and still be Chad?

He doesn't hate, he envies.

Prolly not. In an ideal socialist society class don't exist so nobody can really out-earn the next man to rise in status. Without this a lot of girls wouldn't have no reason to fuck with the nerds who in a capitalist society would've become bigshots after high school while Chad would've made a living digging ditches for a Dollar over minimum wage for a living. Without capitalism we're all equal, without capitalism harems will form round athletic, handsome guys just like they do in high school for our whole adult lives.

Thankfully I'm 6ft and a pretty descent boxer so I've got some appeal to girls once the revolution begins, comrades!


If this is true than my fellow robots and I will be ready to shoot shit up. Why do you think we will tolerate a society like that? You think they will just accept it?

Seriously I'm just fucking waiting to use my dead dad's guns in an angry blaze. The only reason I don't is because I hope for a better tomorrow, and it's not the fucking nightmare dystopia you're describing.

If socialism won't benifit me socially, and only will put an end to my wagecucking, I don't have any reason to support it or fight for it.

betas don't earn anything from socialism since it takes the only way for them to get laid (money) from them

Do you even actually have money and status or do you just assume you're smart enough to earn it one day, and that then you'll get the pussy you deserve + debt?

Because honestly it sounds like you're talking about picking up arms to defend your right to be a loser in two social hierarchies instead of just one.

Socialist state will provide you sex twice a month and even four times a month if you will work hard. You'll have just register yourself as a beta and the state will provide you tickets for sex. You'll be able to go to the state sex point and skilled sex workers will do what they have to

This rancid sewer of a thread has got me thinking…

Where were all these "robots" during the revolutions of the past? I mean the movements were massive enough that there had to thousands among the ranks of revolutionaries

I wonder what convinced them to become revolutionaries? It was desperate poverty, I'm sure. So maybe these scumbag "robots" will only take action once thier lives and livelihoods are threatened.

Or another possibility: there were no "robots" back then and it's a pretty recent problem?

What do you think?

I spend money on hookers and that satisfies me, though not my loneliness. I'm not going to fight for any society that I'm a loser in any aspect. Why the hell would I?

This big-dick robot was on our side:

TL;DR Socialist League / Second International-era Marxist who was bitter as fuck about women and wanted them to remain second-class. Also Marx's daughter Eleanor invited him to a debate and he chickened out.

once you are no longer alienated from your labor you will probably feel better about yourself, which won't necessarily send you into full chaddom but people can sense that sort of thing mang

God that was cringe worthy as fuck.

Well, there's a reason his name isn't remembered.

Wew. I read all that, but it seems like this guy is like the first MGTOW/MRA rather than an actual robot. He doesn't once complain about his struggle to attract the opposite sex, just what he thinks is hypocrisy in the words and actions of suffragettes at that time

sexual desire was a mistake

The sexual revolution was a mistake

you disgust me.
guess what i can't get laid either, so fucking what? grow the fuck up, you base your entire fucking identity on getting denied sex, you want sympathy, well your not getting any from me.
fuck you

t. cis female

nope. i am qiute like you in someways i am a young man, i want to have a meaningful relationship with a women, i can't get one, but some fucker i go to school with can repeatedly find and get women to have shitty relation ships with

I'm not a young man. I'm 29 years old



I cannot get laid for the life of me because of a lack of status and money. Also preventing the extinction of mankind is more important than your dick getting wet.

sorry gramps looks like your never getting laid, don't you start getting dementia at that age?
can't fuck a girl with that geriatric joint pain.
well better pull a supreme gentle man then
(this all sarcasm you're not even going to start to age in any significant way for atleast a decade and a half)


Well all I'm saying is that I've been wageslaving my ass away since 18 years old, eleven years of loneliness really hurts you know. My father died recently too so now I'm alone in this shitty creaking house and I don't see any future for me that can be beared

I discovered socialism through the internet and I saw it as real hope for some improvement more so than whatever shit dumb ass Holla Forumsacks preach.

And now people here say I'm destined to be alone forever and that makes damn upset. I am a worker too, but it may seem crazy to you but my problems are more than purely financial.


u can become like this soviet man

So you're saying they're going to give me creatine and protien shakes in the Gulag?

on sunday, double dose of creatine and protein shakes!

Ignore the shitposters and normies, user. Communism will make a marked difference. Firstly, alienation caused by Capitalism won't be a problem, communities will actually be communities and people will regularly talk, engage, and care about each other. Under Capitalism individuals are not seen as individuals, but as products to carefully buy and sell, thereby increasing your own value: the whole idea behind social capital, which often correlates with actual capital. Under Communism, people will see you as an individual and will like you for whatever positive traits you have, not because you're popular and they can become more popular by association, not to mention since communities actually exist, they'll care about you because you're part of the community, not just because you're likable.

Finally, under Communism, the factors that create robots, namely extensive alienation, lack of a meaningful support structure, believing there's no meaningful work to be done in a meaningless world, etc. will all be gone. NEETs recognize the nature of wageslavery and see how pointless and shitty it is.

Women have unique preferences like everyone else, and to think that women only like handsome, empty-headed jocks is a myth intentionally perpetuated by the rest of society because those individuals have a lot of social capital. Women aren't usually attracted to robots because of that reason, along with robots usually being extensively isolated, therefor never seeing women, and finally because after a long time of loneliness bitterness and animosity become a core part of someone's personality, therefor driving people away.

Being fat and ugly is the least of my problems under capitalism
Sure it might possibly contribute a tiny bit to my problems but the coercion of wage slaving (among other things like paying an assload of rent, buying expensive groceries when they shouldn't even be this high) or starving crushes my soul
Even buying things to cook like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats is so damn pricey and my friends occasionally buy me a small thing if we're hanging out
I also go to two different grocery stores to buy cheaper items

Not all problems can be fixed with socialism.
Socializing is a matter of going outside and trying to find groups of people with similar interests. In these groups you may find friends with other common interests. They have other groups of people they interact with, with the same interests.
In this manner, you can try to move. It is not the fastest way, no. But it can work.
Problem is, if you're also looking for "social reject with no contact with the outside world", you will have a hard time finding anyone. So I hope you have some identity next to that.
Also, practise makes perfect.

Fuck I forgot to add this Realism_ Is There No Alternat - Mark Fisher.pdf
Capitalist Realism on Depression - Mark Fisher

That's true, but that's not a very good suggestion for someone who is extremely under-socialized and who has social anxiety, not to mention how society in general is becoming increasingly alienated and atomized. Socialism will prevent robots from being created and help socialize [ :^) ] the existing ones.

as much as i hate stirnerites he is right and you are a retard

gonna post this every time

Fuck off with your unhelpful, reddit-tier victimshaming.

TOPKEK why so defensive

Retards from /r9k/ are victims of their own making. I know, I used to be one.


I can understand being bitter and envious because I used to be bullied pretty badly and been alienated until high school. Now it's back again but I'm more lonely than anything.
Being unlikable doesn't turn people into shit tier people.
Sex isn't even deserved or earned so I never understand the entitlement.
Even I'm poor and I don't understand most of the user's grievances above.

It's self-perpetuating, but they didn't make themselves into one to begin with. Victimshaming just makes them more set in their toxic mindset where the normies don't care and are out to get them.

Not necessarily, but it's a very large possibility. Once you become bitter enough it's very hard not to be unpleasant.
A fulfilling sexual outlet is very much a necessity for human happiness, in that sense it is deserved. Obviously people aren't under an obligation to give it, but that's not the same as saying unlikable people don't deserve being sexually fulfilled.

I'm very unlikable but I can't find it in myself to be a bitter baby. I can sympathize for people that have to resort to bitterness because it gets that bad but if there's stubbornness persists then what is the point
Sure to those who value it. I find it spooky. I have hands for a reason; hell even toys and shit works too.

Okay but that depends if the person wants to change for the better. Not any fundamental characteristics or interests, but people will not change unless they want to.

Everyone is different. You should be able to have enough empathy to understand why someone becomes persistently and constantly bitter.
Exclusive masturbation is not sexually fulfilling for most people, and wanting to be sexually fulfilled is not a spook.

Not sure how that relates to what you're quoting.

Cool then people can have sex with a sex worker if it's that bad